advice needed

  1. badmonbran

    Need help with Chaeto, can’t seem to get it to grow.

    Hey everyone, looking for some insight for growing chaeto in my sump seems like every time I’ve tried it’s ended up almost like disintegrating. Ive had all my parameters checked multiple times at my LFS, everything came back perfect except my nitrates which are at about 25. Am I doing something...
  2. bob_

    Advice Needed: Reusing Real Reef Rock After Tank Sabotage

    Hi there, Firstly, I’m new here so…hello! I’m setting up a nano 10-gallon tank and need advice on what to do about my rocks. This will be my third tank, and I’m ecstatic to get things going. Last year, my last aquarium was cut short by my (psycho) now ex-girlfriend. The tank was running for...
  3. ReeferPrime

    Nano Build About to start a new tank again. Need help

    My plan is to get a 30-gallon reef started again. Here is the tank I'm thinking of. I wanted something more like 40 gallons that was a long tank that's rimless with low iron glass. I don't plan to have a sump, instead I wanted to have a canister filter with protein skimmer. I wanted to have it...

    Algae on my toadstool frag

    Hi Tried brushing the algae off the toadstool but it won’t budge…. Would you dip it with RX coral dip or will it get rid of it when it sheds the wax? Been like this 2 week.. Cheers
  5. H4kimWibowo27

    Dwarf Cuttlefish noob

    Hello! It's me again, been a long time since posted here. The old tank I had unfortunately got dismantled since I had to move to an apartment and my parents didn't allow a large aquarium there (dw everyone inside was relocated). Fortunately, after a couple years here I was finally able to set up...
  6. S

    Red Sea reef mat 1200

    I just set up the red sea reef two days ago and it is going through a crazy amount of the roll and rolling every couple minutes. Want to check if there is something wrong with my set up or anything else. Almost the whole roll in two days
  7. B

    Reef Tank Stocking

    Hey all! I recently upgraded from a 55g to a 120g (4'x2'x2') tank. Been cycling for about a month, ammonia has dropped to zero (or as low as my API test can detect), and I have had my bully damsel transplanted from my 20 gallon FOWLR tank living in the refugium for the last week with no issues...
  8. Salty_Northerner

    Is it possible that TM product would cause a drop in pH?

    I'm having low pH issues and it seems to have started after 1 of 2 ways, but I need some professional help figuring this out. I bought an Apex A3 unit mid March and also had Neptune support remotely check things out and all is good. pH before was always hitting the mid 8.2's during the day and...
  9. S

    RM1200 on Waterbox tank

    I am looking at installing the reefmat 1200 that was given to me as a gift in my waterbox 220.6 sump. It has the same sump as the larger frag models and the reef 180. Has anyone gotten this to fit and work with cutting only the sock chamber. Just converted over to a refugium and would love to...
  10. B

    Maroon Clownfish Pair with Ocellaris Pair

    I had a 55 gallon tank with the Ocellaris Pair in it and i eventually upgraded my tank into a 210 gallon tank and later on bought a pair of Maroon clownfish along with their own anemone. The 2 pairs were decently far away from each other in their anemones and the Maroons have started to host...
  11. T

    Advice on local fish store mislabeling

    I've been going to my local fish store for about a year. We've gotten most of the fish and inverts for our 300g from them. The fish are healthy, tanks are clean, and prices are normally reasonable. 300+ 5 star google reviews and 160+ 5 star facebook reviews. A couple weeks ago we were in on...
  12. D

    Help needed!

    Hey everyone looking for some info. I recently bought this grafted montipora and noticed its getting some what is very clearly neon blueish color. Is this normal or am i giving it to much light? Par is 220 where its sitting and parameter all look good.(pic 1 and 2 recent, pic 3 when i got it)
  13. Matt Bravo

    Acros fully retracted before light cycle ends

    Hello everyone, I need some help with my acros. As the lights go on, they look great. Polyps are out and they look healthy. Now as soon as lights start turning off all polyps retract fully. This has happened twice already in the last week but all my other corals look healthy 420 calc 9.0 alk...
  14. DakotaTheHutt

    First large build - making sure im not missing anything!

