1. T

    Question to Randy - what methods do you use in your tanks?

    Hello, First of all - thanks Randy for your contribution to spreading knowledge on this forum. Without you I wouldn't learn many things I have never heard about it, despite the fact I do not like going with the easiest and most common solution and thus I like to explore and experiment. I...
  2. ldreefer

    Calcium and ALK levels - are mine ok?

    I’ve been in the reef game for a long time, but took a break for a while and just recently got started again. This time around I’m trying to make sure I really stay on top of water parameters, so I’ve been testing regularly. I started this time with a used tank from my dad, a Red Sea 350 and re...
  3. LukeWolf

    Missouri Testing Drygoods Hanna Calcium Checker-brand new

    Brand new never used Hanna calcium checker. Only selling due to having to shut down my tank to go to college. Asking $45 shipped but willing to haggle
  4. J

    My calcium won't go down

    Hello, I am having a weird problem. My calcium won't go down. I have been using tropic Marin all for reef for quite some time (powder mixed with RODI), and recently I've noticed my alk and mag are ok (9dkh, 1375 mag) but my calcium is 550-600 (usually 430-460). I lowered my all for reef dosing...
  5. J

    Help with Aquaforest calcium

    Hello guys, I’ve got a question regarding aquaforest calcium. They say to dissolve in 1L water and dose 100ml per 100L of tank water. Well my tank is 100L and me adding 100ml of water a day to raise the calcium by 18 is gonna make my tank overflow lol. They say you can make it concentrated so...
  6. Firepony

    Help ☹️ please

    I'm sorry to ask this if it's stupid ☹️ but I really need help in how to use these...I tried and by the end I'm so frustrated because I don't understand and also I have a disability with numbers so this makes it harder ☹️
  7. S

    Tweaking all for reef

    I have a 6 month old 65 gal mixed reef that I’ve been dosing with all for reef. I use the powdered form and mix it myself. Currently have mostly small lps frags but a handful of sps and softies as well. I’m waiting for my parameters to get more in line before adding in any more acros. Most of...
  8. chemicals

    dKH pretty low, calcium and magnesium normal

    Hi, Today did some testing and I found that my alkalinity is pretty low. dKH: ~6 Ca: 470 Mg: 1440 Salinity: 1.025 pH: ~8 Nitrate: ~6 Ammonia and nitrite: 0 These testing results are 1 week after a water change. I use Tropic Marin Pro salt and a new batch of water has around 7,2 dKH. Should I...
  9. Hannahmunt

    Salifert calcium test

    Hello, I need a bit of help with the salifert calcium test. I can’t work out what the result is. I added in pretty much all of the Ca-2 until the water turned blue. I have attached a picture of how much I added and the blue water.
  10. Leon Gorani

    Should I dose alkalinity alone or all for reef?

    So I have my apex trident testing and I will post an image of my results for you guys. My alkalinity has been sitting at 6.28. My apex has been saying it is usually at that measurement for the last month or so, ever since I set up the trident. But I just did a test with my Hannah tester and it...
  11. WTJReef

    kH, Ca & Mg Dosing help

    Hi Guys, I've been testing my tank water for about a week and have recently introduced my first batch of coral - 4 small LPS frags along with a small Zoa frag into my tank this weekend. In the week leading up, I was told my Calcium was low by my LFS after I took my water in double check my...
  12. SigmaVX

    Calcium Consistently High Without Dosing

    I’ve been running a 32 gal AIO reef tank for about a year (with a lid). The Ca constantly runs high (500 to 550 range). This is meassured 2x per day on a Triton and have verified with a Salifert kit. I was using Tropic Marin pro salt which runs high on Ca but bumped down to the regular version...
  13. NoobTank

    Calcium and alk

    My calcium is at 361 ppm and alk is at 8.1 dkh, these are currently the only Hannah checkers I own and don’t have a phosphate reader and I know most people don’t like API but it’s currently what I have till I can get mor checkers. Waiting for a sale but ph is a little above 8 from the color...
  14. GEO CR612X2 Calcium Reactor

    For sale Illinois GEO CR612X2 Calcium Reactor

    Selling my GEO CR612X2 after breaking down my reef after several years in the hobby. In my opinon, this is the best CR on the market and I set it and forgot it. I never had a problem with the reactor and it was a workhorse. Equipment from Geos Reef are amazing and this was purchased directly...
  15. B

    New to R2R, My 3 month old tank is covered in this unindified algae?

