1. gobber

    White spot. Probably not ich

    Hi I did QT-ed my clownfish for 28 days with 0.5 cupramine as instructed. Unfortunately , he has white spots (1 on each side of his gills) Its symmetrical and its possibly not ich? He was in the QT with 3 other fish (wrasse, chromis, fire goby) put in at the same time. Other 3 is completely...
  2. Y

    Cowfish and box fish with ich?

    Hi all Added a longhorn and box fish 4 days ago and now seem covered in ich. I have regal and powder brown tang which do fine and don't have spots but it must be in the water. I have reef set up so will struggle with copper treatment. All water stats in the green is it just because they have...
  3. Aterlycan

    Could you help me ID why my starry blenny died

    Hey guys 3 weeks ago i added a starry blenny it was doing fine eating on algea all over, two weeks ago when i added some clown fish and fox face it started being less active. It was purching on top of the rocks in front of the Power head that had me wondering About some paracite. But i read that...
  4. E

    New fish ich problem

    So I purchased a fish tang from petco and stupidly put it in my display, within 3 or 4 hours I noticed it had ich and immediately removed him, but I cannot get any other fish out it’s just not possible, how likely is it that it’s now I’m my display tank? I got him out pretty fast
  5. reefnewb70

    Ich/Velvet ?

    I noticed the three fish has a spotted coating on them last evening that from morning pictures seemed not existent. Sent LFS a message and so we monitored. Woke up this morning found one dead, on later died and one clinging to life. We have this blue tang (dead), Japanese Swallowtail (dead)...
  6. Emlxn

    Clownfish white patch on mouth! Help!

    Hello :) 6 weeks ago I set up my first ever reef tank. I have 2 banggai cardinals and two clowns (and some corals and other inverts). A week ago I added a six line wrasse which seemed very happy, no sign of disease or illness at all! However I woke up to find it had died two days ago :( The same...
  7. leotigris

    Six Line Wrasse with white spot?

    I recently got a six line wrasse and made the school boy error of not having a QT tank. Shortly after adding him I noticed a white spot near his tail. I must have missed this earlier, as it’s just above the peacock feather like pattern on his tail. At first I thought it was part of his...
  8. Alex_GT

    Ich infestation in DT some help please

    Hello friends, i have a couple of questions about ICH, I have a 200 gals system and the habitants are Powder Blue Tang, Yellow Tang, Imperator Angel Fish (Juvenile), Banana Wrasse, Mandarin, Auriga Butterfly fish, Damsel, two Perculas, Goby Engineer and a couple of blue throat Triggers. My last...
  9. NanoReefer2025

    Ich Treatment

    A few days ago, I noticed minuscule white spots on some of my fish, and assuming it’s ich, I’ve been trying to gather all the supplies for a quarantine/ hospital tank to treat them. I simply have a 10 gallon, a cheap HOB filter, a 50w heater, a thermometer, and some old aquarium decorations. Is...
  10. MFear

    Is ocean water safe?

    I typically mix my own saltwater at home using Tropic Marin and RODI water and store it in brute containers so I can have some on hand and use some for auto-water changes. I live in Los Angeles though and we’re in a mega drought so I’ve been thinking I’ll start getting Catalina ocean water from...
  11. F

    EMERGENCY Infected Porcupine Puffer can anyone help out ?

    I got this Blue Pelagic Porcupine puffer about 2 weeks ago, it came in like this I am assuming it's ich? It's been in a QT the entire time, I have dropped the Salinity Slowy to 1.009 using a Refractometer Assuming it's ich. It's been at 1.009 for 3 days so far doesn't look better at all, it kind...
  12. Elbereth

    Kill Cryptocaryon, Amyloodinium in an empty tank by heating?

