1. BighohoReef

    Neptune Breakout Box - Fishing for DIY!

    Hi All, I just got a Neptune breakout box and a switch to turn the sump light on when I open the door. I was wondering what other fantastic things people use the breakout box for! If you could please drop a DIY you've done with your breakout box, if you could share the code used and...
  2. ReeferWarrant

    DIY CO2 Scrubber

    Anyone try to use the Algae Barn Phytoplankton bottle to create a DIY Scrubber? I was looking at probably drilling a hole in the small chamber with tubing and water in that. Then in the bottom larger chamber have the Soda Lime in and a hole for piping to the Skimmer at the top of the other...
  3. otyrrell

    RedSea Max 250 - Mixed Reef 2020

    Ok, well I'm finally posting my build now that its been up and running for a year and I am upgrading to something larger. Tank is a RS 250 MAX - picked up used but in good condition. For filtration, I've added a custom algae scrubber to the right hand chamber, I use intank media basket...
  4. S

    155g Build

    Hi! I think everyone can use a diversion now and this is a great hobby for it. Like many others, I’ve been a lurker for years and thought it was time I shared my build experience. I started in this hobby about 20 years ago with a 65g. Over the years I upgraded to various tanks when I could...
  5. killergoby

    Clay's 75G Barebottom Build

    In the process of quarantining away from my aquarium, and in the very near future moving, I decided to build a new system for my fish/corals that will last at least the two years on my next lease. My fiancé is not completely on board with the idea of going bigger for the aquarium, so I convinced...
  6. Stu_Tanks


    Hey everyone! Just wanted to see what your DIY light mounts look like. I have two brand new Kessil A360we’s and need to figure out a good way to mount them. I have studs right behind the ends of my 75 gallon and would like to work with those and mount something off the wall. Need some...
  7. Sintralcoast

    Under the Hood

    Doing my best to pre plan all equipment I intend to use did my best to build control cabinet with out going outside of existing tank standpretty proud of wire management and the clean look. Let me know what you guys think!
  8. thatsruff

    Pandemic Paradise, 7.5 Nano Cube Build

    Hello again, R2R! During quarantine, I have decided to get back into reefing. Digging through R2R again, seeing all the great tanks, and doing tons of research has been a really great way to keep my mind occupied and my stress levels down. ----- UPDATE (2020-06-22): I thought I would do the...
  9. C

    New (to me) Planet Aquarium 125 Rimmed

    I was originally planning to buy an aqua Japan 150. I was informed by the vendor after waiting for two weeks that the tank was no longer available and would be 6 to eight weeks away. Next I put an order in for a proclear ProStar 150. A week later, the tank shows up at the shop. When the...
  10. mawhins

    DIY Roller Mat Filter

    Ok so I've been coveting a roller mat filter and when I look at them (as I do with pretty much anything) I think to myself, that's just some acrylic with a motor doohicky and simple float switch, I'm not paying that much for one of those. They're actually quite expensive here in Australia - $600...
  11. S

    40g Breeder Build Thread

    Hey all, Im not really sure if anyone is going to follow along with me on this 40g breeder build at all or not, but I thought it would be pretty fun to create my first thread here on R2R since I am extremely excited about how it has been going. I am going to try and update this thread with as...
  12. Eg0790

    DIY Redsea reefer ATO to refugium mod

    I just wanted to share this with the community, got it done in about a hour with 0 glass drilling experience. This can be done by anyone and im really happy with the results as you can have more space for equipment and still have your macro algae in your sump.
  13. 501Reefer

    60 Gallon Cube

    I finally did it, just returned home from placing my order for a new Planet Aquariums reef ready 60 gallon cube!! Update 5-17-20 Its here!!
  14. DirtDiggler2823

    Algae Turf Scrubber LED Lights

    I have a algae turf scrubber body that is build to accommodate the approximately 6"x6" flat LED lights on both sides. I've been looking at a bunch of ACKE brand lights on Amazon, but I am curious as to what others are using for their ATS. I'm strongly leaning toward the 35w version, but it just...
  15. Coralqueendom

    Hello from Coralqueendom

    Hello there from coral queendom‍♀️‍♀️ I am a female reefer with two coral reef tanks from Wisconsin in the United States @Coralqueendom
  16. DvgyCpT

    Dvgy's 65Cube - Rise of the Reef

    Morning All, Ziyaad (everyone calls me Dougy :D ) here from Cape Town, South Africa. We are currently under full lock down in South Africa, so decided to start my build thread for my 650mm (+-26inchs, sorry we use the metric system in S.A) reef cube. At the end of last year i was wafting...
  17. BabyShark

    Sump tips?

    I’ve been using a mechanical filter since I’ve had my 55 gallon marine tank and change the filter often. I would like to build my own sump with my 29 gallon tank sitting around. Aside from cleaning the tank, would the sump also help take care of corals and algae in the display tank? I’m also...
  18. jimmert33

    How much silicone should i need for a 300 gallon?

    Hey there, so I dont know if this is the right place or appropriate spot to ask this question is this thread but anyways... After seeing the shotty job the person before me did to the silicone it is a must to redo it. The tanks dimensions are 72 by 36 by 27 how much silicone do you think I need...
  19. BabyShark

    Building a sump

    So I have a 55 gallon display tank and I’ve been using a mechanical filter, changing it often. I want to build a sump for my tank and I have a 20 gallon tank that’s been sitting around. Could I use the 20 gal for my sump? Also is there any suggestions on building my sump and what should go in...
  20. B

    Needing some advice on my 300 Gallon tank build

    Hello, I am designing and building my 2nd custom tank stand with sump set up and I am looking for some pointers on a few different things. This is going to be a Brackish tank that will eventually be saltwater, so I am planning ahead with equipment spacing to make the transition easier as my...
  21. sharkbait-uhaha

    Waterbox 10 gallon build

    Hello there fellow reefers. My name is Cesar and I’m from CA. Long story short, I had a 60 gallon tank years ago that ended up crashing and taking all the livestock with it, after that happened I kinda left the hobby. But couple months ago I started getting random adverts on my IG and FB about...
  22. Eg0790

    Help, ideas with Narrow ATO container

    Good afternoon guys, i need your ideas what would you guys use as a reservoir in my stand. I only have 3” next to my sump
  23. avgreen

    Coral Only Tank Build Ideas

    Hey guys, So I am a college student who has been successfully keeping coral for about two years now and I do aquarium set-ups, breakdowns, and maintenance for one of my LFS but need some other kind of income because as I progress in college, my schedule is getting crazier because I am trying to...
  24. Tristan

    Epoxy Paint or Marine Coating?

    Hey everyone. I’m building a stand for a tank I got a while back and I’ve been trying to see how to get a similar quality feel to something such as the Red Sea Reefer Stand. So far, I’ve found out that the doors are epoxy coated, but doing that in a home setting would take a lot of materials and...
  25. S

    24v DC pump battery back up

    So if you run DC pumps that are 24v why can’t you just use 12v battery’s hooked in series Parallel with a battery charger charging the batteries. In theory the pumps would run until the batteries were dead. You could even put some kind of cut out if the battery voltage dropped below 24v. What...