algae after cycling

  1. L

    Help identifying algae

    Hi y’all, my Biocube has recently been pounced on by some sort of algae or Dinos i think. I wasn’t able to get the best pictures but it’s like brownish color and at first I thought it was just diatoms but now it’s long and grasslike and billows in the current. It’s all over my glass but only a...
  2. tottiforever

    Build Thread 75 Gallon Reef Build

    Howdy! Hopefully this isn’t too boring, but figured I’d share my current build and progress. This is my first tank since I was a kid, so any and all advice, criticism or thoughts are more than welcome! Purchased a used Red Sea 350 (73gal display and 18gal sump), 2 AI Hydras, and a Regal Octopus...
  3. J

    Algae ID

    Can any one ID this algae? I think it’s GHA but not too sure and would like to know so I can take the necessary steps to start getting rid of it. this rock is new in my tank and could be just going through it’s ugly phase of cycling but rather be safe in case it’s something else like Bryopsis...
  4. maryocean7

    Need help identifying type of algae

    Hello everyone If anyone would be kind to help us in our new tank. We have had it for 2 months now and just last week this showed up. We can't get our hand on what it is exactly. We have caribsea Life Rock and life sand Ammonia - 0 Nitrite - 0 Nitrate - 20ppm Lights are on for 6 hours We do...
  5. Tomsk7

    Algae ID - any help appreciated

    New tank, started with dry Rock & Dr. Tim's. I dosed pink & purple coralinne that I got fresh from Algae Barn about a week ago. 1) per instructions, I wasn't expecting anything for several weeks. 2) this looks more brown/yellow/slightly red than pink/purple. So, cynobacteria? Fast starting...
  6. Carbon Vessel

    Algae identification GHA or something else

    Hi All, I am relatively new to Saltwater and would love some assistance with my current situation. I was a little excited with the cycle and did have lights on including white for some time ( I have learned since then). Can someone please assist in identifying the algae growth and let me know...
  7. Z

    EMERGENCY Trying to figure out what kind of algae is growing

    Hey guys, just trying to figure out what kind of algae I have growing I’m reasonably new to the saltwater hobby is there anyone that can point me down the right path.
  8. J

    Dino fight...

    My son just upgraded his 4 year old 27gallon tank to a 80 gallon, as of today we are at the 5 week mark. We cycled the new tank, seeded with the filters from his old tank. It took about 3-4 weeks for ammonia, then nitrates to drop close to 0. We added a bottle of copepods, BIO-spira, a damsel...
  9. R

    Algae Identification

    Hey everyone. So recently I've had a bit of a algae outbreak on my new tank. I have never seen this algae before in my previous experience. I though at first it was just GHA, however it's a lot harder to get off and Is just in little clumps. Does anyone know what type of algae this is?
  10. Z

    Leaving on a night light? During a intentional tank blackout.

    TL:DR can/should I leave a very low wattage "night light" on during a blackout to reduce the likelihood of my fish from accidentally swimming into an anemone? So I have, something (algae/Dinos/whatever*) that I am planning on doing a 3 day blackout for. Last time I did a blackout I lost a...
  11. Alex C

    GHA or Worse?

    Hello! I am facing some type of algae that I’m having a hard time eradicating and properly identifying. But first some tank back ground. My tank is a Red Sea reefer 425xl. It has been running for 148 days. Up until last week my nitrates and phosphates had bottomed out to 0. As such I have...
  12. D

    Stringy algae growing out of control and hurting corals! Please help.

