1. R

    calcium consumption stopped, alkalinity consumption increased, and algae growth

    Greetings! I’m generally just a lurker, and I don’t usually post. But I’ve run into an issue that I’m not sure how to handle, and I wanted to see if the crowd here might have some good ideas. Background I have a 75 gal reef tank (probably around 80 gallons total volume). The tank has been...
  2. YaboiNathan

    Hanna test kit

    Hannah nitrate HR, phosphorus LR , copper HR with validate reagent, 110 for all 3 shipped. I will give 2 extra tube and extra reagent for phosphorus
  3. ReefStable

    How to Start Dosing Calcium, Alkalinity and Magnesium in Reef Tanks

    How to Start Dosing Calcium, Alkalinity and Magnesium in Reef Tanks If you're ready for SPS, or even some LPS coral and need to maintain stable calcium and alkalinity, this is for you! Link: How to Start Dosing Calcium, Alkalinity and Magnesium in Reef Tanks Don't make critical mistakes...
  4. Blakjax

    Hanna Calcium Colorimeter HI758 - Marine Water - $45

    I have a Hanna Calcium Colorimeter HI758 for Marine Water for sale. This was only used a handful of times and includes the reagents. Add $5 for shipping.
  5. royaleFork

    Salifert test kits - washington - won't ship

    I have 3 test kits available for sale (calc, mag, alk). I bought them hoping I could use them, but can't since I'm colorblind and can't see the transitions well. They have either never been used or used once or twice. I live in the Woodinville area and would either prefer pick up or Woodinville...
  6. SCH14

    Hanna Calcium Checker

    $40+ shipping Have used twice. Will ship for $10 to lower 48.
  7. Smooch30

    Florida Media Drygoods SOLD Reef Octopus Calcium Reactor - CalReact 220 - $400.00

    Reef Octopus Calcium Reactor - CalReact 220 for sale in Tampa, FL. Used only 1 1/2 years. Excellent condition. $400.00.
  8. O

    Low Alk / High Ca

    Hey all. Been following the community over the years now and finally decided to create an account and become more active. I've been in the hobby for ~15 years now. Went from a 25g to my current 40 breeder (bare bottom) ~5 years ago. Unfortunately, I lost interest in the hobby going on a few...
  9. Afkomjorgen

    Base of LPS splitting, Frogspawn and now Hammer

    Hello! Just a question to make sure I’m not missing a pest or something. My Frogspawn reached 16+ heads this spring and has looked great the whole time, but it suddenly split down the skeletal base into 2 colonies. Neither seemed bothered by the change. Last night, my Hammer of 25 heads...
  10. L

    Beginners troubles with chemistry and outbreak

    Hi reefers, I have a preowned REEFER XL425, I started it from very beginning 2 months ago. A week ago it got through cycling so I bought a pair of Nemos, 5 mixed frags, 3 shrimps a 4 snails. Everyone look great. Except the fact, that the chemistry is weird and now the massive green outbreak...
  11. P

    ABC Trident Reagents

    Has anyone used these reagents from for their trident? Supposedly they work just like the Neptune reagents but obviously they are much cheaper. If people have any experience with these, please comment. If they work well, this will definitely be a game changer!
  12. Fish Fan

    New York Testing Drygoods FS: Hanna Calcium (new) and Alkalinity (lightly used) Checkers

    Hey guys! For sale are a couple of Hanna Checker colorimeters. Calcium is like new, never used. REAGENTS HAVE EXPIRED! Asking $50 Alkalinity is lightly used. NO REAGENTS INCLUDED! Asking $45 Or take both for $85! Prices include shipping and PayPal fees. Please PayPal only, no Venmo, etc. US...
  13. BleachedCoral

    Please help with fading Maxima Clam mantle

    Hello, I purchased Maxima Clam about 3 weeks ago, and noticed that it's mantle has become flaky and cracked, like asphalt that was heavily salted in the winter (It's more clear when you zoom in on the picture). It's receiving about 150 PAR and has low to moderate flow. Alkalinity is at 8.2...
  14. B

    Parameter question

    Hey all, it's been a few years since I kept a saltwater tank - my expertise is definitely in freshwater and turtles. In the past I had 2 thriving reef tanks with fish & LPS but once my ex and I broke up I kept the freshwater and he took the salt tanks (he was definitely the salt expert!) So...
  15. phil bevilacqua

    Alabama Dosing SOLD Calcium reactor media

    I have a 44 pound box of large reborn and I have all the other stuff that I have normally mixed in it for years, and I’ve had wonderful success. It’s a blend of others and size. It’s all in the pictures and it’s probably $300 -350 worth of media.
  16. T

    New York Testing Drygoods Hanna 97105 Marine Master $250 shipped

    Selling Hanna HI97105 Marine Master photomer tester. Good+ condition. Tests Nitrite ULR, Nitrate LR, Nitrate HR, Calcium, Alkalinity and pH. Asking $250 obo PayPal Goods & Services shipped. Tests included and in date: Nitrate HR: 40 with 08/2026 earliest expiration Phosphate ULR: 28 with...
  17. X

    Sudden drastic Calcium spike?

    Hi, I'm still fairly new to the hobby, I've only been running my tank a few months. We installed a Trident about a week ago and it showed our Calcium was too high, way up at about 576. I think we'd been misreading our Red Sea test kits and over-dosing as a result. Since then Calcium has slowly...
  18. R

    High Alk, Low Magnesium and Calcium

    Hey everyone, I’m trying to wrap my head around why has my Alk risen and whats depleting calcium and magnesium. And what’s the solution. I recently added a hammer garden (9 heads) and a yumma mushroom and soon after I noticed my Alk jumped to 10 and resulting in depletion of my calcium and...
  19. Acrofiend

    California Testing Drygoods .

  20. Hidden426

    Illinois Testing Drygoods Hanna Testers - Salinity, pH, Temp, Alk, Phos, and Calcium

    I am getting out of the hobby and have a few Hanna Testers that need to go. I am open to offers but please be reasonable. If shipping is needed you will need to cover the shipping costs. Salinity Tester $45 PH $40 Temperature $30 Alkalinity $45 Phosphates $45 Calcium $45
  21. ravalos2282

    EMERGENCY Water parameters are high!!!!!

    Hello I need help lowering some parameters Salinity 1.025 Temp 78F I attached and image with the rest Please help let me i ow what to do!!!!
  22. Daved4

    Connecticut Testing Drygoods *Sold* Neptune Trident- Used - 400 shipped to the lower 48.

    Neptune Trident up for grabs. Just recently service for maintenance at neptune (have receipt for proof of maintenance). Used for approximately just over a year.
  23. SaltwaterandLime

    Calcium doing things it shouldnt

    Both logically and scientifically I realize that that calcium levels in my tank should not be rising unless I'm physically adding calcium to my tank. According to my Trident (recently calibrated), a hanna checker, an aquaforest test kit, and my LFS.... my calcium levels are continuing to rise...
  24. A

    Connecticut New Jersey New York Drygoods 2 Hanna Checkers - about 2 years old in like new condition - $50 each or bulk discount - 3D printed holder/stand - Will Ship

    Marine Calcium Marine Alkalinity I also have a sweet 3D printed holder/stand
  25. H

    Issues dosing All For Reef.

    Hello My friends, i have a 105gallon Reef tank just lps, zoas and softies. I’ve been dosing 22ml of all for reef daily for about 9 months, alkalinity has always been stable my issue is calcium, it’s always been high im thinking of ditching all for reef and going to a regular 2-part any thoughts...