1. Mikey0909

    Would this bulb enough light for a 5 gallon refuguim?

    I will probably just have cheato in the refugium. The bulb is also 2700 K
  2. AlgaeBarn

    Livestock The 3 most important events in world history?... (chaeto)

    The sealing of the Magna Carta. The invention of the World Wide Web. That time we updated the website with Chaeto on a THURSDAY. Chaeto is available in our Ultimate Refugium Starter Packs today!
  3. R

    Chaeto damaging tank?

    Hi everyone. So my chaeto has been growing very quickly, and every night I can see it producing a bunch of oxygen bubbles. I also added a flow pump to the chamber its in. However, when I went to harvest half of it, a huge cloudy mess went into the water when I stirred it up, and now my water is...
  4. A

    Want to buy macro algae

    Looking for affordable macro, hypnea, ogo, codium, or gracicularia would be nice. Can’t afford anything expensive willing to pay for priority shipping. Lmk what you have and what your asking. PayPal only
  5. A

    How long can chaeto survive in the mail?

    Found someone on ebay selling chaeto for a good price the issue is he is shipping priority mail. How long could it last in a padded envelope? Would it be worth the risk with all the shipping delays?
  6. Arcite

    Requesting help identifying a potential issue in refugium macro algae

    Hi everyone, I have Sea Lettuce and Chaeto in my refugium (there are some other things in there if you wanna check out my build thread). I've started noticing these white, hair-like clumps in my sea lettuce. Can anyone identify this? Is it something I should be concerned about?
  7. B

    Why is my Chaeto melting / disintegrating?

    I have tried to have Chaeto in a refugium a couple of times to fight the hair algae in my DT. But in both cases, after a month or two it starts breaking apart and of course, it creates a mess in my DT Setting: I have created a separate compartment in my Reefer 170 sump with a Kessil H80 for...
  8. hart24601

    Iowa Chaeto 2 cups free priority mail shipping $25 4 cups $40 shipped!

    I have been using chaeto since around 2013. I won the acro growout contest here in 2014 along with have a tank spotlight the next year and those are photos from that system. I would not have been able to win the contest or support that system without chaeto. I included those photos in the...
  9. chadfish

    Remember to dispose of your excess chaeto responsibly

    Hi Everyone, I just came across this journal article about chaetomorpha which "possess broad environmental tolerances, demonstrate high nutrient uptake and growth rates, and reproduce by fragmentation. Although these characteristics make Chaetomorpha a desirable aquarium inhabitant, they may...

    Chaeto has been restocked!

    We accidentally let this go out of stock and now its back up! All portion sizes are available! Our chaeto is grown in an algae reactor and is looking great! While its always somewhat limited we generally have some available at all times. If you need some, this is your chance! [Click Here to View]
  11. Jaspervdb

    Coraline on cheato?

    Dear Reef2Reef, I recently got my first ball of cheato and some pieces are covered in small tube like things. Some at the end of the cheato and some in de middle. Can this be coraline algea or are they vermetid snails? Or anything other than that? Seems to be clear of any other hitchhikers...
  12. DeNovice

    Will chaeto drop nitrate and phosphate to zero?

    I have been consistently getting 0 on Nitrate and Phosphate. I have chaeto in a back chamber that’s literally doubling in size in about a weeks time. I give it 18 hours of light which I’d read was recommended. I also have green hair algae forming on the sand. As of yesterday, my ammonia level...
  13. DeNovice

    Phosphate question

    I have a newer tank setup. 20g AIO cube. That being said, I turned my middle chamber into a chaeto reactor and it doubled in size in about two weeks. I just tested my levels and came up with this - Ammonia .25 Nitrate 0 Ph 8 Phosphate .25 Nitrite 0 Full disclosure I’m not 100% since I’m using...
  14. JoannaCora

    Display Refugium and Seeking Macros

    Hello all! First post here on the forum, been in the shadows for a while though. Nice to meet you all! I'm stocking a display refugium and this post is to a) show off, c) request specific IDs if anyone knows them, and b) find anyone in the Southern California area willing to sell, trade, or...
  15. jackalexander

    Help with green hair algae

    I’ve been battling GHA for a few months now and It’s upsetting because I got it on a frag plug from my LFS. It has only spread a little bit and it pulls off easily so my nitrates are >5ppm and phosphate is around >0.15. I have tried flipping rocks upside down to cover the GHA, manual removal...
  16. jackalexander

    Chaeto Acclimation

    I just started a mini fuge to try and combat some gross algae and keep nitrates in check. I read in some places that I should start by lighting it for 4 hours a day for a week then increase to a full light schedule of 8-12 hours a day. Any tips from successful fuge keepers? Do any of you turn...
  17. N

    First time doing Refugium - competing algae?

    94Gal DT Trigger 30 Sump Tank is only a few months running After tank cycled, I added 2 clowns. A few weeks later a few snails / hermit crabs. Long term goal (1+ years) is to have a pair Mandarins to I wanted to set up refugium and start seeding with Pods. Initially added MarinePure block &...
  18. jackalexander

    Is a Refugium Worth it?

    I have a 32g that is running a filter pad (carbon), a bag of red sea carbon and a thick sponge on the bottom of the basket. Below that basket I wanted to put a mini refugium but is it even worth it since it would set me back around $100? I plan on having 6 fish if that helps..
  19. X

    I finally beat dinos!

    So my tank has had dinos for a few months, going from good to bad good to bad to worse, with recently being REALLLY bad. Here is a pic from a month or two ago. And here is what it looks like now. To be honest, im really not sure what I did. I manually removed it now and then. the biggest...
  20. A

    External Refugium setup and thoughts

    Im deciding on whether or not I want to set up a refugium. Really the decision is on how I want to set it up. I love the mandarian Goby (who doesn't) and feel like the best way to keep one is with a fuge. I had one for 2 years previously, but had to move and tear down the tank and sold him. I...
  21. S

    Looking for chaeto near warren mi

    Hello, I've been looking all over for some chaeto. Most online retailers and local shops seem to be sold out! Was wondering if someone close to warren, mi would be willing to spare/trade some with me.
  22. J

    AI Fuge light and refugium

    Hello, Can someone give me some advice on refugium lighting for my AI Fuge light and chaeto? I'm really trying to learn height from water, AI time settings, intensity, and spectrum. I've had a hard time finding this info using google. Thanks!
  23. TheWackyWiz

    New to STL and in need of Chaeto

    Hey Everyone, Hope you're staying cozy and safe with this weather! Reaching out because I'm in a bit of a pickle. I recently upgraded my set up and unfortunately it caused my Chaeto to crash. I've been having a heck of a time finding some replacement online, and my usual LFS are tapped as...
  24. R

    Macro Algae Refugium Issues with Alk and Calcium Please Advise

    Hello All, Been at this over a year and like to learn so I practically visit reef2reef daily. I have a question I haven't seen answered here. I have for the last year had a 32 Gallon Refugium. It is a standalone and Macros such as Ulva, Chaeto, are growing well but I am not sure if this is a...
  25. lrp693

    Will This Work? (Fluval Evo 13.5 Filtration Upgrade)

    Hello all, I am looking into upgrading the stock filtration on my Fluval Evo 13.5. I have been running the stock system for around 1.5 years and I am not seeing the kind of results I would like to. I believe there are too many nutrients building up in the stock sponge. Here is the diagram of...