1. trevorhiller

    DIY Submersible Nano AIO Refugium Grow Light

    I’m looking for a way to potentially grow chaeto in the rear middle chamber of my AIO Waterbox Peninsula 15 gallon. After searching for submersible lights and not finding many small options, I’m considering DIY. After finding some YouTube inspiration, I have a prototype. I purchased a cheap $7...
  2. Random garage cleanuo

    For sale Random garage cleanuo

    I’ve got a few things I wanna let go Aqua max large gfo and carbon reactors - $120 shipped for both Large chaeto reactor- Asking $250 shipped 20.5” X 11” Tunze 4.0 and 3.5 pumps Asking $50 shipped each (missing suction feet)
  3. MarshallB

    What does your Chaeto look like?

    So I've had my tank up for nearly 2 years. My refugium has been incredibly hit and miss. I read posts about people needing to harvest weekly or byweekly. I think i've actually trimmed my cheato maybe twice in its life span. I started my cheato in a eggcrate box which I flip every other day...
  4. milinko3

    Chaeto Tips

    I just set up a refugium light and added chaeto to my sump. I came home from work last night and my skimmer was off. I took it apart and it was clogged. What are some tips to keep the chaeto in the chamber designated for it?
  5. at11ok

    10 gal refugium enough for 55 gal?

    So I have a 55 gal reef tank and I was wondering if a 10 gal refugium would be enough for it? I want to fit a skimmer, sump, and chaeto. If it is good enough does anyone have any ideas on which equipment to get for it and maybe explain how to do it? I’m new to the hobby and only have hang on...
  6. C

    Adjusting Chaeto light schedule to maintain nutrients.

    I recently created a chaeto reactor for my Biocube. The chaeto is just starting to grow and has made me more comfortable feeding my fish and adding more to my tank. I currently have the lighting 12/12hr opposite the lighting of my display tank. It has been so efficient at reducing nutrients that...
  7. Albertoinbox

    Clean Chaetomorpha $20/$30 shipping included

    This thread is for the general discussion of the classified ad Clean Chaetomorpha $20/$30 shipping included. For more information about this item, please click the link or ask a question in this thread. Please add to the discussion here.
  8. Gogi

    Tumbling chaeto without powerhead - solved

    I always see questions along the line of; Should I add pump to make my chaeto tumble? I don't want to get into the discussion whether that's required/good for chaeto growth here. I just wanted to point out that usually the flow through the sump is enough to make chaeto spin. The flow just needs...
  9. Schraufabagel

    Red Sea Iron Test Resulting in 0.0

    I have a 25 gallon AIO with a refugium in the middle chamber. The amount of chaeto is probably the size of several softballs now. Yesterday, I dosed 2.5 mL of Brightwell Aquatics Ferrion, 1 mL of Red Sea Trace Colors Iron+, and performed a 15% water change. Prior to that I hadn't done a water...
  10. rene9898

    California WTB WTB Chaeto Light

    WTB Chaeto Light to use over my sump
  11. Karen00

    Is this chaeto safe to use?

    Hello fellow saltines, When I setup my tank close to four months ago I got a goby/pistol shrimp pair from a fellow reefer. He packed the baggie with chaeto (I'm assuming to give the shrimp something to cling to). I wasn't quite sure what to do with the chaeto so I put it in a clear food...
  12. OrchidMiss

    chaeto aiptasia...

    Hi guys. Not a question as far as ID.... I know aiptasia when I see it. That being said, I've found 3-4 visible aiptasia in my chaeto in my 1g HOB refugium... The chaeto ball has grown from about a baseball size to the size of a softball and running out of room. Question is, can I do a...
  13. T

    Hello Help removing chaeto from live rock

    Hi, When I set up my tank, I purchased premium uncured live rock. I did a great job curing it without killing much of the amazing small corals, multiple kinds of macro Algae (some I have never seen before like red moss). Anyway, I added a ball of chaeto directly into the tank but with the...
  14. merickson45

    Chaeto: at my wits' end

    I'm hoping someone can point out something I'm not seeing here. Main problem is the same as many other threads about chaeto dying, but I'm starting to think the reason is something that I don't/can't test for and dose/remove. Any chaeto I put in my RSR 170 DT sump consistently dies a slow...
  15. Nevada Wiseguy

    Looking for Biocube 32 Chaeto Holder STL File

    Does anyone have an stl for a chaeto holder? I have a Biocube 32 along with the media basket, but want to be more refugium, like I have been in the past. Last time I added chaeto it was a disaster. I would like to PETG print some sort of chaeto holder as my nitrate levels are higher than I...
  16. Mikey0909

    Would this bulb enough light for a 5 gallon refuguim?

    I will probably just have cheato in the refugium. The bulb is also 2700 K
  17. AlgaeBarn

    Livestock The 3 most important events in world history?... (chaeto)

    The sealing of the Magna Carta. The invention of the World Wide Web. That time we updated the website with Chaeto on a THURSDAY. Chaeto is available in our Ultimate Refugium Starter Packs today!
  18. R

    Chaeto damaging tank?

    Hi everyone. So my chaeto has been growing very quickly, and every night I can see it producing a bunch of oxygen bubbles. I also added a flow pump to the chamber its in. However, when I went to harvest half of it, a huge cloudy mess went into the water when I stirred it up, and now my water is...
  19. A

    Want to buy macro algae

    Looking for affordable macro, hypnea, ogo, codium, or gracicularia would be nice. Can’t afford anything expensive willing to pay for priority shipping. Lmk what you have and what your asking. PayPal only
  20. A

    How long can chaeto survive in the mail?

    Found someone on ebay selling chaeto for a good price the issue is he is shipping priority mail. How long could it last in a padded envelope? Would it be worth the risk with all the shipping delays?
  21. Arcite

    Requesting help identifying a potential issue in refugium macro algae

    Hi everyone, I have Sea Lettuce and Chaeto in my refugium (there are some other things in there if you wanna check out my build thread). I've started noticing these white, hair-like clumps in my sea lettuce. Can anyone identify this? Is it something I should be concerned about?
  22. B

    Why is my Chaeto melting / disintegrating?

    I have tried to have Chaeto in a refugium a couple of times to fight the hair algae in my DT. But in both cases, after a month or two it starts breaking apart and of course, it creates a mess in my DT Setting: I have created a separate compartment in my Reefer 170 sump with a Kessil H80 for...
  23. hart24601

    Iowa Chaeto 2 cups free priority mail shipping $25 4 cups $40 shipped!

    I have been using chaeto since around 2013. I won the acro growout contest here in 2014 along with have a tank spotlight the next year and those are photos from that system. I would not have been able to win the contest or support that system without chaeto. I included those photos in the...
  24. chadfish

    Remember to dispose of your excess chaeto responsibly

    Hi Everyone, I just came across this journal article about chaetomorpha which "possess broad environmental tolerances, demonstrate high nutrient uptake and growth rates, and reproduce by fragmentation. Although these characteristics make Chaetomorpha a desirable aquarium inhabitant, they may...

    Chaeto has been restocked!

    We accidentally let this go out of stock and now its back up! All portion sizes are available! Our chaeto is grown in an algae reactor and is looking great! While its always somewhat limited we generally have some available at all times. If you need some, this is your chance! [Click Here to View]