1. Isaac_Tang

    Clownfish Ich

    Hey guys so I just wanted more input but I’ve been trying to keep clownfish in my tank, I’ve been taking my water weekly to WWC and LFS for test and everything is fine, all my parameters are fine, I’ve been able to keep in the tank a Hippo Blue tang, purple tang, chromis and a blue throat...
  2. J

    Black spots on rabbit fish after ich treatment.

    It’s as the title says I noticed 2 little ich spots on my fox face rabbit fish treated it with the last of my paraguard and finished up with api super ich treatment it cleared up and the day I was supposed to do my 25% change I noticed black specs on it can anybody identify them? My parameters...
  3. Isaac_Tang

    Clownfish dying

    Hey guys, I have an odd ball question, so in my tank stock I have a Purple Tang, Blue tang, blue throat trigger, pistol shrimp with a pistol goby and a red scooter. My tank parameters are all normal I’ve taken multiple water samples to World Wide Coral and run a full test and they’ve said...
  4. J

    Please tell me I don't have ich

    okay so, I have had ich in the past due to not having room for a quarrantine tank, and in my experience the ich is visible for a day or 2 then it drops off the fish and multiplies. Ever since I moved house a year ago ive been able to put a quarrantine tank in the spare room. so I took all my...
  5. ito2

    Green chromis looks weird.

    Hey guys , I’m looking to see if anyone can help me identify what’s wrong with my green chromis. A little over 2 days ago , I introduced him into my DT without quarantining him (Huge mistake on my end) and all seemed well for the time being, except for some minor clown aggression. This morning...
  6. T

    Velvet or Ich and how to treat?

    We have a Pinktail Trigger and a Porupine Puffer that we dont know if this is Ich or Velvet, the trigger was treated with two rally baths and FW dips as well as 30+ days in CopperSafe and still has white spots. We just moved them last night to a new and sterile QT tank with no medications. Is...
  7. P

    How to use bleach solution to eradicate Ich Tomont's inside a chiller?

    How to use bleach solution to eradicate Ich Tomont's inside a chiller? I have run a 10% bleach solution through it and then run fresh tap water through it for 3 hours, but am unsure if this will be enough to fully detoxify the chiller before installing it on my display tank. I don't think air...
  8. E

    Blue Tang with Marine Ich... I think?

    I've come to learn that my Blue Tang is sick. Being new to the hobby I have done as much research as I can reviewing Humblefish's work, but I'd like some advice to confirm my findings... and to also give guidance on how to best handle possible Marine Ich in a new tank (2 months old). Symptoms...
  9. PMReef

    EMERGENCY Aquilles what does it has?

    Hello My aquilles tang got ich bit now it has some white sports on his chest and his lower tail, os it still ich related or something else? Thankyou
  10. L

    How to get rid of ich with coral

    Hey all, so I have ich in my 15 gallon tank and am not sure how to get rid of it. I had a royal gramma and a storm clownfish however the royal gramma died this morning due to the ich. I’ve read online that the copper based treatments aren’t safe for coral, which I have a good amount of coral...
  11. J

    Tomini Tang Sickness

    Hello, My tomini tang has had marks on him for over a week now. Had to go away for a trip and it looks much worse. Have not been able to identify what it has. He is eating but is hiding a lot. He obviously looks more white than normal, had holes in the head, and appears to have a rust like...
  12. Caleb1266

    EMERGENCY Dogface with velvet or ich

    I have a yellowbelly dogface with tons on tiny white spots all over him. His fins are translucent and in the right light when you look at them you can see spots on them, as well as all over his body. I will try to get a good picture of him. I have already removed him from the DT and have him in...
  13. J

    Marine Velvet?

    I just had a Royal Gramma die after caring for the fish for months with no signs of disease. The fish died within 24 hours after I noticed it acting distressed. After it died, it had what appeared to be the outline of a bite mark on its side, but the bite mark was about five times the size of...
  14. B

    How likely is fallow successful? Better to restart?

    Ich and velvet out break, I am reading mixed reviews on fallow success. I have no fish left a couple corals and snails in a 20 gallon that is about 6 months old. I don’t want to wait a full 76 days if the chance of it failing is likely. I’ve read tomonts can go dormant, survive past 76 days and...
  15. A

    White Spot Protruding (Not Ich)

    I have a Purple Tang which I've previously diagnosed to have flukes (via a 5 minute freshwater dip/bath). Post treatment with Praziquantel and Hyposalinity (14 days at 1.009 at this stage), I noticed a new single white bump forming on the side of the Purple Tangs body. Initially, I thought...
  16. Scooters Reef

    EMERGENCY Fish disease ID Fairy wrasse infected DT with unknown now Midas Blenny showing symptoms

    On August 8th two new fish were added to my display. Purchased from one of two places I have bought livestock. Wasn’t until after problems started and calling the store for more information and help. That I realized they keep all fish in Sub therapeutic copper. After they have been through QT in...
  17. HaydenS13reefer

    EMERGENCY Help identifying Ich or Velvet

    Hi Everyone, Wanted to get any suggestions if my Scopas Tang has ich or velvet and what my next possible steps should be. First time with a tang from my local LFS that had it quarantined before getting. I got him on Friday and he's been eating great and showing no signs of stress. Went out for...
  18. SaltwaterGuruNeeded

    This UV Sterilizer good for parasites?

    There is about 100 gallons total water volume in my 125g tank. I would like to know if this will cut down on the number of protozoa and parasites.
  19. gobber

    White spot. Probably not ich

    Hi I did QT-ed my clownfish for 28 days with 0.5 cupramine as instructed. Unfortunately , he has white spots (1 on each side of his gills) Its symmetrical and its possibly not ich? He was in the QT with 3 other fish (wrasse, chromis, fire goby) put in at the same time. Other 3 is completely...
  20. Y

    Cowfish and box fish with ich?

    Hi all Added a longhorn and box fish 4 days ago and now seem covered in ich. I have regal and powder brown tang which do fine and don't have spots but it must be in the water. I have reef set up so will struggle with copper treatment. All water stats in the green is it just because they have...
  21. Aterlycan

    Could you help me ID why my starry blenny died

    Hey guys 3 weeks ago i added a starry blenny it was doing fine eating on algea all over, two weeks ago when i added some clown fish and fox face it started being less active. It was purching on top of the rocks in front of the Power head that had me wondering About some paracite. But i read that...
  22. E

    New fish ich problem

    So I purchased a fish tang from petco and stupidly put it in my display, within 3 or 4 hours I noticed it had ich and immediately removed him, but I cannot get any other fish out it’s just not possible, how likely is it that it’s now I’m my display tank? I got him out pretty fast
  23. reefnewb70

    Ich/Velvet ?

    I noticed the three fish has a spotted coating on them last evening that from morning pictures seemed not existent. Sent LFS a message and so we monitored. Woke up this morning found one dead, on later died and one clinging to life. We have this blue tang (dead), Japanese Swallowtail (dead)...
  24. Emlxn

    Clownfish white patch on mouth! Help!

    Hello :) 6 weeks ago I set up my first ever reef tank. I have 2 banggai cardinals and two clowns (and some corals and other inverts). A week ago I added a six line wrasse which seemed very happy, no sign of disease or illness at all! However I woke up to find it had died two days ago :( The same...
  25. leotigris

    Six Line Wrasse with white spot?

    I recently got a six line wrasse and made the school boy error of not having a QT tank. Shortly after adding him I noticed a white spot near his tail. I must have missed this earlier, as it’s just above the peacock feather like pattern on his tail. At first I thought it was part of his...