battery backup

  1. Shadows Reef


    Has anyone successfully set up a COR20 with a battery back up? I've seen people talking about the icecap battery backup V2 with it's 24v output and transfer switch as a viable option to bad it's not around anymore. but id imagine this could easily be done with two 12v batteries hooked up in...
  2. esther

    Seeing as though 2020 has it out for everyone, I'm looking into battery backups & generators... Need your help!!

    So, I live in SoCal and we're susceptible to power outages in the summertime. I looked into getting solar, but it won't work where we live, so I'm looking into battery backups along with a generator. Also, side note: We live in a condo. Here's what I'm definitely wanting to run in case there's...
  3. S

    Trying to find the best battery backup for me

    Hi, I'm new to reefing and I'm looking for some help with what to do for a battery backup. I have waterbox marine 60.2 running a nero 5. I live in new england so power outages happen during every season of the year. I'm just wondering if anyone has experience with different battery backups for...
  4. S

    24v DC pump battery back up

    So if you run DC pumps that are 24v why can’t you just use 12v battery’s hooked in series Parallel with a battery charger charging the batteries. In theory the pumps would run until the batteries were dead. You could even put some kind of cut out if the battery voltage dropped below 24v. What...
  5. RacinJason

    Texas Radion Diffusers, Battery Back Up, digital Aquatics controller

    4 Radion XR30 diffusers, used for 6 months. $50 each shipped Digital Aquatics ReefKeeper Lite, PC4, SLX module, temp probe and cables, used for 13 months $125 shipped Ecotech battery backup with cables for 2 pumps, like new condition. $125 shipped
  6. Cyclone-G


    Had a power outage the other night after a rain storm and massive snow melt. Could have been from an underground ballast somewhere blew, (neighbor's hypothesis). I bought a generator several years ago and never used it other than starting it once to see if it worked. Good thing I had it...
  7. MarineDepot

    How to Keep Your Tank Alive During a Power Outage!

    How to Keep Your Tank Alive During a Power Outage! Emergency Preparedness: Be ready when disaster strikes!
  8. AquaNerd

    A new kind of soft battery, inspired by the electric eel
  9. T

    Connecting m1 controller to ecotech battery backup

    Hello everyone! I have a quick question. I recently bought an ecotech vectra m1 and the ecotech battery backup with the adapter, all used. When connecting the backup adapter cable to the m1 controller it only goes in about halfway (see picture). I opened up the controller thinking maybe the...
  10. jhatfield

    What equipment to run battery backup

    Just got an APC battery backup for a 40 gal cube. I would love to hear what people choose to run on backup power. Right now I'm thinking water turnover/circulation is critical so wave makers or return pump are at the top of the list. What else is on the must run list?
  11. Pdandy

    Apex on battery back up

    When my EB8 is plugged into my 750va battery backup it will alarm that it is overloaded (lights, pump, skimmer, heater). All I want the back up to run in an outage situation is my return pump. I have power monitor turned on and the apex is set to shut everything off except the pump. If I get...
  12. mgoesma

    Battery backup / uninteruptable power supplies

    Does anyone have experience with Battery backups. I live in FL yay Hurricane. I want something that will power my retune pump for 8 hrs. if I an away when the power goes out. It normally comes back on in less than 8 hrs. The pump I want to power is about 100 Watts. Has anyone had experience with...