1. Dylan7huskies

    Is this ich?

    Noticed these white spots on my fish yesterday! Is it ich?!
  2. mjblr

    Marine Ich infestation - Please help save my tank

    Hi guys, I've been running a marine tank with purple tip sebae anemone(2), ocellaris clowfish(2), firefish(2), hermit crabs (2) for about a year now. I recently upgraded my tank from 90 liters to 220 liters tank and stocked few more fishes in there. I added blue tang(1), lipstick tang(1) and...
  3. Cambren Sievert

    Ich in my Tank!

    So yesterday I found out my royal gramma has ich unfortunately. It didn’t look to be a bad case of it and he is still eating and breathing well. Not sure how he got it but things happen I guess. I don’t currently have a quaretiene setup right now but I was planning on turning a spare 20 gallon...
  4. Peter K

    Copper treatment and TT into new system question

    Hi all, So we are currently in the process of building our new tank and were going to treat all our fish from our old system with copper power as we have seen signs of ich on them in the past. My question is: should we do the full 30 day treatment or, since the new tank is using none of the...
  5. TaylorJames

    Ich Quarantine Questions

    Around 4 months ago I introduced a fish with ich into my tank and it wiped out a bunch of its tank mates. Wont be doing that again. I waited to do the fallow treatment until I got back from my honeymoon. Last night I bought a 20g breeder tank with a HOB filter and some PVC corners to get the...
  6. Luke iskra

    Black ich

    hey guys, I’m currently treating my yellow tank for marine ich and I’m using copper power as the treatment source. The Ppm is currently 2.0 and been there for about 4 weeks now today i noticed the tang has black ich on it literally the same looking ich just black... he’s still in the copper so...
  7. pathot984

    625XL Reefer Build

    My story begins approx. 15 years ago with me cruising down the fish isle at Petco and stumbled upon an Australian Harlequin Tusk-fish. With not knowing anything about the hobby, I still purchased him along with a 20 gallon fish tank, heater, and filter. After conducting more research on the...
  8. MnFish1

    QT - Why it sometimes fails?

    I would like to hear from people who 'Quarantine' their fish - not from those who do not use this method. This is not designed to determine what percent of people use QT methods - but rather those who do - what percentage have had a failure.... Lets discuss the reasons why it is 'great' -...
  9. Joe Batt

    Ich / Velvet for a day???

    Hi everyone I added some new fish to my aquarium 11 days ago, all healthy and eating. They had been in quarantine in an existing tank at my LFS for 6 weeks (no new fish added) was one of their display tanks and not using UV. I am setting up a new tank and I didn't have a quarantine tank large...
  10. Luke iskra

    Yellow tang back fins cut up

    hey guys i have a yellow tang that is suffering some minor ich trying to keep it in check, noticed his back fins are really looking cut up wondering what is causing this i have water in check, fish mates are 2 clowns and a yellow tail damsel any ideas is it the ich taking a toll?
  11. Joe Batt

    Ich and new fish

    I am upgrading to a much larger tank and have around 6 new large fish coming. Harlequin tang and similar sizes. I never added new fish to my old tank after initial stocking, since I’m more of a coral guy, and the old tank was disease free. My LFS has quarantined the my new fish fish in a reef...
  12. Luke iskra

    advice required Tang & possible Ich & ways to stop it

    so long story short i dont have a QT tank, petco had an amazing deal on a wild caught yellow tang not those AC tangs with faded colors, the problem is the tang was in a tank with 2 other tangs that had signs of ich " white specs on them " the tang i purchased had no signs but most likely has ich...
  13. T

    Overlapping TTM treatments

    I want to introduce more fish more quickly into my display tank. Fish #1 starts its 12 day TTM treatment program on day 1. On day 4, that fish moves into the second tank and newly purchased fish #2 joins fish #1 on the second tank. On day 12, the first fish is finished and moves out of the...
  14. gammarho55

    Ich Frustration

    So, I'm about done. I've had a couple of tanks now- a Red Sea 130D and now a Red Sea 425XL- in which I've managed to get Ich in the tank. The first couple of times I can look myself square in the eye and know that I didn't do everything I could to make sure my fish were disease free before...
  15. badstorm48

    All fish dying but corals are still healthy

    I’m having an issue. So, about 2.5 weeks ago I bought a new fish a small clown tang to put in my 65 gallon reef tank. In it was a tribal blenny, clown fish, blue tang, 3 chromis and fairy wrasse. So the clown tang was doing fine he was eating and swimming but noticed ich pop up tried lowering...
  16. S

    Does my Cowfish have ich.

    I recently got my Cowfish 2 weeks ago. I put this little guy in my 40 gallon and planning to upgrade my tank soon. Does my Cowfish have ich? What do I do? do I have to quarantine or can I put treatment in my current fish only tank. In tank: 2 clownfish, one cleaning shrimp, 2 firefish, 2...
  17. Schnizzle

    CP acquisition

    Does anyone know where I can get a prescription for chloroquine phosphate in or around MD, DE, VA? The link to vets that perscribe it doesn’t work and so far in my own search I have been directed to the National Aquarium... Copper treatment with cupramine has not been kind to my fish, even with...
  18. Reefahholic

    ICH- Ciliate communities vs Coral!

    Should you QT your coral?? Yes, we definitely should. Can ICH cause STN? Sure appears that way. Let the discussion begin! See Article here: https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/abs/pii/S1385110115300095 Video:
  19. Fish_Sticks

    #2 WHAT IF I TOLD YOU... Rehabilitation is the most important reason for quarantining?

    Fish_Sticks submitted a new Article: WHAT IF I TOLD YOU... Rehabilitation is the most important reason for quarantining. A freshwater rehabilitation performed by reddit user /u/ErrantWhimsy This is his photo of Phoenix, one of six bettas ErrantWhimsy has rehabilitated. Thank you for letting...

    How do you tell if a Gem Tang Has ICH?

    Just a general question and for fun. I just made it through ich on my Purple tang but looking at the Gem for an addition and seriously wonder... :)
  21. MnFish1

    Cryptocaryon and immunity

    There is a lot of discussion in various threads about QT vs CI management. Please take this poll - you may choose as many choices as you like. Feel free to discuss in the comments....
  22. H

    Sterlise DT With RODI

    Hi All from across the pond, I had a rather severe outbreak of ich/velvet which wiped 80% of my fish, the rest are currently in QT being treated with copper and are all doing really well thankfully. This takes me onto the fallow period, the norm is 72 days as noted by 98% of the reefing...
  23. nickkohrn

    Wrasses Yawning, Scratching, and Lethargic

    I have an Exquisite Fairy Wrasse and an Orange-Back Fairy Wrasse that are in quarantine. I recently noticed them scratching their gills on the PVC fittings and yawning. So I did some research and decided to dose PraziPro. I have read that it could be caused by flukes or ich. It makes sense that...
  24. Danh Ngo

    Black ich??

    I just found some black spot on my Foxface
  25. Tmcgoo13

    Treating Brook and ICH with Metro/Copper or Metro/Rid ICH or?

    I have 5 fish showing signs of illness. Powderbrown, Fox Face and PJ Cardinal - all looked like ICH, so I put them in a QT and started copper. FoxFace looks like he may also have Brook. 2 days later my female clown appears to have Brook. Obviously already exposed to ICH as well. I have...
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