1. Jon Patrick/jtone

    Build Thread DIY 40g breeder reef system / 20g long sump / fuge

    What’s up everyone long time no see. I haven’t been very active on here lately and it feels great to be back!! Hope everyone is doing well out there! So I’ve finally been putting together a reef system that I’ve been planning since I moved to the Midwest this past February. It’s a 40...
  2. BaileyB

    What screws to use for custom stand?

    I’m wondering if these screws would be sufficient for building my new aquarium stand for my 25g acrylic corner tank. (Pic of screws below) It also says not to used with untreated cedar on the back because it can cause a chemical reaction with the wood. If these won’t work what’s a type of screw...
  3. Meara


    Hello Everyone, I’m redesigning my sump. I currently have a very traditional sump. You know, filter socks, protein skimmer, refugium, and return. The result of this is a small smelly swamp. Now that I have lived with it for two years I decided that I hate refugiums I don’t know what I’m doing...
  4. ssunthar

    Help to catch Elegant Firefish

    Hi Experts, I am dealing with velvet attack and at this point I already lost about 85% of my fishes (even after putting them in QT for treatment). All left now are 1 Coral Beauty (currently in QT), a pair of Elegant Firefish (still in DT) & 1 Electric Blue Damsel (still in DT), am not sure if my...
  5. ridgeburyreefer

    Reef ready stand build, for 90, 180 in future

    I am planning a stand build for my 90 that will have more space below for a bigger sump and an equipment cabinet, can I see some ways reef ready owners have done this, or ideas to help? I need to make sure the braces are not in the way of the plumbing that will come thru the top of the stand...
  6. DrLazyReef

    Build Thread 110G build from India, wishful thinking ..

    Namaste y'all, Sammy here from Eastern india. I am having another foray into reefing after a long while. I was 16 when I started my first setup, I am 27 now. I had a 3 feet, 70 gal setup with mostly Lps, a huge sebae anemone, few tridacna clams, tubastrea and nps gorgs, and few acros too, with...
  7. M

    Focustronic bulk replacement parts thread (Mastertronic / Alkatronic / Dosetronic)

    Turns out that you need to change the needles used by the Mastertronic every 4 weeks and today I saw that Coralvue started selling a pack of 6 needles and 4 syringes for $25!!! I'm used to big markups in the aquarium trade but I think this is huge considering you can buy a 100 pack of syringes...
  8. BTimms

    DIY Amino Acid Formula

    5g bcaa (unflavoured, no additives) 125 ml vinegar 375 ml ro water
  9. P

    Basic light requirements

    I am currently converting my brackish aquarium to a saltwater aquarium. It is a 14 gallon bio cube and it is also my first introduction into saltwater. I bought the tank used and the light in the hood did not work. I removed the electronics and retrofitted an under cabinet white led bar, and an...
  10. Nathan_Ferguson

    DIY fish tank stand

    Hey guys, I'm getting back into the hobby after a year off due to work commitments. I really missed it. So, I've gone with the Aqua Nano 40 Cube (40x40cm) for my tank. I thought of buying the stand for it but realized that I could DIY one for a fraction of the price, so I've given myself this...
  11. Corey Monster

    Build Thread Aqueon 210 build advise

    My wife is finally letting setup an new tank!! I'm looking at getting a standard aqueon 210 then drilling it for a synergy reef 16 overflow. I wanted to drill the return lines into the back as well but a friend recommended not to. Any advice? I'm going to build my own stand fallow the rocket...
  12. scumbag_mtb

    Build Thread 90 Gallon Build Thread - Fish & Reptile Room - LETS BURN MONEY!

