1. A

    EMERGENCY Brooklynella?

    I got my clown about 3 days ago, and he’s currently in 2.0 ppm copper power and have also dosed general cure. He was still refusing to eat so I checked for flukes with a freshwater dip, and it looks like there is mucus on his fins. I’m not sure if this is brook so can the experts help out...
  2. Eag808

    Moray eel diseases

    I know it’s uncommon for eels to be affected by ich and velvet. But what about brookynella? I had a grouper who recently died from brook so removed all the fish except for a few eels. Now it looks like my jewel moray is having similar symptoms. Loss of appetite ( normally he’s a complete monster...
  3. codi-saltwaterguy

    Clownfish looks sick

    So my girlfriend bought this pair of clownfish a week ago and today one of the two started showing signs of what looked like ich. It was weird because literally the day before hand he looked completely fine. Now he looks on the brink of death. He has spots on his body and fins. His eyes are...
  4. kenzielauren8

    Brooklynella Fight

    Has anyone ever seen fish pull through after the worst stage of brooklynella? I had a juvenile pair of clowns who showed no symptoms then day 1 after work were covered in spots (thought it was velvet). I went to bed thinking they’d be okay for me to treat the next day but woke up in the morning...
  5. Gonj

    EMERGENCY Clowns keep getting Brook?

    I’ve had these two clowns since March 4th in qt 10g, heater, bubbler, pvc. I observed them for the first 4 days and they began to show signs of Brook I jumped on here followed recommended treatment treated with ruby reef bath and dosed tank with metroplex, I also did a full water change in the...
  6. katiestl

    EMERGENCY Disease identification and treatment help

    One week ago, I added a gem tang, a mandarin and a blenny. Everything was just fine before then. Sunday, the gem tang got stuck to the side of my powerhead and died Monday. Also died Monday, the mandarin. Tuesday, I lost my blue eyed kole tang. so right then I started treating for ich with...
  7. neoncon

    String / thread like things on tang

    Our tang developed spots and stringy threadlike things hanging off his body, now showing on his side fins. Been told it is ich but the description says spots, not strings. Have been treating with Polyplab but it's getting worse. Please help diagnose! Can supply photos tomorrow, blue lights are on
  8. squidsreef

    Is this brooklynella on my juvenile clown?

    the edges of his fins have had little whiter marks that I assumed were nip marks from the larger clown. Directly on his gills, I noticed some slimey looking white splotch. I received this fish from ORA breeder, which has a history of very healthy fish, but anything can happen. Should I be...
  9. M

    Clownfish brooklynella, need quick advice!

    Hello, I recently added a new clown to my existing 30 gallon bio cube that has had a different clown in it for over a year. I qt'ed the new clown for 2 weeks before putting him in. Im sure I did not do this process right as both clowns now appear to have brooklynella (I am 99% sure it is...
  10. ItsNiQi

    Is it Brook, Velvet or Ich?

    I first noticed about two weeks ago that my young Photon Clownfish showed a slight difference in appearance. Since his eating habits haven’t changed and his overall demeanor was the same I said I would just look over him for the next week or so. Today I looked at him and it seems to have gotten...
  11. Salemsoul

    Thought it was brooklynella, now I think she's being bullied

    Hey guys I need some help with my clownfish Videl. She came half dead & with an insane injury to her head. Its been 2 years and while she recovered from the original injury, she never been a strong swimmer and tends to go on & off feed. This started with what I thought was brook on her, but my...
  12. abreeann

    Ongoing Bacterial Disease Help Needed

    This is my post from 7/19/20: In summary: We believe a Yellow Tang brought in an illness. Yellow Tang died 7/3 and Tomini Tang died 7/17. The tangs were introduced 6/27. Filefish introduced at the end of May died 7/19...
  13. dtruitt

    Clownfish fin rot with white mucous - possibly brook?

