algae scrubber

  1. i0nz

    Clearwater Algae Turf Scrubber CW100

    I have the opportunity to buy a CW100 Clearwater ATS V1 that’s used with a Sicce for $100. I’ve been dealing with GHA in one of my tanks and came across this. I’ve read the reviews on BRS and people have complained about them leaking along with light bleed. I was curious to see if anybody has...
  2. Reefer825

    Icecap Algae Scrubber PRO - Small

    Icecap Algae Scrubber Pro - Small (AGS-100 Model) Bought new and used for ten months. Works Great. Cleaned up and ready to go. 10.8"L x 6.15"W x 17"H $180 plus shipping.
  3. radav88

    Santa Monica Rain 2 Algae Scrubber w/Pole Mount

    This is for a slightly used Santa Monica Rain 2 Algae Scrubber with Pole Mount. This is the 4 light version. I've had it up and running about 2 months. Everything works perfectly. I'm currently working on getting the screen a little cleaner. $275 shipped. PayPal please message me if you have...
  4. Aquachristik

    IceCap Algae Scrubber Light Mod

    I purchased the IceCap Algae Scrubber PRO Small 14 Watt since it seemed like an easy plug and play way to get into algae turf scrubbing. It replaced my chaeto refugium so I was hoping for it to be an upgrade. First impressions were mostly positive leaving a bit to be desired when it came to...
  5. MorReefs

    Ozone generator and algae scrubber?

    So I have not found anyone discussing this so hopefully I can get some decent input. I want to switch from a calcium reactor to a algae scrubber as I have heard they out perform in the nutrient export dept. I also would like to benefit from a ozone generator. What would be the cons for running a...
  6. M

    New York WTB Looking for v2 Algae scrubber

    Hello everyone, new to R2R, super new to posting on here. Currently looking for a Clear water algae scrubber without having to sell a kidney for a new one. Either the CW-100 or CW-200 v2 model. Located in NYC would prefer local but open to having it shipped with buyer protection. Thanks...
  7. SCH14

    Algae Scrubber or Macro Algae Reactor?

    Which one is more beneficial for a 310g tank with 6-8 large tangs and other reef safe fish+coral Noticed when I added an 8" Unicorn tang my nitrates went from 5 to 25 within 3 days. Currently only using a small amount of biopellets and tank has been running for 4.5 months. If macro algae is...
  8. P

    DIY Algae Scrubber

    Hello Everyone, I'm working on creating an algae scrubber using some old equipment and my 3d printer. I am trying to do as much as I can DIY as I love to tinker. Please give me any feedback you can think of, it is much appreciated! So far, I've got the plumbing and housing completed. Coming...
  9. G

    Algae scrubber with GFO and biopellets

    Hello reefers. I have a small bio pellet reactor and GFO today. Haven't been too happy with algae buildup on the glass every few days so I invested in an algae scrubber. Do I keep everything in place and fire up the scrubber or should I pull the old stuff out and just rely on the scrubber for...
  10. DrewFish

    How much algae do you leave on the screen of an algae turf scrubber after cleaning?

    How much "seed algae" do people leave on the sides of their screen for their algae turf scrubber after a cleaning? I did my first major cleaning yesterday and didnt want to strip too much off. I ran my credit card over both sides of the screens but that did not remove much algae. When I put my...
  11. T

    USA WTB Geo AR 418

    Looking to get a smaller algae reactor. I also have a pax bellum n24, Geo AR618, Reef octopus LR 150 (New), or Pacific Sun pro M all in great condition I'd be willing to put on the table for trade
  12. T

    USA Dry Good Trade Looking to to pax bellum n24, Geo AR618, Reef octopus LR 150, or Pacific Sun pro M for GEO AR418

    Looking to get a smaller algae reactor. I have a pax bellum n24, Geo 618, Reef octopus LR 150, or Pacific Sun pro M all in great condition I'd be willing to put on the table.
  13. N11morales

    Suggestions on algae scrapper that won’t scratch.

