Noobie question #3 and rock work

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    When it comes to a QT do you guys let the fish rest a day or so and then give them copper treatment for ich and such as a precaution. Or do you just let them sit in the QT for a set amount of time and hope they show no signs of disease that could be introduced into your tank?

    also; I welcome criticism on my rockwork. Since my last tank seemed to just be one long single height rock running across and it was ugly. I took some ques from the posting by @Veganbrian on art/rockwork.


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    Observe for about a week first, then proceed into treatment from there. This allows them to get used to their new environment a bit more and hopefully start eating before they get pounded with meds. If they're critically ill then starting meds right away would be good, but most people don't buy critically ill fish
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    +1 let them get used to environment in QT. Make sure they are eating well for the first 5-7 days. Then begin ramping up copper, slowly over a few (5ish days). Once therapeutic, ride for 30 days, then 100% water change and 14 or so days of observation to make sure all is well and parasites are gone. During the 14 days I dose prazi if needed. Now if you have marine velvet disease, you can't wait the few days in beginning or ramp copper slowly, it all has to happen within 48 for fish to stand a chance of survival. I QT all fish no matter what. I like harder to keep fish and the risk isn't worth it to me to take a chance. I was fortunate to enter the hobby with the help of a very experienced friend @4FordFamily. Proper disease prevention methods etc. Rock work looks fine to me. It's really a personal preference and whatever type of environment you want for your fish and coral.
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    Couldn’t have said it better, friend!
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