1. Bryce M.

    Bryce's 150 rescue thing build!

    Hello all! So I've been gone for a while but I think this is a fun come back for me. So if you know me you know I have a two year old zebra moray eel and a one year old foxface, both are getting pretty big, though eel will be fine in there for a few more years but might as well get this out of...
  2. Dierks

    USA Anything Else Needed? (3D Print)

    Just finished up helping with a custom 3D print for @KTipp and had a lot of fun doing it. If there is anyone else that needs any help with anything let me know as I am more then happy to help if I can! It did end up costing KTipp a couple bucks for the plastic but I still think it will be...
  3. Chris oliveria

    Innovative marine 30l BLACK build!

    Just wanted to start a build thread, I've had a few people ask where to follow along and for me to do a build thread. I post everything on my Instagram bur not everyone has an IG. Here it goes! Any questions just ask. It'll be mostly pics.
  4. Savas

    My 20 gallon reef (it's a Diy monster)

    Hey everybody... First off, here's my current tank - upgraded from a 10 gallon a week ago. (yes, I started with picos roughly three years ago) I worked on the stand for about 4 months or so while I was remodeling the house my girlfriend bought. I would have built it faster but I was...
  5. teejay210


  6. L

    My 100W LED Pendant Build

    Over the past year or so I've been attempting to build some professional looking 100W LED pendants for my tank. Yes, these are freshwater fixtures for now but I'm intending on building a marine version. Either way, I figure this will interest a few of you so I hope this is okay - I even have a...
  7. Schreiber

    Reef Pi Attempt #2!

    My Auto-Aquarium Adventures The only thing more frustrating than unknown problems in a project is having nobody to share them with. I’ll be chronicling the adventures of my Reef-Pi troubleshooting as I dive into what could wind up being a multi-week undertaking. If you're already familiar...
  8. M

    Need Help. I was given an old 150 gallon tank that needs a panel replaced. I got the glass but need some help.

    So I have this nice 150 gallon tank but the glass has a big chip in the corner. I was able to get a new piece of glass the exact size and I am planning to switch the panels out (the big side panel). ive never changed aquarium glass before let alone a massive one like this. Is there anything I...
  9. Dierks

    Dierk's 75G Tank Build

    Well I figured I would start up a thread so I could track my new build! (Kinda figured this would be more for myself!) Well to start, I have built a 40 Gallon Nano Tank and loved every moment of it. I did Battle with a few things being a small tank but the joys you get from a nice tank out...
  10. JAM-MAN

    Sump design for Clarisea Automatic Filter

    As title indicates, building a new system (two nano 30gal tanks plumbed into one sump, but that's a topic for another day) and planning to incorporate a Clarisea SK-3000 automat filtration. Basically, as I understand it from the instructions and videos, water enters the filter and exits through...
  11. N

    Triton system new tank build, stand build, A fair amount of DIY in here.

    Prelude: This build actually has it's origins back in July of 2018 with a decision to try out a saltwater aquarium. I have had a fair number of years keeping fresh water tanks, but really nothing too involved even there. After a lot of research, with help from members at Reef2Reef, the first...
  12. Jud

    Nuvo 40 AIO Build Thread

    I’ve been slowly amassing the materials to start up a new 40-gallon reef tank. It’s been 6+ months in the making, and I’m now just getting around to posting photos. Needless to say, I’ve been taking my sweet time. My last tank was an Aqueon 150 - not the greatest tank for a third-floor...
  13. fsamir

    DIY Sticky Aiptasia Killing solution. Reef safe?

    Hi @Randy Holmes-Farley can you please advice if there is anything concerning on my DIY Aiptasia killing solution? I have been using this recipe for around 4 years, without a problem, on my SPS dominated reef tanks and my experience is positive. However, I was wondering if it could be...
  14. J

    Theiling Compact Rollermat - Alternative Replacement Fleece?

    I have the Theiling Compact Rollermat on a new system I am setting up, and generally love it. However, the tank is going through it's ugly phase and I'm regularly cleaning glass/etc. which is using up the fleece at an incredible rate (about one roll a week)! At BRS it is $50 for 3 rolls, so that...
  15. Jerzyray

    Gen 1 AI Hydra Q?

    Hey all, Iv bin researching the AI hydra (non-HD) LEDs. I don't have a controller for them, but I do have an apex. Can anyone help me figure out how I can control these lights? When I plug them in all the LEDs come on full power.
  16. DirtDiggler2823

    Vodka vs Vinegar vs DIY NOPOX

    I'm currently on my 3rd week of dosing vodka to reduce nitrates in my tank, when I remember that I stumbled upon a couple of DIY NOPOX recipes that mix vodka, vinegar, and rodi water (sometimes). What are the benefits, if any, to dosing the DIY NOPOX vs the vodka I'm currently using?
  17. Anchor

    What magnets for DIY things

    I am considering making a few Frag racks to stick to the side of my tank(s). I read neodymiam were usable but shouldn't you coat them with something? If so, What? I want magnets to hold for at least 1/2 inch glass.. what size neo's are suggested?
  18. Irishman

    Let’s see them skirts/skins

    I’m all finished with my build and started cycling my tank. While the cycle is going I need to get my facade going. Can anyone help with some ideas on what they did. Also the tank is very quiet the only thing I hear is the skimmer and return pump, would the facade damp the noise down or would I...
  19. smartwater101

    MP40 extension: Having trouble finding wires, 10-conductor 22awg and 26awg (shielded)

    I don't want to send the dryside to Echotech and pay 60$ for an extension. But the only place I can find these wires, sell them in bulks of hundreds of feet. Pricey to say the least. I posted in the 'Looking to buy' forum (hoping someone has a busted dryside that i can steal the cable from)...
  20. smartwater101

    California Dryside cable for a vortech MP40 (older ver w/white controller) I do not need motor or controller

    WTB I want to extend the cable for my MP40, and I rather not pay 60$ to send it to Echotech for an extension. Does anyone have a busted Dryside sitting around? I'm not sure what it would cost me for shipping, but even just cutting the motor off would be fine by me lol I'm having a heck of a...
  21. Brian Goldstein

    DIY Wooden Stand - verify this is okay?

    Hey Everyone- I can't seem to find a stand that fits the dimensions for my acrylic tank, so I'll be building my own wood stand for the first time. If you guys are familiar with "the king of DIY" on Youtube, I'm basically replicating his process of building it out of purely 2 x 4's. I plan on...
  22. Alemoki

    Dane's 60cm Cube

    So it's come time to finally create this thread that I promised to do a while back. Been a member here on R2R for a while now but have only been lurking. I currently have about a 220 litre system with the sump included in that. Display volume around 170 litres. It's a cube and my first ever...
  23. damselindistress

    Mount for glass skimmer?

    I originally posted in the equipment thread but someone directed me here... I bought a glass skimmer from a fellow reefer and need to fabricate some kind of mount for it. At the moment while I'm testing it out I've cobbled together a suction cup and ponytail holder contraption you can see below...
  24. Jose Berry

    225g rebuild.

    I know this would be my second 225 g aquarium purchase. I had started the other build but it’s been a stand still. (Time)(a lot is need for the tank) This is a shorter but wider and taller tank then my other one. I will be getting this done a lot quicker as it’s easier to turn around. It just...
  25. Pinback


    in the next two years...i'm looking at building a 72" GLASS tank, 18" tall, and 24" wide (135 gallons) hopes & dreams: interested in keeping a few tang species (yellow, kole, powder blue tang, etc.). mixed reef. DIY floating hood and black box LED units. i have priced this out at around $400...
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