1. joekool

    DIY Skimmer Monster: How to’s and Guidance. Picture Heavy

    ok so you may or may not have thought about building your own skimmer but it’s not that hard and it won’t cost you a lot of money so why not try it. I will work with you to build the appropriate size skimmer for your setup. First is a video and then I will put up photos.
  2. J

    Need help with a Sump layout

    Hello everyone! My wife and I have a 55 gallon aquarium that we started down the salty road with about 5 months ago. We dont have a lot of stuff in it and have been aquiaring equipment and things slowly. The tank was given to us and a stand with it too. We wanted to do a sump under it and...
  3. HollaAtChaReefBoy

    HollaAt ChaReefBoy Red Sea Peninsula 650

    Just upgraded from nano tanks to now a big tank. Go big or go home, so I went BIG and I brought it home. Feel free to follow me on this journey as I customize and modify this tank. Feel free to provide feedbacks, I would love to see what you all think.
  4. YogiReef

    DIY Refugium Light [?]

    Not sure if this will work at all, does anyone know if I could rewrite this light for a refugium, it’s called the i-Zoom Worklight, here’s the link to the amazon. [LINK] I have four of these and got them as freebies, I could do some trial and error. But my question is, is this even the...
  5. sil40sx

    Finally, found a canopy for my AP700 :)

    I've been wanting to add T5 to supplement my AP700, first option was the Aquaticlife Hybrid, but I got impatient waiting for them to be released from customs, so I just picked this 6 x 36" ATI for a very reasonable price. With just a little DIY, its gonna be a perfect hybrid. It's going to be a...
  6. Mandelstam

    Project pitch: DIY dosing pump with 3d printed peristaltic pump head, R-Pi controlled

    Couple of weeks ago I got an idea in my head that I've been playing around with. The idea was to make a dosing pump that's Arduino/Raspberry Pi controlled. I just like the idea to be able to customize it completely and have total control over it. And maybe be able to save some money as well...
  7. RichyRich50

    Need help with a DYI Red Sea Reefer 350 sump setup

    Hello everyone, I have a reefer 350 and I wanted to try out a small DIY project on my sump. I don’t know exactly how to go about this so I need some help. So I was looking at a YouTube video on the BRS page on Kalkwasser. Here is the link . So I had an idea, on the video aound 8min 15sec...
  8. Rhinotronics

    Heating an RO/DI 100G Water Tank? (Show me Yours)

    Hey Guys and Gals, I am about to start setting up my RO/DI Water storage room and was wondering about heating. Couple of questions... First off I live in Nashville Tennessee area so you know the climate. I will be running two 105G Water storage tanks. Tall and thin. What type of heater should...
  9. coseal

    120cm journal, my return to the hobby...

    took a few year break due to life and a move. ready to dive back in! been gathering needed equipment some new some old. huge fan of rimless minimalist aquariums. so that's where i'm headed with this build. when i left the hobby a few years ago ULNS and bacterial driven systems were real...
  10. Joshua Morey

    30 Gal Long

    Sup guys! Long story short Ive been part of the forums for awhile but I tend to just browse other threads when I have a question. Here's a condensed tour of my first reef that Ive had running about nine months. Over all I'd call it a massive learning experience and tons of fun! Ill start this...
  11. Jerzyray

    210 gallon build

  12. Colin B

    125 gallon mixed reef build

    Hello everyone, Welcome to my tank build. I am graduating from college in less than a month at this point and am beyond excited. So to celebrate this I am thinking of treating myself to something I've been wanting for quite sometime, a 125 gallon mixed reef tank. I found a standard non...
  13. Colin B

    125 gallon reef tank build, looking for advice and pointers for success.

