1. Darsh

    Build Thread My DIY/Ghetto/cheap build

    So a quick back story… I’ve been out of the saltwater hobby and actually completely tankless for about 6 years. I sold my tanks when I left my home country of Ireland to live in Poland. The itch starting to come back and I finally decided I NEED A TANK!! After spending a lot of money in the...
  2. Jose Berry

    Build Thread 225g rebuild.

    I know this would be my second 225 g aquarium purchase. I had started the other build but it’s been a stand still. (Time)(a lot is need for the tank) This is a shorter but wider and taller tank then my other one. I will be getting this done a lot quicker as it’s easier to turn around. It just...
  3. Pinback


    in the next two years...i'm looking at building a 72" GLASS tank, 18" tall, and 24" wide (135 gallons) hopes & dreams: interested in keeping a few tang species (yellow, kole, powder blue tang, etc.). mixed reef. DIY floating hood and black box LED units. i have priced this out at around $400...
  4. actik

    Build Thread My first aquarium (Nano)

    Hi everyone, ive never done this before or even created a threat with build progress but im going to do my best lol. I fell in love with how beautiful corals were and decided i would give it a try in a nano sized tank and if all goes well perhaps go bigger ofcourse, this may be my new hobbie...
  5. This guy is Extra Salty

    DIY AIO 5gallon nano

    So I was a bit bored at work and was like hey let’s build something I figured why not better than dying of boredom.. I found a few pieces of acrylic and decided to make a “prototype” AIO.. about 15 minutes later coming off a laser cutter and some weld-on Go ahead and critique it I know some...
  6. NotASpammerDude

    Build Thread muh nano tank

    Hi R2R, I'm documenting the conversion of my 23gal Vista (mid brackish) to FOWLR with the plan of growing Coralline algae (moving it into the reef space). I've had the tank for about 2.5 years now at various FW to low end brackish salinities... The biggest reasons I am turning the tank into...
  7. Auto-pilot

    Battery backup

    Soo I looked into the market for an automatic battery backup for my tank. I found options but didn't like the products or price on alot of them. Some you even had to buy their fans and others didn't even have heaters! I saw this and decided I'll just make my own and wanted to share what I made...
  8. Brad Miller

    Culturing and feeding Phytoplankton to Coral, Pods and Fish

    I've exhausted myself over the course of several months researching this and still can not seem to find the answers I'm looking for. I did order "Ocean Majic" Phyto from Algae Barn (4 strain mix) and have been doing their recommended dosing once a day by adding to my refugium for just over 1...
  9. Nolan Shinn

    Dual overflow into algae turf scrubber??

    I’ve been considering how best to plumb the dual overflow/return on my center drilled 150gal build and I need some input from you knowledgeable reefers out there: Is there any reason I couldn’t pipe both of my overflow down tubes through two algae turf skimmers? In theory this would mean all...
  10. Nolan Shinn

    Build Thread Seattle center-drilled 150

    Hey gang! I moved out of my apartment to a house in Seattle, so The Apartment Reef has been disassembled. On the bright side, the new house has a semi-finished basement, so I’m back in the big tank game! The new (to me) tank is a centerdrilled 150gallon tank I picked up from a nearby guy on...
  11. Tangina20

    DIY mount for hydra 25, ai prime, hydra 52

    Hey everyone I made a diy mount for my 2 hydra 26 lights and it only costed about $25 to maleness both mounts which is a lot cheaper than the store bought ones feel free to ask any questions on how I did it! I still need to paint them and drill holes to hide the wires.
  12. Tangina20

    DIY mount for hydra 26 lights

    I’m looking for ideas to mount 2 hydra 26 lights and am having a hard time finding info on it. Does anyone have pictures of mounts they did? Thanks!
  13. buddy.

    Buddy's Reef-Pi Build

    Hey everyone! Here is another #reef-pi build for anyone interested in following :D My build will consist of @Ranjib reef-pi (of course) and I will also be using the HAT and PWM module from @wykat . I only have a laptop so I couldn't do the standard raspberry pi set up with a mouse and keyboard...
  14. Metasyntactic

    PVC Aquariums?

    I've been pricing out different ways to build a 480 gallon aquarium. For large projects, plywood is definitely cheapest but it occurred to me that I could buy .75"x36"x86" of plastic, probably pvc, sheeting for a somewhat reasonable price. after you figure in the cost of sealing the plywood, I...

    Using Loctite Plumber and Marine Clear Adhesive?

    I have been using the GE1 silicone to construct DIY for sump, etc but now see the above Loctite Plumber and Marine Clear Adhesive. What I cannot find even in the MDS for the product is if this is safe for life... Obviously it works somewhat if used around faucets and underwater applications...
  16. JRAD

    Jrad’s Hybrid anti carpet surfing top

    I have 3 tank raised Kamohara blennies. They were in a 2o gal qt with a glass canopy. They are skittish and jumpy fish. I received my custom all in one tank and I needed to set it up where the 20 gallon quarantine tank was. I’ve moved the Blennies into a 10 gallon cube. I put some egg crate...
  17. J

    Look for DIY Timer for Chinese Blackbox

    Has anyone made a DIY Timer that can be used with the dimming feature of the Meanwell drivers? Something that can ramp up and down and set intensity of the 2 channels?
  18. WallyB

    ALEXA (and Apex Fusion) What's your Experience? Share your Automation learnings

    So I just stumbled on the fact that the Apex Fusion skill has been released for Alexa, by Neptune systems (integrated with Fusion). Here is the Neptune user manual for Alexa that I just glanced at...
  19. shiftline

    Build Thread ReefDudes 6' Shallow Reef 2.0

    I have had my current 6-foot shallow reef tank setup for about 2.5 years now... and its time for a bit of a do-over... Now i didn't really plan on upgrading or changing my tank as I love it! However, due to a hazy line in the glass, the tank builder was going to replace the tank. I'm sure you...
  20. DirtDiggler2823

    DIY Adjustable Stockman Standpipe

    Just a quick picture of the adjustible stockman I made. It was pretty easy.
  21. Mebeknob

    Orbit Serene.... Is there a DIY version?? I've wanted to do something like this with my Reef for awhile now but my main goal was to connect with my Neptune Apex. In the led drivers to be too expensive to really figure this out... but maybe I'm wrong. Anyone able to attach those low...
  22. DirtDiggler2823

    Build Thread Diggler's Weird 90 Gallon Reef Tank

    I'm building my first reef tank after spending years on the freshwater side. I was able to score a 90 gallon tank and stand, but the tank looks like it was an AIO so I'm working around what is already in the tank, and trying to use it for its new purpose. I'll post the pics that detail where I...
  23. Wilsonfeliz

    Hydra LEDs replace / upgrade

    Hi folks! I picked up two old AI Hydra 1st Gen recently for cheap because Royal Blue channel doesnt work, so I decided to find out if I could repair it. After several tests, find that the problem is the burned out LED, so I have to replace them. I will need some XT-E Royal Blue LEDs, where...
  24. Struggler

    DIY Stand without center brace?

    Hello, I am looking to build a stand for my 180 gallon tank, with two corner overflows, does anyone have any schematics for one without center braces. Thanks!
  25. Torx

    Aquacontroller 3 power supply

    I have a friend looking to give his old Aquacontroller 3 to someone who is getting into the hobby. He can not find or been able to buy the power cable. I can make him one, but I do not know all the specs. I know it is a mono stereo plug, but does anyone have one who can get the details off the...