1. stacksoner

    Potassium Sorbate or Potassium Permanganate Dips for Brown Jelly?

    I recently read this article that said Polyp Lab's Reef Primer (made of "potassium salts") was effective in treating brown jelly disease via his trials with a microscope. This food prep...
  2. doinker

    One of my torches got BJD. Should I preemptively dip the other LPS incase it spreads?

    Hello, would appreciate some feedback here. I woke up to one of my torches having BJD this morning. I panicked a bit and in pulling it out of the tank the jelly went everywhere... A piece of it even got stuck on one of my acans :( I currently have a bunch of other torches, frogspawn, and acans...
  3. Michelle B

    Wall Hammer spewing

    Hello, I've had a wall hammer one month. It's been doing fine and the rest of the tank but suddenly my wall is closed up on one end and he is spewing brown stringy stuff. My parameters are ammonia 0, nitrite 0, Nitrate 20, alk 8.2, PH 8.2, phosphates 0.16, salinity 35 ppt. He's in low flow and...
  4. BighohoReef

    Dosing Cipro: What brand? Does it matter... My battle with BJD

    I'm dealing with a case of BJD and found this gem of an article (below) I want to give it a go but there is no reference to a brand of cipro (Ciprofloxacin)... I was gonna snag a bottle of Thomas Labs but then decided to take it to the forum. Experimenting with in-tank antibiotic treatments...
  5. andrewey

    Brown Jelly Disease: Current Treatment Strategies!

    Current Treatment Strategies for Brown Jelly Disease I’ve been asked to summarize the current findings concerning Brown Jelly Disease for those that need a quick reference if they encounter it in their own tank. For a link to current tests investigating possible treatments, see here. First, if...
  6. Brian Goldstein

    Brown Jelly Disease - is the coral doomed?

    Hey Reefers- Been battling BJD for about 3 weeks now on one of my Australian yellow hammers. It's been slowly losing flesh for a few weeks and looks to be coming to it's last days. This will be the 2nd yellow hammer I've lost to brown jelly. Weirdly enough, it's only been the yellow hammers...
  7. Lorekeeper

    Brown Jelly Disease

    So, I bought a branching hammer frag about two weeks ago. Looked great in the store (and so did everything else), and I got a great deal. Yesterday when I got home, I noticed some brown junk on the coral. I didn't worry about it (I was exhausted), but this morning it looked worse. I learned...
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