butterfly fish

  1. Nutramar Foods

    Recounting the Royal Raccoons

    One of the fish nearly all of you will recognize has many dozens of common names in languages spanning the globe. The most common of these names in English are “Raccoon Butterflyfish” and “Halfmoon Butterfly.” Translations of these two names appear in several languages. Other names include...
  2. k2-

    New additions to 150 Gallon Reef - Lineatus wrasse, Ausi Copper-band, scopa and 3x pyramid butterfly for my 150Gallon

    Finally - today i added few new residents to my 150Gallon reef tank - a group of Pyramid butterfly, scopa and Lineatus wrasse. Also acclimating my copper band in 40G - refugium so it has time to start eating and get comfortable.
  3. L

    Maryland Virginia Live Goods Australian stripey and scopas tang hybrid (closed)

    Two fish for sale in the nova area (Ashburn). Both eat very well in my tank. My tank does manage ich, but both show no spots and display no flashing or heavy breathing, but they will need quarantined and treated with copper or hyposalinity in order to eliminate ich if that’s what you wish to do...
  4. Lbrdsoxfan

    California Live Goods Klein Butterfly for free!

    Klein Butterfly fish available. It eradicated my aiptasia then went after my zoas thus its gotta go! Healthy fish, eats anything, frozen, flake & pellets. Currently living sump life. Will bag it in some tank water for pickup. Free to a good home!!! Located in the Long Beach area. Will not ship...
  5. Nutramar Foods

    The Yellownose Butterfly

    Many Butterflyfish have reputations for being challenging to keep, as many of them have very specific diets, and Yellownose Butterflyfish have an undeserved reputation as they are not obligate corallivores (something that eats only coral). In the wild, Yellownose graze on algae and the...
  6. Nutramar Foods

    New Product Alert: Nutramar Marine Complete Shots!

    Nutramar Marine Complete Shots are suitable for everyday feeding for your fish, LPS corals, and other invertebrates. Sticks easily to the side of the tank or rockwork allowing your fish to graze whilst giving you a close-up view of your fish feeding! This food is cold extruded to ensure no loss...
  7. E

    EMERGENCY Long nose butterfly fish swimming problem

    need Help, my butterfly fish is swim abnormally with his nose up or down eat well feeding on mysis, brine, squid, krill, bloodworm, algae tanks parameter are normal
  8. R

    Missouri Live Goods Live Fish, healthy and disease free. Price reduction!

    I am moving and have to sell. This is what I have left: A Pair of Pyramid Butterfly fish. I have had them for 4 years. 6 inches and 7 inches. Very healthy and active. $125 each or $200 for the pair. A Pearlscale Butterfly. About 3 years in my tank, a beautiful and elegant specimen. This guy...
  9. Singspot

    New Jersey Live Goods 4 year old over 5 inch large hardy Blackback Butterfly for trade or sale

    Its is over 5 inch Blackback Butterfly bright yellow, bright white and sharp blacknlines. In the night it changes shade to look like a yinyang ... Very robust, been with me for 4 years. No disease ever and eats pellets, frozen and nori. Can handle seni-aggressive fish but not meant for...
  10. Singspot

    New Jersey Livestock Trade 4 year old great looking 4 inch Saddleback Butterfly for local trade in NYC or NJ

    Anyone interested in 5 inch Saddleback Butterfly? I have had him for 4 years and is super sturdy. No disease for this or any other fish in my tank for last 9 months ! Eats pellets, frozen and even a bit of nori. Very active in my crowded tank.... not aggressive but well with seni-aggressive...
  11. Eric Cohen

    Livestock Among The Reef CLEARANCE Sale!!

    HAPPY SUMMER EVERYONE!! I hope you are all having a great June so far. We are putting some AWESOME fully quarantined fish on sale!! Head over to amongthereef.com and check out our in stock to get them before they are gone. Large Marginalis Buttefly Fish $699.99 Tiger Angelfish $2499.00...
  12. UkiahTheTurtle

    This is cursed…..

