ai prime 16 hd

  1. M

    USA WTB AI Prime 16 HD

    I'm looking to buy 1 or 2 black prime 16HD lights in good working condition. I prefer the standard mount and not the flexi arm mount. If you send a PM please let me know in this post that your doing so Thanks
  2. drmdvl

    Lighting LED Drygoods AI Prime 16HD Reef Black and Kessil H80 Refugium Light

    -*SOLD 1 like new used AI Prime 16HD Reef LED light in black. Ran at 30-40% approx 6 mo. This is light only with no mount. No water or salt creep exposure as it was mounted above a covered tank. Selling as I have upgraded to Hydras. Asking $175 shipped Still Available -1 used Kessil H80 fuge...
  3. J

    California Lighting Drygoods 2x Ai prime HD 16

    Selling Ai prime HD16 with mount and power supply. less than a year old and lens in excellent condition . 1 left with the older mount $163 shipped
  4. I

    Ai prime on fluval flex 32

    I have a fluval flex 32G tank the dimension are 32.5 x 15.35 x 15.75". Would I benefit from having a second prime light? I noticed the corners are kinda dark and I don’t want to be stuck with only putting corals in the middle. Also is the depth of the the ok to put corals lower or on the sand bed?
  5. I

    Ai prime on fluval flex

    As the title says I have a fluval tank with dimension of 32.5 x 15.35 x 15.75". Would I benefit from adding a second ai prime? I notice dark spots in the corners and don’t want to only be adding corals in the middle of the tank. And is the depth of the tank Ok to put coral on the sand bed?
  6. Jmart

    ATO Powerheads LED Drygoods Tunze ato Ai prime hd Nero 5

    Ai prime hd - 160 Nero 5 - 180 Tunze ato - 160
  7. M

    Budget controllable LED options for Reefer 350

    Looking at some budget lighting options for my reefer 350 (L 120cm, H 53cm, W 50cm). Currently im between 2 Maxspect Jump MJ-L165 LEDs or 3 AI prime HDs (since i dont believe 2 primes will have enough spread right?) Which of these would be the better option... Or is there a better option than...
  8. J

    Nevada Lighting Drygoods AI Prime 16 HD Lights

    Ai Prime 16 HD lights W/Mounts Both lights in good working condition Used for for approximately a year
  9. P

    Virginia Lighting LED Drygoods Selling A360 Tuna Blue + Mounts, Prime HD, A80 Tuna Blue, Bio Bricks

    Hey all, cleaning out the basement and I have some gear I'm not using that someone else might find useful: 2x Kessil A360X Tuna Blue: 1 working, 1 funky. I picked them up used, they worked fine for a few years, then started acting up right as the Radion G5's came out, so I switched to G5's...
  10. WestonNanos


    Looking to sell my innovative marine 50 gallon as a package with all equipment and live stock included. Please do not inquire about parting out... Everything must go all at once. $800 firm, as most of you know there is probably that much in coral alone. for super detailed info on everything...
  11. Scrappy RN

    Nano Build 10 Gallon Nano Build (First Nano!)

    Hello all! Excited to be diving into the salty waters again after a couple of years with no tank after a move. I'm doing a smaller scale this time around and can't wait to see what I can do in this small tank! I have a ten-gallon all-in-one that I've added an AI Prime 16 HD light to. I removed...
  12. Luna Lagoona

    Kessil a360x vs Ai Prime 16HD Side by Side Comparison Video

    Hey folks! So I am finally learning how to do video editing... I would do this soooo differently now. I mention the 35-degree reflector in the video but it's actually the 55-degree reflector You can watch in 4k and you can skip to 5:34 for both running together, or 8:17 if you want to jump...
  13. J

    2x prime 16Hd enough for 4ft tank ?

    I have a Red Sea 350 that’s 4ft long and about 20” wide. Is 2x 16hd prime enough for softies and LPS? Is 3 over kill ?
  14. AI Prime 16 HD + 12" Gooseneck + 3D Reefing Diffuser

    For sale AI Prime 16 HD + 12" Gooseneck + 3D Reefing Diffuser

    I just upgraded my lighting setup to allow some more space in my rear Waterbox sump so I am parting with my AI Prime. I purchased this October 25th 2021 and it went into use at the end of November 2021 (checkout my build thread!). Originally Paid $289.72 (AI Prime $230.99, 12" Gooseneck Mount...
  15. JonEB

    AI 16HD. On the fritz

    I have sent one of my AI prime 16hd in for warranty. the light burned 2 of its white leds in less than 8 months, and the fan sounded like it was grinding against the case half the time it ran. Anyone had experience with their customer service for warranty items?
  16. C

    Build Thread Cincy_Reefer's Waterbox Marine X 90.3 Build

    6 days ago my Waterbox Marine X 90.3 was delivered to me, it's for my bedroom/home office. It was a cold January morning and when I asked the delivery driver if it was a heavy skid... he kind of chuckled. Thankfully I have a roommate who was willing to help me carry the equipment up to our...
  17. AI Prime 16 HD with Silver Mounting Arm

    For sale AI Prime 16 HD with Silver Mounting Arm

    AI Prime 16 HD with Silver Mounting Arm and original box. Its about a year old, and has been run around 80%. Price includes shipping.
  18. jzape24

    What light should I choose for new Waterbox peninsula mini 15 build

    Hello all! I wanted to get some opinions on what light I should get on a new build I am about to start. I should be getting the Waterbox peninsula mini 15 in the next couple of days and have been researching what light I should pair it with. I am leaning on a LPS/softie tank, but the ideas that...
  19. CommanderInReef

    Rise and Fall of My First Reef Tank

    Bow front tanks are the bane of my existence. I started my first reef tank in fall 2020. It felt like the perfect time during lockdown. I bought a bow-front 24 gallon cube AIO. the lighting was an ai prime hd and the internal filter. However, the bow-front and cubed dank caused the return pump...
  20. Reefing Reefer

    Build Thread Waterbox 20 Build

    Christmas came early this year! Took advantage on a sweet Black Friday Deal and got myself a Waterbox 20 Cube w/ Stand. Luckily, I had a lot of equipment from my Evo 13.5 that I reused on this tank (in all honesty it was overkill for the 13.5, but it’s perfect for the 20). AI Prime 16 HD/AI...
  21. Waterbox 10 gallons with ai prime hd light

    For sale Waterbox 10 gallons with ai prime hd light

    Both light and tank is in good condition, local pickup only located East Orlando near downtown
  22. Luke 29 Gallon

    Nano Build 29 gallon Mixed Reef!

    Just wanted to show a few corals I have packed in this reef before I upgrade to my 75 gallon! I use two AI 16hds. A simple hang on the back with aquachar carbon and it’s a life saver. I can honestly tell a difference. I have a nero 3 and a small jaebo wave pump on either side. Thinking about...
  23. J

    California WTB Black Ai Prime 16 HD

    Looking to BUY a Black Ai Prime HD 16 and must be the latest edition with the Bluetooth . $160 shipped or $180 with the flex arm shipped.
  24. J

    Two AI prime HD or One Hydra 32?

    i have a AIO JBJ 45 26.5 × 22 × 19 in and I already have 1 Ai Prime 16Hd. Seems like I’m not getting enough coverage. Should I sell my ai prime and just get one Hydra 32? Thinking of getting into a mix SPS as well.
  25. ClownFish664

    Lighting adjustments!

    Hi all, So I have an AI prime 16 setup on a 50L nano reef, its currently running saxby but i have HUGE amounts of hair algae. I belive the light is one of the issues as its on for so long. I have customised it to reduce reds and greens but the algae is presistant. Would changing it to a...