1. TheWackyWiz

    New to STL and in need of Chaeto

    Hey Everyone, Hope you're staying cozy and safe with this weather! Reaching out because I'm in a bit of a pickle. I recently upgraded my set up and unfortunately it caused my Chaeto to crash. I've been having a heck of a time finding some replacement online, and my usual LFS are tapped as...
  2. R

    Macro Algae Refugium Issues with Alk and Calcium Please Advise

    Hello All, Been at this over a year and like to learn so I practically visit reef2reef daily. I have a question I haven't seen answered here. I have for the last year had a 32 Gallon Refugium. It is a standalone and Macros such as Ulva, Chaeto, are growing well but I am not sure if this is a...
  3. lrp693

    Will This Work? (Fluval Evo 13.5 Filtration Upgrade)

    Hello all, I am looking into upgrading the stock filtration on my Fluval Evo 13.5. I have been running the stock system for around 1.5 years and I am not seeing the kind of results I would like to. I believe there are too many nutrients building up in the stock sponge. Here is the diagram of...
  4. Esquire805

    California Chaeto for sale again new post

    So i had to make a new post cauae people kept asking for things i had in 2018, but chaeto bags $35 for 1 and 2 for 61. I think i can make about 8 bags total paypal [email protected] shipped with 2 day usps small box
  5. Esquire805

    California Chaeto for sale again new post

    So i had to make a new post cauae people kept asking for things i had in 2018, but chaeto bags $35 for 1 and 2 for 61. I think i can make about 8 bags total paypal [email protected] shipped with 2 day usps small box
  6. ReefSoup

    Red Planaria Worms - Freshwater Dip?

    Hey all - Just received some chaeto and saw it had some red planaria flatworms in it. Unfortunately I had to buy from somewhere other than AlgaeBarn and ReefCleaners, as they were sold out every time I checked. I haven't put the chaeto in my sump yet, but wanted to get some input before I make...
  7. S

    Looking for chaeto for sale

    Looking for chaeto for sale. Can not find it anywhere!
  8. Macbalacano

    Is this normal?! Chaeto & High Phosphate Reduction

    My phosphate has been terribly high for the past month hovering at around 50ppb or 0.153ppm. Testing is done using Hanna Phosphorus ULR checker. I finally set-up a fuge in the sump of my RedSea Reefer 170 (43g total volume). Within 3 days of having a large fist size ball of chaeto tumbling in...
  9. L

    Refugium with chaeto lighting

    Hello everyone, I've started my first saltwater tank (15gallon) with an aqua clear 30 hang on back filter. All of my water parameters are in check and the tank is cycled. I've converted my filter to have a space for filter floss, and space for some "clean chaeto". Currently, it is running a...
  10. BitReef

    When do I add chaeto to a new tank?

    When should I add chaeto and start running my fuge? I don’t want to start to early and starve/kill it, but I don’t want to wait too long and give nuisance algae a foothold. I’ve started a new 30g tank with a 10g sump/fuge. My nitrogen cycle is complete and has been for a few weeks. Total cycle...
  11. SD_Reefer_Madness

    Refugium in AIO tank

    So I just picked up a jbj rf 65 all in one tank, and I’m thinking of using one of the chambers in the back to build a nano fuge. Will it even be beneficial with a smaller amount of chaeto? I do eventually want a mandarin golby, so I figure it would be a good spot to house copepods. Thoughts?
  12. J

    Good refugium light for biocube 32?