    Well, it’s finally time, again. From 2009 to 2015, I ran a total of 650 gallons in tanks in my “fish room”. 180 fowlr, 90 LPS/Zoa, 60 SPS, 8x40 breeders for a mix of quarantine tanks and frag tanks. When I moved, I tore everything down and sold off everything I owned. Ever since then, I’ve been...
  13. Boaz1021

    40 Gallon Breeder Sump Layout

    I have a new 150 Gallon, tank and am building a DIY Sump out of a 40 Gallon Breeder tank. I bought the Fiji Cube Sump Baffle kit for it and am in the process of laying it out. So far, I know how big the intake and return are going to be, where I need help is with the size of the refugium vs the...
  14. brick-brothers

    Cheato Reactor

    Found use of this reactor thats been collecting dust in my garage. My question is for those who has a cheato reactor, do you have the output plumbed to your skimmer? Or filter sock? Or right back into the tank?
  15. SaltFishTV

    A Power Filter That Works!

    Have you ever used a power filter? Man this thing is a game changer! It was basically snowing in my display and 24 hours later it was so clean! Then moved it to the sump and it cleaned it all up for me. This thing is legit! I know this is old school so I didn’t create the idea, I just made some...
  16. Karen00

    DIY Screen Lid (what type of screen is used?)

    Hello fellow saltines, I want to make a screen lid for my 5g rimless AIO. I have watched plenty of videos and read a bunch of posts but most of them don't say what type of screen they used so I'm hoping to get some ideas here. Near as I can figure there are three types of mesh I can use: -...
  17. ajtomase

    Gate valve for Red Sea Reefer 625/750?

    So...I've got no clue what I'm doing when it comes to plumbing, but I want to replace the diaphragm valve with a gate valve system. Does anyone know what parts I need to get for either a Red Sea Reefer 625 or 750?
  18. kwirky

    How I modded my Red Sea Reefer 525XL to install a ClariSea SK-5000 without removing the auto-topoff.

    I haven't seen an example of a Clarisea SK-5000 installed on a Reefer 525XL without removing the auto-topoff reservoir. I figured out a way to do it and have some photos showing how I did it. My unit is the one with the auto-topoff on the right, the filter socks on the right, and the baffles...
  19. Jon Patrick/jtone


    I wanted to install a hybrid t5ho led light fixture above one of my smaller grow out tanks just to see how it affects growth patterns and the growth rate of the corals in this system. Nothing fancy by any means but I’m happy with the look. Two 24” t5ho light fixtures running ati coral plus...
  20. M

    Converting obsolete Hanna Nitrate Low Range Checker into a pH or Phosphate Checker?

    Hello fellow reefers, I recently started using the Hanna Nitrate HR and I think it is a huge improvement over the Low range checker. With this new checker I no longer dread testing Nitrate so me and my tank buddies are very happy with the purchase :) The problem is that I ended up with a $50...
  21. Klowborg

    Build Thread My first tank! Budget/DIY

    Hey Guys! This is my first tank! And money is tight, so I have been using DIY and cheap stuff, or stuff I had laying around. It's a 200 liter display tank with a 54 liter sump. Tech: Populargrow 165W Reef LED Eheim CompactON 1000 return pump Fluval CP4 Circulation pump DIY Overflow 20 kg mix...
  22. bg2311

    DIY UV Sterilizer - WIP Build Thread

    Hello! I'm starting a build thread for a DIY project that I'm working on (if this should be in another forum section, mods please let me know). The sheer cost of consumer/prosumer grade UV sterilizers was enough to motivate me to try to build my own. Quick required safety disclaimer: Even...
  23. Karen00

    Using deep cycle marine batteries as backup power supply

    Hello folks, I came across this instructable on how to make a backup power supply using deep cycle marine batteries: I did a quick read of it and it's very detailed and it looks complete. I looked for a diy post on r2r but...
  24. Uzair Aiman

    Build Thread My DIY AIO tank

    Hello reefers! Im new to this hobby and Im thinking up of making a DIY AIO tank! Ill be attaching the design below and Id ask for your suggestions and comments. All dimensions and equipment I want to use will be listed also. Please give me comments and recommendations/tips in building this and...
  25. Uzair Aiman

    My DIY AIO tank!

    Hello reefers! Im new to this hobby and Im thinking up of making a DIY AIO tank! Ill be attaching the design below and Id ask for your suggestions and comments. All dimensions and equipment I want to use will be listed also PARAMETERS Glass - 8mm thick (the whole exterior build) Acrylic - 6mm...