advice needed

  1. AquasKy

    Concerns with my banded coral shrimp

    Hi all this is my first post on here, don’t know if I posted it in the right place or not but I’ve had my coral banded shrimp for four or five months now with no issues. Healthy molts and everything. Today when I peeked in at him, I noticed that he had either molted over the night or before I...
  2. Zoa_Fanatic

    LPS and leathers

    Hey guys I’ve got a small devils hand and a huge toadstool in my biocube. Pretty sure the toadstool is ok but do the devils hands relsease teepenes that bother LPS? I’ve got a nice torch but it doesn’t seem bothered at all so far. I also run a protein skimmer and carbon and both leathers are...
  3. nomad6

    Nano Build New 30 gal mini clear WB cube

    Like everyone knows reefing is addicting… this is my third attemp with saltwater. Currently have a lps 6 gal pico that’s 2 months old and I had a 30 WB cube that I was saving for a planted Betta sorority. Saltwater is so much better and so much more expensive! I’m attempting an sps dominant tank...
  4. Nittro22

    Adding Corals, need advice

    I have decided to start adding corals to my tank. It is about 1.5 years old and has been only fish up to this point. I want this to be successful so any advice is appreciated. I have a few questions. 1. Where is the best location and direction for the wave pumps (I have attached a photo of...
  5. TwiTch18

    Reaching for light? or just growing?

    Howdy, fairly new here and I was wondering if these corals are reaching for light or they are just growing? They are relatively new and they have propped right up the last two days or so. Just wondering if they are needing more light or something? I'm always paranoid about my tank so any help...
  6. R

    New here and question about tank

    Hey guys, so I have a Fluval 13.5 with a pair of clowns, lawnmower , cleaner shrimp and a fire fish plus cleanup crew and lots of coral. Want to upgrade to a 55/60 gallon tank. Couple of questions. If I get a new 55, would it already be cycled because I have a cycled tank already? (Plus the new...
  7. E

    Fish has beginning stages of ICH. But that fish and all other fish seem fine. NEED ADVICE

    I have a blue damsel that is starting to show signs of ICH. Been monitoring it for a few days and the spots seem to move and over the last week have increased from his tailfins to the top part of his top fins. However, it seems perfectly fine. Not sluggish eats like crazy blah blah. I have a...
  8. DownUnderAqua

    Cycle Performance - No changes

    Hi All, Vitals Below: Ph - 8.0 Ammonia - 0.1 Nitrite - 0.0 Nitrate - 2 KH - 7.0 Phosphate - 0 Calcium - 324 Mag - 1318 Since having the tests run (day 7) through a LFS machine and then testing with RedSea Reef Test Kit at home I haven’t had any movement in Ammonia, or the others… So...
  9. Croccoligator

    20g long stocking idea advice

    hey y’all! pretty new to saltwater but I’ve been keeping freshwater for a couple years and have a 20g sitting around that I wanna use. I’ve been doing a bit of research but I’m still stumped on how many is too many My stocking idea: - 2 ocellaris clowns - 1 banggai cardinalfish - 1 longnose...
  10. B

    DIY Long Distance Move

    Hey Y'all, In about 3 months I'll be moving across the country from Knoxville, TN to Denver, CO (1,300 – 1,400 miles). I've got a Red Sea Reefer 170 (43 gal). I feel like it’s going to be much too expensive to restart all of my corals and as a result am looking to move them with me. The idea...
  11. Jsquarz

    Best saltwater fish stores in the Toronto area

    Going to be going down to Toronto and wanted to know some go to saltwater stores well I’m down there.
  12. Zoa_Fanatic


    I got this picture from someone looking to trade for some zoas. Is this possibly a gonipora? If so how does one care for them. Never had one before and I need to know everything. Aggression level mainly. If it’s agressive I don’t have room to isolate. Can it go on a frag rack or will it murder...
  13. Zoa_Fanatic

    Montipora Placement

    So I posted this in SPS and butchered the title. But I am wondering if my new rainbow monti will grow ok on the back wall of my biocube 16 LED? I have it setting on my lower rocks right now so it can adjust to my lighting.
  14. N

    Upgrading Tanks. Help and advice needed and much appreciated!

