1. roninmagik1

    Florida Live Goods Cheato - Free (disregard the .99 item price, it's FREE)

    My chaeto has grown too big, i need to get rid of some. i'm looking to get rid of enough that it would fill a ziplock bag, the gallon size, or right around there. Located near Pembroke Lakes mall in Pembroke Pines, FL. Meetup by the Publix near me. Bring a bucket would probably make...
  2. Guns286

    Refugium vs Algae Scrubber

    I would have assumed that this question was asked before, but I didn’t see it anywhere. But, I’m sorry if it’s a repeat and I just missed it. ‘Soon I will be ready to set up a 50g reef aquarium, with a 20g sump. My plan is to incorporate a refugium into my sump. I’ve read a lot of articles and...
  3. Y

    Copepod refugium help

    Hey all, I’ve recently bought a Scooter Blenny for my Waterbox 20. He readily takes frozen food, been feeding him frozen copepods which he readily eats, and he picks at what live copepods he can find in my tank. Id like to construct a refugium for breeding pods, but just a rubble refugium. I...
  4. A

    Macroalgae Help!

    Hello! So I have been trying to grow Chaeto, and to not avail, it ends up going clear and brown. My nutrients are 15-20 ppm for nitrates and between .1-.003 ppm for nitrates. I have my lights on for an 8-10 hour photo period, with a 60% intensity at 7 inches above the surface, Chaeto being down...
  5. A

    Chaeto Turning White

    Hello! I am new to the refugium world. My Chaeto is turning white in some spots, but definitely has enough light. I run the AI Prime Fuge on 60% for a 10 hour photo period that was acclimated at 50% of that onward. Secondly, I might not have enough flow, because I rigged up a baffle in my sump...
  6. ScubaFish802

    Cultivated Reef

    Just adding to the good reviews for Cultivated Reef. Package was shipped in insulated container with heat pack and additional padding inside. Seller included an additional frag for free in the package as well at no additional cost (I gave no indication I was part of Reef2Reef or anything)...
  7. J

    Using/modifying freshwater pumps for saltwater

    Hi everyone, so I've set up a little betta tank as an amphipod culture tank but the powerhead that the internal filter comes with is obviously designed for freshwater; I was wondering, is it really such an issue to use a pump that likely has a stainless steel shaft for marine purposes? The pumps...
  8. K

    Help with sequence of events

    Hello everyone, I would love the opportunity to pick your brains a bit. So I am in the process upgrading from a 54 gallon corner tank to a 125 gallon I bought off of Facebook. (Pictures to follow). I cleaned it up, drilled it, and modified the stand. I now have a 30 gallon three stage sump and a...
  9. BamaCoastPyrat

    How do you tell if chaeto is clean?

    I am in the process of setting up a sump refugium for my 40 gallon tank. But I am having a hard time finding chaeto. BRS is sold out. Algae Barn is sold out. Just about every place that I have seen highly recommended is sold out. So if I find someone selling chaeto that hasn't already come...
  10. Yerxi

    Does this light work for a refuge?

    Currently trying to use this light on its blue setting to grow chaetomorpha. Already had the light so I figured its worth a shot and fits nicely mounted on the sump but I see a lot of red light spectrum in refuge lights so not sure if its a necessity or just better for growing. I know its better...
  11. Hugo’s_Reef

    Any Macroalgae resistant to fluconazole??

    i have been able to eliminate bryopsis almost completely from my sps system with fluconazole . Unfortunately after a few months it comes back. I am currently running triton method so every time I dose the fluconazole I have to pull out my chaeto. going forward I would like to just leave...
  12. WheatToast

    Chaetomorpha... with a Holdfast

    Attached Chaetomorpha antennina is the first image on Wikipedia's Chaetomorpha page How many of you all have come across attached Chaetomorpha, in captivity? When I was figuring out macroalgae with my first build years ago, I discovered that Chaetomorpha is capable of attaching itself to rocks...
  13. S

