bean animal

  1. Joe Batt

    Bean Animal vs Durso for a small frag tank

    I am building a small frag tank, no fish. The water volume is going to be only around 80 litres (18 gallons) The overflow box is only drilled for 2 x 1 inch pipes. Am I better to install a Herbie or a Bean Animal but without the emergency standpipe? Would a Bean animal be ever likely to block...
  2. dustinc

    New Setup Plumbing Help

    I have a new Planet 120 that is being delivered tomorrow, and I'm working on my plumbing design. It is an internal overflow box that is pre-drilled with 4 holes (2 x 1" & 2 x 3/4"). It is obviously ran this way to run 2 drain and 2 return. I've ran Herbie before with great success, but I like...
  3. JAM-MAN

    Plumbing a Sump for Herbie and Bean Animal Returns and a Clarisea Filter

    Planning to have several tanks sharing a single sump (1 100G, 1-30 and 1-25). The 100G has a three pipe Bean Animal overflow box, and the two nano tanks use two hole "Herbie" style overflows. The 100G won't be plumbed into the sump immediately, just the 30 and 25G. I suppose I could just add...
  4. Lylelovett

    Bean Animal - Emergency Drain Location?

    Hey all, Starting to plan my plumbing... I'm doing bean animal. Both main and secondary drain will go into socks in the first chamber. Does it matter which part of the sump the emergency drain empties into? Instead of the first chamber, is there any reason I shouldn't plumb into the...
  5. DirtDiggler2823

    Stockman Standpipe vs Durso

    Doing a bean animal setup, and I'm considering swapping out the durso that is supposed to be used for a stockman standpipe. The stockman has a smaller horizontal footprint, and I could use a coupling from Lowes to make either adjustable.
  6. BigMan87

    Can I Bean Animal my tank?

    So, my tank is already drilled with overflow boxes. I have 2 internal O/F boxes with 2 holes in each. Now, my question is, can I run Bean Animal like it is, and if so, how? Or should I try to replace my existing boxes with the internal/external boxes that have the 3 holes drilled in the bottom...
  7. BlueWorldJeff

    California Custom 120g 4'x2'x2' AllGlass Aquarium with C2C, Bean Animal Overflow, Canopy/Stand

    For Sale in Murrieta, CA 92563 for $500 I am selling my AllGlass 4'x2'x2' 120 gallon, customized with an internal coast to coast overflow and three drilled 1" overflow holes. Bulkheads are included with valves and bean animal setup Coast to Coast internal glass overflow with three 1"...
  8. scott9119

    Florida 100 Gallon Rimless Tank,Stand,Sump

    Up for sale is my custom 100 gallon rimless glass tank. Tank has a bean animal setup with custom built stand and Berlin sump 150. Tank and stand are in excellent shape. Local Pickup Only ORLANDO,Florida
  9. Saltwtrnewby

    Single 16" Shadow on 240g Tank?

    Good afternoon R2R friends, I was hoping to get input from others that are running a single 16" shadow overflow on a larger tank, preferably something around 240g. Running the one overflow would greatly simplify the plumbing and definitely cut down on some of my costs. I am shooting for 5-7...
  10. Pelagic One

    24-inch CPR Retrofit Overflow Box with Lid

    Selling a 24-inch CPR Retrofit Overflow Box with Lid (full four-sided, acrylic box with molded weir) - New In Box from BRS - No Damage to Box - Bulkheads Included (qty 3 - 1” Bulkheads with gaskets) BRS Part Numbers RSS24DX - (Up to 1600 gallons per hour) RSS24 - EXTRA LARGE LID BRS lists...
  11. BlueWorldJeff

    Custom 120g 4'x2'x2' AllGlass Tank with Stand, Canopy, Coast to Coast Overflow, Bean Animal Ready

    I am selling my AllGlass 4'x2'x2' 120 gallon, customized with an internal coast to coast overflow and three drilled 1" overflow holes. Bulkheads are included with valves and bean animal setup *Please note that I am still cleaning up this tank and stand. I will get all the coralline and dust...
  12. MaddyP

    Neptune Flow Sensor - Synergy Reef Overflow

    This is my full siphon on Synergy overflow. Is anyone running a flow sensor on their full siphon line? It seems no matter how closed down my gate valve is, I get sharp drops in flow. No air is making it into the lines, I have a steady trickle on the secondary drain line.
  13. Michael Stetz

    40B Display with 20L Sump equipment and setup

    I started my first saltwater tank in January of this year. It is a 20L with a DIY AIO filter. I built my own stand and made sure it was large enough to eventually upgrade to a 40B if things went well with the 20. Well I have been waiting for a $1 per gallon sale for weeks and finally got my 40B...
  14. MarineDepot

    Diagrams: Durso, Herbie and Bean Overflows

    Infographics: Durso, Herbie and Bean Overflows Learn how common aquarium overflows work!