aiptasia removal

  1. Fam5dad

    Natural Aiptasia predators

    I started my reef 2 months ago. I found 1 aiptasia about the size of a quarter last night. :( I want to introduce some aiptasia predators so that long term maintenance is built into my solution. Plus I am lazy. ;) A copperband is more than I want to take on right now, just too delicate this...
  2. brandon429

    Direct aiptasia removal from surfaces as the top removal option notice in the thread the surface with aiptasia was removed from the reef, and what was beside the aiptasia frag was taken off and moved back onto the reef allowing the aiptasia + the surface...
  3. Biota_Marine

    Livestock Got Aiptasia? Check out our Aiptasia eating filefish chowing down!

    Hey Y'all We know hobbyists want Matted filefish that eat already Aiptasia, so we feed our matted filefish aiptasia and hydroids weekly so they can recognize them in your tanks. Check out the GoPro video below. If you have a huge Aiptasia problem I recommend a few of these guys with our...
  4. Carly Knight

    Reef tank - replace media in sump/aiptasia

    Hi So I adopted an established reef tank a few months back. I managed to get on top of an aiptasia issue in the display tank... But recently noticed there are a few in the back chamber on one of the filter media bags. I'm worried if I remove it I'm gonna remove the beneficial bacteria. But if...
  5. lilkiwi930

    How to get rid of critters and aptasia of live rocks.

    Hello everybody, So I have a question. I have been dealing with a aiptasia problem. After a couple weeks I am finally getting it under control. Just keeps coming back because I am probably missing some under a rock. I have been killing it with AiptasiaX. But my question is in the future when...
  6. sixty_reefer

    berghia nudibranch Eggs experience

    Hi all just wondering if anyone got any experience on here in buying and raising aptasia eating berghia nudibranch Eggs to deal with Aiptasia control, my display is free of aips but I want to deal with the ones on the weir and in the sump. And am definitely not sending my CP in there as is thigh...
  7. friendlyguy

    Please help: Aiptasias discovered

    Hi there! Last night I discovered a few tiny Aiptasias on a rock that came with a coral. (Like the frag plugs, just that its a tiny rock.) As far as I can tell the aiptasias are only on that rock. I am wondering how to face them appropriately. I was wondering if its an idea to take the coral...
  8. L

    Aiptasia control

    I have some large aiptasia living on the bottom of my overflow. I can isolate the overflow from the aquarium. If I than remove the water from the overflow and pour in straight vinegar will that eradicate them? Or does anyone have a better day idea? Larry
  9. fsamir

    DIY Sticky Aiptasia Killing solution. Reef safe?

    Hi @Randy Holmes-Farley can you please advice if there is anything concerning on my DIY Aiptasia killing solution? I have been using this recipe for around 4 years, without a problem, on my SPS dominated reef tanks and my experience is positive. However, I was wondering if it could be...
  10. Seahorse man

    Aiptasia eating filefish

    Hello, I have a bit of a small aiptasia infestation in one of my tanks, I have tried using aiptasia x, but for every one I kill, 10 more take its place. Will a filefish help, or is it a lost battle? I also found a bonded pair of filefish for sale, but can't find anything on how that works, any...
  11. M

    Removing Aiptasias

    I'm having trouble containing aiptasias in my tank right now. I used Aiptasia away before but it seems to just make them recede for a couple of weeks and then come back. I would like to hear more options on how to completely kill them.
  12. F

    Probably a stupid question lol

    2 part question: lol ok so I don’t have the luxury of going into a store (maybe once or twice a year) that actually has corals.... I am in the works of building my son a zoa garden... so far I’ve been pleased with the company I’ve been ordering from (very little hitchhikers- even after...
  13. Dwaters

    Berghia Nudibranchs

    I am wondering how many people have used Berghia Nudibranchs for an infestation of Aiptasia? I have always used Red Sea Aiptasia-X in the past to treat them as they spring up here and there. However, in the past 2 months or so they have gotten so out of hand all of a sudden. In my nano cube I...
  14. Evan28395950

    Joe’s Juice Question

    Hi all, I’m about to use joes juice for my Aiptasia, and I have a few questions. 1. If any of Juice gets into my good bubbletip anemone, will it kill it? 2. Is ok to use for anemones in my filtration area (biocube)? 3. If my fish try to eat it, will they be alright?
  15. Evan28395950

    Joe’s Juice

    Hi all, I’ve got about 3 aiptasia and I’m going to purchase joes juice. Only question I have, is it safe to use around my good anemones, they’re somewhat close to aiptasia, and also is it safe to use for one attached to my maxima clam? When injection I’ll turn off flow to maximize accuracy
  16. Evan28395950

    Aiptasia on Maxima Clam

    So I tried getting this Aiptasia out of my tank, but my pliers just wouldn’t reach into that area. I’m thinking I’ll try something different in the morning, is it ok to leave it like this?
  17. Evan28395950


    I tried sucking up an aiptasia from the sand bed near a maxima clam. Wasn’t able to get it, but surely disturbed both of them. Should I be concerned about anything?
  18. potatocouch

    How to kill Aiptasia (preferably under water)?

    Peppermint shrimp doesn't seem to work (I put in 3 small one yesterday and I don't see them anymore LOL .... let alone them fixing my Aiptasia). I had a bigger Peppermint shrimp earlier this year and it seems to work on those Aiptasia but shame, I think it gets eaten by the BTA; perhaps what I...
  19. A

    Questions on Water Quality and Fish

    Hello, I started a 60 gallon saltwater tank about two months ago. I would like to eventually get corals and such. There's currently one black and white clownfish, some hermit crabs, nassiurus snails, and one peppermint shrimp. I'm having trouble with aiptasia and I am wondering what type of...
  20. GoVols

    Berghia Nudibranchs for the Dreaded Aiptasia Anemone

    First off I don't consider myself an expert reefer. I'm just one person that's been in the hobby for many years and, I'm still learning. I also like to help others to be successful too. So, I want to write this piece to help others make a decision while dealing with an Aiptasia outbreak to this...
  21. fishnreef

    Aiptasia ruining your Holidays? Bergia in Stock!

    We as aquarists know all too often this scenario. What starts out as a seemly harmless single aiptasia polyp quickly explodes into a full blown outbreak in a matter of days! Stinging your prized corals, fish and otherwise creating an unsightly eye sore. Removal of single aiptasia polyp is...