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  1. P

    California Lighting Radions(G4 Pro)- Aquatic Life T5 hybrid-ATI 8Bulb Sunpower (new)

    Hello, I have a few lights for sale since I recently upgraded. I have 4 XR-15 G4 Pro Radions all Mobius compatable no more then a year old and only ran at 45% during use. All 4 come with diffusers and are still in original box. Asking 280$ each shipped or 1000$ for all 4. Also have Reef link...
  2. Reefahholic

    Texas SOLD 48” ATI PowerModule T5/LED Hybrid (8x54W)

    Leaving the hobby briefly. The fixture is 3 yrs old. Bought new in 2017 from BRS. I have the receipt. Fixture is in Excellent condition. Has all ATI and Giesemann bulbs in it. The reflectors are spotless as I kept the acrylic guard on the fixture. No dents. More pics soon. Grows Acro’s like...
  3. lbacha

    Build Thread Lbacha’s 20g Long Low Tech Frag Tank

    Well I decided to start a separate build thread for my frag tank since it is extremely low tech vs my display tank so I figured it deserved it’s own thread. Tank - standard Aqueon 20g long (30”x12”x12”) Filtration - Aqueon QuietFlow20 (This came with the 15g column tank I bought as a Refugium...
  4. Fritzhamer

    New York ATI led hybrid 36” WiFi four bulb in silver

    I have an ATI led hybrid 36” WiFi four bulb fixture in silver. No scratches on the shield, no blemishes of any kind on the reflectors. The fixture is in like new condition. Will include seven new t5 bulbs. The bulbs in it are six months old. $600 local pickup only 11234. I’ve left the hobby...
  5. K

    Orphek Bar on ATI Fixture

    Hello folks! I hope you all had a great Xmas! I have a question that I'd like to ask you, perhaps you have some experience with this... I have an ATI Sunpower 60" fixture which has 6 bulbs of 80w each over my 72" wide tank. I recently bought an Oprhek LED Bar for some color pop, it's the...
  6. Reefltx

    North Carolina ATI Hybrid 36" 2x75w 4xT5

    For sale, 36" ATI Hybrid in good condition. Includes hanging kit and bulbs. Asking $750 shipped. Will take $700 picked up.
  7. Zazzy

    2 bulb t5 supplement vs 4 bulb

    I currently have a 90 sps dominant reef with 2 Hydra 52hds and I'm looking to add t5 supplements. I am looking to get the t5ho dimmable retrofit but my question is should I get 2 bulbs on each side totaling to 4 bulbs or 1 on each side totaling to 2 bulbs. I have a good amount of shding in the...
  8. Tomcorals

    Build Thread 80 gallon deep blue frag tank

  9. Reefahholic

    ATI LED T5 PowerModule 8x54W 48”

    Only used about 6 months. Tank is shut down. Comes with bulbs. Asking $1,575 Text 713-504-2100
Tropic Marin USA