1. KrisReef

    Hello Should I quit my job?

    I'm finally getting around to introducing myself. I have had a reef tank in my garage since we moved back to southern California in 2007. I've had tanks much of my life but I've never wanted to automate them as I prefer to tinker. I'm thinking about changing and getting a reef controller or just...
  2. Biologic

    It’s 12 AM, you look into the tank...your worst fear?

    Losing sleep sucks, especially if your tank causes it. You look into your reef tank, your worse fear is....? For me, it’s when I am 2 weeks without seeing a montipora eating nudibranch just eating away in my QT. ::gets out dip bucket and picks clean 10 frags::
  3. P

    My dealings with AEFW...

    Hi all, not new here, but first thread start. I just noticed yesterday something I've dealt with before and so here is what I saw leading up to finding acro eating flatworms, how I identified the issue, and how I have intially dealt with it. The last few weeks I've noticed some of my acros...
  4. jonesdeini

    Acropora-eating flatworms?

    I just picked up this frag and I was inspecting it before dipping and noticed what appear to me as aefw. I would love other's opinions on this
  5. J

    Is this Aefw

    Please help this pc rainbow does not look good but is growing a lot is this aefw
  6. Jeremy K.A.

    Monti Eating Nudis Predators HELP!!!

    Hey you guys I made the awful discovery of Monti Eating Nudibranchs in my 55g tank. I plan on breaking off the dead portions, pulling out what I can to dip and scrub and add something to eat them. What fish can I get to help control/eradicate these little monsters? I've been told melanarus...
  7. Sallstrom

    Newly hatched AEFW size?

    Hi, Looking for the size of newly hatched AEFW but can't find it. Anyone? Feel free to post links to good articles or threads. Want to find out if it's possible to filter water from AEFW(want to use the water from a AEFW-tank to a non-AEFW tank). Thanks in advance! / David
  8. HmoneyReefOkc

    AEFW? Or Moorish Idol nite Mark?

    So this coral seems to be one of the three or four favorites that my humungous moorish idol is constantly biting throughout the day.... but i pulled it and dipped it due to so many weird death paterns. Part of it is for sure due to being completely shaded by itself i believe but other parts...
  9. A4goulet

    Oops, I released an AEFW - HELP

    Short version: I released at least 1 large AEFW into my tank, what can I do to prevent an infestation? Also, as hobbyist is there any kind of moral code in pest disclosure when selling livestock? Long version: So yesterday I purchased 4 acro frags from a local reefer and failed to do my...
  10. AquaNerd

    THE DIP from Fauna Marin is a new coral dip that kills...

    Red Bugs and AEFW. Read more here...
  11. jmanyoma

    AEFW battle begins

    You spend your time reading on the horribleness of aefw and never expect to get hit, lucky me found a fw on my acro and decided to dip the specific coral in some coralrx (only thing at hand) and found 2 fw's came off, after inspection found a few egg patches under the plug. After someones...