1. derek12261984

    New tank/new clownfish Brooklynella

    Hi all, this is my first post here after setting up my first saltwater tank. Just put these two into my tank on Sunday. They are the first fish in the tank after a month of cycling. I did notice the larger of the two has these white looking dots. I’m not sure if that is just coloration or...
  2. Z

    Worst fears… Ich!

    When I was feeding my clowns in my DT I had noticed some white spots or bumps on one of them. After a bit of research, it appears to be ich. I did manage to get a brand new 10g to QT both clowns have a sponge and hob filter (only added sponge in media basket) running for extra aeration. Temps...
  3. SCH14

    Velvet or Ich???

    Hey everyone, Just went 90 days fallow after having velvet. After the 90 days was up I put my Achilles tang in an acclimation box for a few days was all good - has been in tank for 3 weeks no issues. Added a blue hippo, purple and yellow 2 days ago all after 40 days of copper power 2.40+...
  4. stormrage717

    Powder Brown Tang - emergency bumps on body

    I have powder brown tang that developed what it appears is under surface bumps throughout his body. See pics. Eating: He was never an aggressive eater, he kind of waits and gets the smaller pieces that fall down. He never goes straight for the Nori, but rather gets pieces out of the water...
  5. L

    EMERGENCY Ich on fox face?

    Suspected area near spot. Should I take out coral and inverts and dose whole tank to avoid outbreak? Or are there any other medications that work and are safe with coral and inverts?
  6. S

    Purple Tang with Ich, now has popeye or damage to eyes?

    Roughly 3 weeks ago I got this purple tang and I admit that I did give the fish ich by not thinking through placing a hang-on-back filter that I had running on a coral QT onto this tank. As soon as I noticed the ich, I raised my copper level in the tank to 2.30ppm using copper power and within a...
  7. J

    Need help on what to do with White spot disease

    Hello everyone, I am currently facing a dilemma on what to do with my tank as treatment action. About a month or more ich or ich alike disease appeared on my tank and took out some of the fish. I bought a quarantine tank and placed the fish that seem to be sick on copper for a month aprox...
  8. Chela101

    IS THIS ICH!!!!!

    Hello, so I recently got my box spine puffer fish and I noticed some small white dots on my fish. Barely starting and just on his fins. I have screenshots of a video that I took so you guys can see it
  9. LBA

    ID Please - Clownfish

    In all my years in the aquarium world, I've never struggled with fish disease like I am right now. I'm in unfamiliar territory right now. My display tank has what I believe is a bad case of Ich. It's been coming and going over weeks. I thought it was reducing but came back with a vengeance...
  10. B

    Cinnamon clown with spots during copper treatment

    Hello everyone my fish have all been in QT with copper power 2.35-2.50 ppm and nitrofurazone for the last 31 days. Since I had an ich on my purple tang so took everyone out. Currently in the process of setting up a new 125 gallon for everyone. I’m pretty sure copper never dropped below...
  11. A

    Are these white spots something to worry about??

    Hi all, I'm new to saltwater fish keeping. I've noticed my Royal Gramma has some white spots on him. You can see them on the tail in the picture but he also has some on his head too. If it is Ich, what treatments can I do? A QT tank isn't an option as I don't have the space for it or the...
  12. Mochlate

    New Hobbyist: ich diagnosis confirmation

    This little guy has had some lighter patches of funk on his skin for a few days which you can still see, but today I am noticing this much more pronounced white spot. I'm guessing this is Ich based on what I have seen online but I am fairly new so I'm not sure. Any diagnostic input from more...
  13. M

    Velvet Outbreak? Need Advice Please!

    Hey all! I recently noticed my anthias and white tail bristletooth tang have a bunch of white spots or almost like a white film on them. Im not sure how this even happened as I have purchased all of my fish from TSM Aquatics (quarantined) and have not introduced a new fish in over 6 months. I...
  14. M

    First time Blur Tang and I need your help!

    Hello, last week I purchased a blue tang and at the time of purchase, there was nothing wrong with it. Today, I noticed that it appears to have white spots on its body. However, I'm not entirely certain. When viewed from a specific angle, it seems like there are spots, but from another angle, it...
  15. gloaquaticsNY

    Help! Is this ICH or something else my hippo has on its body.

    Does my hippo tang have ICH? Thinking of doing a dip, any recommendations?
  16. SomeHappyFish

    Air stone or Filter for a Quarantine setup ?

    I feel like I should get an air stone... Since water change should and will be made in my future QT Setup... Pros/Cons to either one ?
  17. S

    Coral Beauty Velvet?

    Hello! One month ago I noticed some white spots on my Coral Beauty. It appeared to be Ich. As they were large and fell off after a period of time. After transferring him to a QT tank and copper treatment I see no positive changes. He’s getting worse. The dots are now smaller — Labored...
  18. B

    Purple tang possibly Ich

    Hello I had an ich outbreak a few months back tank when fallow for 72 days all fish were treated with copper. Now all the fish are back in the DT got 3 new fish one of which was my purple tang he was treated with copper along with the 3 other BUT seems like my purple tang has spots. He’s eating...
  19. B

    Ich in display tank

    I have a 75 gallon setup that I bought used. So far the only inhabitants are a fox face, a damsel and two clowns, with a few snails. Had a butterfly fish at one point that introduced ick to the tank. I have since set up a small quarantine tank and managed to get the clowns under control however...
  20. King Reef

    Parasites and cleaner shrimp

    Came across a study on using shrimp to eat parasites in the fish farming industry. Excerpt on findings The effectiveness of shrimp in reducing parasites on farmed fish remained unexplored until now. We tested four cleaner shrimp species for their ability to reduce three harmful parasites (a...
  21. TSOPTC

    Royal Gramma Ich/Velvet/flukes

    Afternoon all, So I'm relatively new to this but have had a fluval evo for 6 months with no issues what so ever, so far. I've just set up a water box 60.2 and currently have a Royal Gramma and Purple Fire Fish, noticed on Tuesday that the Gramma was not coming out as usual with the Fire Fish...
  22. T

    Is this ich? Please help!

    Hi there, I’m new to saltwater, I’ve had fresh water tanks for a while never have had issues, think my clown fish have ick… looks like they got it over night cause yesterday they looked fine. Still eating and active, can someone please help me.
  23. holly_g

    Is this ich on Triggerfish?

    Hi! This is a n00b in my aquarium added two days ago. Is this for sure ich? I was hoping for confirmation so I know how to treat him. I'm also nervous that it has already spread to the rest of my tank.
  24. J

    Scopas tang swimming into wavepump and flashing a little

    Ive had this tang for 5 days now. Since the day i got it, it has been doing these 2 things. Along with my other tang and angel but these two not very often. Quite rare to see them doing it now but still happens. I suspected ich or flukes so i started hypo at full 1.009 yesterday evening. They...
  25. B

    Ich, velvet or brookynella? Please help me ID

    Hello fellow reefers. I was wondering if you can help me ID what is on my clownfish? He recently started hosted my gonipora and I thought it was just debris but I think it is something more than that? He seems to be eating and acting normal. Thanks for your help!