1. ChandlerTingle

    KH, CA, Mg Result Questions

    So I’m new to the reefing chemistry but I just tested my water and these are the results I got. Are they good and what’s the level they are supposed to be at? *Syringe tips are over the results I got
  2. JayFish4004

    Help a noob with Calcium

    Trying to figure out if I should be dosing/monitoring calcium and have a few questions: 1. in an LPS & fish 20g nano tank that getsbiweekly water changes - should I still consider dosing calcium? 2. What do I need to watch out for? Is dosing calcium the same as other elements like ph where too...
  3. M

    Hammer Coral closed up

    Hi reefers, My 50G has been doing great with just a walling hammer coral and a small mushroom frag. Hammer was doing well & I was able to replenish whatever trace elements it needed with weekly water changes. I decided to add some more coral and recently purchased a Torch and a Duncan. Since...
  4. twhit030

    Dosing question

    okay r2r got a question for everyone. I’m a fairly well versed and experienced reefer at the age of 27 currently been in the hobby for 12 years. Most everything I’ve learned (like most others) has been through trial and error and research. currently my tank is an all acro 75 gallon reef tank...
  5. SaltwaterGuruNeeded

    Salt for Shrimp?

    Do you guys think using Instant Ocean Sea Salt (Purple Bag) is ok to use for a yellow coral banded shrimp? Does it have enough iodine and other trace elements for it. I also have 2, 5 gallon buckets of Instant Ocean Reef Salts. I'm going to guess this one is better, but was just wondering if...
  6. A


    I just set up a QT, and I used IO salt. There is a light brown precipitate on the bottom. Is it safe for fish? If not should I siphon it out? From my understanding it’s a basically a hard sand, but I’m not sure if it will impact any medications like copper or metro.
  7. Sakosreef

    Can anyone explain my calcium fluctuations??

    Hi guys, anyone know why my calcium can be fluctuating so much?? Are these errors in the test or are they actually fluctuating this much?? My alk has been steady thanks to my doser and my mag has also been stable. I'm dosing very little amounts of calcium because my tank doesn't consume a lot of...
  8. MarineDepot

    From 2-Part Dosing to a Calcium Reactor on 187-Gallon Reef Tank | 1-month update from ReefBum

    Are you considering the addition of a Calcium Reactor? Checkout this video from our friend Keith at ReefBum and learn about his transition from a two-part system to a calcium reactor. You can also feel free to shop our Calcium Reactors at Marine Depot.
  9. Sakosreef

    Dosing experts advice needed

    Hi everyone, I recently installed an apex system on my tank, I have the dosing pump as well it just hasn't been installed yet. I initially set the unit up about a week ago and I got an really low alk reading initially i think the number was 5dkh. I went ahead and started doing some brightwell...
  10. M

    High Calcium

    Hi everyone, I’ve got a 2 month old 90 gallon tank that I am looking to make a reef tank, I have been stocking slowly with fish and cuc. I recently got around to purchasing alkalinity and calcium test kits and have found that my Alkalinity was at 7.9 last week and Calcium was in the 540s which I...
  11. Mrtakeoff53

    Water testing apprehension

    I know I ALWAYS have a little ‘test anxiety’ when performing my water tests every week (alk every other day). I always hope everything turns out well and it usually does. Problem is, when it doesn’t (or I have missed a few weeks of testing), it can sometimes bring on a little panic as the...
  12. TheFishTickler

    High Magnesium, Low Calcium?

    Testing with Salifert and API respectively, my magnesium is 1530 and calcium is 360. Is this normal? Should I dose calcium? If so, how much? My tank is 20 gallons. Also got a male and female cleaner shrimp recently. The female died this morning, wondering if the clowns pestered her too much or...
  13. Sabina

    Salifert give away and DEMO

    I made a demo video for salifert test kits. Follow the link to YouTube and comment to enter the giveaway.
  14. R

    Confusing results when figuring out "4 day dosage" of Foundational elements!

