1. Jaag

    PVC Bottom DIY Rimless Shallow Reef

    Sup guys? So I am going to be building a shallow reef tank. The dimensions will be 36x24x12. I will be using starphire glass on the front and two sides, regular glass on the back and I want to put PVC on the bottom anyone have any experience with that? Is there any difference in putting it...
  2. Peter Hand

    Ecotech Radion XR15W Pro Gen 3 Power Supply Help

    I recently purchased a Gen 3 Xr15W Pro and spent a few hours trying to get it to turn on. After trying for some time I decided to try using my AI Prime Power Supply to power my Radion. Sure enough it powered on, which made me determine my radion power supply broken. Does anyone know where I can...
  3. alexytman

    Filter socks and skimmer

    I've been wondering can't I just put a cotton sheet on egg crate on top of a mesh filter sock. Bcuz this seems cheaper and seems it might work. Also any suggestions on a cheap and more important QUIET skimmer for my bed room. (60 gal)
  4. Reef2zach

    Zachs 220 "In Wall" Display

    I have a 220 gallon display with 75 gallon sump. this is my 2nd reef tank and and its taken me almost a year to get it up and running. It has pretty much sat empty in my basement untill i had enough funds to get it fixed and in my wall. Finally have it up and running and in the past few months...
  5. Idoc

    Circuit overload?

    Before setting up my aquarium, I wanted to see what all was on the circuit with the outlet I'm planning to use for everything. The outlet is connected to the GFI protected strip of outlets in my kitchen...kind of crazy wiring since the outlet I'm planning on using is in a dining room NOT...
  6. Aaron Davis

    Drilling Acrylic

    Alright. So dilemma here. I have a 55 gallon acrylic tank. Had it up and running for approx 6 months. When I bought it, all it had for a return is a 1" hose. I want to hardplumb the tank so I purchased all the piping I'd need and bulkheads. The return goes into the tank from the top, so there's...
  7. DaltoniousMax

    Let's see those DIY nightmares!

    In this hobby, if you haven't DIY'ed something you haven't been at it long or you are extremely well off. Even if you are the latter this hobby inspires creativity, and have probably given something a go. Personally I love DIY as part of my reefing journey and that goes well with the fact that...
  8. Bulk Reef Supply

    DIY Screen Net Tops: Tips, Tricks, and Pics!

    How did your DIY screen net top turn out? Post some pics - we want to see! Also, we're looking for tips and tricks to help other reefers make the project easier or better, or even improve the end result. Our tip: use a hair dryer to heat the netting and shrink up any slack, just be careful not...
  9. Nolan Shinn

    DIY Heater controller advice

    I was going to try to make my own heater/chiller controller. I've found a bunch of all purpose temperature controllers on amazon and I was wondering if anyone has a suggestion on which brand or controller to get. Anyone which past experience have any suggestions? I was most seriously looking at...
  10. nerdymunky

    Structural Ideas: Building a stand for a 40B tank and sump

    Hey DIYers! Later this month, I am going to be back in the reefkeeping after moving across the country and buying a house. I have a larger skimmer from previous builds and would like to use this with a refugium. Doing so, I have decided to run a 40b tank with a 40b sump until I inevitably...
  11. D

    Lots of questions???? All help appreciated.

    Ok, so let me start this off on the right foot here. I'm going to be new to the SW side of things and have millions of questions, but there is no way to ask them all now. A little bit about myself before I start asking questions. I have had multiple FW aquariums (from 10gal to 120gal) and am...
  12. GraphicReefer

    45G DIY Shallow Reef Lagoon Build

    Hey Guys and Gals! My first R2R Post! So a little background: My name is Brandon and I've been into aquariums for nearly my entire life, ( Sounds like an AA intro I know ) saltwater though, for years, has been my main infatuation. After putting myself through college and living in anti-tank...
  13. Pny

    Pny's waterfall algae scrubber build

    ATS Description I've been trying out a DIY "SURF"-style algae scrubber for more than a year, but its nutrient export doesnt keep up with my feeding, so I want to give the algae scrubbing method a "last chance"... Now I've started making myself a quality waterfall style ATS. Instead of just...
  14. DipSpit

