ai prime 16 hd

  1. Reefing Reefer

    Build Thread Waterbox 20 Build

    Christmas cake early this year! Took advantage on a sweet Black Friday Deal and got myself a Waterbox 20 Cube w/ Stand. Luckily, I had a lot of equipment from my Evo 13.5 that I reused on this tank (in all honesty it was overkill for the 13.5, but it’s perfect for the 20). AI Prime 16 HD/AI...
  2. Fluval Evo 13.5 with every possible upgrade and everything you need

    For sale Fluval Evo 13.5 with every possible upgrade and everything you need

    Life has taken a turn and much to my dismay, I no longer have the time required to keep my Reef Tank going. It's been a one year journey and I have decided to sell my setup. I'm asking for $1200. I am trying to sell this all as a package, but may have to eventually part things out as it's a...
    or best offer
  3. Waterbox 10 gallons with ai prime hd light

    For sale Waterbox 10 gallons with ai prime hd light

    Both light and tank is in good condition, local pickup only located East Orlando near downtown
  4. Luke 29 Gallon

    Nano Build 29 gallon Mixed Reef!

    Just wanted to show a few corals I have packed in this reef before I upgrade to my 75 gallon! I use two AI 16hds. A simple hang on the back with aquachar carbon and it’s a life saver. I can honestly tell a difference. I have a nero 3 and a small jaebo wave pump on either side. Thinking about...
  5. J

    California WTB Black Ai Prime 16 HD

    Looking to BUY a Black Ai Prime HD 16 and must be the latest edition with the Bluetooth . $160 shipped or $180 with the flex arm shipped.
  6. J

    Two AI prime HD or One Hydra 32?

    i have a AIO JBJ 45 26.5 × 22 × 19 in and I already have 1 Ai Prime 16Hd. Seems like I’m not getting enough coverage. Should I sell my ai prime and just get one Hydra 32? Thinking of getting into a mix SPS as well.
  7. ClownFish664

    Lighting adjustments!

    Hi all, So I have an AI prime 16 setup on a 50L nano reef, its currently running saxby but i have HUGE amounts of hair algae. I belive the light is one of the issues as its on for so long. I have customised it to reduce reds and greens but the algae is presistant. Would changing it to a...
  8. S

    Hello friends who sell Ai prime 16 HD?

    I looking for ai prime 16 hd with mount for sell (second hand).
  9. JustinTanks

    Florida WTB ISO AI Prime HD

    Hello! I’ve recently started looking into the option of replacing the stock light that comes with my Fluval evo 13.5. After a lot of research, especially on this forum, it seems the AI Prime HD will be the best replacement. Currently can’t afford to pay full price for a new one plus a mount...
  10. Schraufabagel

    Replicating full spectrum with the AI Prime 16HD?

    I have a tank filled with macro algae and corals. I’m wondering, does anyone know how to replicate full spectrum using the AI Prime 16HD? My spectrum settings are close to what bulkreefsupply recommends, but they are dialed back in intensity. However, my macro algaes started to die under this...
  11. CarleyFreeman

    AI Prime 16 FOWLR

    Anyone have a preset I can download for a FOWLR? All of the signature ones are soo blue. No corals yet so I’d like to at least see my fish. Thanks!
  12. Reefing Reefer

    Nano Build Evo 2.0

    After a moving disaster in March, I'm ready to make progress with my Evo Nano Reed. Update: Shortly after I lost all my fish/corals in my move, I started from scrap! I gave the Evo a thorough freshwater bath and scrub. This time around, I wanted to do things a little bit differently, the...
  13. Daveouthere

    Waterbox 90.3 lighting

    Hey guys, I’m going to get a waterbox 90.3 for my new tank and was wondering what my best bet for lighting would be, should I do the 2 Ai primes for the tank or venture out in getting something else? I am not interested in doing any kind of sps. Mainly interested in soft corals and possible...
  14. K

    Ai prime acclimation issues

    I can’t seem to turn on my acclimation for ai hd prime. Every time I try to tick it to on the whole app freezes and I have to reset the app. Has anyone had this issue with myAI? If so how did you fix it?
  15. mrgster5

    Build Thread 60 Gallon Modern Tall Marineland Mixed Reef

    Hello, I wanted to introduce the biggest tank I've ever had, and I'm so excited. I started in January with a 14 gallon AIO cube, but I wanted bigger fish so I upgraded to an IM 30l AIO tank in February, and I loved it, but still, my heart wanted more fish. Then I got another 28-gallon JBJ AIO...