clean up crew

  1. J

    Need ideas for stocking a 40 gallon breeder

    Hey guys, I’m currently in the process of planning a 40 gallon reef tank and need ideas for stocking. I definitely plan on keeping 2 clownfish and a cleaner shrimp. Other than that, I’m not sure what else I would want to put in the tank. What will make a good clean up crew? Also what other fish...
  2. ajtomase

    CUC/Inverts in a FOWLR tank

    In your FOWLR tanks, what if your preference on cleanup crew/inverts?
  3. agame2021

    Clean up crew

    So I have a 140 gallon with a 30 gallon sump and a 15 gallon top off tank. I have about 100-150 lbs of live rock. I do not have sand in but just found out I have to move the tank (when I move it I will make RO/DI water change because I wasn’t able to start the tank with it.) Once it’s move I...
  4. S

    good clean up crew for new tank

    Hello All, I was wondering what a good starting cuc crew would be for a red sea max nano with two fish in to start with? any ideas? should i add them with the fish or after? many thanks
  5. agame2021

    Do I need a protein skimmer?

    I have a 150 gallon tank with a 40 gallon sump. I want to get 3 clown different ocellaris clowns and a emperor angelfish(I understand I will need a bigger tank eventually but for the moment this will do). Rn I have about 3 weeks running tank with no fish I used fishless fuel to start the tank...
  6. Baigent87

    Who knew CUC were so much fun :) #newbie

    Check out my hermit crab giving out rides around the aquarium for a shell clean and polish lol
  7. D

    Nassarius or whelk?

    I got some nassarius snails from a seller ive bought nassariusses from but they were much darker in color hoping its a different species. They are much more active in the tank than my all white ones. They do move quickly on the sand but i have never seen a whelk so im not sure how fast they are...
  8. GotCrabs

    Brown Fuzz on Rock - Seeking Advice

    Hope some can help guide me in this challenge. Thanks in advance. Background/Problem: My tank was running for 7+ years. It had a brown fuzz on the rock that I was never able to remove from the system. Vacuum it off and it came right back. It is easily brushed off into the water...
  9. SuperNarwhal46

    What should I add in my cleanup crew?

    I have a 10g tank and I was wondering what kind of cleanup crew I should get. I am currently in the process of cycling my tank, and I have nothing in it at the moment except for live rock. I am planning on getting a clownfish as well as a firefish goby. I am torn in what to get for my cleanup...
  10. jackalexander

    Clean Up Crew

    Currently have 6 hermits and 1 mexican turbo snail in my 32g and they are definitely not able to keep up! I was thinking: 5 Astraea Turbos 5 Super Tongan Nassarius 5 red dwarf hermits 5 blue dwarf hermits Is this too much? Too little? Good mix? any suggestions help!
  11. Clean Up Crew (CUC) or Food For Thought

    Clean Up Crew (CUC) or Food For Thought

    Food for Thought Or Potential Pitfalls of Using Utility Organisms (CUC) in Aquariums Jay Hemdal Aquarists often add “utility organisms” (animals not just for use in a purely decorative sense) to their aquariums to serve some beneficial function. These are often called CUC (Clean Up...
  12. S

    How do I get rid of this algae?

    Hello everyone, Happy New Year. I have been noticing this this algae in my tank and not sure what it is and how to get rid of it? Is there anything I can add like CUC to reduce that? Have attached images I currently have 2 Florida ceriths and 1 Nassarius snail. Any advice, help and...
  13. TheStripedHermit

    What clean up crew can I keep with a large hermit crab?

    Not even conches are safe from my striped hermit who now lives in a 3inch shell however he does eat a bit of algea but not enough. So does anyone here have any clean up crew that can live longer than a month around my hermit? Theres only so much algea you can remove daily ☹
  14. LxHowler

    How do I get nassarius snail eggs to hatch

    I have just seen that my nassarius snails are laying eggs in my tank and I was wondering what I need to do to get these to hatch. I know that my fish will eat alot of them but they have laid some in an are my fish can't get too, the gap is too small for the fish to get into, so they should be...
  15. LxHowler

    Can tuxedo urchin knock snails off

    Hi. So, a few weeks back I got a tuxedo urchin, from all of my research I found people saying they are reef safe and can coexist with other inverts. But since I have had the urchin in the tank I am seeming to be constantly rescuing my trochus snails that are upside down on the sand bed. I...
  16. Castaway6

    CUC for nano barebottom (baby clownfish)

    hey all, just wondering what you would suggest for a small crew in my 10 gallon tank. Just rocks and mechanical. No sand. 2 baby/teen clownfish. Thinking maybe just 2 trochus snails.. Any shrimp possibilities? Wouldn't mind another piece to look at but don't want to risk my babies being a nice...
  17. Selyk

    Stocking help for clean up crew

    I’m looking for some input on what I should put in my tank for a clean up crew and how many of everything 120g tank going to be a mixed reef
  18. LxHowler

    Can you calm clownfish aggression

    So I have a pair of divinchi clownfish that I have owned for about 9 months and they have been great, they are the first fish in my first tank so getting rid of them isn't really an option. I know clownfish can be aggressive and that is why I haven't added any more fish to the tank, but...
  19. Zoa_Fanatic

    How many margarita snails?

    I have a biocube 32 LED with a current cuc of 7 astrea, 4 cerith, and 5-8 nassarius (I have no idea how many I have they breed all the time), and 3 hermits (1 dwarf red leg, 2 dwarf blue legs). I have a lot of red slime and dust algea still and he hair algea is slowly being eaten by the astreas...
  20. Gudetamom

    Too many snails?

    This is a reef tank I got that was established well before I got it. I am new to reefing and revived all of the corals inside this tank back from death. But one thing I thought was off is the staggering amount of snails that are in there. Is there such a thing as too many? Should I rehome them...
  21. HumblePie

    Pico tank CUC questions...

    Hey all, A few months back I decided to jump back to the saltwater world after sitting the bench for about 11-12 years. I was able to repurpose an old Fluval 2.6 that I had used for a freshwater shrimp tank. The tank has cycled and is stock, minus some media in the back and a Kessil A80. I've...
  22. LxHowler

    Baby trochus snail

    So I've just been looking at my tank and noticed I have baby trochus snails on my glass, they're so small I nearly scraped them off thinking they where something else. I can tell they are trochus by the banded shell. I was just wondering if there was anything I needed to/could do to help make...
  23. The_Barrs_Reef

    Clean Up Crew Cheat Sheet!

    Hi everyone I am in process of building my own clean up cre for my new 120 mixed, and curious if anyone has knowledge or has a cheat sheet of what each type of clean up crew invert is good at. Specifically the differences in hermits and how they can help for specific algae or what snails are...
  24. nano/reef/newbie

    Nano Reef 35 Aqua One/NEED HELP Neewbie

    please help i I am A complete novice and haven’t got a clue what to add to my tank. I will add pictures I would like a few fish (clown fish)and four coal maybe more if I can fit in the tank please tell me if it’s just a good job I’ve done at making it look nice but not so good for the fish and...
  25. Manda0597

    Build Thread My 36 Gallon FOWLR Tank

    I will post photos, updates, and progress as the tank evolves. Here is an overview of the tank as it is now. *May 2020* Our goal is to have a colorful, lively, symbiotic ecosystem. We have stayed towards more peaceful fish species and they all get along so far. So we've had our tank since...