clownfish bond

  1. GroverCleveland

    Clownfish paired with a not Clownfish?

    Has anyone ever heard of a Clownfish pairing with something that isn’t a Clownfish at all? Backstory: I had 2 paired clownfish and at some point I bought a single Green Chromis. During the day the pair of clowns and the Chromis would do their own thing, but at night the 3 would rest side by...
  2. christianscorals

    clownfish pairing question

    Hello everyone, I hope there is someone out there that can help me with clownfish pairing info. Basically, I had bought a ~2.5 inch snowstorm oscellaris for my ~1.25 inch black oscellaris clown a while back. i’d say 1 year ago is when the bigger one was introduced to the smaller one. A month...
  3. Azedenkae

    Those who had a large clownfish pair and lost the male, what size clown did you introduce to make a pair again?

    As per question. If you had two large clownfish (any species) and lost the male of the pair, how did you find success again? What size fish did you introduce, and how did you introduce it? Or is there something else you did? Select all options that apply, and please feel free to explain in as...
  4. Zoa_Fanatic

    How do I tell if my clowns have paired?

    I've got to premium grade frostbite clowns. They spend most of the day exploring the tank not necessarily next to each other all the time. At night they sleep in the same place above my powerhead and when I put my hands in the tank to clean one of them murders my fingers while the other mock...
  5. Zoa_Fanatic

    New clowns barely eating

    Like the title says I have some new CB frostbite clowns that are picking at food occasionally but not crushing it. They seem healthy to me and don’t look thin. They’ve been in the tank 3-4 days I forget which. I think we got them Monday night. One will eat sometimes during the day the other...
  6. Zoa_Fanatic

    New clowns not wanting to eat much.

    I got some new clowns two days ago. They’re tiny. Maybe 1.5” long. They don’t seem to want to eat much they just wanna cruise around the tank at full speed. I’m feeding the same food the pet store I got them at fed them. They’re frostbite ocellaris. Is this normal? Short video of the clowns...
  7. Zoa_Fanatic

    Clownfish staying in open water

    I got two snowflake clowns tpday. They’re the only fish in the tank. It’s a biocube 32 led. They’re staying out in the water column right now. They look like they’re riding the flow around. Is that normal? Will they find a low flow area of my tank to inhabit or are they just being weirdos? Photo...
  8. Reefer37

    Anyone Else's Male Clown Mean?

    So I've had a pair of ocellaris clowns together for about 10 months now and they love each other. Always doing the dance and hanging out with each other. Part of me thinks they're at least thinking about becoming a breeding pair, as they clean out this section of my tank regularly. Anyway, I...
  9. Davar93

    Blood Orange Clownfish

    Hey everyone! Just wondering if anyone has experience with blood orange clowns? If so, how big do they get as adults? Are they compatible with other clowns, such as a black snowflake? Since they are a hybrid. Thanks! 
  10. jackalexander

    Clownfish behavior

    I have had my vivid ocellaris in the tank for a bit over a week but I decided it was time for a friend so I got myself a wyoming white ocellaris but I can’t tell what their behavior is like. The wyoming white will follow the vivid all over the tank and slaps his tail against her and sometimes...
  11. Cfellini91

    HELP! Introduced a Platinum into tank with black clown. Black clown is not happy! WHAT DO I DO?!

    I traded some frags to my LFS and used the credit to get a new fish. (Currently I have a 6-Line wrasse, coral beauty angel and a black clown in 30g tank). I picked up a platinum clown. I asked the guy how he think she'd do with my black clown I have had for a year and he said as long as the...
  12. Luke 29 Gallon

    Clownfish identification with Pictures

    Hey all, hope all are well. I have had my clownfish sense they were juvenile and still mostly orange and white but to this day I can’t figure out why they don’t act like all other mated pair I’ve saw. They are two different kinds I remember that but I that they were both ocellaris so they would...
  13. AshenEmberose

    My First Clownfish Tank

    Hey everyone! After doing tons of morph research, i found the perfect clownfish at my LFS for my future breeding project! This is also my first shot at a saltwater aquarium and its a nano, but I’ve done plenty of research and plan to document everything here to help newer reefers. I used to...
  14. SaltwaterTanks

    Clownfish mate lost what now ?

    I had a clownfish for about 3 years it had a mate and then i got another clownfish and they bonded well no fighting at all . I currently lost this clownfish and now have a female I noticed a change in personality since it’s a lot more shyer it used to come up to the glass during feeding but is...
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