    Hello, so I have been into the reefing hobby for about a year and a half now and about 4 months ago I purchased this 30 gallon tank and cycled it, and placed a few fish and corals in. I am at about the 3-4 month mark and all of the sudden this strongly algae began to grow very quickly and in a...
  13. C

    EMERGENCY Attack Of The Brown Algae

    Hello just messaging from the Arizona area, looking for some input. I’m fairly new to the world of saltwater aquarium care and could really use some advise. We have a 29 gallon tank about 3 months old housing two ocellaris clowns and a beautiful bunch of mushroom corals who have been doing...
  14. Wrightm1990

    Algae id please

    Hi tank has been running 2 month. Never had the brown diatoms but for the past 2 weeks ive had this green algae on the rock and sand. Could anyone identify it for me please and what cause of action is needed if any. Tia
  15. adamlodge14

    Algae issue which snails?

    Hiya guys, I’ve been having a bit of an algae issue in my 15 gallon tank that’s been up and running for 3 months now. Is this just the ‘ugly’ stage? Which snails would be best to get rid of the algae? It’s primarily on the rock and some on the sand. I already have 1 trochus snail and 1 nassarius...
  16. O

    New tank, 4 weeks later.

    Hi everyone, this is just an update on my tank 4 weeks in. I still have nasty diatoms, started getting alot of green algae. And it doesn’t look like it’s going anywhere anytime soon lol. My nitrates and nitrates are 0, and i use rodi water so i’m a little confused as to why they’re still here. I...
  17. S

    What are these white round spots spreading across my live rocks?

    My tank is newly cycled. Sat up 2 weeks ago. It looks like the white dots are out competing the green/brown algae. Those rocks were white when I got them and were turning brown initially. What are they? Bacteria? Coralline? Just curious...
  18. 3

    Dino outbreak

    So I had a green hair algae outbreak, then an ammonia spike, I dosed kordon AmQuelPlus ammonia detoxifier, it kills ammonia nitrite and nitrate, and chlorine. Things started to bounce back. I lost 2 cyphastrea, and a birdsnest, during that ammonia spike, it went to 0.50ppm. my xenia has been...
  19. Jeevan

    Something green plant like growing on liverock

    Hello Reefers! =) Can anyone know what kind of algae? Or idk what it is! It's like a small plant growing out from live rock. I'm running 22g sumpless nano tank without a skimmer. Tank details & parameters : Salinity 1.026 Amm 0 Nitrite 0 Nitrate 0 phosphate 0 Cal 430 Ph 8.0 Kh 8 Mg 1400
  20. ReefRusty

    What is this on my sandbed?

    So I may had put my foot in it when I said I've yet to get any form of algae. But can anyone tell me what this is and would a blackout reduce this? Only on the sandbed, brown sand almost. Guessing its the beginning of the ugly stage? Running LIGHT with all blues,UV on 100% and 5% on whites...
  21. D

    Should I set up a refugium?

    Hi guys, I have been having problems for a while now with gha and diatoms and cotton candy algae in my 800litre mixed reef. I am currently using RowaPhos and NoPox and nitrates and phosphates are reading zero. I am confused tbh whether or not I have too many/ too little nutrients. I was...
  22. Kenamen

    What’s growing in my tank??

    Should I be concerned about this growth? Is there something I should introduce to curb the algae looking growth? I’m going to be implementing a refugium in the sump in a few weeks time
  23. N

    Low Phosphates but having an algae outbreak?

    Hey guys, so my Hanna checker says phosphates are <0.05, yet I am having an algae outbreak. Oh and nitrates are around 10. Dinos on the sand bed, hair, and other algae growing on the rocks. Seems like the algae came out of nowhere and is growing fast. My tank is two months old. Is this a normal...
  24. Nagra92

    EMERGENCY New tank, brown alage , green hair algae

    I have started reef tank 3 and half months back used Live rock to start a Nitrate cycle Now my results are all ok And many people told me that my cycle is completed I have 2 fish and they are all doing great i introduced 2 corals 4 days back so far they are doing great but i have one...
  25. jackalexander

    Dino Algae

    I think I discovered some dino algae growing in my tank. My tank is about a week old now & I read that this is fairly common in new tanks. Any ideas on how I can get rid of the dino’s before it’s too late?