coral advice

  1. M

    EMERGENCY Help needed - Unable to keep coral or invertebrates

    Hello all, I'm posting to get some guidance about my complete inability to keep any coral or invertebrates (reason I got into saltwater) I have had a 75 gal + 20 gal sump (filter sock, biologic media, skimmer and UV light) for over 1 year now. I have a pair of clown fish, blue tank, foxface...
  2. M

    Acan Echinata abnormal growth?

    I bought this coral from my LFS about a week ago and have some concerns about it I'm hoping someone could help me out. I was told this is an acan echinata correct me if I am wrong but there seems to be a spiky white growth in it that doesn't seem to be part of the coral because the flesh recedes...
  3. H

    New tank - GSP and clove not open - Help

    So I swapped my evo to a waterbox cube 10, straight swap except changed to fresh sand bed. This was about a week ago. My Gsp have not opened at all and neither have my clove. I tried to change flow and have added a reduced % lighting via acclimation mode of my AI HD 16 but they remain shut. Ive...
  4. M

    Is this Aiptasia?

    I'm wondering how I should go about this and any help is greatly appreciated. My LFS (totally cool people) hooked me up a zoa frag with my order. 2 days later I'm seeing what I believe is aiptasia but I wanted to confirm with the more experienced. If it is indeed aiptasia I have read these are...
  5. pokegirl1332

    What makes acropora need an established or older tank?

    I’ve kept many corals over the years attempted an acro in a 100 gallon 1 year old tank a few years back and failed miserably just curious why they require an “established tank” as I haven’t really been able to find a good explanation other than stable parameters but if anyone that has long term...
  6. RubyB

    EMERGENCY Coral unhappy with my foolist education

    Hi! I just cycle and sace some corals then I thought I am an expert. So that yesterday, I bought around 6 coral with euphyllia (hammer and...) the red mushroom but I dont know why they are like angry and want to die ... please some one can help me.( ph-8.0) NH3-0 salinity 1025
  7. R

    Hammer coral skeleton whitening

    Was looking at the tank today and noticed that my hammer coral skeleton is whitening. Anyone know what's going on?
  8. Madhouse275

    Hammer coral help

    Hi I got a new hammer coral two days ago and it hasn’t opened that much as you can in the photos. I don’t know if I’m overreacting yet or something wrong and it’s dying. I put it in one of my lowest flow in my tank my water parameters are: Salinity: 1.025 Nitrates: 2ppm Ammonia:0 Ph: 7.8...
  9. Brocksreef117

    Green hairy mushroom dying?

    I just got this green hairy mushroom and after about 2 weeks it’s losing it’s green tips and puking white stringy stuff out also how does my scan look
  10. MrDeathKills

    Help with Coral

    Got these guys yesterday. I have no clue if i am giving the right amount of flow and would like your help. Its been 24hrs wince adding. This is the coral we got Acro Birds nest, Acan Rainbow, Zoa rasta, GSP. Im the top left we have the outflow that we have faced slightly inward and more toward...
  11. J

    Elegance coral issue

    Hi everyone, I have this elegance coral. It has been like this for a couple days. Temp 77.5 Salt 35 Ammonia 0.2 (measured after feeding) Nitrite 0.1 Nitrate 0 Calcium 480 Magnesium 1480 Phosphate 0.05 ALK 8.6 pH 8.2 Any ideas on what it could be?
  12. R

    Hammer coral

    Is my hammer coral growing new heads or do hammer corals grow stuff on it’s stems normally?
  13. S

    Help with New Red Sea Reefer 250 - Plants/Coral

    Hello Fellow Reefers, I recently set up a Red Sea Reefer 250 and as you can see from the picture it’s just needs more life - lots more! I don’t really have much in terms of plants/coral and I could really use some help in terms of suggestions. Any ideas in terms of hardy coral and fish that...
  14. DocRoz

    First corals into the 75 gallon set up!

    Officially placed some new corals into the 75g set up today! The existing mushrooms look great so thought it was time to expand. Stopped by our local aquatics shop in Madison AL Aquatic Cove and picked up some cool frags. Grabbed a Duncan and a few different Favia. Any advice is appreciated...
  15. Umiami24

    Coral Disease?

    Hey Everyone, I'm new to reefing (and Reef2Reef!) and am currently at the stage of introducing corals to my tank (no fish yet, just some snails and conch). I added a Paly colony, a purple ribbon gorgonia, ricordia, montipora, and gsp back on September 12. Before introducing them I drip...
  16. J

    Seriatopora thick birdsnest problem with hairy tips

    Hi can anyone tell me what is this growing on the tips of my birdsnest and/Or how to get rid of it It looks like a hair like algea It is not happening to my thin branched birds nest Dkh 9.3 Mag 1320 Cal 430
  17. wvfeefkeeper80

    Toadstool Troubleshooting

    I’ve had “Toadstool” for almost six months and he’s done beautifully. Normal behavior of droop and shed. This shed though, I saw some darkness around his cap. Is Toad getting sick? Dying? There are sponges at the base, but they’ve delved deeper into the rock, not up his stalk. Thoughts...
  18. Reefer37

    Plate Coral Care

    Hey guys, so I have never owned a plate coral, but a local hobbiest is selling some I couldn't pass up. I could use some advice on lighting, flow, and I've read mixed things on putting on rockwork or in the sand. I prefer in the sandbed, my concern is him getting knocked over or moved by my...
  19. B

    Hello identifying coral

    hello. I wanted to see if you guys can help identify this coral. It was gifted to me and i dont know anything about it. If i touch it it starts to make this web like materal so i believe it still alive. Any info will help greatly
  20. R

    Coral identification?

    I got this about a week ago from a LFS and never found out what it was. Got curious and tried looking it up, but had no luck. Any thoughts?
  21. attiland

    Possible Zia ph?

    Hi, I have just received this Zoa a week ago not sure if it has a pox. Can you help with it please?
  22. DapperDanWoman

    Coral Bleaching

    Hi all, I'm having trouble with corals bleaching in my 125. I'm running the orbit pro LED's. I have tried turning them down and they still seem to be bleaching. Parameters are all doing pretty well. I do weekly water changes. I do not dose anything (but maybe I need to?) I have a birds nest (...
  23. Alyssa.Weber

    Do I put light on my new coral?

    Hi guys, I just picked up my first coral yesterday and was told to let it sit in the shade. I read that it takes a while for them to open back up, hes not opened up yet but he is definitely less ticked off than yesterday haha. My question is, when do I turn my lights on for him? Should I do it...
  24. Duncan98

    Beginner Corals and Good CUCs

    What are some good CUCs and beginner corals I should be looking at? I have a 25g lagoon with two clowns just introduced to the tank. Looking to get a CUC in there in about a week or so. I was thinking of getting a goby, and maybe a cleaner shrimp and/or a couple of snails. On the topic of...
  25. Sick_man

    Meteor Shower Cyphastrea Not Opening

    Hi, I have a 20 gallon tank and I got this meteor shower and a xenia about a week ago. My tank is relatively new (a little over a month) and my xenia is thriving but my cyphastrea wont open. I have it at the bottom of my tank and its been this brown color ever since I got it. Please help.
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