    Hello, fellow reefers! It's been a while since I did a build, and I've never done a build this large. So, I'd like some feedback and some help planning for this build from some fellow enthusiasts to make sure my T's are crossed and my I's are dotted. Once my plan is set, the build will begin...
  15. M

    Rockflower anemone feet sticking together?

    Hi there, Attached are some photos of my rock flower anemones. My orange one was a previous resident and was happy and didn't move from his spot. I added the green one on Saturday, close to but not touching the orange one (to make a rock flower garden). Since then, they have both moved closer...
  16. Q

    Toadstool coral

    Hi. I’m posting for someone with a reef tank. The tank has a toadstool coral, it’s been in there for a couple of weeks. As soon the toadstool was placed in the tank, within an hour all its polyps had appeared and it was beautiful. However over the last week and a half or two it hasn’t had any of...
  17. AstroZombie

    Eel stocking for a 112 gallon

    I've got a 112 gallon IM reef system sitting in a crate in my living room ready to be set up, 3x3 footprint, and I'm wanting some advice on how many pebbletooth eels I can keep in it realistically. I would ideally like one each of snowflake, skeletor, banded, and chainlink, but I am slightly...
  18. J

    75g reboot after 1+yr of not being touched

    Hey everyone, I've finally decided to get started again after a year of not touching my tank and could use some advice. Around last Thanksgiving while at a tech conference in Vegas, there was a power outage, and my apex for whatever reason didn't kick back on after power returned. I came home...
  19. ams3210

    Kelvin setting over the course of the day?

    Hey all, I recently upgraded to a G6 Radion XR15 pro, and I was wondering if it’s would be ok to have the light set for different kelvin throughout the day? What I’d like to do is start the day off at a higher kelvin (probably the full 20k), phase to a lower kelvin over the course of the day...
  20. ams3210

    Falco Hawkfish compatibility

    Hello all, So I’m rather new to reef keeping, and initially I stocked my tank with three damsels at the recommendation of my LFS, which I rehomed shortly after since I wasn’t aware how big and aggressive they’d become. To replace them I got two banggai cardinals and a falco’s hawkfish; I didn’t...
  21. K

    Dying LPS… hazard to other corals?

    I made a HUGE mistake yesterday when I got my first online order of corals… in the excitement of receiving the shipment, I forgot to temp acclimate and went straight to dipping before putting into the tank… I realized my mistake immediately after but i had already dumped the water the frags...
  22. StargazingOrion

    New Clownfish feeding issue

    Hello all! First post on reef2reef, and I'm posting this here because I'm a bit concerned for my new clowns. I'm new to the hobby and set up a tank and let it finish a cycle, ensured ammonia, nitrate, and nitrite levels were low and safe, and introduced 2 ocellaris clowns into the environment...
  23. S

    light for new aquarium

    so far ive only had freshwater tanks, recently though ive ordered a waterbox peninsula mini 25 gallon tank, measurements are 60cmwidth×40depth×40height, what would be a good lighting option for a tank this size with only soft corals
  24. C

    Alex's Cade Reef 1500 S2

    Hi guys, I finally decided to pull the trigger on setting up a saltwater tank (only had freshwater ones before) and decided to go big (5 foot tank). I plan on setting up a mixed reef with fish. This has always been a dream and I am really looking forward to developing a beautiful eco-system...
  25. H

    Parameter and Testing Advice Needed

    Good afternoon everyone! I have decided to take things seriously and as my LFS says, "Become a huge nerd". I made the decision to buy a Salifert bundle and have test kits for Phos, NO3, ALK, Mag, Cal, and pH. I have created a gameplan to test my tank's levels every day for two weeks straight...