    Cross Post: 180g Cube Reef

    Hello all, Not sure if this is allowed but I would like to share my newly finished 180g cube reef. If this is against the R2R forum rules please delete. Original thread at link below!
  15. DipSpit

    180g (36" x 36" x 32") Cube Project Complete

    It was a heck of a journey - for myself and my girlfriend whom I live with - but the end result was worth it! I was looking to upgrade my 90 gallon tank into something challenging and enjoyable and I ended up finding a great deal on a 180 gallon cube in Mechanicsville, Pa. I currently live in...
  16. quik95lt1

    Got the Bug upgrading to a 90 Gallon with a bunch of DIY!!

    Newish to the forum and only about a year into my salt/reef experience, I have learned a TON from my 47 gallon column I have now with just a snowflake clown, scarlet cleaner shrimp and some inverts and a Kenya tree and zoa, but I've had enough of the "wet armpit" syndrome trying to work on it...
  17. Bloody.Knuckles

    DIY 30" High 42 Gallon Seahorse Tank

    *Projected Seahorses by March-ish 2017 I have put together a tank for a pair of Seahorses. Dimensions: 18x18x30h Capacity: ~42 US Gallons Glass: 1/2" annealed I was planning on using a canister filter(Fluval 306) I had acquired as part of a package deal of equipment, but now I'm thinking that...
  18. A

    Idea for a phyto drip system

    I had an idea for a phyto drip system. I am considering trying to make it when I have more time to devote to it. Would love to hear everyone's thoughts on this.
  19. glagunda

    Oatey pvc cement on acrylic ?

    apparently lowes or home depo doesn't sell scigrip 4 (weld-on 4) so can oatey pvc cement hold together acrylic. trying to build a baffle for a sump.
  20. Zwogle

    33 Gallon Custom all-in-one

    Dementions: 16x16x30 Equipment: OceanRevive Arctic-T247 Smart ATO- Micro Via Aqua 305 Water Pump Aquatic Life 115 Skimmer Filtration Marine Pure balls and one 1" block Live stock 2 Firefish Stary blenny Shrimp goby Hi fin goby pistol shrimp PJ cardinal (obligatory first fish) Clean up crew...
  21. Idoc

    DIY 40g breeder sump design ideas - requesting expert opinions!

    Currently working on setting up my first saltwater aquarium and taking some time to work on my sump design while my live rock is curing. I've read tons on the forums about sump designs and finally sat down and drew out 2 sump proposals for my 40gal breeder be used on a 75g aquarium...
  22. DipSpit

    Canopy Diffuser

    So inside of the canopy (which measures 36" x 36" OD) I have 4 SB reef lights and a 250w Radium w/ Spyder reflectors. I want to put a sheet of wither polycarbonate or glass over the bottom, inside the canopy to either a.) help diffuse the light into a uniform source (I do know MH's don't need...
  23. Idoc

    Ideas needed on how to make the weirs on baffles

    New to saltwater aquariums, and I'm in the process of designing my 40g breeder sump and would like to attempt to duplicate some of the "commercial" sump designs with baffles with weir slits on top of them. I'm leaning toward 1/4" thick glass baffles. Anyone have any ideas on how to cut the...
  24. haleyf1024

    T5 and LED combo questions

    I'll start by saying that I have no idea which forum to put this in, so if the LED specific or the DIY groups woyld be better, I'll move it :) So I am finally able to switch to ATI bulbs from the crappy stock lights that come with AquaticLife fixtures. The light is 60" and is only 4 bulbs. I...
  25. Mpkid911

    Help with diy led fixture!

    Okay so i am plannind a diy led fixture for a 55 gallon tank. Im basing thenlights off of the radion pro and these are the leds i plan on buying. 42 LEDs White: 8 Cree XT-E Cool White (5w each) Red: 4 bridgelux, 660nm (3w each) Yellow: 2 bridgelux Yellow, 590nm (3w each) Green: 4 Cree XP-E...
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