1. mikemathis555


    Hello all, I pulled these off the glass in my filtration unit…are these aiptasia?
  2. OrchidMiss

    chaeto aiptasia...

    Hi guys. Not a question as far as ID.... I know aiptasia when I see it. That being said, I've found 3-4 visible aiptasia in my chaeto in my 1g HOB refugium... The chaeto ball has grown from about a baseball size to the size of a softball and running out of room. Question is, can I do a...
  3. WheatToast

    A Very Inefficient Method of Treating Aiptaisa

    Here is A Very Inefficient Method of Treating Aiptaisa I discovered a few weeks ago on accident… for anyone who is curious: 1. Submerge infested rock within sand 2. Wait for Aiptasia to detach from submerged rock and crawl towards the surface of the sandbed 3. Scoop up the Aiptasia As this...
  4. Ravisher


    Good Day! I've been looking all over for a while trying to figure out what this is that came with a used setup. I think it could be aiptasia, but i'm not 100%. I'd hate to kill something that's not a pest. It's on a small piece of rock, so I will pull it from the tank if it is aiptasia. It...
  5. Tannermule

    Berghia Nudibranch

    This thread is for the general discussion of the classified ad Berghia Nudibranch. For more information about this item, please click the link or ask a question in this thread. Hello everyone. I recently started culture burghia nudibranch. This is a great natural way to get rid of pest...
  6. JayFish4004

    Help ID weird rock worm and possible aiptasia please!

    Hi - got a couple ID’s I need help with. 1st is there are a few of these weird looking worm-like creatures protruding from my rock. Only a handful so far, any idea what this is and if I need to do anything about it? 2nd I think this is aiptasia underneath one of my blasto’s - my thought is I...
  7. T

    Is this aiptasia? Help!

    I spotted these strange tentacle looking things on my zoa rock. Is this aiptasia? I moved the rock to a quarantine tank for the time-being. There were a few other rocks very close to this one. Should I take them out as well and try to salvage any Zoas I can?
  8. O

    Possible Aiptasia ID

    Hi everyone, I’m a reasonably new reefer and was wondering what this little hitchhiker might be. I’m concerned it could be aiptasia but it has only slowly grown over a month or so and it has not reproduced to my knowledge. It also doesn’t look like aiptasia that I’ve seen. Any help would be...
  9. C

    Help with Aiptasia

    What are some good ways to remove smaller aiptasia? I’m not sure what to do at this point, I have some smaller aiptasia, around the size of a penny maybe smaller, and I’m not sure how to get rid of them. I would prefer creatures, as I have a little too many for manual removal, any ideas or...
  10. F


    We have a tiny live rock that we have noticed some stuff growing on. Can anyone help us identify it? Our tank is about 1 month old. Thank you!
  11. B

    Feather Duster Invasion or The start of Aiptasia!!

    I was about to do a water change when I saw these guys in the back of my tank. I need to be certain if this is aiptasia as this is not to be taken lightly if untaken care of it will over run my tank. If they are feather dusters I will leave them alone. The tank has been up and running about 2...
  12. VanCityReef

    Terrified to ask, is this Aiptasia?

    Checking on my sump and these are starting to pop up. Is it Aiptasia and if so, what's your best suggestion to get rid of?
  13. Scooters Reef

    Please help ID these cowboys riding my snail

    Not sure if they are feather dusters or aiptasia but fairly confident it’s a worm. I am new so looking for any clarification before I put into my display. Thanks. First post. Lurker for long. Finally starting to get hands in reefing.
  14. SimplyVibing

    Best lights to grow aiptasia?

    Sounds weird, I know. I’m culturing the nudis that eat them. Will FOWLR lights grow them? If not, what do y’all suggest? Thanks in advance.
  15. E

    Fragging toadstool ,is this aiptasia?

    Is this aiptasia? I've never fragged a coral before. Am I right in thinking I can cut the base of this leather toadstool to remove the plug area where the aiptasia is n discard. And then super glue the toadstool to a rock fragment. I want to check before I accidentally kill the toadstool. Thanks...
  16. MaxTremors

    Something kind of unbelievable (Aiptasia)

    Okay, so I noticed something truly mind blowing today. A little history: I’ve been keeping reef tanks for over twenty years, but was without a tank for roughly two years until Jan of this year. In Jan I set up a new Nanocube and it’s been going pretty great. I used probably 2/3 dry rock and 1/3...
  17. LukeWolf

    Missouri Majano wand XL- $100 shipped

    Hello everyone! I have a barely used majano wand I’m looking to sell. I’m asking $100 shipped, but will haggle on the price if necessary. This thing cleared out my aiptasia problem quickly, so I have no more use for it. The tip is in great shape with no rust or bend. Dm me to purchase.
  18. GlassMunky

    What would you do in this situation? *Video* (about to tear down tank)

    What would you do in this situation? I'm out of ideas, and at the end of my rope..... My 210G tank is COVERED in aiptasia.... i mean literally Thousands of them. and some of them are LARGE, like larger than my hammer corals polyps, and in every corner, on almost every coral, and they seem to be...
  19. dsayo

    Help! Is this aiptasia??

    Hoping all you fine people can help me out and let me know if this is aiptasia on the left side of this frag? It looks somewhat different from pictures online.
  20. JasonCrimmel

    Aiptasia or another anemone?

    I've had my tank setup for almost 8 months now. Live rock came from Tampa Bay Saltwater back in September 2020. These guys have been around for a while and at first we were happy to have some anemones, but the more research I do I start to think they are Aiptasia... but really large ones! I...
  21. F

    Giant Aiptasia??

    Hi all, i hope you're well? Asking on behalf of a friend (thank goodness!) Is this aiptasia? Its about 2" long. I've looked up other pests and looks like online they are only small but this is a giant! Thanks:)
  22. KrisReef

    Hello Should I quit my job?

    I'm finally getting around to introducing myself. I have had a reef tank in my garage since we moved back to southern California in 2007. I've had tanks much of my life but I've never wanted to automate them as I prefer to tinker. I'm thinking about changing and getting a reef controller or just...
  23. shartpants007

    Do you guys think this is aiptasia?

    Found this towards the bottom of my live rock. It's very small and a reddish brown color. Do you think it's aiptasia?
  24. O

    aiptasia look alikes? harmless aiptasia?

    Theres around 4 anemones scattered in my tank that seem to fit every visual I’ve seen for aiptasia and I can’t seem to find what else it could be. They all were there within about a month of getting the tank, but now, somewhere around 6 months later, they haven’t spread at all. My fish also swim...
  25. F

    Could someone identify if this is an aiptasia or something else

    I’ve noticed 3 of these in my tank I’ve tried using aiptasia x on this and it didn’t work but this thing has a hard skeleton body. If someone could identify this for me it would be really helpful to know what next steps I have to take to get rid of it