1. gotmesalty77

    Im decent a DIY but im gonna need the creative minds here to help me with this one

    So basically ive been told that until we find a larger house i am on a tank restriction. I can add whatever i want to under the tank including tanks just nothing unsightly outside of my undisputed territorial lines. As of now i have a mess of wires and neat freaks nightmare for a sump fuge area...
  2. Apex control stand

    Apex control stand

    Almost ready to build and install doors. Last project is plumbing the chiller back in.
  3. High pH diy two part dose conatainers

    High pH diy two part dose conatainers

    Dosing recipe on containers for consistency. Is it ocd or laziness to not look up recipe later?
  4. Justgottadiy


    Starting a new system after loosing EVERYTHING I’ve had in the hobby to a divorce. Ive moved across country and started not only my tank but life all as well. enough with the long boring story tho. My GF and I are doing a complete DIY 75g reef build and are in the beginning stages of the...
  5. Andrew Schubert

    DIY Fish Food leaching copper?

    So I received back my 2nd Triton ICP test, and unlike the first one I had a small presence of copper in my tank. Didn't think a whole lot about it, just assumed that it might be a false positive. Figured I'd start to worry if it still showed on my 3rd test. Well, I remembered I actually...
  6. Des Westcott

    reef-pi User Interface (UI) development thread

    After a discussion with @Ranjib, we have decided to open a separate thread for the discussion around the reef-pi User Interface (UI). This thread is for suggesting UI features / upgrades reef-pi users would like to see in reef-pi. Requesting / suggesting a feature here is not going to be a...
  7. Vaul

    Acrylic Tank

    I have a few questions regarding acrylic tank build. I just want to gain knowledge since I can’t seem to find this info online and understand it. Lets go with an example tank size, say 48 x 24 x 24 inch tank, we need to use 12mm thick acrylic with bracings to prevent tank from bowing and...
  8. S

    where to get quality fittings/equipment in Australia

    calling all Australian members apologies if this is very obvious... believe me i've looked and have found a few sources, but would like some experienced people to provide me with your pearls of wisdom. thank you could you please provide your sources for obtaining equipment, tanks, plumbing...
  9. J

    How to create a refugium in an existing 10g sump?

    I am looking to create a refugium in my existing 10g sump which is a standard 10g leader for the purpose of sustaining a healthy copepod and microfauna population rather than nutrient export. I've kicked around a few ideas of how to accomplish this however I'm running into a few problems: 1.)...
  10. R

    Making the grade? DIY stand and your feedback

    Hey there, I need some advice on this stand (see picture) in terms of structure and long-term stability. The steel frame is 49'' L x 21'' W x 39'' H. Each steel frame is about 1.6'' (4 cm) in thickness. I don't have any additional corner supports or vertical supports in the middle of the...
  11. the.introvertebrate

    Cheap and easy ATO Cover/Lid

    Hi, I'm new here (first post, hope i'm not breaking any rules) Just thought id share a quick DIY hack that I put together for my ATO over the weekend. I noticed I was going through 20L of ATO water quicker than usual, needing to re-fill every 4-5 days so I created a cover to stop the...
  12. ajjw0828

    A.J.’s 70 gal shallow reef

    Hi All, I’m a little late on starting this but I figure something is more fun than nothing so I’m going to try and post my build and go from there. Started the process back on Feb 13th when I saw a 69 gallon deep blue rimless tank for 225, not drilled or anything but never used. PayPal the guy...
  13. Cstar_BC

    DIY Garbage Can Sump - input appreciated **

    Hi all - above is my planned sump/filter . I know that I have not included control valves or check valves because I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT I'M DOING WHEN IT COMES TO PLUMBING. I think i can glue PVC ledges to the inside of the drum on which i can rest diffuser screens which can hold the...
  14. reelss

    Reelss's 180 Gallon Build (DIY heavy, Basement Sump)

    The build started unexpectedly when I was able to get a 180 gallon tank locally being sold by another reefer. I have been building it slowly. Here's the progress so far, but there's a lot of work that still remains. Current Tanks: 80 gallon Deep Blue 50 gallon Low Boy The plan is to set up...
  15. Coulter Schmidt

    Overflow Box for HOB filter (No hanging bracket)

    I ordered an overflow box for my filter but it didn't come with a hanging bracket, they don't specify on their website whether or not they come with one but some pictures I saw had one. I emailed them asking if it was a mistake or it was my misunderstanding. I'm waiting for their email before I...
  16. ScubaZ

    DIY light mount (hydra 26hd)

    Don’t spend big money on a light mount that is less universal as the one I have created here. It’s a simple cheap tv wall mount that can easily be moved out of the way during Maintenance. If anyone’s interested in links for the mount or a more detailed description I’d be happy to help out.
  17. GrumpyAlison

    Stability of Cinder Block Stand

    I have this setup in my basement currently and its been running really nicely for a while. I was considering ways to get 2 40 Breeders on the bottom instead of the tubs (more water volume & better visibility, can light from behind, etc), but they won't fit between the stacked cinder blocks...
  18. C_mo97

    My First All DIY Tank Build

    Hey Guys, So maybe you can tell from the title but I am building a complete system from scratch (Tank, Stand, Sump, and plumbing). I will post my progress on this thread so stay tuned. Here are some pics from the stand.
  19. CivicS14

    Georgia DIY Tubing for BRS 1.1ml Dosing Pumps: 5' for $10 shipped

    Instead of paying $13 for each tube from BRS, I went with DIY described here: I bought a 50' roll and would never go through this much tubing alone, so I figure offer some up to others that don't want to buy this much...
  20. culvern22

    Rimless Tank Build

    Good Day, Everyone! New here to R2R but certainly been utilizing the forums for a few years now. I’ve thrown together some plans for a 48wx12dx14h rimless tank and I’d like to know if anyone experienced with DIY rimless builds would check the dimensions for me before I get the panels cut...
  21. smartwater101

    California Broken/Parts Only Profilux 4 brain (I'm going to gut it, so I just need the shell)

    I'm building a little dosing container/line runner and want to use a Profilux 4 brain to run line through. Its a little hard to explain the overall design, but I'm basically just looking for a cheap brain. It doesn't have to work, of course, because I'll be gutting it for the project anyway...
  22. H

    Drilling your aquarium from the sides?

    So i have a 20 gallon long tank that i want to drill on 1 side to make a peninsula tank that would have a 10 gallon sump. Now that being said i don't know how many holes i need, what size holes, and where to drill (top,middle,bottom). I'm not sure if it is even possible to drill on the side...
  23. Gabriel Guirola

    How to wrap steal stand?

    Hi guys, I have this steel stand that I want to wrap and I have no clue on how to go about it. Do you guys have any recommendations and maybe pics of what you have done?
  24. DurbelMcDillett

    Build thread for my 300 gallon mixed reef tank + filtration room

    Hey gang, I had the good fortune of buying a custom built 300 gallon glass aquarium and custom built stand from my dentist a few months back. I've been telling him for a few years that I want to buy the aquarium because he didn't ever have any water in it (the previous dentist in the practice...
  25. Castaway6

    Is there a dual mount for the Kessil a160?

    I have 2 lights and wondering if there's a way to mount both together, in market or diy. Also I dont really want to drill in the roof or anything fancy, just a clamp on mount. Thanks