biocube 29

  1. bsn_rn_cen

    The not so exciting biocube 29 rescue

    I have seen some pretty amazing build threads on the forums. Being a new reefer (started my first tank in early April 2018) I didn't figure I would bring anything interesting to the mix with my humble biocube. I never really introduced myself either. My name is Ryan. I was born in Kansas...
  2. YoCamron

    Biocube 29 AI Prime HD

    Hi everyone, Was looking for the best settings for an AI prime HD on a 29 gallon biocube? These are the settings I have now, would this be too low for porites, zoas, and anemones? Please give me suggestions, thanks.
  3. YoCamron

    Biocube 29 AI Prime

    Hi everyone, I have an AI prime with the flexible mount. Was just wondering if any of you have mounted this on a biocube? the black rim on the cube makes it impossible to use this for me, any suggestions on how to do this? possibly cut the section of the rim off? also how long is the wire on...
  4. Reef Dog 29

    Blenny Question

    Hi everybody, I have a Tailspot blenny in my 29gal biocube with a Clarkii CF, Lemon peel Angel, and a newly added Flame Hawkfish. Before I added the hawkfish, everyone in the tank was fine and very visible. Ever since the addition of the hawkfish, I have not seen the blenny out in the open and...
  5. F

    best uv sterilizer for biocube 29?

    looks like biocube makes one specifically for biocube but i've read they're bulbs suck and they overcharge for new ones ... anybody have good experiences with your uv sterilizer? suggestions?
  6. jk_s124

    Tailspot blenny and firefish biocube 29

    Hello! I have a biocube 29 with 2 clowns, 1 green chromis and a firefish. Firefish was added just over a month ago and has his cave well established. He is doing great. Eating and coming out from time to time. I would like to add a blenny. From what I have read I feel the tailspot would...
  7. jk_s124

    Clownfish picking on chromis

    Hello, tried searching for discussion about this but was unable to find much. I recently introduced a blue green chromis into my biocube 29. I have a firefish, perc and ocellaris as well in the tank. Everything was great for the first few weeks, but the past 2-3 weeks our chromis has been...
  8. jk_s124

    Biocube 29 build

    Last October my wife and I bought a coralife biocube 29 from a coworker who has been in the hobby for over 10 years. He had actually bought the set up for himself while he was trying to convince me to buy it for my kids. My son is allergic to cats and dogs but loves animals. So my co worker...
  9. Aaron Gustafson

    Has anyone made a mesh top for a BioCube HQI?

    I’ve cut & customized a lot on my BioCube 29 HQI over the years, but I’d really like to ditch the plate glass top and put in a mesh screen. Given the fact that only two of the corners are square, it’s probably going to have to be a custom top, but if someone has already gone through the process...
  10. J

    30 Gallon Biocube

    I know i am starting this a little late but i love following post with progression of tanks as this is where we all get new ideas for the hobby......with that being said i am going to try and keep up with this build. Starting off a few weeks late but the tank was started early Nov. and now has...
  11. FizxVix3n

    New tank: start with controller or components?

    Hello! I’m just getting started in SW, though I’ve had FW for years. I’ve got a BC29 and am looking ahead to see if it’s worth getting a controller like reefkeeper or the like now, or if I should get the various timers, probes, etc. separate add ons and upgrade later. What have other members...
  12. LanM

    Buffalo NY New Member, First SW tank...developing the sickness

    Hi guys/gals, I'm new to the forum, and new to the aquarium scene. I'm in the Buffalo NY area, recently moved here this past September. I decided to get into the hobby on a whim, initially intending to start a small freshwater tank. That plan has changed significantly over the past 10 days as...
  13. Jd120988

    Biocibe 29 $1000 complete setup

    Wasn't sure if I should post here or livestock forum but here goes. I have a complete setup including livestock. I have a biocube 29 with tons of different corals ranging from zoas to acros, to shrooms and Lps. It has a pair of lightning maroon clowns with a rose bta hosting them, a pearly...
  14. A

    My Biocube 29

    Looking through at the Biocubes you all have makes me feel like mine is inadequate haha, but something to strive for I guess. I changed out bioballs in the sump for new ones (I know there are better options, but thought with a few other mods it would be ok). I removed the cartridge filters and...
  15. Hambonej

    Tank takeover?