    All, I noticed our mochavinci clowns right fin is very frayed with some white mucous. Could this be brook? Clown has been in the tank 6 months or so. No recent additions are showing any similar symptoms. Sorry for the poor photo, he wont ever sit still.
  14. Gatoreefer94

    Black ball hanging off clownfish gill

    I’ve had this clown for over a year now and I woke up this morning to a black ball/sack hanging off her gills. Lately she’s been more recluse then usual but I didn’t think anything of it. I can’t seem to find anyone with something similar online Can anyone please help me identify this.a
  15. Micaeltercer

    Clownfish fin rot ID possibly velvet?

    Hello guys, I have a clownfish and diamond goby in a 20g QT tank. 2 days since purchased. They’ve been getting light feeding and seem okay. The goby is shy and stays hidden behind PVC. The clown has some tissue degradation. Looks like skin peeling, on his tail, and fins. I’ve started dosing...
  16. D

    Clownfish Illness

    Help I’ve noticed these white spots on my clowns. They are eating still and have been in quarantine for about 10 days. They are swimming normal but these spots concern mean. What do they mean?
  17. RobberyinCSharp1824

    Lost my DaVinci clown...Why?

    My DaVinci Clownish just died unexpectedly after having him for about 4 months now in an established 120g tank. He was the sole resident of that tank (aside from turbo snails) while my sailfin tang and anthias are in QT (didn't want to create a bioburden surge in my DT). I had posted a few weeks...
  18. Alex C

    Velvet or Brooklynella?

    I have a pair of clowns which were purchased from the LFS about a month ago. All has been well until last night they developed many fuzzy white spots. The other fish in the tank, a couple of Chromis and some fire fish show no signs. Could this be brook?
  19. N

    Brooklynella? Treatment? Help please

    I have a 40 gallon reef tank. I have at least 4 different types of coral, 2 red firefish, a watchmen goby, maroon clown, blue legged hermit crab and a Mexican Turbo snail. Everyone eats and acts normal. But I recently noticed a tiny white mucus spot near the tail of the maroon clown. At first I...
  20. R

    Brooklynella, Velvet, Flukes, Ich, or other?

    I'm in week 7+ of QT (quarantine). I have completed the TTM (tank transfer method) and they're awaiting their return to the DT (display tank) after the seventy something days to prevent reinfection of Ich. Can you please help me identify what this is (and hopfully propose a treatment method)? I...
  21. R

    Brooklynella, Velvet, Flukes, or Ich

    Whoops! Wrong thread, sorry. I've moved it under Fish Disease Treatment and Diagnosis:
  22. B

    Urgent: Brook or Velvet?

    Started seeing small white dots on a few of my fish mainly Harliquin Tusk and Emporer Angel and Porcupine Puffer. puffers eyes clouded over and he had stringy slime hanging off him with the dots. Figuring it was velvet because the spots were so many I started a 29g quarantine and started...
  23. saltybadger

    Ich? Brook? What just happened?

    Hello Brains trust, looking for some guidance on what to do next... Tank: - Red Sea Reefer 350, no corals. Fish only at the moment. - 2 Designer clownfish - 4 reef chromis - 1 Purple tang So, the clownfish and chromis were the first fish in to the tank (didn't quarantine these guys). After 4...
  24. ChelseaBidwell

    Help! Brooklynella?

    I have 2 Royal Gramma Basslets, and a Zebra Barred Dartfish in QT# 2. They have all underwent a 14-day 2.0 ppm copper treatment in QT# 1 and were transferred over to this sterile tank on 9/22. Since then, they have been treated with GC in the water column (we follow @HotRocks 's QT procedure to...
  25. ChelseaBidwell

    Help! Brooklynella?

    I have 2 Royal Gramma Basslets, and a Zebra Barred Dartfish in QT# 2. They have all underwent a 14-day 2.0 ppm copper treatment in QT# 1 and were transferred over to this sterile tank on 9/22. Since then, they have been treated with GC in the water column (we follow @HotRocks 's QT procedure to...