1. N

    EMERGENCY Clownfish Ich / Brooklyn + missing royal gramma??? W/ photos

    Had my black and white clowns a little over a year, along with a royal gramma. it’s been a little hot in UK, tank temp 25c has fluctuated 0.5-1.5c most days for a week or so Around 6 weeks ago I changed my aquascape with dry rocks and doses bacteria, this went fine. Around 3 weeks ago I left...
  2. P

    Marine velvet

    So I recently had Marine velvet and was wondering to have some pointers and suggestions on my copper quarantine for the survivors what I can do to my display tank to prepare for the addition of the livestock in 3 weeks also about quarantining clean up crew should I clean quarantine everything at...
  3. E

    Blue Hippo Tang, possible ich

    Hello everyone, I need some help identifying what might be ich on my blue hippo tang. I noticed some spots last night however they’re flush white spots on the top of her head, and raised bumps on her belly similar to what I could describe as razor burn on a human. She also has some scratches or...
  4. OneMerissa

    EMERGENCY Is this ich??

    I’ve noticed some patches on my royal Gramma. Very small on the top of her head. She’s acting completely normal eating and swimming around the tank. I took the Best pictures I could let me know what you think.
  5. ssavatt

    Clownfish Ich?

    Just got this clownfish today and she looked perfectly healthy in the store but once I got her home and started to float her I noticed a filmy white coating all over her. This was really only visible under my blue light. I did a freshwater dip but there was no visible change. She’s very alert...
  6. R

    Help ID potential fish disease?

    Hey there, We’re trying to identify whether we have a problem here. The Blue Hippo Tang has small white spots and we cannot tell if this is Ich or not. Everything in the tank has been quarantined after a 76+ day fallow period of this DT. Separate tank for QT. Just wondering the best way to...
  7. Daniel25

    Fallow tank coral

    Hi guys I recently had a outbreak of marine ich which unfortunately killed all my fish my tank is now sitting fallow for 47 days but I am just wondering would it be okay for me to add some coral fragments to the tank so that they grow in the mean time, Thanks in advance Dan
  8. newreef1

    EMERGENCY Ich Again!!!!

    Guys my tank once crashed because of Ich and I lost everything. I cleaned the entire tank out and restarted. I QT my first batch of fish and everything was fine. I got more fish on Thursday and they were put in QT. Someone in my family, put the fish because they looked OK in the main DT today...
  9. BenConrad

    Help with facial sores on QTed Hippo tang

    Hello all, Wanted to get some input on these facial sores on my new blue Hippo tang. I suspect an injury followed by bacterial infection, but wanted to see what the community thinks. This fish has been in my 40 gallon breeder QT tank for 11 days. Salinity 1.023, temp 77F, and ammonia...
  10. WorldZY

    Copperband Butterfly Fish acting odd?

    Hi There! We have had our CBB for a little over a month now. Before I get started, Gill eats almost 2 clams a day or Mussels (out of Clams) and Mysis shrimp constantly. He is always swimming around and very agile. Lastly, our water levels are all spot on. Today I noticed the 2-3 white specs on...
  11. J

    Safest cooper med?

    What’s the safest copper medicine ? I generally have small fishes and will get some baby tangs to quarantine also.
  12. AdamNorris

    EMERGENCY What’s in my Tomini Tang?

  13. J

    Cooper killed my YT

    I had a biota yellow tang that’s less than 2” and it died when I tried to treat it cooper. Ich broke out and I accidentally overdose the med and I couldn’t test the levels because I left to work. Came home this morning and it died ;( Check the cooper level and it was reading 3.2 on Hanna
  14. J

    Failed quarantine process

    Somewhere I failed to successfully quarantine my fish. I did the 30 day process with cooper and prazi pro. Cooper at 2.5 but I didn’t test everyday. Now all my fish and corals are in my DT. I noticed really tiny white spots starting to form on my bioata yellow tang and blue tang. All my other...
  15. Maria A

    Filefish disease and sore-ich?

    My filefish has this sore that I noticed today on his back. He also seems to have sores on sides. I’ve had him about 3 weeks. Has been eating and swimming well, still doing fine. I’ve now put him in another compartment with air stone. Treat for ich or something else?
  16. TweakyReef

    Any tips for my emergency quarantine?

    Hey peeps, So, only have myself to blame but I've gotten myself into a bit of a pickle. From what I believe, the hard part is done but now for the patience. It had been a while since I've had my QT set up, the gear was all packed away. Anyway, the tank needed some new fish so I decided to get...
  17. bReefedBaker

    My QT Sponge Filter - Reintroduce BB?

    As the title states - How do I reintroduced beneficial bacteria to my sponge filter? Here’s where my filter sits today. In my “little closet cabinet” for SW needs etc. Received new I just drenched it in fresh water and rung it out. Plopped it into my HOB Filter for a few weeks. If you know...
  18. Gophish1982

    EMERGENCY Ich? Velvet? HELP!

    So I noticed white patches or bumps on my tangs today. I had observed them in a QT tank for a few weeks before moving to my DT and had only treated with General Cure because I had noticed something dark on one fin of my white tail bristletooth the size of a grain of rice. They have been in my...
  19. situming123

    How to deal with ICH? Come here to save your fishes!

    When you see a little white spots on your fishes body. It means you got ich from your tank. And you have to prepare your meds ASAP to kill them. Ich is a very command parasite sickness for fishes. It is easy to deal with but most of people just not treat them in the right way. So, I will share...
  20. E

    Fish has beginning stages of ICH. But that fish and all other fish seem fine. NEED ADVICE

    I have a blue damsel that is starting to show signs of ICH. Been monitoring it for a few days and the spots seem to move and over the last week have increased from his tailfins to the top part of his top fins. However, it seems perfectly fine. Not sluggish eats like crazy blah blah. I have a...
  21. J

    Baby blue tang scratching

    I just got my baby blue tang 2 days ago and I noticed he’s scratching against the PVC. It’s in my QT. NO WHITE SPOTS YET. It’s swimming and eating just fine but should I treat it? Should I treat it with Prazi or copper?
  22. underthereef

    Quarantine Treatment Length

    Hey, I started quarantining my first fish (4 Banggai Cardinals) and observed them for the first few days. Now I am starting my Cupramine preventative treatment. My question is how long do I need to run copper at therapeutic levels before the fish are clean for the display tank which is clean...
  23. bReefedBaker

    Kicking ich - Day 1 vs. Day 5 -

    This past week has been something else reefers, but all is looking well. Purchased from the LFS and all seemed well. Got home to the QT tank she went and the moderating began. Monday night into Tuesday, she must’ve been stressed. I woke the next morning to her having a bad outbreak of what I...
  24. reefsaver

    EMERGENCY Reef in trouble, Clownfish Spot, early signs of Ich?

    I made this video in the hopes someone could help me Identify something I saw on my Clownfish. Skip to 1 minute mark. She looks healthy and I haven't noticed her scraping around trying to Itch it, pretty much unchanged demeanor. I raised the temp by 1° since I noticed it. The spot is still...
  25. A


    Anybody have success with reef medic? Treating ick
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