ato reservoir

  1. SimBZ

    Help please. Cade ATO back syphoning

    Hello everyone and greetings from Aus, I need help please! I am new to having a tank with a sump. I have a cade with a gravity fed ATO sitting behind the DT. Yesterday I did the first water change after the cycle has completed. I made marks on the sump for running levels and shut down level...


    Trigger 10gal Ato Brand New In Box, and ships in same packaging that it came in from Trigger. Has Never Seen Water Build Has been Canceled, Selling and Will Ship *This is the crystal line from Trigger which means its clear acrylic and not colored. PRICE has been lowered to $129 Pls do not...
  3. Reefer of Oz

    DIY ATO <$100: Aquahub Top-It-Off Kit Modification

    Yo yo! Whats up with them ATOs..... Salinity is one of the major parameters within our systems that requires our attention to maintain. Differences in salt mixing procedure and products aside, the one factor affecting salinity that all aquarists have to manage is that of evaporation. It...
  4. codee

    Repurpose Waterbox ATO reservoir?

    The Waterbox Marine X 90.3 glass sump contains a 2.8 gallon ATO reservoir. It seems like this space could be better used as a refugium (or simply space for another reactor of some sort). Has anyone repurposed this space? Options seem to be: Pump water from the skimmer chamber over the wall...
  5. Solrock Reefing

    Build Thread Solrock_Reefing Waterbox 130.4 Build started 11/23/2020!!!

    Guy's, you've probably seen me around the threads asking a lot of questions about Red Sea and Waterbox aquariums. I was torn between the Reefer 425XL and the Waterbox 130.4. And I chose the Waterbox! I took advantage of their Blue Friday 2 weeks ago and today I received the very anticipated...
  6. Cali-Saltwater-1st-Timer

    California ATO Skimmers Reef Octopus eSsence S-130 & 10 Gallon Ruby Trigger ATO Reservoir

    For sale I have a used Reef Octopus eSsence S-130 Internal Protein Skimmer and a 10 gallon Ruby colored Trigger ATO reservoir. Both used for approximately 5 months. Both are in perfect operating condition. New system came with an ato reservoir and required a larger skimmer so no use for these...
  7. S

    New Jersey FS: Used Your Choice Aquatics Large 9 Gal Auto Top-Off (ATO) Container/Reservoir

    Hello, For sale is a Choice Aquatics Large 9 Gal Auto Top-Off (ATO) Container. Usage Description The top tube connector was removed and an extra hole was drilled on top of unit. Asking Price: $85 Delivered
  8. schooleyosis

    Tennessee Synergy Reef CL-22 Sump & 5-Gallon ATO (Fusion Blue)

    Selling my Synergy Reef CL-22 Sump in Fusion Blue with matching 5-gallon ATO container. The sump has dual 4" sock holders, probe holder, adjustable baffle in the skimmer section, quick connects for 1/4" fittings for dosing and/or ATO, and media trays. I ran a Vertex Omega 150 in the skimmer...
  9. NowGlazeIT

    Poll: ATO consumption

    Hows it going R2R I run a 60g display with a 10g sump and my 10g ATO last me 3weeks. How long does your ATO last? How big is your Total water volume and ATO? I gotta say as I kick my feet up and refill my ATO for the first time in 3 weeks, that this sure beats the heck out of using a Home...
  10. LouieP

    Florida doser, ATO reservoir, regulator, reef octopus skimmer, & coralife HOB skimmer

    Reef Fanatic Deluxe CO2 Regulator with Solenoid asking $75 shipped Reef Octopus XP-1000 SSS w pump $200 shipped Jabao doser $50 shipped Same skimmer as above Coralife HOB skimmer w pump $45 shipped & Custom 7 gallon ATO reservoir $85 shipped
  11. sotsreef

    ATO Reservoir

    looking for a small ato reservoir for my im nuvo fusion 20 gallon. Used and cheap. If you live near Atlanta I can do local pickup. Otherwise ship it to Georgia, pm for zip.
  12. D_Reep1106

    Dehumidifier feeding into my ATO

    Hey guys Ive been working on this thought for a while. The dehumidifier Im looking at uses a heater to condense the water. In theory it should basically be just distilled water but something in me just says theres more going on that Im not thinking of. The reason Im trying to do this is cause Im...
  13. Idoc

    ATO Reservoir

    Trying to find an inexpensive ATO Reservoir option...refuse to pay $100 for a freakin acrylic box! Thinking of using this 5gal container...LFS sells water in them, assuming safe from leaching contaminates. Anyone have luck with this type container? Other ideas? 5gal big enough for a 75g DR...