copperband butterflyfish

  1. W

    Stocking advice - Anthias, Foxface, Copperband

    Hi everyone! My first time posting here! I’m looking for some advice on fish stocking for my 120gal mixed reef. The tank is 5’x2’x2’. I have a large sump in the basement - total water volume 170gal. The tank has been up and running for 3 years (including a house move) and has a majority of SPS...
  2. Ridwaan98

    Copperband Butterflyfish *URGENT HELP*

    I really need help with my Copperband Butterflyfish. I recently purchased it about three days ago. On day one he was not eating, it was only in the evening when I fed it frozen artemia, marine mix, and mussel meat cubes did he eat. On day two; he was eating but it looks like he was not 'fighting...
  3. A

    Copperband developed little bump/lump on mouth

    Hi guys my copperband developed this bump or lump on bottom of the bottom lip/beak. Anyone know what this is?
  4. WallyB

    ★ 110 Gallon (In-Wall Office Dream SPS Reef Tank) ★ PROJECT GENESIS [Total Automation, DIY & More ]★

    Hello, my name is Wally. Don't know how to start this Build Thread, since I have so much to share. I'll do an intro, and see what folks are Interested in, and Expand, Elaborate, from there. I've been enjoying the Reef Hobby for the last 20+ years. Started simple and kept going. I'm an...
  5. Glissfish21

    CP Treatment for Velvet?

    Hi, I suspect that my Copperband Butterfly might have velvet. I was going to treat him with Cupramine, but then I read something about CP. I'm interested to know more about it, but I have no idea where to look. If anyone has used this treatment before, I'd love it if you could share your...
  6. Glissfish21

    Need Advice With a Copperband Butterflyfish

    I have a copperband butterflyfish on hold for me at my LFS, and the first day I saw him I decided to get him because I've always wanted one and I watched him eat mysis (I've heard it's hard to get copperbands to eat frozen/prepared foods). He looked great, he was active and picking at the rocks...