coral advice

  1. Karen00

    Need advice in two corals (peaceful?)

    Hello fellow saltines, I'm looking at a couple corals and need help as to whether they are peaceful. I haven't found much information on them and I'm getting conflicting info. I have a small tank with small fish so I need everyone to play nice with each other and no fish eaters. :-) I currently...
  2. Zoa_Fanatic


    I got this picture from someone looking to trade for some zoas. Is this possibly a gonipora? If so how does one care for them. Never had one before and I need to know everything. Aggression level mainly. If it’s agressive I don’t have room to isolate. Can it go on a frag rack or will it murder...
  3. PinkSango

    Hello Hello from Ohio!

    Hello everyone! Just wanting to introduce myself here, my name is Reichel (Rachel) and I setup my first reef tank (fluval evo 13.5) in Sept. 2021, now I have a clown fish, an orchid dottyback, an emerald crab and a nassarius snail! I have a cabbage leather coral and two green striped mushroom...
  4. Zoa_Fanatic

    Montipora Placement

    So I posted this in SPS and butchered the title. But I am wondering if my new rainbow monti will grow ok on the back wall of my biocube 16 LED? I have it setting on my lower rocks right now so it can adjust to my lighting.
  5. Zoa_Fanatic

    Month placement

    Hey guys. My wife bought me an awesome rainbow monti and I need to know where to place it in my biocube. Will it be ok on the back wall so I can let it encrust everything?
  6. J

    40 gal stocking

    Hey guys I have a 40 gallon reef tank set up and it’s almost out of the cycling stage. I plan on keeping hardy corals in there and adding them once the tank is about 3-6 months old, or at least after the algae bloom stage is over. I am thinking of adding the following fish: - 1x Clownfish: I...
  7. katienoel216

    New Coral Frags... Stressed or Dying??

    Hi, I'm pretty new to keeping marine aquariums. I've kept freshwater planted tanks before and I thought I'd take a shot at saltwater. I have a 20g Waterbox Cube that's been cycling for a few weeks. I received a shipment from WWC of my first coral frags ever and was pretty excited. I got a...

    New coral frags white sliming..

    Hi I know it’s normal for corals to slime when you first get them….. They came yesterday at 2pm uk time and one of them just stopped sliming couple of hours ago.. 24hours later They look white from the slime so would you just leave them to naturally get rid of the white coating or blow it off...
  9. D


    I was wondering if a good hanging filter with a protein skimmer would do well for a 30g frogfish coral tank? I'll be willing to get a different type but this is the easiest option right now. I'm turning the tank from fresh to salt and I already have a small hang on filter that I'm sure wouldn't...
  10. akurt928

    Dosing help !

    Hi Everyone, I recently had a spin test done on my reef tank, its generally ok parameters but some can definitely use a little boost. My PH is 7.8 , nitrates are 4 , salinity is 1.025 , phos 0.2, Calcium 365, magnesium 1191, Alkalinity 6.1. I purchased the red sea line of calcium, alk and...
  11. Captain Hook

    EMERGENCY So I messed up.... BAD!!! Please help!

    I got motor oil in the tank.... I’m gonna try and keep this as short as possible and provide as much info as could be needed to help find a potential solution. I have a 1 year old 30gal half moon, mixed reef with a HOB filter. Roughly 30lbs or more of live rock, and 20lbs of sand maybe more...
  12. S

    What is this living inside of my torch coral????????

    Just picked up this neon green torch today and noticed something peeking in and out of it. Any idea what this can be? Look like aiptasia to me but living inside the torch skeleton?
  13. J

    Euphylia corals not doing good.

    Parameters Ammonia-0ppm Nitrite-0ppm Nitrate-10ppm pH-8.0 Dkh-8.0 Calcium-450ppm Phosphate-(0-.25ppm) Specific gravity-1.026 Temp-80F I understand that my coral are hurting but I’m unsure why. I seem to have my parameters in check. I’m not chasing numbers just a weekly 10-20% water...
  14. R

    Hammers and frogspawn not fully opening.

    Hi all. My hammer and frogspawn are not fully opening after I fed them some polyp booster about 3 weeks ago. I was feeding the whole tank however a big chunk of it fell ok these two. Are they still ok ? They used to open up a lot more. PH: 8.3 DKH: 9.9 CAL:530 it’s a little high but all my...
  15. R

    Xenia and gsp not opening up

    Hi i am new to this hobby. I ve recently introduced zoas, pulsing xenia and gsp to the tank.the gsp and pulsing xenia is not opening up however the zoas are doing fine. I ve noticed that my ph has lowered to 7.8. Is that the reason ?i have tried different light colours but they dont seem to open...
  16. ClownFish664

    help picking a coral

    Hi all, Does anyone know what types of corals I can put top left and left side of my reef tank? This is where I have the higher flow from both the wave maker (1000 lph) and the surface skimmer. I'm using a G5 radion on soft/LPS setting

    Micromussa slime

    Hi Just received a micromussa today and placed it tank…. When I came back down after 5 mins I found him in substrate…… replace him but he started sliming…… is this because he was stressed and will it recover? Will the slime irritate other corals? Thanks


    Hi what can I put near micromussa? Can’t find a lot of info and I’m new to corals ….. Got hammers and frogspawn at the right hand side of tank…. Got micromussa comming tomorrow and may place it to the left….. What can go near it? Thanks
  19. O

    “Unfurbished” 75 Gal and 125 Gal, what are some fun options?

    Hello everyone! I’ve been in the hobby for around only 6 months, I started with a 75 Gal with only 4 fish, but now have a 75 gal and 125 gal. I want a new long term setup for both of the tanks, I most certainly want coral in at least the 75 gal. I am considering clownfish only I’m the 75 gal...
  20. A

    Zoa turning red

    Hi everyone, New here and new to the coral/marine keeping world, I have a few questions for all you more experienced lot, my zoa (newly acquired) has been retracted for most of the day and has started to develop red fur, looks quite unhappy (see photo) it has since spread further after this...
  21. D

    NICREW HYPER REEF 50W -- Any Experience on quality, coral growth and optimum mix?

    Hey guys, being new here I wanted to explore further on lighting and the experience people have had with the Nicrew hyper reef kit. I have been using one for 4 months on my 120 litre aquarium. Having faced a pretty big catastrophe recently with my reef tank, I wanted to understand lighting...
  22. O

    EMERGENCY Had Dinos, tried Dr Tim’s and now things are worse....

    Hi all, Long time reefer and big time user of Reef Aquarium Guide forums back in the day. Once I started college my mom sold all my tanks and I’ve only now just gotten back into the hobby. Anyway, started my first tank since 2008 back in January and everything was going fine until I moved and...
  23. N

    40g clowns

    Hi guys! About 8 weeks into my first build and things are looming good. So far I have two phantom clowns, 2 damsels, a udder chaos, hammerhead and 3 other small frags (plus some hermits and snails). Everythings great, the clowns are new, and they have separated recently and one of them hangs at...
  24. mikemathis555

    Chalice tentacle from eye?

    Tyree Mummy Eye Chalice Ive had this guy for one week, and I’m letting him hang out on the sand and get used to my lighting before placement. Ive seen his tentacles come out at night, traditional clear, hard to see things. However today this is what I saw in the middle of the day. Three...
  25. gaving

    EMERGENCY Hollywood stunner with purple circle around it

    I have had him in my tank for 5 days the first time I noticed this was last night. I have never kept one of these before so I have no clue if it is growth or dye off. It is at about 180 par.