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  1. Ashv5

    Build Thread UNDER $400 90 GALLON REEF

    Hello Everybody! What a great time to start a new system! So at last, the time has come for me to move out of my 40-gallon reef and upgrade to a 90 gallon! I will show you guys how I am keeping this build extremely affordable as time goes on. As of now, I have purchased my tank, stand, sump...
  2. Dommerguy

    New Jersey TANK BREAKDOWN Selling all livestock

    NORTH JERSEY 07444, No shipping! Other misc stuff is pretty cheap also dry goods 2 clowns (longin&fancy) 1 midas 1 sixline 1Ruby dragonette Misc cleanup crew Kenya tree, Stunner chalice Acorn x2 one orange, one tiny yellow Long polyp leather splattered frogspawn 4 head. $90 Green/ orange...
  3. Carter's Reef


    Lower 48 only. Standard overnight $50 shipping. Feel free to pm me with any questions or offers! A-$100 B-$225 C-$175 D-$175 E-$200 F-$100
  4. Jholley565

    Texas $3 felt filter socks 200 micron

    I made entirely too many filter socks so now I need to get rid of them. They are 4x10 and they will fit any sump/holder. You can also use a drawstring. Shipping is $4-7 depending on location. I have as many as you want. I mad WAY too many.
  5. Jeremy K.A.

    CHEAP Schooling fish

    Hey Reefers, I've always wanted a large school of Bangaii Cardinals, they're the fish that got me into reef keeping/ marine aquariums! Sadly I can't afford to make a large school of them since they're $26 per fish at my LFS. That being said, I'd still love to have a decent school of fish in my...
  6. Chad Vietz

    Nebraska $11 coral frags

    I've got a number of various kinds of coral frags available. All frags are $11 a piece plus shipping. If interested, message me which numbers you would like and I can give you a quote on shipping as well. These pictures are examples of frags and not specific as I have multiple frags of each...
  7. Iona Skye

    California Full 200gal setup with chiller. Must sell quickly to move. Los Angeles/Long Beach

    Hello everyone, $2000 for everything altogether. Here's a breakdown, in no particular order: 200gal tank, black background with built in overflow, 96" long, 25" tall, 20" deep Stand, needs some repair & cleaning Bubble Magus, curve 7 skimmer Refugium, Eshopps, 36" long, 16" tall, 16" deep...
  8. Brad Miller


    In lifelong years of freshwater and my recent conversion to reef keeping, Ive thoroughly enjoyed them all. My fear is that like other things, the true basics of any fishkeeping, especially saltwater, is, or will be lost forever, and replaced with complicated explanations to beginners of the...
  9. Darsh

    Build Thread My DIY/Ghetto/cheap build

    So a quick back story… I’ve been out of the saltwater hobby and actually completely tankless for about 6 years. I sold my tanks when I left my home country of Ireland to live in Poland. The itch starting to come back and I finally decided I NEED A TANK!! After spending a lot of money in the...
  10. Frederick Edwards

    Nano Build 10 Gallon Nano

    Hey everyone, I haven't been around here in awhile and recently taken a contract job in Arizona and my father in law is taking care of 110 back home. I am currently residing in a 34 foot travel trailer and I am thinking of getting a 10 gallon Nano that won't break the bank...
  11. T

    Best/Worst Purchases Off Amazon?

    I found a few good deals off Amazon lately. I am doing a budget build at the moment, and have been looking for all the best deals. Just today I bought from BRS, SaltwaterAquarium.com, and KB Reefs. I found a few things on Amazon as well though- that were just too good to pass up. I HOPE. I...
  12. J

    Unseen problems or great t5HO setup for 160

    Hey everyone. Decided to Shift some tension from breeding captive fish to growing frags. Pump a small 24x16x8 frag tank to my display. Would an $80 Hydro Plant 4 bulb t5ho Amazon fixture and 4 ATI bulb work or am I overlooking something obviously? Besides cooling fans and better reflective...
  13. T

    Shipping Rainbow Bubble Tip Anemones

    My 120g tank is overflowing with Rainbow Bubble Tip Anemones that keep splitting. I probably have close to 60 at this point, and I really want to thin out the herd so I can change the direction of coral in my tank. I have tried craigslist, and sold probably close to 50 RBTAs over the past 6...
  14. MarineDepot

    We Built a Reef Tank For Only $275. Here's How We Did It!

    We Built a Reef Tank For Only $275. Here's How We Did It! Building a reef tank on a budget? Check out this tank build!
  15. NaClH20

    What should I do with this $40 tank? (90 Gallon)

    Looking for ideas on how to make this into something cool. Anyone have any ideas? I bought a tank that is pretty beat up. Here are the specs 90 Gallon Acrylic - clear front, blacked sides and back Overflow area Dry pass through for wires scratched to hell Holds water Seams are all clear -...