    Hello, I am new to the forums but have been keeping reef tanks/fowlr tanks for the past five years. I recently picked up a 125 gallon tank that was brand new from craigslist for $100 dollars so that was too good of a deal to pass up. So, since I have picked up this tank, I was looking to see...
  14. joekool

    Kool Reef DIY 687 picture heavy

    Hello all, Remodeling my tank from 210 to 428 display with a total volume of 687 gallons after Live Rock. I wanted a new thread for the remodel heavy with pictures and videos. Gathering all my stuff together for the build. and will post as it goes. Expanding the stand I have because its...
  15. AngryOwl

    DIY Algae Scrubber not growing

    Back in late August I built a algae scrubber. To this day all it has grown is diatoms... Info about the scrubber: Waterfall style, screen is about 9" x 4", uses an individual pump to supply flow 295gph pump and most importantly the lights... rapidled solderless leds, 4 reds and 2 blues on each...
  16. TheLadyCrash

    Converting Media Reactor to Algae Reactor

    I have a BRS Dual Media Reactor that I’m running on my 45g at the moment. I’ve been toying around with the idea of modifying one of the reactors to be an algae reactor but have a few questions. 1.) Is this a feasible / good idea? 2.) Does it matter if the algae reactor was in the 1st or 2nd...
  17. Tiwo

    WTB: External overflow

    Looking for a external overflow as my tank is tempered and i cannot drill. (40 gallon breeder) Preferably 2 pipes. If you are someone or know someone who can make one/makes them pm me and we can talk
  18. Ryan@ShelteredReef

    Frag swap coral carrier

    Threw together a tiered frag/coral carrier that fits in a 5 gallon bucket for the upcoming #CTARS fragtoberfest and figured I'd share a few pics as well as a little tutorial. First I cut some egg crate down to 16x9" pieces Next I used a Dremmel to cut out the + at each corner The hole size...
  19. Keith_0011

    Ideas for tank set up on Mexican tile??

    Can I set up a 92gal corner tank on a Mexican tile floor? A little background here. I recently moved and sized down to one tank, a 36gal bowfront. (The 36 is currently on the Mexican tile, for better or worse). I am now looking to size up to a bigger tank, a 92gal corner tank. The room where I...
  20. MSB123

    Building My 5'x5'x1.5' Tank!

    Hey everyone! This will be my first build thread! Im excited to show you guys my progress! I already have a custom made 250 gallon tank with dual owerflows and 50 gallon sump. Items still needed (3) Current USA eFlux Wave Pump Kit (2100 GPH) (About 5) DIY Frag Racks 1 Pound Bag of Frag Plugs...
  21. C

    How much HOB is too much?

    hey reefers I've got a 50 gal Hagen tank. Currently running an hob reef octo skimmer, hob seachem media filter and hob uv sterilizer. I understand it's a lot of clutter but I really don't mind. Anyway I want to add an hob refugium but my concern is tank/glass failure do to weight on the back...
  22. Justin84

    Basement set-ups! Show and tell time!!!!

    For those that have the luxury of setting up their filtration (refugiums, sumps, and equipment) in their basement, what does it look like? How do you accomplish your water changes? What type of equipment or methods do you use to make your reefing experience more enjoyable? Ive scoured youtube a...
  23. Jim Harrison

    While we are talking about filter socks and other media... Question:

    I've built my sump a little high on the water line, so I don't think I will have enough space to use filter floss as a media. I've got about 3'-4" (will need to measure when I get home) of clearance above the water line. Seems I'm going to have to go with a filter sock, yeah? Filter socks are...
  24. InspectorGadget

    DIY Nano Algae Scrubber, step by step with pics

    PLEASE DO NOT POST UNTIL I SAY THE LAST STEP HAS BEEN REACHED! This will take me some time to type it all out an get all the pictures right. Thanks guys and enjoy! This is a step by step guide on how I built my nano Algae Scrubber for nano reef tanks. The Algae Scrubber is made out of black...
  25. tnuhnivad

    DIY 40g Stand and Sump Build

    Hello, I'm going to be taking a 40g and making it my main display tank effectively doubling the size of my current display tank. To save money and ensure quality I'm going to be building a custom stand, equipment box, PVC overflow/return, and turning my current 20g tall display into a custom...
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