1. 501Reefer

    Cube Build 60 Gallon Cube

    I finally did it, just returned home from placing my order for a new Planet Aquariums reef ready 60 gallon cube!! Update 5-17-20 Its here!!
  2. DirtDiggler2823

    Algae Turf Scrubber LED Lights

    I have a algae turf scrubber body that is build to accommodate the approximately 6"x6" flat LED lights on both sides. I've been looking at a bunch of ACKE brand lights on Amazon, but I am curious as to what others are using for their ATS. I'm strongly leaning toward the 35w version, but it just...
  3. Coralqueendom

    Hello from Coralqueendom

    Hello there from coral queendom‍♀️‍♀️ I am a female reefer with two coral reef tanks from Wisconsin in the United States @Coralqueendom
  4. DvgyCpT

    Cube Build Dvgy's 65Cube - Rise of the Reef

    Morning All, Ziyaad (everyone calls me Dougy :D ) here from Cape Town, South Africa. We are currently under full lock down in South Africa, so decided to start my build thread for my 650mm (+-26inchs, sorry we use the metric system in S.A) reef cube. At the end of last year i was wafting...
  5. BabyShark

    Sump tips?

    I’ve been using a mechanical filter since I’ve had my 55 gallon marine tank and change the filter often. I would like to build my own sump with my 29 gallon tank sitting around. Aside from cleaning the tank, would the sump also help take care of corals and algae in the display tank? I’m also...
  6. jimmert33

    How much silicone should i need for a 300 gallon?

    Hey there, so I dont know if this is the right place or appropriate spot to ask this question is this thread but anyways... After seeing the shotty job the person before me did to the silicone it is a must to redo it. The tanks dimensions are 72 by 36 by 27 how much silicone do you think I need...
  7. BabyShark

    Building a sump

    So I have a 55 gallon display tank and I’ve been using a mechanical filter, changing it often. I want to build a sump for my tank and I have a 20 gallon tank that’s been sitting around. Could I use the 20 gal for my sump? Also is there any suggestions on building my sump and what should go in...
  8. B

    Needing some advice on my 300 Gallon tank build

    Hello, I am designing and building my 2nd custom tank stand with sump set up and I am looking for some pointers on a few different things. This is going to be a Brackish tank that will eventually be saltwater, so I am planning ahead with equipment spacing to make the transition easier as my...
  9. sharkbait-uhaha

    Nano Build Waterbox 10 gallon build

    Hello there fellow reefers. My name is Cesar and I’m from CA. Long story short, I had a 60 gallon tank years ago that ended up crashing and taking all the livestock with it, after that happened I kinda left the hobby. But couple months ago I started getting random adverts on my IG and FB about...
  10. Eg0790

    Help, ideas with Narrow ATO container

    Good afternoon guys, i need your ideas what would you guys use as a reservoir in my stand. I only have 3” next to my sump
  11. avgreen

    Coral Only Tank Build Ideas

    Hey guys, So I am a college student who has been successfully keeping coral for about two years now and I do aquarium set-ups, breakdowns, and maintenance for one of my LFS but need some other kind of income because as I progress in college, my schedule is getting crazier because I am trying to...
  12. Tristan

    Epoxy Paint or Marine Coating?

    Hey everyone. I’m building a stand for a tank I got a while back and I’ve been trying to see how to get a similar quality feel to something such as the Red Sea Reefer Stand. So far, I’ve found out that the doors are epoxy coated, but doing that in a home setting would take a lot of materials and...
  13. S

    24v DC pump battery back up

    So if you run DC pumps that are 24v why can’t you just use 12v battery’s hooked in series Parallel with a battery charger charging the batteries. In theory the pumps would run until the batteries were dead. You could even put some kind of cut out if the battery voltage dropped below 24v. What...
  14. DirtDiggler2823

    Build Thread Reefer Madness 2.0 Is In Progress

    My weird 90 gallon named Reefer Madness was TOO weird, and the glass was blocking too much light from my already inadequate 4 bulb T5 fixture. I decided to transition to a 4 foot 120 gallon tank, and transfer all my hardware, sand, rock, and livestock over to that. I've also purchased 3...
  15. crobs808

    DIY Algae Reactor

    I made my own algae reactor and posted the materials needed and build steps here. It is under $100 total (or about $115 with starter chaeto). LINK: Benefits: Reduction of harmful Nitrates and Phosphates Consumption of excess CO2 Acts as a copepod...
  16. Reefer37

    Tunze Air Silencer Cap

    So when I bought my Tunze skimmer, it did not come with the silencing cap. I realized how loud this thing is when it isn't covered and this may be one of the few things duct tape ISN'T the best solution for. ;Hilarious Anybody have recommendations for a DIY cap or cover to use?
  17. Michelesreef

    DIY stand

    Okay, so here's the thing.. Everytime my boyfriend and I want to di a water change, he holds the 5 gallon jug up above hos head so the water flows through and it freaks me out every time. So I want to make it easier and build something strong enough and tall enough to hold the jugs while we do...
  18. Eg0790

    Custom 45 gallon Build

    New here, just wanted to share my custom build with all of you, i custom built the stand and made it in white acrylic over a sheet of quartz to make sure it was sitting level.this is a downgrade from my previous 65 gallons, i wanted something small built to my taste. The tank is a SCA 45 gallons...
  19. D

    Starting a 46 gallon bow front reef, any suggestions welcomed

    I recently purchased a second hand 46 gallon bow front with the stand and was going to upgrade my current nano 10 gallon to this new tank at some point. I have never drilled a tank before but I have drilled glass before so I'm confident I can do this. The tank has a tempered glass sticker so I...
  20. Justgottadiy

    New AIO filtration redesigned

    Being in this hobby and loving to create and invent things and this is one of them. I hope you like it First thing is the tank is 20g 12/20/20 inches but the system is 30g 12/20/29 but we here at innovative acrylic we don’t count the filtration as the size of the tank just to seem bigger Also...
  21. Nate_Krohn

    DIY overflow help

    I have a 29 gallon reef tank already set up with HOB equipment that I would like to add a sump to. I can’t bring myself to spend over $100 on an hob overflow box so I thought I could make one out of pvc. Has anyone else done this? If you could share some tips with me that’d be great. Thanks!
  22. WallyB

    ★ DIY [Auto] ★ [ ALKALINITY MONITOR ] ★ 3 Tank [HANNA with Raspberry PI / Ardiuno ] with ADVANCED Features

    IT's finally over. 6 months of hard work is coming to the End Game. (Working Alk Monitor) A crazy idea I came up with, actually works. All started because I couldn't get a Apex Trident (none available), nor or was I will to shell out the money (and throw out two perfectly working two Apex...
  23. R

    Aluminium Extrusion in the UK

    Trying to find aluminium extrusion for a custom light fixture. Using 20mm star led boards have 13 3W leds spaced over 800mm±100mm. Anybody got any ideas or sources? Ideally in the UK to keep costs down. Cheers
  24. gotmesalty77

    Im decent a DIY but im gonna need the creative minds here to help me with this one

    So basically ive been told that until we find a larger house i am on a tank restriction. I can add whatever i want to under the tank including tanks just nothing unsightly outside of my undisputed territorial lines. As of now i have a mess of wires and neat freaks nightmare for a sump fuge area...
  25. Apex control stand

    Apex control stand

    Almost ready to build and install doors. Last project is plumbing the chiller back in.
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