1. RobberyinCSharp1824

    Is this Ich, Flukes or something else?

    I've been recently posting about my yellow tang in QT who has been stressed out for the last week or so. I just did a 10% water change (temp and salinity match). Following the guidance of some helpful members on this forum, his stress has gone down. I've kept all lights off, added more Nori to...
  2. B Lo

    Standard treatment for ich

    So I have a filefish with two little white dots on a fin. They've been there a while and haven't changed. I don't know that it's ich. Long story short, I posted about the issue on this forum and I decided to take every fish out of my display system and put them in quarantine. I have two...
  3. Deathling

    Young Clownfish with Ich

    Hey, so after introducing a new flurry clown to the tank - I had no idea this fish had ich, must have been hidden in the white patches - it passed away not long after. Now im not sure the best way to manage this situation. This is the female that was also in the tank, she is still eating and...
  4. HomeSlizzice

    H2O2 vs Ich, via nightly dosing in display experiment.

    H2O2 vs Ich, via nightly dosing in display experiment. I recently bought some fish and snails from Harry’s Marine Life in LA. My fish went into my H2O2/TTM hybrid QT set up. The snails I basically dumped right in my display. I know I shouldn’t have done, but I was rushing. I usually do some...
  5. ericguzman49

    Seahorse Advice

    I have a pair of seahorse that have been doing really well in my tank swimming around and doing fine. They’ve been nipping at the live rock for copepods. But recently I started noticing that one of them will curl its tail up and seemingly scratch or pick at his head. I also watched him rub his...
  6. Micaeltercer

    Clownfish fin rot ID possibly velvet?

    Hello guys, I have a clownfish and diamond goby in a 20g QT tank. 2 days since purchased. They’ve been getting light feeding and seem okay. The goby is shy and stays hidden behind PVC. The clown has some tissue degradation. Looks like skin peeling, on his tail, and fins. I’ve started dosing...
  7. Jennydinh143

    QT tank

    Hi! Im new to saltwater fish keeping. My 2 clownfish have ich so im thinking about setting up a 5.5 gallon QT and dosing it with Cooper. Im just wondering what kind of cheap filter and filter media i would need for it. I heard that carbon is not a good idea while using Cooper, but most cheaper...
  8. D

    Clownfish Illness

    Help I’ve noticed these white spots on my clowns. They are eating still and have been in quarantine for about 10 days. They are swimming normal but these spots concern mean. What do they mean?
  9. J

    Ich??? Or something eles

    I noticed small white spots on my clown goby some are white and some look like clear blisters. Is it ich or some other type of disease?
  10. Jennydinh143

    Clownfish ich?

    Hi! Im new to saltwater keeping! I saw my clownfish rubbing its side on the sand and thought it was just playing, upon more research I realized it could be ich. Im not really sure... im new to saltwater keeping so every literally thing i find off, i google them. I could just be paranoid but i’ll...
  11. Plzpizza

    Puffer got ich! What to do!

    Hello, I found out yesterday my puffer has developed ich. Picture below. I have a total of 4 fish in my tank including my puffer. How do I go about treating it in a QT. I just set one up today. Can I put all of them inside with out cycling my QT tank. When I hit the therapeutic levels of...
  12. KameronManning

    Clownfish parasite ID

    Hey all! So I just bought a black storm clownfish today from my LFS. I noticed some black spots on him that seem unusual and was wondering if there something I should get a head start on. I live in military dorms so I’m not allowed to have more than two tanks or else I’d have a quarantine setup...
  13. Imnotjakeyv

    Help identifying something on my clownfish.

    I’m relatively new to marine aquarium keeping I’ve had freshwater in my household my entire life growing up but this is my first salt tank and my first to keep by myself. I had been given an “established” tank from my neighbor who had to move and couldn’t keep the tank. After doing weeks and...
  14. AddyBoy

    Is this Ich?!?!

    I really can’t tell if this is ich or not does anyone know?! It looks like the spots on my dartfish are a little too big to be ich, I couldn’t get a good picture but he has another pot on his other side that’s twice as big. if anyone knows what this is plz let me know ASAP! (All other fish in...
  15. S

    Drain tank instead of Fallow?

    Hey everyone, I am new to saltwater and totally cycled my 80g cube and Trigger system 30 sump. After cycling I slowly added 2 clown, 1 watchman goby, 3 PJ Cardinal, a Hippo tang and a Powder brown tang. Upon Adding the last 2 the tangs, I noticed first my Powder tang has mouth infection, THEN I...
  16. S

    Cant get sick fish out of DT! HELP!

    Hey everyone, I am new to saltwater tanks and have already made my first mistake... I did not QT my fish as I added them.. After my tank cycled I went ahead and gradualy added fish from my recommended LFS and now I have issues. My latest entry is a small hippo tang and powder brown tang and...
  17. Katdog

    Do I need to keep my glass tank hood off while medicating my fish with Coppersafe?

    I would love some help! I have a 10 gallon tank with 1 black molly, 1 red coral platy, and 2 dwarf Cory catfish. I am a newer fish owner and noticed my black molly wasn’t doing so well. I had noticed long poos which now I believe may have been some parasites. Never white or clear, always...
  18. Fellersjohn6

    Ich Velvet or simply fighting sound?

    Hi, I have these two mai tai clownfish and what is going on is that my tank passed through a wipe out of ich/velvet (I’m not sure to be honest) and all my fish end up dying so I just left the tank empty for 7 weeks the fallow period and just two weeks ago I bought these two clownfish (they...
  19. B Lo

    Wrasse ectoparasite

    I ordered a couple of fish from LiveAquaria: an ORA Picasso Clownfish and a Diver's Den Red Head Solon Fairy Wrasse. This was my first time ordering from Diver's Den. The wrasse arrived this morning with a white spot at the top front of its dorsal fin which I noticed while drip acclimating for...
  20. B Lo

    Wrasse ectoparasite

    Content removed by OP. Mistakenly double posted. Please see other thread with same name. Thanks!
  21. Alex C

    Velvet or Brooklynella?

    I have a pair of clowns which were purchased from the LFS about a month ago. All has been well until last night they developed many fuzzy white spots. The other fish in the tank, a couple of Chromis and some fire fish show no signs. Could this be brook?
  22. vannstockwell

    I was told it was Ich.

    Hi everyone. I lost many fish as I stated in my intro discussion, but I want learn more and I have learned that I don't trust my lfs so much yet. That jury is out. They scrapped a clown and told me it was ich and I thought I had brook. But looking at this fish I am not sure I don't also have...
  23. Jtfortune3

    Purple tang with Ich or velvet?? What to do?

    So I purchased a purple and yellow tang and added them at the same time 125 gallon tank. I noticed a few days later some dots on the purple.. they are both eating well and not flashing like many do with ich.. it went from just a handful of dots to ALOT!! I’ve run ichX for the past three days at...
  24. Oscar’s25Gal

    Wipeout of half my fish :/

    So I’ve been running my 25 gal for a bit now (probably 2 months) and about 1 week ago, I brought in a shrimp to the tank. I don’t know if this was just a coincidence but when he was added to the tank, the next day I noticed my royal dottyback had around 5 white spots on his fins. I was quite...
  25. TyrannicBears

    Weird white spots on Clownfish

    Hey everyone I just noticed on one of my clowns has a weird white pimple/ lifted dot on the side of him. I’m not sure if it’s ich or some sort of other parasite or illness. Does anyone know what this could be?