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  1. S

    AIO Build stalkem's Oceanic Biocube 29 HQI (first SW tank)

    I guess I started my "build thread" in the Meet & Greet section. Feel free to visit, Newby with a Nano Reef! And I liked @Blopple's build format, so borrowing that... thanks! Growing up, I had several freshwater tanks. Probably wasn't great at it, but had fun with it. Recently, a friend's mom...
  2. S

    Hello Newby with a Nano Reef

    A friend recently gave me an Oceanic BioCube 29 HQI, which I've done a deep dive into for my 3 year old's enjoyment. Free tank and then ~$2,000 later... and I'm about 3 months into the endeavor. Open to fish/coral recommendations (towards the end of this). Water Parameters: Temp is about 77°...
  3. N

    Massachusetts Looking for Coralife Biocube 29/32G older style hood

    Hi Looking for an older style Biocube 29/32G hood. It’s the hood with the T8 bulb type not the newer led. Hood light or fan does not need to be functioning. See below for a picture of an example
  4. 3000kelvin

    AIO Build My second BioCube

    I got into this hobby a few years ago with a BioCube 32 and fell in love. My tank had to be broken down after a few months, but my love for the hobby never faded. Fast forward a few years and I'm ready to get back into the hobby. I knew I wanted another AIO and wasn't committed to another...
  5. JTP424

    Illinois BioCube 29 Gallon $200 OBO

    29 Gallon BioCube Fishtank for sale. Tested no leaks. Used for Saltwater. Works well, had it running for almost 2 years, previous owner did modify it a bit, rim completely removed, some cutting of the rear chambers happened as well. I repaired the back chamber before I used it. Comes with the...
  6. seerad

    RapidLED lighting upgrade for Biocube

    Hello! I’ve decided it’s time to upgrade my lighting for my 29g Biocube. Right now I have a stock 32g LED hood on it, but I have a spare 29g hood with the RapidLED upgrades in it from a few years ago. It’s currently a 2 channel with 1 channel blue (royal blue I think), and 1 channel white (cool...
  7. fishkeepersaltnfresh

    Pennsylvania Closed: Biocube 29 Canopy hood - Actinic Lights - $50

    Hi, I have Biocube 29 hood. This is the older canopy model with the Actinic lights. This will fit the 32 Biocube as well. Everything works fine. You can control the White daylight, Blue Actinic Lights & Blue LED lights separately. Let me know if you have questions Sell Price: $50.00 Pick up...
  8. borillion

    Weird sized biocube 29 plumbing?

    So I picked up one of these random flow generators from Vivid Creative Aquatics, and the slip fit adapter is just a bit too small for my outlet. Taking the existing plumbing there I'm measuring about 20.9 - 21 mm (13/16 in ) in diameter on the inner slip fit that came installed with the tank...
  9. kLoRRn

    Build Thread Biocube 29

    I got this tank on a spur of the moment decision after weeks of scouring Facebook marketplace during my lunch break at work. As with buying anything used second hand from Facebook marketplace, it was exactly perfect but I am perfectly content with it (for now lol) The first couple days waiting...
  10. heyjanie

    Heater & ATO for 29 Gal BioCube

    Hi everyone! Its getting to that very short time of year where I need to figure out a good heater for my 29 gal BioCube (I say this because I live in Florida, so not much need for one outside of maybe 3 months out of the year so I've been putting off getting one). I'm also in the market for an...
  11. WilyGuy

    Build Thread SJ's 29 BioCube Build Thread

    I got a new-to-me BioCube 29 with no lights. I inherited live sand, live rock, the tank, and the stand. After putting it in the spot of the 16 (after moving that tank catty corner) I put the Live Rock in, some new Special Grade aragonite and the water that was in the buckets with the LR. I...
  12. Saving_your_6

    Maryland OCEANIC biocube 29 hood

    My tank is old, I know. But my kids broke my hood. Its cracked the lights won't work, it's shot. I desperately need a new hood. Apparently Corallife won't fit? Please anyone have an old one to sell.
  13. Zoa_Fanatic

