1. rlkilwil

    Custom Reef-Themed Paintings- spots open!

    Hey everyone! My name is Reisa, and I’m an art student and professional artist as well! I have been painting for over ten years and have combined my love of reef keeping with my love of art by creating custom reef- themed art for peoples fish rooms or above their tanks! I even use UV reactive...
  2. rlkilwil

    Custom Zoa paintings on sale!

    Hey all! My name is Reisa, and I’m an art student and a painter who is turning to reefing with her hobby! I have started creating custom UV reactive panels thanks to @KellyCorals and a couple other customers! I am doing a special starting now for anyone interested in fish or coral art! The...
  3. smartwater101

    Here is some animated digital art I've been working on, inspired by coral reefs! :)

    I wasn't sure where to post this, so I figured the lobby is okay? I wanted to show some 3d digital artwork I've been working on. Its a series called Coral Planet. All the animations are set up to loop, but the loop doesn't seem to work in the forum :( Let me know what you think! Feedback...
  4. rlkilwil

    Fluorescent tongs and stuff- what would you want?

    Hey all! I am just starting to sell custom UV paintings (for fish art above your tank) and I am considering adding a couple non- art items to my store such as custom dipped tongs, tools, etc. What would you want to buy in a neon color for your fish room? Tongs? Tweezers? Coral viewer?? Trying to...
  5. Mr_Knightley

    USA Indophyllia Realistic Sculpture, orange/green ~5"

    Hey there! I'm putting one of my artworks up for sale to raise money for MACNA tickets as well as to make more room for more projects. I've got a thread that I use to showcase my artworks as I make them, feel free to take a look! (link...
  6. Jassar

    Hello New Member here (marine artist and reef lover)

    Hi everyone, I'm new here (not really.. been reading the forums and following R2R on social media for a long time now). I'm an artist who decided to use his art to communicate the beauty of our aquatic life with everyone. I might fail or succeed at this, only time would tell :). Keep reading if...
  7. Mr_Knightley

    Sharing some of my art and sculpture with you guys.

    Hey there everyone! I've got some art to share with you all, hope you enjoy the thread as it develops over the months. I've been working on some sculptures lately that I plan to sell (possibly through R2R), but wanted to gauge the market out there before I started making too many of them...
  8. LiveWire

    The Custom hand painted stand under the old Fluval Evo 13.5

    I have a friend named Chris that has been in the freshwater side of the hobby for some time now and one day he tells me that he is interested in getting into the saltwater side of things so as a fellow reef keeper willing to help "like we always do" I decided to give him a Fluval Evo 13.5 that I...
  9. 1mbrews8

    Impossible to kill this anemone!

    Well I guess I could break it, but still won’t die like all my other coral likes to do LOL just got in the pottery a few months ago so figured I would post here too and share a recent one that I did :-) Turned out pretty good I think! Thanks for checking it out!
  10. 1mbrews8

    What have I been up to??

    Yer another hobby lol here are a few done ones... But still some reef art in there for y’all!
  11. zoa what

    Artwork above your DT

    If you have any Artwork hanging above your DT.... let's seeeeeee.
  12. Oscar1018

    Show your kids art in your tanks

    Her is my little Picasso using her canvas for a new art piece ;Snaphappylol I was lucky enough to see it happen :D show me ;Photogenicyours
  13. garra671

    Noobie question #3 and rock work

    When it comes to a QT do you guys let the fish rest a day or so and then give them copper treatment for ich and such as a precaution. Or do you just let them sit in the QT for a set amount of time and hope they show no signs of disease that could be introduced into your tank? also; I welcome...
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