1. Jeff@CoralVue

    IceCap Algae Scrubbers: We Made Improvements Based on Your Feedback

    Product Link: These updated units are already on the market and on retailer shelves (pricing unchanged), but we wanted to take a moment to share some of the changes that have been made to the IceCap Algae Turf Scrubbers because a lot of the...
  2. erky

    Spent soda lime

    Is there any use in a reef for spent soda lime or a way to rejuvenate it to use it again? I have medical grade that changes colors, probably what BRS uses but didn't get from them.
  3. K

    Looking to sell 220 gallon, Fish, Rock and Supplies ( I will piece out)

    The prices are suggested. If you are interested, get your name in the hat. I will entertain reasonable offers. Items for Sale: (3 aquariums, supplies and stock) 220 gallon 6' aquarium with black stand ($600 obo) 2-Coral Box CP-9 wave makers with wireless controllers ($70 obo) 1- Jaebo IPX8...
  4. MarineDepot

    Complete Guide to Algae Turf Scrubbers - Part 1

    Complete Guide to Algae Turf Scrubbers - Part 1 The history of turf scrubbers from the 1970s to today!
  5. pelphrey

    Kentucky Santa Monica RAIN2 - Algae Turf Scrubber

    Used ATS with 4 gem5 lights. The bottom of the base has some blemishes, I attempted to glue some legs on at one point. Can't be seen once installed in your system. I did replaced one of the light connections. It will come with end caps, without the end caps you have to run all 4 lights. With the...
  6. Turbo's Aquatics

    How do I know what size Turbo Alage Scrubber to get?

    I get this question fairly regularly. Sometimes, the answer is pretty cut and dry. Other times, it's very much dependent on your specific tank setup and/or conditions. Things that might affect your decision might include (but are certainly not limited to): Feeding rate on an average daily...
  7. Turbo's Aquatics

    Time to spin up Turbo Algae Scrubber production!

    I'll be increasing my level of Algae Scrubber production significantly over the next couple weeks. Now is the time to get in line if you've been on the fence about getting one of my scrubbers! This is due to a bit of an unfortunate circumstance related to my day job. Or, it could turn out to...
  8. FLSharkvictim

    Clearwater Scrubbers - Anyone run one?

    I was @Reef A Palooza Orlando this past Saturday and had an absolute blast! Got to meet a lot of solid vendors and contacts and Dave the owner of @REEF2REEF and his lovely wife. Also got to meet the guys from CoralVue, @EcoTech Marine , ClearwaterScubbers , AquaFX , Royal Exclusiv, Hanna...
  9. AngryOwl

    DIY Algae Scrubber not growing

    Back in late August I built a algae scrubber. To this day all it has grown is diatoms... Info about the scrubber: Waterfall style, screen is about 9" x 4", uses an individual pump to supply flow 295gph pump and most importantly the lights... rapidled solderless leds, 4 reds and 2 blues on each...
  10. leepink23

    Algae scrubber NIB

    I ordered a 302 aquatics scrubber and custom acrylic stand. The day after the item shipped I received an email that I am up for a turbo scrubber which was my 1st choice. The unit will be 12x8x8 with 4 lights, 2 drains and lid, the acrylic stand is 14 inches tall. I will post pics when this unit...
  11. Chirag Marwaha

    My 24 Gallon(90 Litres) Sump Design

    Hi! I've created a sump design and would like some feedback on it. Pardon me for cramping the drawing a bit. Hope it's readable enough and not an eyesore. It has following 4 chambers: 1) Protein Skimmer 2) Ceramic Rings, Pot Scrubbers(Scrubbies Affectionately) and maybe Activated Carbon 3)...
  12. Seahorsekelly69

    Algae scrubbers are awesome for seahorse tanks!

    I need to learn how to blog here directly, but for anyone's my scrubber set up and the reasons I love it!
  13. CJs Aquariums

    Santa Monica Rain2 Algae Scrubber putting in work!!!!

    I've been running my Algae Scrubber 24/7 throughout cycling my 120g reef tank I started with dry pukani rock that I lightly rinsed and thru it right in the tank Let it cycle for 7 weeks before adding fish... Started with phosphates .51 and now have dropped to .04 without any phosphate media...
  14. Turbo's Aquatics

    Show off your Turbo's Aquatics Algae Scrubber!

    This is the "official" show-off thread for anyone who runs a Turbo's Aquatics Algae Scrubber! I provide customer support for all users of my products! Whether you bought one from me directly or bought one used (or new!) from someone else, post about your system here!! My suggestion for what...
  15. Turbo's Aquatics

    Algae Scrubber Mortar Screen tutorial

    I shot this today while I was making a batch of L2 screens. Makes for a decent tutorial.
  16. Turbo's Aquatics

    Algae Scrubber Flow Distributor System: Alternative to the Slot Pipe

    The "Slot Pipe" is one of the key components of an Algae Scrubber. The purpose is to create a thin, laminar sheet of water flow across both sides of the growth substrate, typically the #7 Plastic Canvas (knitting canvas). The problem is, it's kind of tricky to get a nice and straight cut in a...
  17. Turbo's Aquatics

    Rate Turbo's Aquatics in the Showcase!

    There's a new feature here on R2R where you can list & rate businesses. Here is my listing: With the new product line pending and production on hold, I obviously don't have many new customers recently, but I have a lot of existing...
  18. Turbo's Aquatics

    Introducing the new Turbo Algae Scrubber! (Rev 4)

    UPDATE: L4, L8 and L16 are planned for release in Mid-July. This is pending verification of all final parts (should be done by 6/30/16). >> CLICK HERE FOR PRICING AND WAITING LIST INFORMATION ON ALL SIZE UNITS << Introductory pricing offer for larger units will continue until JULY 15th! Just...
  19. Turbo's Aquatics

    Algae Scrubber Basics

    Dedicate Algae Scrubber Basics website (freebie site, why not): Just joined here, I have the same username on several other forums. Not everyone is on multiple forums so I figured I would join up here and share expertise and tips on DIYing Algae Scrubbers...
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