coral advice

  1. T

    Sos with phos

    Help I don’t know how to get my phos down I do weekly water changes in my (Max Nano) 6gals at a time. Everything is happy except my acantho this dude was happy for like 3 weeks after I got him but now is throwing a fit with a gaping mouth and won’t eat I’ve posted my parameters and I dose all...
  2. W

    Duncan coral closed or dead?

    Got given a Duncan coral today for free from my local fish store because it has been closed for a week and hasn’t opened, I’m just wondering if anyone has run into this before, it’s been in my tank for 8 hours now and still no changes. I tried putting in some amino acids and still nothing All...
  3. F

    one of my zoas has been closed up and got these two little white dots. they don’t look like zoa pox. possibly sponge?

    hey yall am not really sure what’s going on w these zoas, all my other ones are opening up fine. here are my parameters ammo:0.0 nitrate:0.1 nitrite:0.0 phosphate:lower than .1 but not quite 0 (using API phosphate test) i do not test alk,calcium, or mg as this is mainly a softie tank. the zoa...
  4. J

    SPS frags dying?

    Hi everyone, I am still fairly new to the hobby and bought my first sps frags. Amongst the feags are a montipora red and Seriatopora Hystrix. They are not doing well. They have been coral bleaching and today I see they look really bad. Can someone please look at the pics and let me know if there...
  5. E

    Ideas for coral to add to main rock

    Hey guys, I’ve recently set up my first saltwater tank and added in my first corals. I’ve got a GSP on its own rock, one rock for zoas to grow on, a Duncan on another rock, and only a forest fire digitata frag on my biggest rock. All are doing great so far (added them in about 3 weeks ago)...
  6. TheBirdsNest

    Cannot keep SPS/LPS alive!

    Hey guys... I'm really struggling with my corals.. I've kept soft corals for several years without issue (Kenya Tree, Pulsating Xenia, Hammerheads) but I cannot seem to get things right with SPS or LPS corals.. In the photos below, I have two that really not doing well but I don't know what I...
  7. B

    Duncan Coral Darkened on the bottom

    I've had this Duncan coral for about two weeks, and now I noticed that the bottom of it is darker. Has anyone experienced this problem before? What will be the cause of this? And what should I to do?
  8. D

    Lobo Coral tissue receding

    Anyone help with this lobo had it for a month and a half and it’s tissue is starting to recede I’ve tried dipping it in reef primer a week ago still no change, and when I attempted to feed the past couple days don’t see a feeding response.Dosing Kalk as well so Alk is elavated ALK=11.82 CA=482...
  9. A

    Light upgrade ?

    I bought this bio cube 32 years ago finally set up and going for the last 8 weeks. The person I got it from they switched out the original light to these. Both of them have the dimmers switches and canopy buttons are configured with lights too. Yes I plan to keep corals in future. Do I need a...
  10. devitche

    Coral Reef Design - 170 gal

    I spent quite some time aquascaping with epoxy and stone mix cement — now as I wait for my tank to finish cycling, I want to brainstorm the future design for my reef. I want my reef to feature exclusively soft and LPS corals. Below I have outlined 15 zones that I would love your help to populate...
  11. H

    encrusting SPS upset after adding from QT to display

    So I got some encrusting SPS and a plating montipora and a digitata from LFS. they seemed to be opening up in quarantine. The plating montipora i really can't tell if its happy or pist its just there lol. but i did my dip waited 2 days did next dip waited 2 days did another dip x dip waited 2...
  12. Reef_Tanks

    Coral not coming out as much anymore?

    I bought this coral a few weeks ago sorry i cant remember the name of it all i know is that it was a pretty big soft coral the past 2-3 days it hasnt come out much at all my tests came back fine salinity was fine only issue was the mag was a touch high but i doubt that would've done anything...
  13. N

    Is my retracted Goniopora beyond the point of no return?

    Hello, I've had this goniopora for around 2 month now. It started off looking healthy, but about a month ago it retracted and hasn't come out since. It has fully retracted into its skeleteon. I left it for a while, but decided yesterday after doing a tank-wide PAR test, that I should move it...
  14. B

    Built in ATO area in sump turned coral QT?

    Has anyone that had an ATO area built into their sump turned it into a coral QT instead? The sump only has a 5 gallon capacity for RODI so I was thinking of using it to QT coral and then adding a larger container for fresh water. If you have done that- how did you set up filtration? In theory...
  15. N

    Candycane melting?

    Hi there, I've had this cluster of candycanes for the better part of a year, and they've always been fine. Suddenly, during the last few days or so, the bottom group has started shriveling up, and you can even see the white skeleton on the left one. The top group that is attached to them is...
  16. gaperez

    Importing corals from Australia

    Hello, I’m looking for advice/guidance as to what’s required to start importing corals from Australia to USA. Yes, I have a store and No, I’m not happy with my current wholesaler. I’ve seen a bunch of YouTube videos showing the end result but no one explains the process in detail. Thank you...
  17. J

    Help my acans are dying

    I just bought an acan frag last weekend. It was from what appeared to be a healthy colony. The LFS cut two heads off for me to buy. I have no idea why it's dying. I have a 16-gallon full of healthy and growing coral. I initially had it on the sand bed in the middle, but just moved it onto this...
  18. U

    Cyphastrea coral

    Hi, I was considering getting a Firewalker Cyphastrea coral. I am wondering if anyone has had experience with any Cyphastrea coral, It would be appreciated if you would send tips, perimeters and where you keep it in the tank. I have heard online they are generally easy to keep. If you have any...
  19. hexcolor reef


    I’ve been dosing All for Reef for a month now, it seems like a good product. At first it brought my high levels of Alk down to proper levels. Calcium levels has been stable around 440/450. Calcium has started to drop more frequently and Alk has risen back to 14/15KH. I remember watching a BRS...
  20. Tylerismale

    Please help with my corals!

    Hello everyone! I am kinda new to corals and reefing and am having some trouble with my corals. I don't know what is wrong because my parameters are perfect with nitrate being the only thing that is a little high (by high I mean that it's like 5). I have also been testing my phosphates and those...
  21. W

    EMERGENCY What is this coral and how do I split it?

    So I know one is the pulsing Xenia, and I believe the other is what looks to be like a chalice? How would I split them? They came home from the lfs when getting some extra live rock.
  22. jwood73

    Angry torch coral - flaccid for 3-4 weeks.

    I upsized tanks about a month ago and everyone is happy except for my torch coral. My torch seems flaccid/deflated, and it is not extending out its tentacles like normal. I have moved it twice after trying a spot for 2 weeks at a time. Currently it’s half way up in my water column and getting...
  23. hexcolor reef

    Why does my Acantho do this???

    My acantho hardly opens fully any more it just puffs up when lights turn on. About 4hrs it will be puffed up like a donut and then feeders will come out stretch wide and start to miss shape before closing up the rest of the day. I have my light cycle on 12hrs. Low blues in the morning then add...
  24. S

    Why is my frogspawn doing this?

    Noticed lastnight my frogspawn had a bubble in the center. It’s back to normal today. What was it doing?
  25. nycfreshreef

    Help with Jawbreaker Shriveling up mushroom

    Hello , does anyone know why this JB is shriveling up like this ? Normally it’s usually sitting flat and measures about 2 inches across covering the whole plug. Approximately 48 hours ago it started shriveling up like this , all other mushrooms in the tank look fine. Parameters are all excellent...