    This is very cursed….. butterfly fish body with with clownfish colors :(
  13. C

    White Face Butterflyfish

    What’s good¡ I’m currently looking for a center piece fish for a future reef build and leaning towards a butterflyfish. Was investigating Prognathodes aculeatus and stumbled upon this Chaetodon mesoleucos... Anyone kept these before? Also is a 81 gallon aquarium 35.43”x23.62”x22.44” enough to...
  14. Nunu810

    EMERGENCY Something wrong with my Raccoon's face on oneside

    Hi, I'm very new to the saltwater world and would love to get some help and info. There is something wrong with my raccoon's face. It started as what looked like a cut a few days ago, and now it looks all funky and is loosing color. Can someone please help me identify whats wrong with it...
  15. SenorBubs

    New Jersey Selling Copperband Butterfly Fish

    Selling Copperband Buttefly, he's about 3" long and is eating frozen. $40 Located @ 08817
  16. S

    EMERGENCY Bloated Longnose Butterflyfish

    Hi all, very long time reader-first time poster on this new account since I haven’t a clue what i used as a login years ago. Hopefully some of the legends such as @Humblefish may chime in on this one. Purchased a longnose butterfly a month ago from a not so great LFS via a deal I couldn’t pass...
  17. FL Gator

    Longnose Butterfly fish with growth on nose

    So my longhouse butterfly has just completed QT with copper & prazipro but he has gained this growth on his nose does anyone know what this is or how to treat it? He is in Furan-2 at the moment and out of all other meds.
  18. Habit-

    Redish Scales on Auriga Butterflyfish

    Hi Today I noticed that my Auriga was laying on the sandbed and a died 30 minutes later, the fish looked fine a couple of hours earlier and did eat as normal. As you can see he have redish scales, what could the reason be behind his death? What disease should I treat for before my other fish...
  19. MoonRay

    Auriga (Threadfin) Butterfly: Disease ID Help

    Hey guys, Noticed that my butterfly had some lesions around his pectoral fins this morning. I ran water quality to rule out some possibilities. Results: NH3 - 0.25 NO2 - 0 NO3 - 80 pH - 8.00 SAL - 24 I plan on doing a water change to get the parameters in check but still wanted input because...
  20. Copperband butterfly and Orange butterfly

    Copperband butterfly and Orange butterfly

    Two Butterfly enjoying their food
  21. D. Torres

    Butterfly fish in reef tank

    Has anyone had any luck keeping a butterfly fish in a reef tank. My LFS said I could depending on the type of corals I keep. I picked up a lattice butterfly. I have a just a few corals some GSP, hammer coral, zoanthids, and galxea. I normally work 12 hour shift and usually only feed once per...
  22. John Ostler

    Butterfly Fish (Chaetodon) lovers only... well sort of

    Like many of you, I've been in the hobby long enough to know that it wasn't always about the SPS (or 'bout that bass), but it was about brilliant butterfly fish. The long nosed butterfly was actually the fish that got me into the hobby in the first place. With that, there is this amazing artist...
  23. badstorm48

    Does anyone know about this butterfly?

    So, I am looking at getting this butterfly off of diversden Marshall Islands Hybrid Roaops Butterflyfish (Chaetodon burgessi x C. flabocoronatus). Does anyone know about this butterfly? I have been doing research and decided on the declivis butterfly for my reef, but I saw this one and wanted...
  24. badstorm48

    Looking at getting a butterfly for my reef

    I was looking at a butterfly, but I'm pretty nervous about it since I have a mixed reef with a little of everything. If it eats zoas I'm not really worried since I don't care for those corals but do have some. I do have some acros which I like but I'm more of a fan of lps corals any way. I was...
  25. Tinker’s Toy: The Bold And Curious Tinker’s Butterflyfish

    Tinker’s Toy: The Bold And Curious Tinker’s Butterflyfish

    The Bold and Curious Tinker’s Butterflyfish Chaetodon tinkeri The Tinker’s Butterflyfish (C. tinkeri) is a member of the marine butterflyfish genus Chaetodon (familyChaetodontidae) and one of five species in the subgenus Roaps. It isnamed for Spencer W. Tinker who discovered it in Hawaii...