1. T

    Pair of yellow tangs?

    I’m working on a 200 gallon peninsula and have an existing 4-5 inch blue tang in my existing tank with other community fish that will move to the new tank. I anticipate finishing the build in 2-3 months. I wanted to see what people’s thoughts are getting two Biota yellow tangs now into my...
  2. stevenliu9

    The most aggressive tang vote

    Would like to gather community opinion on the most aggressive tang they have personally experienced. in my tank maintenance days I have personally witnessed sohal tangs murder an entire tank. What tang belongs in the asylum in your opinion? Even though tangs live and move in large congregation...
  3. P

    Aggressive Royal Gramma

    I recently added a yellow Goniopora into my 30 gallon AIO tank. I noticed last night that my Royal Gramma was biting at it and I noticed a piece of the Goniopora floating in the water. My question is, will the Royal gramma stop biting it once he’s used to it being in the tank? It’s placed near...
  4. BloopFish

    Adding Starcki Damsel with Exquisite Firefish in a Nano Tank

    I recently started up a Fluval Evo 13.5g nano tank with my partner. One of the fishes she really wants is a blue damselfish. She seems to like the Starcki damsel the most, but I am a bit wary because even though they are supposedly more peaceful than most damsels, I have heard they tend to get...
  5. Hugo Garcia

    Aggressive clown fish

    Hello guys, I have a 30 gallon tank with a pair of clown fish and a baby Mandarin from Biota. Recently the clowns started to become aggressive towards the Mandarin, he has plenty of hiding spaces, but he keeps getting close to the clowns and getting bullied. Any tips in what to do to get them to...
  6. Renelope

    Lyretails fighting please help!

    Hello folks, Got three lyretail anthias today, as part of a buy 2 get one free Black Friday deal at the LFS. They were all housed together with 3-4 others. Got them home, acclimated and such and they were very timid at first, huddled together in the upper corner of the tank- away from the...
  7. Labridaedicted

    Mild Mannered Tangs

    Hey gang, I just had to pull my White-Tailed Bristletooth tang out of my tank since he decided he hates wrasses and gobies after a couple of months. I was pretty dumbfounded as to why he would be aggressive towards fish that aren't grazing competitors, but have no problem with the other grazer...
  8. Mike N

    Monster Build 450 Gallon Starphire Aquarium (AGE Build)

    After much debating and research, we have finally decided on a tank size for our office lobby. The tank will be open and viewable on 3 sides. Dimensions > 96" x 31½" x 30½" I wanted to go reef, but was overruled by the boss. Aggressive tank, it is. EDIT: This will be a REEF TANK, not an...