    AIO Build Biocube 32 LED leveling help

    So I’ve been running my new biocube for about two months. My wife and I took PAINS to make sure the stand was level. Well I get the tank on and my four foot level (which by the way is WAY too long to go on top of the tank without hanging over) is showing that the tank is dipping to one corner by...
  14. todarrell

    Biocube Modification

    Greetings, I’m new to R2R and wanted to share my recently finished Biocube 29 project. I’ve been modifying this tank for the past ten years. This is version 5.0 and it features: -Drilled Fiji Overflow -Laser cut black Starboard bottom -Radion 30 Gen 5 pro -Bashsea Sump and 10g ATO reservoir...
  15. tnewell

    Does bio cube have the lighting requirements for torches?

    Hey I just wanted to reach out to any fellow reefers and ask if there biocube was stocked with different colored torches and how well they kept their color. I have the stock lighting for a bio cube 29gallon, I was trying to steer away from the greenish color and maybe go for a blue/orange/gold...
  16. hllb

    Michigan Nanobox Reef Large retrofit kit

    Purchased and installed in a Coralife Biocube 32g late October 2019. I went a different direction and just uninstalled these yesterday (7/31). They come with the Bluefish WiFi controller and heat sink. $250 shipped to continental US. Installation video: From yesterday:
  17. N11morales

    AIO Build 32G Biocube Lighting schedule change + more blue light

    Hello, I would like to get peoples input on what I should change my biocube lighting schedule too. I would like to add more blue light into the schedule. I don't really like running so much white light all the time. Only schedules i can find are people running with nothing but high % of white...
  18. wet_rocks_reef

    Build Thread wet_rocks_reef IM 50g lagoon build!

    Hi All, I have been loving this forum and lurking for a long time. I finally figured it would be time to share my experiences with my upgrade to a new tank. Here is a pic of my Biocube 29 that I have been running since 2008. Wow! 12 years is a great run! The main reason I got the Biocube at...
  19. Full Tank Shot

    Full Tank Shot

    Full shot under blown out blues of my Biocube 29.
  20. Morbidaarvark

    Build Thread Two Year 29 Gallon Biocube HQI Transformation

    Like any good tank it started with a old fashion cycle but used pure ammonia from the dollar store since I was a high school kid on a budget. Next I decided to test the waters with a cheap damsel before I spent all of my hard earned money on fish, and as you can tell I dealt with my first round...
  21. N

    New to Saltwater Tanks - Starting 29g Biocube Reef Tank

    Hi All! I am new to saltwater tanks and have purchased a used 29g Coralife Biocube. My plan is to start a reef tank with some suitable fish and softy/LPS corals. After a month or so of research on forums like R2R (thanks for the help already!), I decided to start a thread on the setup and...
  22. SfSteady

    Need help on custom surface draw "box"

    My goal is to use this 24 gallon Aquapod (similar to a biocube) without the back separator. The previous owner removed it and honestly I want the real estate. In its place I tried already to insert upright a closed off the bottom PVC pipe with slits cut into it similar to any draw box. The pipe...
  23. Strawberry

    Chaeto reactor and light recommendations?

    I have seen a few pre-built options through Marine Depot, but the reactors and lights are out of stock with no guarantee they will return. I have seen some close substitutes, but I’m not really sure what would work best for my tank. I’m not really obsessed with adding more water volume, but I...
  24. bsn_rn_cen

    Build Thread The not so exciting biocube 29 rescue

    I have seen some pretty amazing build threads on the forums. Being a new reefer (started my first tank in early April 2018) I didn't figure I would bring anything interesting to the mix with my humble biocube. I never really introduced myself either. My name is Ryan. I was born in Kansas...
  25. YoCamron

    Biocube 29 AI Prime HD

    Hi everyone, Was looking for the best settings for an AI prime HD on a 29 gallon biocube? These are the settings I have now, would this be too low for porites, zoas, and anemones? Please give me suggestions, thanks.