    What is this stuff and how do I get rid of it? Will this kill my corals? I have RODI water and have been doing water changes. I am so worried it will take over and kill everything.
  16. landlocked303

    Film/green hair algae and maybe bacteria (pics included)

    I've had this modified bio cube 29 running for about a year now and have gone through various algae battles. For the last few months however I've had this very slow, slimy, green and brown growth on my rocks. It's getting so bad that it's clogging up the filter floss on my overflow in a few...
  17. T

    Biocube 29 Lighting Question

    Hello I've had a Biocube 29 for about 4 years now and in the tank I have just zoas, a plate coral, frogspawn, Ricordea, a Rose BT anemone and a chalice. I have noticed that some of them have been bleaching over some time Im talking a month to a month and a half started to show and I started to...
  18. Hambonej

    What is this stuff?

    I have a biocube 29, the sump is pretty basic. Chamber 1 hydor slim skim. Opened up the flow into chamber to filter floss, purigen, chemi pure elite, then rock rumble. Chamber three 3 heater and return pump. Two power heads in the back for extra flow in the tank. I have mars-aqua lights on a...
  19. Hambonej

    What is this stuff? Is it good? Bad?

    I have a biocube 29, the sump is pretty basic. Chamber 1 hydor slim skim. Opened up the flow into chamber to filter floss, purigen, chemi pure elite, then rock rumble. Chamber three 3 heater and return pump. Two power heads in the back for extra flow in the tank. I have mars-aqua lights on a...
  20. Jkimball

    My 29g biocube

    The most current picture of my system. Been up and running for a year in August. Which is only a few days away. Tank specs Stock bio cube 29 gallon Mixed reef Eshoppes nano protein skimmer Phosban reactor 30 plus pounds of live rock Chatoe and dragons breath algea 2 clown fish...
  21. jkimballer29g

    J.K s Oceanic Bio Cube 29g

    Started my tank about a year ago... I added a lot of rock after this point. First corals and Fish. M I have added a phosbanractor and a e shops nano skimmer to the tank. Also some calerpa and dragons breath in a refugium.About to come on to the one year mark in august. This is where...
  22. A+Aquatics

    28 Gallon Bio Cube named, Michel or מִיכָאֵל / מיכאל?

    #1 - David finally hooked me. This is the beginning of a long journey of the first system put together by a close friend, Chris Boehm. He moved on to other display systems and ended up passing it on to me. It's over 5 years old, but has been revamped many times. I'm not sure if the hardscape...
  23. landlocked303

    Algae Scrubber Help!

    I bought the Santa Monica Drop 1.4 for my BioCube 29 a few weeks ago. I have been running it for about 6 hours a night the last month and have ZERO growth... I have green hair algae on the rocks and glass, so I know there's nutrients. Any Ideas why I can't get any growth in the scrubber? Should...
  24. Schmitty


    Im gonna go from a 29gallon biocube to a 40gallon IM Nuvo tank hopefully this weekend. Wanting to keep most of my current coral, live rock and fish, clean up crew etc... any tips? Im planning on getting 7-8 5g buckets and putting my current wanter without disturbing the sand in as many buckets...
  25. ShaLin

    AI Prime HD Settings on Biocube 29

    Hey Reefers! I decided on the AI Prime HD for my new light on my Biocube 29. Right now it is LPS/Softie Mixed tank. I am wanting to try an SPS frag once I get the Prime. What settings with a similar setup are you guys running? Just want an idea so I am good to go once it gets here this week.
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