    I been using a flipper and it always scratches the glass when I’m trying to clean hard built up algae. Any suggestions on a different one to clean hard algae off? Also how often do y’all replace algae scrappers? This is my third flipper and all seem to scratch my glass within a month. (Taking...
  14. dixons_reef

    Misc. Pumps Miscellaneous Drygoods SOLD Algae scrubber with sicce pump

    I have this algae scrubber from aquatic guys and it comes with a sicce 1.5 return pump. The price includes shipping.
  15. J

    Alabama Filters Drygoods SOLD IceCap Pro Small Turf Scrubber

    I’m selling one small IceCap Pro Turf Scrubber. I’m the original owner and have been using this very successfully for the last three months. I’m upgrading to a much larger tank now, so I’ll be moving to a bigger scrubber. This one is in like-new condition and has been very well cleaned in...
  16. D

    California Aquariums Drygoods Algae Scrubber

    Hello I have the RAIN 4 pole mount waterfall algae scrubber for sale. The pole mount is used, however the DOM and the gem lights (7 in total) are brand new. Asking for $500 shipped.
  17. TNT32D

    California Filters Drygoods Clear Water Algae Scrubber CW50

    Brand New Clear water Algae Scrubber. Can not fit under my tank. Sorry no shipping. Live SF Bay Area
  18. ChuckTownReefer

    South Carolina Filters Sumps Drygoods Clear Water Scrubber cw-200

    I have a clear water scrubber cw-200f9r sale that is used but in pretty good shape. Also come with the optional shades to reduce the red light bleed. Asking $370 shipped or best offer Shipping this will not be cheap that reflects in the shipped price. Paypal only or cash if a local buyer. I...
  19. T

    USA WTB Pacific sun algae reactor and Pacific sun media reactors

    Looking to buy any of their media reactors but very interesting in that algae reactors, unfortunately can't justify 188 euro shipping.
  20. Mattc123

    Filters Sumps Drygoods NEW 30 watt icecap pro external algae scrubber- LARGE

    Newer large model Pro external IceCap algae scrubber. Never used as it doesn't fit where I needed it. When attempting to put it where I needed it the bottom bracket on the inlet pipe broke, doesn't have any effect on operation though. LEDs - 2x 15 Watts Total Wattage - 30 Watts Screen Size -...
  21. cwerner

    Algae Clean Scrubber Mini?

    Hi there, I'm looking at Algae Scrubber solutions for an AIO since I had some good success with it in previous tanks. I have a 50 gallon IM Nuvo Lagoon. It looks like this scrubber will fit on the back of my tank pretty well, but I was wondering if someone had any personal experience with...
  22. Drakal

    Algae scrubber for RedSea Max Nano, is this going to work ?

    Hi averyone, So i had a ball of chaeto in my main tank for few moths, but it died due, i think, to the lack of light with coral growth, so i wanted to add a little "refugium" in my Max Nano (and i had my 1st nutrient spike because of the chaeto dying, i think) so i bought a Tunze Eco Chic and...
  23. leewish

    Pennsylvania Aquariums Drygoods SOLD Clear Water CW200 with blackout guards.

    Cw200 algae scrubber with light shields. Not sure why but they are not standard and a separate purchase. I must in my opinion to prevent light bleed. Works great. Did not fit in my cabinet on top of my sump so I had it plumbed separately. That is why unions are in the bulkheads. Feel...
  24. J

    CW 100 Algae Scrubber

    Hello, I just purchased and installed a Clearwater CW100 (V2) algae scrubber, and I'm a bit confused on the GPH/Noise ratio... If that makes sense. I have it plumbed into my manifold, at roughly 50gph (way below the recommended 350gph), as that is the only amount of flow possible to prevent...
  25. Reefer1978

    New Jersey Filters Drygoods ClearWater CW-100 Algae Scrubber

    Scrubber was used only for a few months on my frag tank before I took it down for house construction work. Price is 300 firm. Pickup in North New Jersey. Shipping is available (not included in price).