    Long story short, I have a fair amount of fresh saltwater sitting around but I had corals in there very, very briefly. I'm wondering if it's possible to heat the water to sterilize it in case of contamination so I could reuse it in one of my QTs. I remember reading that something like 40 degrees...
  13. M

    Yellow belly blue hippo tang not eating help

    I have a yellow belly blue hippo tang in qt. And he is not eating and swimming and hiding constantly. He in qt with 4 other fish powder blue tang, Midas blenny, and 2 small clown fish. All the other fish are eating and healthy. These are all new fish and they are in qt and never been in my...
  14. R

    Is this Ich?

    I noticed this morning a couple white spots on one of my Chalk Basslets. They are on the very edge of the tail and are fairly large (look larger than most Ich spots I see online). The chalk bass is acting completely normal, is eating well and has not shown any signs of flashing or irritation...
  15. codi-saltwaterguy

    Clownfish looks sick

    So my girlfriend bought this pair of clownfish a week ago and today one of the two started showing signs of what looked like ich. It was weird because literally the day before hand he looked completely fine. Now he looks on the brink of death. He has spots on his body and fins. His eyes are...
  16. Lady of Babylon

    EMERGENCY Something ain’t right.

    Since the big crash in January, I have watched my tank stabilize. So I started slowly adding fish to the tank on April 10th. I added two tangs and a cleaner wrasse. Everyone was doing great! So on May 1st I added 5 firefish and 3 bluestripe pipefish. I noticed a few white spots on one of the...
  17. Gonj

    Hole in Wrasse?!

    I noticed my wrasse had a little hole in hit top fin yesterday, didn’t think much of it dismissed it as probably scuffing himself up while burying himself. Today the hole is considerably larger and he has a white circle in his side. I have 4 other fish none of which show similar symptoms and the...
  18. Sintralcoast

    EMERGENCY Ich possibility

    Noticed what I thought was a scratch from swimming around to then more white spots as a couple days went by. Mind you I QTed all fish in copper followed by prazi pro. They have been all healthy and still look healthy to this point. I started adding corral over the last 6 months but I only dip...
  19. T

    EMERGENCY Ich or flukes

    I'm having trouble identifying if these white spots are ich or visible flukes on my majestic angel. I posted some pics. You can visibly see whites spots above the skin (on the black patch he has right before his tail), but he has the same spots on his head and sides. I can't pin point which...
  20. andiesreef

    EMERGENCY Ich Outbreak!

    Hello. I'm having an ich outbreak in my 20g DT. I have no quarantine tank, but I could throw together a Home Depot bucket with a heater and filter if I need to. A month ago, my royal gramma came down with ich. it was my first ever SW fish and I was devastated. I removed it and placed it in a 5g...
  21. H

    Saltwater Ick Treatment Safe For Corals

    I suspect my two clowns and Midas blenny have ick and I want to treat my whole tank. What are good ways/products to get rid of ick that is safe for coals? I have a dunkin and hammer. Thanks!
  22. D

    Ich survived quarantine so now i need guidance on ich management

    hey everyone, i have been quarantining a hippo tang for more than half a year now that i suspected had ich he has been through 2 rounds of 30 day copper then a transfer to a new tank and hybrid ttm 2x, freshwater dip, and a month or two of observation. never actually looked like he had ich...
  23. H

    How fast does ich infect a tank

    So I rushed things 86 days ago with a pbt and it got ich in my display. So I removed all fish and qt’d them in copper (with a few losses) and then made a mistake by squeezing out too many sponge filters at once and the nitrite levels rose and I freaked so took all the remaining fish back to my...
  24. Edub

    EMERGENCY Yellow tang appears to have black ich

    So the yellow tang I got 4 days ago appears to have black ich, they are very small. I will get a picture later, however I heard this can be treated with prazipro and applied some one the 2nd and 3rd day and I still se them, there’s not a ton but there’s quite a few. Please share your thoughts...
  25. leilanastasia

    EMERGENCY Parasites in my tank & How do I setup medicine/qt tank?

    Alright, so I have parasite outbreaks like ich. I am wondering what is the best way to setup a medicine/quarantine tank. I got a Fluval over the back filter and took the carbon out and instead put in zeolite for the ammonia. I also have a heater and airstone. Does the tank itself need to cycle...
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