    Hello folks! Thank you in advance for any help! I currently own a 40 gallon breeder. I've had it for 4 months and everything is good, parameters are perfect, however, the tank is just not big enough for my livestock and coral. I purchased a 57 gallow shallow rimless Fiji Cube and just got...
  15. J

    40 gal stocking

    Hey guys I have a 40 gallon reef tank set up and it’s almost out of the cycling stage. I plan on keeping hardy corals in there and adding them once the tank is about 3-6 months old, or at least after the algae bloom stage is over. I am thinking of adding the following fish: - 1x Clownfish: I...
  16. Adam1985

    New Build Advice from Light Pros - Kessil AP9X’s

    Hi all, I’m hoping you could comment. I’m moving from a 60 cm cube tank (around 2’x2’x2’) to a new custom build. The new tank will be 100 cm wide by 100 cm long by 62 cm high. Currently I’m running one Kessil AP9X with maximum intensity of 67% at tank’s high noon. Do you think this fixture at...
  17. Zoa_Fanatic

    Torches touching

    So I am not new to SW. I AM new to torches. We have 1 torch so far in my biocube. It’s doing great. I found a new friend who is selling me a Todds torch. Can it touch my firefly torch without coral warfare? It has way longer tentacles than mine. I’m not sure about the indo/Aussie and all that...
  18. Zoa_Fanatic

    Bumblebee snails

    So I have a zillion vermitids in my tank. Not the ones with the webs but they shoot out a single little line to catch food. I run a biocube 32. I bought 1 single bumblebee snail thinking he’d do at least something to take care of this mess. (“Mess” being a misnomer because as far as I can tell...
  19. emonemo25

    Juwel Vision 260 Marine Aquarium Help

    Hi I’m relatively new to marine tanks. I’ve kept small all in ones before but now I want to move into a large scale. I don’t like the style of many marine tanks and have came across the Juwel Vision 260 Marine Aquarium, I’m also considering the size up (450). I really love the curvature of it...
  20. Zoa_Fanatic

    Toadstool frags

    So I’m selling some toadstool frags and by necessity they’re small. Is 15$ too much to ask for a Tyree Green frag? I really want to be fair to my buyers. Also this is the first time I fragged it so I’m guaranteeing life for a week after they pickup from me. I feel like these are small but mine...
  21. Traviitrav

    Stock list for a Prostar 230

    I’m on the tail end of equipment building, I have begun compiling a livestock list. The total volume is 230 but I know I can’t include that for livestock so after the sump volume I have 190 gallons to play with (so I’m using a 1 inch per 3 gallon rule). This list is also excluding the clean up...
  22. Zoa_Fanatic

    Fragging toadstool in tank

    Can I frag a tyree green toadstool in my tank or will it hurt anything? It’s not absolutely massive but it’s running out of room and needs to be fragged.
  23. Zoa_Fanatic

    Tank smells like a febreezd fruitcake

    So I added a toadstool to me tank a while ago. It’s not super huge. It’s maybe 10-12% of total coral biomass in the tank. Well I’ve noticed my tank has a kind of a rotten fruit+Ocean breeze smell. Like Febreze over a Christmas fruitcake. Is that what terpenes smell like? Nothing in my tank has...
  24. K

    Algae ID

    Hi all, I’m in need of some help with an algae/detritus issue I’ve had in my 125 gallon tank for over a year now. I’ve tried many things such as manual removal, scraping the rock with a toothbrush, flux rx and seachem pristine however nothing seems to get rid of it. The algae/detritus can be...

    Pest id

    Found this on my hammer is it good or bad? Thanks