    Hello all, As the title says I just got back into saltwater after about 10 years. This algae whatever it is is winning the battle because I am out out idea's my water parameters are near perfect though about a week ago I added some calcium supplement (for my halimeda plant) and misread the...
  16. J

    Alk dropping and Calcium going up?

    Hey everyone, so I’m trying to stabilize my parameters and get a good dosing schedule going but my calcium keeps rising and my alk keeps dropping pretty fast. I know that they are connected and that’s why that’s happening. My alk is currently around 10 dKH and my calcium 501ppm (trident system...
  17. S

    kalkwasser making water cloudy

    So about a week ago i began dosing kalkwasser into my tank through my ATO to try to raise my alkalinity and calcium given they were both reading lower than usual. My alkalinity has increased by .2 already which is good except the kalkwasser mix seems to be making my water cloudy. I am running a...
  18. Falcon30

    Hanna checkers or other water quality testers

    Just getting back in so not sure if to spend on the Hanna checkers for calc alk mag and phos or purchase something else like red sea or api or any other out there now
  19. Neptune Trident

    For sale Neptune Trident

    I have a brand new trident unopened plastic still on the box. I had already purchased another one before Neptune decided to ship me a new one as a replacement for a used one I purchased from a member here. This one I just received yesterday and it's not one I need and rather than it sit on the...
  20. Apayson

    When to test Calcium & Alkalinity?

    At what point in the 4 month cycle of a new saltwater tank should I start testing & adjusting the Calcium & Alkalinity? Is it best to start immediate when you initially set up the tank? Or a few months down the road when a few fish are already living in the tank & I want to introduce coral?
  21. Perthegallon

    New Hampshire Dry Good Trade Hanna checker calcium

    35 Hanna checker calcium used one or two times and stored and kept cleaned (ro water in the vials at all times) 5$ for shipping located in NH


    I am selling my GEO REEF CR818 Calcium Reactor with Check Valve. It is the 2019 model which includes the Sicce Syncra 3.0 pump. You will need poly tubing to make the connections. This is an awesome reactor and works outstanding. It was used to support a 400 gallon heavily stocked predominantly...
  23. K

    Calcium level above Hanna test kit reference range but alkalinity stable within 8-9 dKH

    I have a 7 month old ~3g reef tank containing a faviitees, stone pipe coral, GSP, palythoa, and hydnophora + clean up crew (1 Scarlett hermit crab, 2 blue legged hermit crabs, 5 bumblebee snails and 1 tuxedo urchin). Ever since I’ve started testing calcium, my Hanna reader shows that my calcium...
  24. rene9898

    California Dry Good Trade WTT for

    Hanna HI772 Marine DKH Alkalinity Checker HC ALK Hanna Instruments HI758U Marine Calcium Checker Bought both from BRS in November 2021 and never used Looking to trade for a BRS media reactor with pump.
  25. GEO 612 Calcium Reactor / GLA SS Regulator

    For sale GEO 612 Calcium Reactor / GLA SS Regulator

    Fall 2017 / Complete GEO 612 Calcium Reactor Setup Asking $725.00 Will not sell any piece separately. Stage-1 GEO 612 Calcium Reactor Stage-2 GEO SMC415 Secondary Chamber GLA Custom made / Hand-built Stainless Steel, Dual Stage regulator with led chip option for the solenoid. Regulator...