amino acids

  1. Brazilian Reefer

    Microbe-Lift All in One

    Hello, my friends. Hope this find you well. I have been looking for some reviews or other reefers experiences with Microbe-Lift All in One, but it’s hard to find. Does anyone here on R2R have used it before? If so, what did you think about it? Please let me know. Thanks in advance...
  2. hexcolor reef

    Vita chem vs Red Sea AB+

    I’m running out of AB+ but have a big bottle of Vita Chem that I’ve been dosing 1/week. I want to start using it more and fell like this is the perfect time to bump up the dosage since I’m almost out of AB+. It has small particles in it that seems like it would be good for Acros etc. has anyone...
  3. SaranWrap

    Amino acids and uv light

    Should we be turning UV light off when dosing amino acids like acropower and if so, for how long ?
  4. DakotahSteel

    Amino acids going the way of the dodo?

    I’ve been watching the TSA grow out challenge and I noticed comments from Andrew Sandler about aquariums no longer using aminos? This is the first I’m seeing of this? Anyone have any insight as to why??
  5. TheHandyReefer

    DIY Amino Acids and Chlorella

    Hello everyone! I work at a store that has more than 20,000 gallons of coral grow out space, but dosing aminos gets expensive, so I'd like to make our own. From what I've seen, Aquavitro Fuel is the best amino acid supplement out there and as luck may have it, they posted their lab analysis of...
  6. shawnriv

    Browned Acropora: Best Amino Acid? (poll)

    Hello All, I inherited a bunch of browned-out acorpora. What is the best way to get them back to their original, healthy colors? I thought about giving amino acids a try, but not sure which is the best for the problem I'm facing. I spoke with Bulk Reef Supply and they recommended two different...
  7. T

    DIY Fish & Corals supplement using propylene glycol as solvent

    Hi there, I know that in general using propylene glycol as carbon source for bacteria in reef aquarium is safe and works great in reducing PO4. I dose it roughly 1ml / 100l in high nutrients system. I wanted to create my own DIY supplement for both fish and corals (so I would add it to the...
  8. T

    DIY Coral Food - what do you use, WDYT about my formula?

    Hey folks, Do you create your own coral food? What ingredients do you use and do you see positive effects from feeding your corals with it? Here's my formula created mainly for LPS, but its smaller particles reach some SPS too. What do you think about it, does the ingredients make sense...
  9. Sidsreef

    Need Product help regarding coral nutrition

    Hello, I have been in the hobby since 2015 and have had several tanks and now have a 1-month-old reef tank. I used to always use reef roids and I still like reef roids as coral food. Recently I have been looking for products for coral nutrition. i have been looking at an aqua forest nutrition...
  10. ClownFish664

    uldcoral feeding

    Hi all, Currently using AB+ but because the corals don't feed everyday I'm kind of just adding waste to the System, what's everyone's take on using Tropic marin Amino-Organic for aminos and reef-roids for food every so often that way I am not feeding everyday as i dont see my corals really feed...
  11. ClownFish664

    Amino Mix

    Hi there, I'm looking for a good amino mix for my corals, However, my tank is a nano reef at only 50L, I have been tempted by the AquaForest amino mix as I have heard good things but it says 1 drop per 100L. I assume that means that this wont be suitable to use in my setup. Could anyone...
  12. siPECTINIA

    Debris in aminos

    Is this safe? Looks like dirt or something only my second bottle ever
  13. E

    Amino Acids and Non Photosynthetic Coral

    With the growing popularity in the reefing hobby of Amino Acids such as Red Sea’s Reef Energy AB+, I am curious if it makes NPS corals such as Sun Corals and certain Gorgonians, that have been historically considered difficult to keep because of feeding requirements, a bit more accessible to...
  14. Alias233

    Auto dosing amino acids

    Hey fellow reefers! Does anyone here use a dosing pump for amino acids? Some brands state you should shake before dosing but I'm assuming there are people out there who have managed to do this successfully? I'm currently using korallen zucht amino acids. Thanks in advance!
  15. BGrand

    Korallen-Zucht Amino Acid Concentrate LPS - THOUGHTS??

    Just ordered a bottle from @Bulk Reef Supply and will be receiving it today. Has anyone used it? What is everyone's thoughts? 90% of tank in LPS/Softie.
  16. TexasReefer82

    Nitrate Levels in Aquaria vs Wild Reef Nutrition

    I often wonder how wild reefs are able to grow and thrive with such low levels of dissolved nutrients - namely nitrates and phosphates. I have an SPS/Acropora dominant tank and I maintain KNO3 solution on a dosing pump just to keep the corals alive - I try to maintain nitrates up to 5ppm...
  17. cnmcalpi

    Amino Acid component skimmability

    Hi all, I have began to dose amino acids (auto dosing acropower 5x/day) in hopes of providing a consistent "baseline" nutrient level for coral growth as my schedule seems to create sporadic feeding habits. The fish are fine and fat, If they haven't been fed in a day or two I just give them...
  18. LEOreefer

    Lets get into dosing and the necessities

    My tank is now cycling with the red sea reef mature program. There is so much info on what people use to maintain Ca, Alk, and MG levels as well as what they dose in addition to the basics I.E amino acids, or the red sea color program. Im going to maintain my Ca, Alk , and MG levels with BRS 2...
  19. potatocouch

    Pick your 3 products to feed your corals

    We all know folks have their own recipe when it comes to feeding their corals (be that softies, LPS, SPS or NPS). What I'm interested in finding out is what do you use to feed your corals? If you can choose only max 3, what will you go for? Use the vote button please.
  20. potatocouch

    Is Reef Roids = Amino Acids?

    Is it sufficient to feed ULNS (w/ SPS, LPS, Morphs) with Reef Roids only? #reefsquad #LPSexperts #SPSexperts And being known to be lazy, is it acceptable to just broadcast the food with the wavemakers, return and skimmer on? #lazy
  21. Lucas Barros

    Can the amino acids fill a lack of nutrients for the sps in a ULNS?

    Hi, everybody! I have a doubt about ULNS (ultra low nutrients system). I have a difficulty to increase the nitrate in my tank. I think my filtration is very efficient for my necessities. Every test that I do is 0 NO3 e 0 PO4 (undetectable). For this reason, I started feeding my corals with...
  22. MarineDepot

    20% off Coral Color Enhancer Bundle

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