1. Stoneyed

    Overkill? SPS light build

    Hi all! This is the layout for my 180g (72"x24"x24") sps lights. I currently am running these types of chips (12 total) with decent success (acros growing slowly), but feel like i can do better. Current PAR readings are about 150 mid-tank at 80%, so this should bump me up substantially...
  2. R

    Profilux 4 jebao RW pump controls

    Anybody know if its possible to wire up jebao RW 20 wave pumps into the P4 to control them ?
  3. NorthEastreef98

    Looking to DIY my RS-100 Sump

    Hey all, I have a 90g that I recently upgraded to a larger/more functional sump, and I am wondering if anyone has any experience with replacing/eliminating the filter sock with another type of mechanical filtration? Here is the situation: I want to retain some surface area, I might opt for a...
  4. J

    Ice cube refugium

    I though i’d throw this one out there. I had a tough time building a refugium in ny waterbox 100.3 sump. I found this ice cube holder on amazon and converted it. Fits perfectly in the back. Superglued the egg crate before the lip and drilled in the drain holes. I have a tunze ecochic refugium...
  5. C

    Leveling a Large Tank on an Uneven Floor

    I am currently setting up an Innovative Marine 170 EXT. The problem I am having is that I live in an older home and my floors are very uneven. I have already supported the floor underneath the tank, but I have struggled with ideas to level it since the APS stand does not have leveling feet. I...
  6. N

    Fluval Flex 15 Conversion for Jellyfish and Stand Issues

    Hello all! I'm new here and essentially completely new to the hobby. I have wanted a jellyfish tank for myself for a number of years now and have decided to pull the trigger so to speak; However I found the price of the available tanks/kits to be quite prohibitive and not exactly what I was...
  7. Dennis Cartier

    Super Saturated Small Media Bed Reactor Theory

    This thread is to study the effects of operating a super saturated small media bed CaRx (S3MBR) using the super saturation of CO2. The premise is that a S3MBR should be able to to achieve performance equal to, or exceed the performance of traditional larger CaRx reactors that rely on media...
  8. K

    Cheap supplement lighting

    Looking for a cheap or diy supplement light to go on a 40 gallon and a 120 gallon reef tank. I’m running t5 and one reef bright blue uv led strip on the 40 gallon. I want something with more blue and uv for color pop on the tank when the t5 fixtures are off. looking for a more neon/fluorescent...
  9. Jrapa86

    Skimmer Waste Pump

    I’m looking to attach a mini/micro pump to my skimmers waste cup outlet that self-primes. I have a nearby drain line I can tap into. I’d like to power it through my apex power bar to easily turn it on/off. I was thinking I’d use a 24v mini diaphragm pump. Another thought was a A peristaltic...
  10. L

    Setting up 40g cube

    Hey guys I’m setting up a cube and needed some advice on the equipment I would need. So the cube is 24x24 and it’s just the actual aquarium so I was planning to make a plastic cutout and add a sump section to the back of the tank. For a pump I found the “sicce 1.0” just get the water just...
  11. pendulum

    $60-$100 Reef-Delete for Aiptasia?

    I noticed two Aiptasia have popped up in my nano tank. It got me thinking how i could manage them. One i could easily remove the rock and super glue, the other would be more of a challenge. Knowing that this won't be my last time dealing with them, i had a random thought of a "diy" Reef Delete...
  12. S

    Maximum diy stand height ?

    Hey there. New to this wonderful forum. I am building my first DIY aquarium stand and was planning to make rocketengineer's design or king of diy (youtuber) stand design. My main question is how high can I make the stand. My tank (have not bought it yet. Planning to buy it from...
  13. sfgabe

    New York RO/DI Drygoods Free: Seahorse 4-Stage 50GPD Compact RO/DI System

    Free for pickup in NYC area. Going very slow so it probably needs new filter cartridge and media. Still getting 0 TDI out measurements though if you have the patience and water pressure!
  14. FishNoob323

    Building Refugium Insert

    Has anyone built a refugium as an insert? I am looking to add a refugium to my tank. I have a RedSea Reefer 525XL and it already has a large Sump with a massive main chamber. I want to separate it in the middle so I can place the Protein Skimmer near the socks closer to the intake and put the...
  15. damselindistress

    Clamps needed for Nicrew Hyperreef mount

    Is anyone able to print the plastic mounting bracket for the mounting arm of a Nicrew? I am unable to find a replacement and this one must have had a defect because it cracked and broke, I have another identical to this that is fine. Please advise if anyone has done this or would be willing...
  16. H

    Fast setting quikrete cure question.

    Hello I've been in the hobby for quite some time and actually my very first tank I set up I used fast setting quikrete. I didn't cure it or anything in the tank it went! To everyone's surprised I never had an issue with it mind you that tank is long gone, and I'm finally setting up another tank...
  17. T

    DIY Fish & Corals supplement using propylene glycol as solvent

    Hi there, I know that in general using propylene glycol as carbon source for bacteria in reef aquarium is safe and works great in reducing PO4. I dose it roughly 1ml / 100l in high nutrients system. I wanted to create my own DIY supplement for both fish and corals (so I would add it to the...
  18. JLReef

    sillent return pump

    ive been onna long road of trying to get my return pump more silent and found a few things that might have make the noise and i finaly found the problem. 1 encased the pump in filter sponge to catch some of the vibrarions. 2 found that some noise was coming from to mutch back pressure in the...
  19. LBReefer

    California Return Pumps Drygoods WTB Return Pump Guard

    I'd like to buy a 2" guard to keep my snails and other large debris from making their way into my sunpole return pump.
  20. Zazvor92

    DIy Biocube 14 to LED Conversion

    Wanted to share my experience upgrading the lighting on my Biocube 14 to LED. I like the look of the top lid so i didn't want to remove the lid and have an open top. My solution was pretty simple. and keeps the clean look. I purchased a Fuval Marine Nano light from amazon $90 (Make sure to...
  21. BraindeadBiologist

    How intense is your RODI profuction/storage setup?

    RODI is essential in making safe sea water for our critters and systems. Some are basic filter setups under kitchen sinks with the bucket system, others are completely automated 50 gallon storage and dispensing solutions. How far have you gone in your quest for RODI water?
  22. Jaymzha

    Q: How do you personally remove already mounted frags/corals?

    Hey guys, What do you guys use to remove frags/corals that didn't make it, but are already glued/mounted and hard-fixed to live rock? I know some have used a dremel tool, but isn't a waterproof solution for heavy and hard to remove live rock. Looking at these for now to do some 'underwater...
  23. kolleradam

    DIY tank stand issues

    Hey all, so I'm about halfway through my 2x4 tank stand project (40'L x 20'W x 36"H) and I'm noticing that the wood is bowing on the length-wise pieces, causing an unlevel surface and gaps in the corner joints (see attached pics). My main question is: Is this even salvageable? And if so, how? I...
  24. DIY Dosing Vessels - CORE Water Bottles (GHL Edition)

    DIY Dosing Vessels - CORE Water Bottles (GHL Edition)

    These are an inexpensive way to create some functional and stylish dosing containers and you’ll be recycling/repurposing, too! The “GHL Edition” in the title is just a little humor because these happen to match my GHL Doser perfectly! A little added bonus for any other GHL owners out there. But...
  25. Jaymzha

    Hello Hey guys. New here from Philly. Thanks for all the tips.

    Hey guys, New here from Philly. Been really learning so much from you all. Thanks for the tips. Here's one from a newbie for those who still use test tubes. >>>DIY drying rack Really appreciate you all.