Algae scrubber for RedSea Max Nano, is this going to work ?


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Nov 21, 2021
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Hi averyone,

So i had a ball of chaeto in my main tank for few moths, but it died due, i think, to the lack of light with coral growth, so i wanted to add a little "refugium" in my Max Nano (and i had my 1st nutrient spike because of the chaeto dying, i think) so i bought a Tunze Eco Chic and made a separator in the "sump" to let some chaeto grow.

And today i was looking at algae scrubbers, i think this is cool but the prices are insane, and nothing fits in the nano expect the santa monica little one and it requires an air pump (and is overpriced)

So i started to do someting with what was laying around, and ended up with this (i need to make some cable / hose management in the sump) :


As you can see, i use the light from te refugium, so it's not in front of the scrubber but on the side, do you think ths is still going to work ?

I finally managed to have chaeto and algea scrubber in a Max Nano, this is pretty cool i think. And i still have space to put activated carbon in the pump compartiment (i run activated carbon 24/7)


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Oct 5, 2019
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Technically it should....keep an eye on nutrients and let us know how it works out.

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