1. R

    Introduction to dosing

    Hi everyone hope you’re doing well. So today I tested my water for the first time and here are my numbers Calcium: 350 Alkalinity: 7 Ph: 7.8 I have brightwell aquatics calcium, alkalinity and ph ready to be used. I’ve been doing some research on dosing but it’s hard to wrap your head around...
  2. Rossmont

    Pure vinegar to clean pumps?

    Hey reefers, we've been asked multiple times how to clean aquarium equipment and we've been through multiple options which other reefers normally use. First of all, we recommend to often clean your equipment as this maintains a high efficiency and generally extends the products life. In regard...
  3. ChronosReef

    Tennessee Apex, reef keeper, other

    Hey guys was cleaning the fish room and I get some stuff to get rid of, Apex unit, not sure where the face is, I connected it to and can access fusion, it also comes with two probes(and magnetic probe holder). Shoot me an 200obo on that cause I’m not sure of a price without the...
  4. AquaDaddy

    Washington Korallin C-3002 Calcium Reactor

    Brand new in opened box. Asking $350 plus shipping.
  5. psumms

    Dosing Plan - When & with what...

    Hi all, I'm now using a D-D P4 Pro dosing pump and which give great control over chemical anti-interference, split dosing over a schedule etc. and its got me researching for answers to a couple of questions... For each of my Alkalinity, Calcium, Magnesium, NoPoX ... Recommended times of day to...
  6. Gustavo89

    How to dose (using doser) Dry Calcium from AquaForest?

    Hello, I want to know how to dose The Dry calcium from ** (make my own water to be dosed) I saw on youtube on the balling method, that you should add 50 grams of Dry Calcium to 1 liter with RODI water. They dont mention how much ml you should dose to a certain Tank size, and how much will...
  7. ChronosReef


    Howdy everyone, my love just got me the new apex system and a new trident :)!! So i'm selling my kh director I purchased Jan 16'th of last year so still under warranty. Everything works great, includes Kh director, Stand alone GHL doser all cables and half a bottle of 1000ml reagent. 600...
  8. RacinJason

    Texas Calcium Reactor, CO2 Tank, Regulator

    Korallin Calcium Reactor with media, AquaMaxx second chamber with media, 5lb CO2 tank, regulator with solenoid valve. Used for 13 months, perfect working condition. $400 shipped FIRM
  9. RichyRich50


    Hanna Checkers $30 CALIBRATION CHECK $5 call or text me 678-467-7495
  10. REEFer86


    Has anyone tried the Red Sea Reef Energy Coral nutrition A/B ? What effects does it have on calcium and magnesium? How can the calcium and mag dip and rise without doing anything? Started dosing Alkalinity by Red Sea. Need to get CO2 to get my calcium reactor running. Who’s used a calcium...
  11. BonelessEvil

    pH: trust the probe or test kit?

    I keep testing my pH and trusting the Red Sea test kit, which shows a consistent 8.0-8.4 number throughout the day. Since I like this number over that of the probe, I've assumed it was correct. Now, I replaced my Neptune systems double junction probe without of BRS, also double junction. Both...
  12. MnFish1

    Concerning the Trident:

    A quick poll about how to be sure your trident is giving correct measurements: You can pick one or more than one. This poll is about the trident - and is not designed to be a negative. Its designed to see how many people actually do what Neptune says they should do when using their equipment...
  13. BonelessEvil

    Chasing numbers… Sigh

    I've been doing reef aquaria long enough to know I'm not supposed to chase numbers; yet, I found myself doing that the past couple of weeks. Unfortunately, in the process, I've managed to kill 1 clam, while the other one looks like it's on its way out. Everything else seems to be looking all...
  14. MindStream

    The MindStream Pricing and Subscription Model

    Thank you for all your interest and initial orders! We’ve had a lot of inquiries regarding our pricing and subscription model so we’re writing to provide a little more information that we hope will be helpful to you. The MindStream Monitor enables reef keepers to gain a much deeper...
  15. MindStream

    An exciting update from Step Ahead Innovations, makers of the MindStream Monitor!

    We are very excited to announce that our new web store is now open for business and that we are taking orders for the MindStream Monitor –! Thank you for your patience as we have overcome numerous technical challenges to bring this highly sophisticated monitoring device to...
  16. Jeremy Chatham

    My New ReefBot cannot test 8 things. Only 4.

    So I just received my new reefbot. I am surprised to report that it cannot test 8 different things as one setup. I am able to test Alk. Calcium. Mag. And phosphates. So even though there are 8 vials in the machine some test kits require multiple reagents for a single test. I guess I will need...
  17. Broadfield

    Illinois Triton Method - CORE7 BASE ELEMENTS 1000ML SET

    Since I tore my reef down, I no longer have use for these. $40 shipped - 2 sets available. ***SOLD***
  18. Austin Lee

    High calc with fresh Reef Crystals?

    Has anyone else had an issue with IO Reef Crystals having super high calc? I had a calc reading of 518 in my tank over the weekend and a fellow reefer on here suggested I mix some fresh SW and test the params, so I did and at 1.026 ppm, Reef Crystals is measuring calc at 522. Anyone else had...
  19. Austin Lee

    First time testing Calc & Alk. Calc seems high?

    Hi all, I invested in a couple of Hanna checkers for the first time! I have a 25 lagoon that's about 7 months old. It's all LPS right now, and I'd like to add some montis soon, so I tested both Calc & Alk today for the first time and they came in at 518 & 8.1, respectively. I double tested...
  20. MnFish1

    Survival - not the TV show....

    Curious people are always buying frags - and every now and then (every other day lol:) there is a comment about 'the high prices'. So - I'm curious - what percentage of your frags actually 'grow into colonies - lets say 5 inches or more. How important do you think stable alkalinity is in...
  21. MarineDepot

    Neptune Systems Trident: Going, Going, GONE!

    We sold out of the Neptune Systems Trident in about 10 minutes this morning. The good news: we'll have more on the way soon! If you're interested in picking up a Trident, click the "notify me" button on this page and we'll send you an email once they return:
  22. LilElroyJetson

    Brightwell Reef Code Max Dosage vs. Advanced

    I've been dosing Brightwell Aquatics Reef Code A & B for about a week now. Learned that I need to dial up my dose but also wanted to bring my Calcium and Alkalinity up generally, and in reading the advanced instructions I'm a bit confused. Reef Code A (Calcium) instructions read: "If the...
  23. Angelo Fatica

    Dosing Questions...

    Hey all, i tested my water last night and tonight to see the amount i need to dose for calcium, alk, and magnesium. Last night, my alk was at a 7.2, magnesium was around 1425 ppm, and calcium was at about 520 ppm (This was after a water change that I did a day before). Tonight, I saw that my alk...
  24. YoCamron

    Kalkwasser dosing

    Hi everyone. So I got my hanna test kit today to move from my regular dosing to just using kalkwasser with an ATO. My calcium is at 483 and alkalinity is at 7.2 which is alright for me alkalinity could be raised a bit but 7.2 is really fine for me. Should I allow my tank to go for a week...
  25. MarineDepot

    Hanna Checkers and ESV B-Ionic Giveaway - 24 HOURS ONLY

    Hanna Checkers and ESV B-Ionic Giveaway - 24 HOURS ONLY We are having a giveaway on Facebook today 3/7/19 and will choose 1 winner tomorrow 3/8/19. There is no purchase necessary to enter or win. You must be a U.S. resident age 18 or older to participate. ENTER NOW >
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