    Hello! l am looking to set up a refugium in the back chamber of my biocube 32, I already have the intank media and fuge basket (got them both on a sale) and am wondering what sort of light would be good for this sort of setup. Not trying to grow anything crazy, just chaeto and try and get a...
  13. Pilot_rue

    Dead chaeto? Green slime

    howdy from Texas I am having trouble growing chaeto in the sump on my 126 gallon tank. It is well established tank with 9 small-med fish and one med-large trigger and is just at 1 year old. As I try to add chaeto it last about two weeks then turns into a green slime. Causing the water to...
  14. Lizzybxi

    Seachem Tidal (50,75) vs. Aquaclear (70)

    Hi I'm debating which HOB filter to buy. I was planning on turning them into DIY refugium with chaeto. I know the Aquaclear filters are super popular for the diy hob refugium but I seriously dislike that it doesn't self-prime. I have yet to see anySeachem tidal refugium diy which is why im...
  15. MarshallB

    New Tank Nutrients and Corals

    Im running into a contradiction with my new tank. It's been up since June. I'm using a skimmer, a fuge, and filter socks. My filtration has done a great job of exporting nutrients, too good in fact. Both phosphate and nitrate are 0. They are definitely not truly 0 as I do have some algae, but I...
  16. M

    Can a refugium be narrow and tall tank?

    My cabinet is in the peninsula style, with doors on both sides of the cabinet. I obviously need a normal-sized sump, for protein skimmer, ClariSea, Return pump. But, next to the sump I could fit a narrow, tall tank to make a much bigger, taller refugium than I could have in-sump. For example: 7...
  17. khmer_reefer

    New Jersey Chaeto

    Hi, I have about 2 bags of chaeto about 3/4 of the quart size zip lock bag. I will be $10 plus shipping. Shipping is probably around $8-$14 via USPS flat rate box. Let me know your zip and I can give you a quote on shipping. Let me know if anyone is interested in it. Here is my paypal...
  18. S

    H380 Acclimation Period?

    Hey all, I am restarting my small fuge (17G in one section of my sump in a 125G system). I have some Chaeto ordered, and I own a Kessil H380, it is 14" above the sump. I'm looking for suggestions wrt what type of acclimation period you would use so I don't burn the Chaeto?
  19. KTrevino

    My DIY Chaeto Reactor

    I have been wanting to get a Chaeto reactor for some time now to help reduce nitrates and phosphates. I started looking online and noticed that they all have one thing in common... they are pricey. So I went on a hunt to build my own. FYI my take is about 54 gallons. Here are the supplies...
  20. lazycouch

    refugium stock recommendations?

    Hey everyone, i will soon be making this breeder tank my “hob” refugium and was wondering what i can add to it to make it most effective for its limited space. it is 0.5 gallons and measures 10”L 3.5”W 4”H. i think Chaeto is definitely in the plan (fuge is built primarily for nitrate removal)...
  21. lazycouch

    best lighting for chaeto growth?

    i’ve read pure white does fantastic, blue and red, red only, no less than 50% red etc. what lights/ light spectrum do you guys recommend from experience? is the most effective factor for growth proper current? thank you!
  22. lazycouch


    so i’m thinking of starting a refugium for my 30 gallon uni tank (built in sump) and i want to make sure my train of thought is making sense so far as i study refugiums. my plan is to use a 5 gallon tank and store it inside the cabinet my tank is on top of since i have no space elsewhere and the...
  23. Alexblade1889

    Cheato grow light

    My grow light above my fuge has stoped working (FACiDA red 50w led) I was wondering if my Cheato would still be effective in my fuge without the light and if anyone has any recommendations for a new grow light
  24. ngservet5

    Connecticut Massachusetts Innovative Marine Chaeto Max Refugium Light 2-in-1

    Selling an Innovative Marine 9W light specifically designed to grow chaeto. Bought it from Algae Barn three months ago. Lightly used and have original box as well as hardware that goes with it. Paid $70 for it but looking for $35 plus shipping. It is great for small spaces and you can mount it...
  25. Reefer37

    Will this Work as Refugium Light?

    Was looking into lights for a refugium and remembered I had this Aqueon Planted Aquarium Light: It would be going on the back of a HOB refugium for my 45g AIO. Will this thing work for a refugium and growing chaeto? I'm new to refugiums so wasn't sure.