    Wanting to build a refugium in my red sea reefer 350 v3 sump. Need advice

    Hey I am wanting to use a section of my Redsea reefer 350 v3 sump for some chato to help in nutrient control as I don't wish to use Nopox and id like to try the more natural approach i can see with my eyes. Unfortunately the 350's sump all be it spacious gets cramped once you have; heaters...
  14. tdburchett

    When to start a refugium

    I am coming from the world of planted tanks where the “best practice” for starting a new tank is to fill it with plants (of course, there is still lots of debate on that as there are in all things). Does this still apply to a salt water tank refugium? Is it best to start it up on day 1 while...
  15. E

    Fuge Rites phosphate

    First time posting on reef 2 reef. Been asking for advice from a Facebook good but haven’t had any luck. I have a 75 gallon display with a 18gallon sump. I have a fuge going, but to me the rites and phosphate are still to high. I had .17 on the phosphate and 17.6 on rites. Done a 20% water...
  16. rene9898


    This thread is for the general discussion of the classified ad Chaeto. For more information about this item, please click the link or ask a question in this thread. Please add to the discussion here.
  17. J

    Chaeto not growing!

    I recently set-up a refugium to deal with nutrients especially Nitrate and Phosphate. I bought a bunch of Chaeto, and am using a Kessil H160 Tuna Flora...I am running it about 16 hours/day on the red setting at max intensity. My tank is 13 years old. Any suggestions as to how I can get it to...
  18. L

    Vibrant after bubble algae

    Hi All, I am at the 6 week mark of dosing vibrant for bubble algae and it has done a great job. Enjoying less buildup on the glass for sure and BA is almost gone. I had my chaeto in a separate tank and have read about it could be better to start with fresh chaeto to prevent reintroduction...
  19. ReefStache

    What do YOU add first to your cycled reef tank?

    There are many ways to get a reef tank going these days. Curious to hear about your process once cycled. Let’s chat… Personally, with my current build, once the tank was cycled I added some cleanup crew (love Cerith snails) for the diatoms, Chaeto macroalgae (preparing for my first fish...
  20. borillion

    Too little or too much refugium lighting?

    Biocube 29 I stuck some chaeto in the rear middle chamber intank fuge basket, cut up a 3 tube red blue and white led light fixture from Amazon. Grow Light for Indoor Plants, 198 LEDs Full Spectrum LED Grow Light Normally you can only light up the red + blue or the white but not all strings...
  21. Neptune Systems Apex GRO Refugium Light

    For sale Neptune Systems Apex GRO Refugium Light

    Almost brand new Neptune Systems GRO refugium light. Was used only a couple weeks. It has the tank mount. $120.00 Shipped In U.S.
  22. borillion

    Biocube 2nd chamber & chaeto?

    So I want to use the rear 2nd chamber as a refugium and put some chaeto back in there, along with some reef rubble and/or marinepure. Will a small power head or those flat wave makers help in there or is there enough circulation from the spill over put of the first chamber?
  23. Adam1985

    Algae ID

    Hi all, Recently I changed skimmers and my chaeto died off, and now is back with a different texture (weird right - it’s much thicker, darker green, and stiffer than earlier) and what seems to be a new species or algae has started growing on the water surface. Any idea what this is stuff is...
  24. MarshallB

    Best chaeto replacement?

    Hi all, I'm at just about my limit with trying to grow chaeto. My nutrients are usually around 30-40 ppm nitrate and .03 -.06 phophsate. I've got plenty of flow through the sump. I've used a kessil h380 and recently bought an A360x thinking the h380 might have just been too intense. It's hung...
  25. trevorhiller

    DIY Submersible Nano AIO Refugium Grow Light

    I’m looking for a way to potentially grow chaeto in the rear middle chamber of my AIO Waterbox Peninsula 15 gallon. After searching for submersible lights and not finding many small options, I’m considering DIY. After finding some YouTube inspiration, I have a prototype. I purchased a cheap $7...
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