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  1. TheAngryReefer

    Epoxy resin

    Is epoxy resin safe in our aquariums? Is there a certain brand or type that is safe? I see a lot of cool resin projects done. It would be interesting to know if we could use this inside of our aquariums safely.
  2. F

    Build Thread Another 40 Breeder

    Prepare yourself for a rather long first post. This thread is going to document all of the tanks I have in my fish room. Which should be a relatively simple task, but I recently broke my own 2 tank limit. So now there is four of them. I have no idea how this happened. 40 Breeder Display...
  3. Paulbragin

    DIY algae scrubber

    I made this for my IM 20 gallon reef tank. All the plumbing is internal besides the incoming and outgoing from the bottom. Comes in from the main recirculating pump in the sump and goes out from the 2 exit ports into the display.
  4. K

    Rimless tank

    So I decided to redo my tank and it’s plumbing. I also decided I want to make it rimless. So I did. And while I went on a search on the best way to get rid of the silicone residue, I kept reading that it’s not a good idea to do rimless. Kind of too late now.... it’s a standard 55 gallon so the...
  5. ReeferWarrant

    Floating Island DIY

    Anyone have experience building these? Planning on making a floating island for the fast growing soft corals (GSP and Xenia). I've seen a couple threads but they dont go too far into the setup. From what I have seen you need rare earth magnets. Curious how to make them so they don't scratch...
  6. jp1986

    My try at a floating canopy!

    Made my own floating canopy for above my Nuvo 150. Light just sits on the top. It's bigger than most I've seen. Wanted to make it big enough to cover light spread but also needed it up higher so can access tank.
  7. MarshallB

    Anyone Modded the New Marsaqua 165W Version?

    So I ordered 3 of these off Amazon. They worked well, and I saw many threads about replacing some of the leds with more desirable wavelengths as well as removing the lenses. Well, turns out it looks like they have updated their board and use some sort of LED chip that is attached to the lens. (...
  8. kwirky

    Running 2 RO systems, loud vibrations, help merge them into one system for both aquarium and fridge?

    I have a water hookup T'd off to two RO systems. I'm looking for help troubleshooting a loud, intermitten vibration problem and advice on how to merge the two systems together, if possible. I suspect they're fighting against each other since they're connected to the same household connection...
  9. I

    Build Thread 40 breeder or...

    So I finally won the rights to a few feet of space in my office lol... wife let me get rid of a piece of furniture. 3 ft tank seemed like a perfect fit so I have been bouncing between ordering a planet cristaline, innovative marine 75 int, reefer 300xl. Still may go that route, but wanted...
  10. Slick1835

    54g Corner Bowfront Build Quote

    What sounds fair to pay for this upgrade? 54 gallon corner Bowfront. Need to: Convert to Reef Ready 1. Add 3/16” black ACRYLIC panel for overflow 2. Drill GLASS twice 1-1/4” bulkheads 3. Run PVC/HOSING for DRAIN/RETURN 4. PAINT side glass panels 5. ADJUST cabinet floor/door to convert for...
  11. Reefacist

    DIY expert plumbing help needed

    Hello guys I have been working on my 120gallon/40breeder sump forquite some time now. finally time to PLUMB and I have a couple questions. Below are pictures of what I drew. I have been thinking about this for 2 days and I think I have FINALLY decided on the design but would love any...
  12. R

    Help please! Return line leaking

    I just started a tank and my return line is dripping at a pretty constant rate and I can’t seem to get it to stop! Any suggestions?
  13. TheReefArchitect

    Build Thread Project Downsize

    I feel like I’m joining scouts with all the badges out here Here comes my attempt at a build thread.. condensed into a few stages as I’ve sort of already started oops.. Back Story Last year I was a huge freshwater (planted tanks) fanboy but had a spare nano tank lying around so I thought I’d...
  14. Bepis

    making my own Saltwater Mixing Station

    Hello peeps, just wanted to get everyones thoughts on this. I have two 32 g brute trashcans that I've drilled holes in for bulkheads, I then bought all the plumbing and a hydor seltz d 1000. I have all the necessary valves, float switch, and BRS RODI system. PS needed this for entry in giveaway.
  15. IMG_20200728_152524.jpg


    Overhead of rock work and shows most of coast-to-coast synergy reef v2 16" shadow overflow.
  16. hangurber

    Newbie here ... Aquarium/Silicone questions

    Hello everyone, I have a few questions! (TL/DR at bottom) I started my first reef aquarium in a 20G and everything is going great. Got upgradeitis and decided to buy a second hand aquarium and I got everything for really cheap, including the sump, stand, skimmer etc, and everything was up and...
  17. HumblePie

    Humble Pico Skimmer

    Hey all, I thought I would share a very simple and cheap project I just completed. The total cost for me was $8 as I had most of the parts lying around in my aquarium junk drawer. If you had to buy all the parts, I bet you could do this whole project for about $15-$20 ($30 if you have to buy an...
  18. mario4933

    DIY Mushroom/Anemone Boxes Ideas!

    Hey there Reefers! I see an gap in this market that needs to be filled... affordable mushroom/anemone boxes, baskets, cages or however you want to call it! I’m not knocking those making them but $50 for an acrylic cube is ridiculous. so in my journey for diy ideas I realize there is not much...
  19. Louiemiller9

    How Hard Could It be? ...Hard

    Hey guys, so I just wanted to start a thread to document my journey throughout the aquarium fabrication process. I have access to CNC Routing tables which will help with the initial Mock-up when I go to cut it. All of my files are original and completely custom to this tank build. So...
  20. B

    Reef-Pi for PhD project

    Hi all, I'm a marine biologist, now in my 1st year of a PhD studying the impact of environmental stressors (such as climate change, nutrient run off,etc) on the impact on intertidal seaweeds in the UK. (Side note- seaweeds are very important!) :-) I stumbled across the Reef-Pi and it would be...
  21. S

    Reef safe magnet

    I know there are some threads about this, ppl mentioned using epoxy, can we use any epoxy? (I've never used it before) I currently have these magnets and this epoxy, would both of these be safe to use? Do I use use the epoxy onto the magnets and then glue it onto the rocks/frags I want to use...
  22. N11morales

    DIY Screen top for Biocube 32G

    Hello I just upgraded my lighting to the AI PRIME 16HD and was wanting to make a screentop for my tank. I really didnt want to do it myself but i cant find anyone that makes screentops. Has anyone made a screentop for their biocube if so could you show/explain how you did it. I don't want to...
  23. austinleelevy

    Connecting a smaller lagoon style tank to a Red Sea Reefer 350, possible?

    I have a red sea reefer 350 and I am looking for help choosing an option for connecting another tank to the existing system, I was looking into a deep blue 24x24 shallow reef but I really need some suggestions. please give me suggestions for a shallow tank. I am not looking to go custom, but if...
  24. BighohoReef

    Neptune Breakout Box - Fishing for DIY!

    Hi All, I just got a Neptune breakout box and a switch to turn the sump light on when I open the door. I was wondering what other fantastic things people use the breakout box for! If you could please drop a DIY you've done with your breakout box, if you could share the code used and...
  25. ReeferWarrant

    DIY CO2 Scrubber

    Anyone try to use the Algae Barn Phytoplankton bottle to create a DIY Scrubber? I was looking at probably drilling a hole in the small chamber with tubing and water in that. Then in the bottom larger chamber have the Soda Lime in and a hole for piping to the Skimmer at the top of the other...
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