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  1. Mattc123

    New tank parameters and conditions

    I started a new tank about two weeks ago and used Dr. Tim's and biospira to start the tank. This is in a 32 gallon biocube. I have 2, 3 year old clownfish and a brand new cardinal who was kinda the guinea pig to see if the tank was safe before putting in my beloved clowns as well as a small...
  2. #R_TST

    AIO Build Advice before I order?

    Hi all. I'm new to the hobby. My adult daughter has a saltwater tank and I keep wanting to put stuff in it so she said I need my own tank! I'm completely new to saltwater tanks so I've been spending endless hours researching, learning, and educating myself. I have decided that I really want a...
  3. #R_TST

    Hello New hobbyist and seeking advice

    Hi all. I'm new to the hobby. My adult daughter has a saltwater tank and I keep wanting to put stuff in it so she said I need my own tank! I'm completely new to saltwater tanks so I've been spending endless hours researching, learning, and educating myself. I have decided that I really want a...
  4. kwirky

    Been very ill, tank crashed. Advice on strategy to correct lighting for already bleached acro/montis?

    I'm looking for advice on how to tune my lighting setup, which I'll be finished putting together next week, and because I have bleached corals at the same time I'm looking for some help on how to configure things, so that I don't make things worse. A lot's gone on and I've had a hard time...
  5. R

    Favorite Zoas to Buy

    Hey all! I am starting a small grow out business, looking to primarily grow and sell zoas- from beginner to high end. I’m looking for some feedback from you guys about what types to grow! So here’s what I want to know- if you walked into a shop today, what 5 (or more!) zoas would you want to...
  6. MmeAssoc

    Set up plan for an 85G: will this work?

    Hi all, New to saltwater, and trying to plan my first build. I think for the first year or so, I'll be trying LPS and softies, but I'd like to have the option to move on to SPS eventually once parameters are stable. I've done so much research over the past year, but I'm still confused! And I...
  7. A

    Kessil A160WE on a Pico - is it overkill?

    Hi there, So I had this idea of converting a 5g (25x25x30cm not sure in inches) dennerle to an AIO to keep some LPS like hammer, blasto, acans and some shrooms. I am trying to stay as low budget as possible, so hunting around for used lights. I have this rare opportunity of picking up a Kessil...
  8. M

    Plan for first reef tank: feedback and advice requested

    Hi all - Nice to "meet" you! I'm just getting into the hobby with the hope of staving off a long boring winter in Minnesota and I've wanted a reef tank since I was about 8....finally doing it! This is the plan I've managed to come up with with the research I've done. I know that 20 gal is a...
  9. diabolical_robot

    RO/DI installation advice

    Hi, I'm looking for some advice regarding the installation of a reverse osmosis system in my home. After some research, I'd like to buy the AquaFX Barracuda RO/DI Aquarium Filter unit (open to suggestions). I would likely only need to use it on a weekly basis. It seems the AquaFX is slightly...
  10. littlemacros

    Will all these eggs hatch?

    So my two pro escape artist nerite snails decided to lay eggs about two weeks ago...all over my tank. Literally on the rocks, the pumps, even on my beloved turbo snail, Vagine. Most of the egg sacs on the glass have been developing it seems. I say this because when they were first layed they...
  11. Daveouthere

    Any feedback welcome

    Hey guys this is what the tank is looking like right now been up for about 5-6 months. Any advice?
  12. Herides

    New First Ever Tank Version 2 of Aquascape. Need thoughts.

    Hey it's me again, After posting my last aquascape here for my first tank attempt and taking in all of your wonderful advice and my own thoughts, I decided I really hated the rocks I had in my tank, so I switched them out and made this. Any opinions and advice appreciated, just some forewords...
  13. kwirky

    Running 2 RO systems, loud vibrations, help merge them into one system for both aquarium and fridge?

    I have a water hookup T'd off to two RO systems. I'm looking for help troubleshooting a loud, intermitten vibration problem and advice on how to merge the two systems together, if possible. I suspect they're fighting against each other since they're connected to the same household connection...
  14. Perpetual Novice

    Build Thread Finally getting serious: The 180 gallon dream tank

    I’ve been in the feeding hobby since I was 16. While most kids begged for a puppy I somehow convinced my parents to buy a 75 gallon saltwater tank instead. You might say that tank was a failure, but I fell in love with the hobby during those two years of heartache and frustration. 2 years ago I...
  15. Noob_Sam

    Marine Ich HELPPPPPPPP

    Hello, So i have a bad ich outbreak. My blue tang, yellow tang, coral beauty, and dwarf lion fish all have ich. My other fish 2 clowns, and eel, and these two blue fish but non of them have ich. So i had a couple of questions: If i remove all my fish from my DT to my QT ( I read for 3-8...
  16. D

    Success with Powder Blue Tangs

    I have read nothing but horror stories about PBTs and would love to hear any success stories. Against my better judgment, my daughter talked me into ordering one from Diver's Den. I will be putting it in my QT for a 6 weeks before adding it to my DT. I have an established 180 gallon with a...
  17. Herides

    New/first ever reef tank, hows my aquascape?

    It's a 40 gallon breeder and i'm just looking for opinions on how I did with my aquascape. Your Thoughts?
  18. H

    Would placing a biopellet and calcium reactor after my refugium damage my pod populations?

    Like would they get trapped or injured in the reactors?
  19. g.knight

    Building a tank around lionfish. Ideas? Suggestions?

    Hey, R2R. Back again trying to learn what I can. Ok, I’m convinced I’m getting 125g tank and I want a lionfish to be the “star” of the tank (at least for me) so I’m building around it. This is going to be a living room tank so it needs to have kind of a “wow” factor to it. My partner thinks the...
  20. H

    How many BTAs for 20 clown harem?

    I’m thinking of a harem of 20 clowns for a 125 gallon tank, how many BTAs would I need and how many could comfortably fit? Also are they compatible with SPS?
  21. H

    Mandarin Dragonet with Clownfish and Fairy Wrasses?

    I heard that they might compete for pods is this true
  22. H

    Cheap Calcium Reactor?

    Okay I’ve been lookin at Calcium Reactors and a complete set up is in the $800-$1000 range. Are there any cheaper ones?
  23. A

    Advice to starting a ULM AIO tank in small apartment

    Hi everyone! This is my first post in the community and I'm really excited to explore this hobby and go on this journey with many of you. I’m looking to upgrade my freshwater tank to a ultra-low maintenance (ULM) AIO reef tank for a small one bedroom apartment and would like to seek the...
  24. H

    Is this a good sump layout?

    Filter Sock -> Skimmer -> Refugium -> Calcium Reactor -> Heater -> Return Pump
  25. H

    Thoughts on this stocking for a 125 gallon?

    1 Zebra Moray Eel. 1 Black Ice Clownfish. 1 Black Snowflake Clownfish. 1 Royal Gramma Basslet. 1 Tailspot Blenny. 1 Neon Blue Goby. 1 Blue Dot Jawfish. 1 Yellowhead Jawfish. 1 Yellow Candy Hogfish. 1 Scott's Fairy Wrasse. 1 Labout's Fairy Wrasse. 1 Ruby Head Fairy Wrasse. 1 Pink Margin Fairy...
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