    Hello all! I have a 13.5 fluval evo, recently I've been trying to figure out the daily dosage for calcium, magnesium and Alk. Unfortunately right now when I measured my prams i got very confusing results and i need help! My salinity is at 35 ppt measured by a refractometer and held stable by...
  15. DcoarM

    Help lowering Alk and Calcium

    How does one go about lowering your alkalinity and calcium? I followed directions from brs calculator on adding a 2 part to my tank. DkH was 13.5 and calcium was 423. It said to add 13.7 ounces. I thought that was a lot and only added 4 ounces. This morning DkH is 13.3 and calcium is 523 Tank...
  16. T

    Hanna Checker and ICP Analysis showing massively different readings

    For the last several weeks, my Hanna checker has shown my tank to have roughly 500ppm calcium. I was alarmed by this because I don't dose calcium and have no idea where the extra calcium could come from. I decided to test my water mix (Instant Ocean at 1.024 specific gravity) with an ICP and...
  17. M

    Ph decreasing while dosing Magnesium and calcium?

    Hey all, I would like to ask your support here. I have a 100 gal system for 50 days. Cycling complete: Nh4 0 Nh3 0.001 Nitrite 0 Nitrate 8 ppm Phosphate 0.07 ppm Ph was 8.27 about one week ago with a co2 scrubber. But after following very closely the indicators above I tested the following...
  18. M

    Chaeto breaking/splitting in small pieces

    Hey all I need an advice here. I have a refugium with a chaeto set about 15 days ago. It was fine until yesterday when started to break in a few pieces. Today in the morning it was worse, so I took out from the sump because started to spread a lot of pieces in the tank. It is still green...
  19. Coralick

    Florida Georgia Hanna alk tester 25$ local pickup Api master 15$

    Hanna alk tester 25$ needs reagent other wise like new Api Master reef test 15$ Salifert calcium brand new 15$ Salifert alk used twice 10$ Take all for 50 Hallandale FL 33009
  20. J

    Alk & Cal Stability

    Hey all quick question, If alkalinity and calcium (but more importantly alk) is not stable and maintained properly, will that stop or slow down coral growth? Even including soft corals even though they don’t rely on those elements as much as stony’s? Thanks as always everyone, happy reefing.
  21. Jessica_270

    Calcium Levels

    Hello, I have recently started a 180 build that was cycled in September 2020. Tank is doing great, however, my calcium stays high and I do not understand why or what I need to do different. I don’t even dose calcium but it stays 520-550. Any advice would be much appreciated!
  22. plankton

    Which Alk/Ca values should I believe?

    I have a New Years resolution to keep my tank chemistry as stable as possible to allow my corals to thrive. They are doing fine now with good growth and color and want to keep it that way. However, depending on the test kit I use I'm getting different results so not sure exactly what the 'now'...
  23. plankton

    Daily Alk/Ca consumption off

    Been monitoring my 9 month old nano tank (35 total gallons) and it consumed roughly 20 ppm Ca and 0.3 dKh per day. Using the reef calculator that would be 20.2 ml Bionic Alk and 43.7 ml Bionic Ca : nearly 2 to 1. I'm using Hanna testkits right now to measure Ca and Alk. Does that sound weird...
  24. Reefer37

    Is it Normal for no ALK/Cal Use in a Week?

    So I have a year old 45g cube with some LPS and softies. Total maybe 20-25 corals. It's not overly stocked, so maybe this is pretty normal, but I feel there would be some use in my alkalinity or calcium levels. I checked over a week and looks like no use of any alk or calcium. Check Alk with...
  25. J

    Trace elements in a softie only tank

    Hi everyone, hope you and your reefs are all doing well. I just wanted to discuss something quick. I’ve read a lot of forums about how doing a 10% water change weekly/bi weekly or a 20% water change monthly is enough to replenish the elements for a softie only tank since they don’t consume a...
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