1. smartwater101

    Poll: Do you dose trace elements?

    Curious if you like to dose trace elements. If so, what brand do you like and what benefits do you feel its brought to your system?
  2. smartwater101

    DC Pumps: Best bang for your buck?

    I'm more interested in a silent pump that controllable. As long as I can adjust the flow (even with valves, if need be) I'd be happy. I can't imagine ever needing Pules/Lagoon mode on a return pump. I have a 180 with two Syncra 5.0s. 1 goes straight to return (after 5'), the other splits...
  3. Wrasse-cal

    Black Friday: “best” SPS lighting for 24 inch cube

    All, I know “best” is highly subjective, but I want to see what you all would do if you were me. Parameters: I’m setting up a new tank, a waterbox 75.2 “cube.” (24x24x20) Stimulating max coral growth is the most important factor for the light Connectivity is nice, but I don’t need to be able...
  4. Marquiseo

    Canon 70D - PLEASE CLOSE

    I am selling my Canon 70D because I just purchased new DSLR, Canon 5D Mark IV. It comes with 70D Body, 18-135mm lense, battery, charger, and connection cable. The price is $680 Shipped. You won't find a better price anywhere else on this DSLR. What makes this camera so great you might ask? -...
  5. J

    Best Compact Skimmer 120 Gallons

    I am looking for options for a compact skimmer for a heavily stocked aquarium with tight cabinet space for height. aquarium is a frag tank and I wanted easy access to work with frags. I am building a sump out of a deep blue 30 gallon breeder. 36 x 18 x 12. I have a few ideas but I am looking...
  6. jason2459

    MTC MVX Skimmer review

    My new MTC MVX 36" w/ quick change head Unboxing Nice thick materiels Center Hole drilled for swabbie neck cleaner Sizing it up
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