1. GlassMunky

    What would you do in this situation? *Video* (about to tear down tank)

    What would you do in this situation? I'm out of ideas, and at the end of my rope..... My 210G tank is COVERED in aiptasia.... i mean literally Thousands of them. and some of them are LARGE, like larger than my hammer corals polyps, and in every corner, on almost every coral, and they seem to be...
  2. dsayo

    Help! Is this aiptasia??

    Hoping all you fine people can help me out and let me know if this is aiptasia on the left side of this frag? It looks somewhat different from pictures online.
  3. JasonCrimmel

    Aiptasia or another anemone?

    I've had my tank setup for almost 8 months now. Live rock came from Tampa Bay Saltwater back in September 2020. These guys have been around for a while and at first we were happy to have some anemones, but the more research I do I start to think they are Aiptasia... but really large ones! I...
  4. F

    Giant Aiptasia??

    Hi all, i hope you're well? Asking on behalf of a friend (thank goodness!) Is this aiptasia? Its about 2" long. I've looked up other pests and looks like online they are only small but this is a giant! Thanks:)
  5. KrisReef

    Hello Should I quit my job?

    I'm finally getting around to introducing myself. I have had a reef tank in my garage since we moved back to southern California in 2007. I've had tanks much of my life but I've never wanted to automate them as I prefer to tinker. I'm thinking about changing and getting a reef controller or just...
  6. shartpants007

    Do you guys think this is aiptasia?

    Found this towards the bottom of my live rock. It's very small and a reddish brown color. Do you think it's aiptasia?
  7. O

    aiptasia look alikes? harmless aiptasia?

    Theres around 4 anemones scattered in my tank that seem to fit every visual I’ve seen for aiptasia and I can’t seem to find what else it could be. They all were there within about a month of getting the tank, but now, somewhere around 6 months later, they haven’t spread at all. My fish also swim...
  8. F

    Could someone identify if this is an aiptasia or something else

    I’ve noticed 3 of these in my tank I’ve tried using aiptasia x on this and it didn’t work but this thing has a hard skeleton body. If someone could identify this for me it would be really helpful to know what next steps I have to take to get rid of it
  9. brandon429

    Direct aiptasia removal from surfaces as the top removal option notice in the thread the surface with aiptasia was removed from the reef, and what was beside the aiptasia frag was taken off and moved back onto the reef allowing the aiptasia + the surface...
  10. N1CK

    Help me ID this please

    Hi everyone, I am a new reefer and new to reef2reef. After cycling my tank and adding my first fish, I thought it was finally time to take the plunge into corals. I bought a beautiful green ricordea covered rock from LFS, unfortunately though it has also come with bristle worms, and whatever...
  11. E

    EMERGENCY Aiptasia? First Saltwater Aquarium.

    This is my first go at the saltwater hobby, I bought a Red Sea Nano 20 a little over 2 weeks ago. I bought live rock live sand and the saltwater from a local fish store. Tanks been running over 2 weeks now and these guys showed up a few days after I was up and running. It is all over one live...
  12. Biota_Marine

    Livestock Got Aiptasia? Check out our Aiptasia eating filefish chowing down!

    Hey Y'all We know hobbyists want Matted filefish that eat already Aiptasia, so we feed our matted filefish aiptasia and hydroids weekly so they can recognize them in your tanks. Check out the GoPro video below. If you have a huge Aiptasia problem I recommend a few of these guys with our...
  13. Reefer37

    Mojano? Aiptasia? Can anyone help ID?

    Just noticed this on a frag that's been in the tank for about a month. I haven't seen them anywhere else in the tank so I guess it came on the frag, but just now noticing it. Can anyone help ID what this is on the base of this hammer?
  14. ThatsNoMoon

    Longer Needles for Aiptasia-X

    Hey all, I'm not sure if this has been mentioned somewhere before but I thought I'd share a little trick I learnt the other day. I have aiptasia at the back of the Reefer250 which is a bit far to reach so while looking online for longer needles I couldn't really find what I needed until I...
  15. carpetlover

    Found this on wet live rock. Is it aiptasia?

    I bought some wet live rock to start bio filtration quicker, and found this guy on him. What is it?
  16. S

    Aiptasia or feather duster?

    Hello. I recently saw this in my tank. No new additions coral wise for at least 2 months. Only new fish about a month ago. I have feather dusters on a rock across the tank. It’s in a difficult place to reach and can’t get anything near them to see if they retract
  17. Herides

    Little brown green thing that flows living under the rock of my new coral. Aiptasia? Dinos?

    Just noticed it tonight but coming from underneath the piece of live rock that my new (as of 3 days ago) cauliflower colt coral (which I did do a coral dip for) is this greenish brown thing that was more "open" when I first spotted it and started hiding when I starting lighting it up with a...
  18. TateLitts

    Aiptasia + Superglue = now what?

    About a month ago, I purchased a small frag of trumpet coral. In what I thought was simply a skeleton of a polyp, emerged a lil aiptasia. I was going to carve it out, until I read that they release spores, so I decided to superglue the dickens outta him. Whether he poked out of a smaller crack...
  19. M

    Is this Aiptasia?

    I'm wondering how I should go about this and any help is greatly appreciated. My LFS (totally cool people) hooked me up a zoa frag with my order. 2 days later I'm seeing what I believe is aiptasia but I wanted to confirm with the more experienced. If it is indeed aiptasia I have read these are...
  20. L

    Confirmation of aiptasia.

    Hi everyone, New to reef tanks and have a couple of items going on with the tank. Tank is about 90 days old 25 gallon I am pretty sure this little guy is an aiptasia ready to pick up a berghia tomorrow if you all confirm. This is the only one if seen but as everyone says if you have you see...
  21. C

    What are these? And should I get rid of them? They popped up on my live rock, tank has been cycling for 3 weeks.

    I’ve had some people panic and immediately tell me it’s aiptasia. Some have said it’s white cluster anemone, which I am leaning towards. Or some type of colonial hydroid.
  22. MnFish1

    Aiptasia treatment success or failure.... A poll

    SO - somehow - no clue how - I ended up with some aiptasia anemones. I just tried to kill them with 'removal' - and a month later - I had 50. They weren't spreading - and I personally don't mind them - they didnt seem to hurt anything - when it increased to more than that - I thought - hmmm...
  23. Castaway6

    So...what would you do?

    Let me just start by saying what you are about to see might be graphic to some and might cause nightmares/ptsd from others. Long neglected, but heavily fed, what was once a flourishing tropical reef in a box has now turned into...well what looks to be a mix between hades' underworld and a...
  24. Sy's Reef

    Aiptasia Nudibranh

    Anyone knows where I can purchase some aiptasia Nudibranh?
  25. R

    Feather duster (or Aiptasia) and Hydroids?

    I got some corals from WWC about two weeks ago. I didn't dip them upon arrival as I'm new to corals... I've kept them in a separate tank to monitor them. Here's what I see so far in terms of possible pests/hitchhikers. If you can please help me identify them and possible remedies, I'd be...