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  1. R

    Coral Planning New Tank

    I'm starting to plan out my long-term coral layout and need some advice or thoughts. This is my first tank so I'm new to planning it all out. I have fallen in love with Hammers, Torches, and Frogspawn and definitely want to do a Zoa Garden. Below are pictures of my scape and what I'm thinking...
  2. 1epauletteshark

    Super easy and colorful corals for beginners

    I haven’t been is this hobby too long and my tank is I think about 6-7 weeks old. It is a 15 gallon and I am looking for some beautiful and colorful coral suggestions that are very hard to kill and beginner friendly. Here is what I have so far: Fish 2x Baby ocellarus clowns 1x Baby possum...
  3. Gabtron92

    I’m running my tank at 82-83 degrees

    I know this is going to be controversial… I have a 13.5 Fluval and I’ve been running it at about 82 degrees. I’ve read that this can help cut down Dino’s growth. It seems to be helping. Any idea what long term effects of this increased temp may be? The corals seem fine but I could be doing...
  4. Peter_B2001

    EMERGENCY Coral Not well - bleaching ?

    Hey everyone, meant some advice on my rainbow stylophora. Had my tank for a couple months now. Always liked the condition it was in but got new one and it did well and now it doesn’t look good. It doesn’t open or is starting to bleach. The parameters are as follows: Kh 11.2 Ph 8.3 Ammonia 0.05...
  5. N

    Tear in wellso tissue

    Just realized today that my wellso has a tear in the tissue. What should I do?
  6. Icryhard

    EMERGENCY Shrimp is dead, corals seem to die

    So I started out this hobby after having a freshwater for a long time. For some reason, one of my shrimps died today, at least that's what I assume, he's somewhere hiding (I can see him) and he isn't moving. He hasn't come out for a day. The other one doesn't seem to be too keen about eating...
  7. ldreefer

    Help - Seeing coral decline and not really sure why

    I've had my tank up for about 3 months or so now - before that my dad had it up for years and everything was transferred over. I say that just to make it known that it's not really only 3 months old. It's a Red Sea Reefer 350 with 2 MaxSpect Jump 165 led's and it has a refugium and a Reefer...
  8. K

    Need help in Coral ID

    I have two frags that I’m not sure what they exactly are, and I also have a blastomussa which may have aiptasia but not 100% sure. I’ll put the links to videos below. Thanks in advance! 1. 2...
  9. R

    GSP and Xenia closed for 7 days

    Lf any help I can get lol getting frustrated with this hobby despite the love I have for it! My understanding is that these two corals you can throw in a toilet and they would live, so what is going on? Parameters in picture. 4 month old tank. Salinity ranges from 1.025-1.026 Nitrates are high...
  10. Hecto133

    Top Notch Customer Service at SouthWest Aquaculture!!

    I had the pleasure of shopping at Southwest Aquaculture, and when I say they not only take amazing care of their coral that is aquacultured in house, but the customer service is out of this world! They are very helpful with information about the corals and put the customer first based on their...
  11. B

    Beginner Corals for newly established 30g

    Hello all, I have recently added my first fish to my 30-gallon tank about 2 weeks ago and now I have caught the itch for coral. I don't think that my light is good enough for any coral, It is a Fluval Aquasky (I know, not good, but it was included with the tank I bought). I am in the market for...
  12. fishtankantibiotics

    Keep your fish healthy and happy

    Fish aid IS PROUD TO INTRODUCE AQUARIUM ANTIBIOTICS from Fish aid , a USA based company offering Pharmacuetical Grade USP quality products here in the US only! Choose from 14 different capsules and/or tablets in popular strengths and sizes. No prescription is required! Keep your fish healthy...
  13. ahouseofscales

    Coral recommendations with similar care to duncans

    Hello! I have a 20 gallon running with live rock, aragonite sand, an AI Prime, and Reefflowers Coral Salt Mix. Right now I have lots of zoas and GSP that are doing great. The only stony coral I have that has consistently done well in my tank is the duncan colony. It is growing super well and I...
  14. Reef_Tanks

    Coral always Leaning left and hitting sand

    So my coral i bought a while ago maybe 3-4 months has been of late just always been leaning left and pretty much hitting the sand when it use to always be upright and looking good havent changed much at all idk what it could be? I took off the rock for the sole purpose of a better picture but...
  15. J

    Aquascaping and coral ideas

    So I’m not good at aquascaping and I’ll own that. What I have works meaning it’s allowing flow and fish safe habitats. However I want to add more coral and just feel like the current scaping won’t allow me too much creativity for that. Like there is to much empty space. To add to that I have...
  16. N

    What coral is this?

    Good day everyone! i need help to define what coral is this on the picture. When i bought it i thought it was a zoa/polys. I’m new on this hobby and my tank is just 2 months old. I appreciate the response. Thank you.
  17. C

    New to Reefing - Need advice

    Hey guys. I am fairly new and wanted to see if I can get some advice on if I am doing things correctly and where to go from here. Tank is 2 months old. Finished cycling after 2 weeks, and added 2 clowns (Phantom and Misbar), 4 Nassarius snails, and 4 Astrea snails. Unfortunately the Phantom...
  18. R

    How is my torch doing?

    I got this coral about 3-4 weeks ago but it has never opened up big like the pictures of torches online. It still looks better than when I first got it, it was fully retracted rather than the little bush on top you see now. Is it sick? What can I do to make it more comfy? Sorry I dont know my...
  19. avanmg88

    Water Change Problem

    A few days ago I recently did a routine water change on my aquarium and when I plugged all of my equipment back in, everything seemed off. First, my Rainsford and Mandarin Dragonette were showing weird swimming patterns. The Rainsford normally liked to hang out in front of his hole but now he...
  20. S

    Hammar coral not doing good

    I’ve had my hammer coral for over a week now, 3 days ago it was open and full then it didn’t open 2 days ago. I will include info below. Tank: 52 litres/ 13.5 gallons Flow: low to moderate Ammonia: 0 Nitrate: 2 Nitrite: 0 Ph: 8.2 Mag: 1450 Cal: 480 Kh: 7 My acan coral is doing well inside...

    Discosoma advice

    Hi are these starting to bleach… getting circles of Paler colour…. Thanks
  22. J


    When I first got my hammer coral it was fully open and I got deployed and had my wife feed and do my water changes. When I came back home I realized that the middle of the coral would be retracted but the outsides would be open. I also noticed that it was in the process of splitting into two...
  23. Leon Gorani

    How do I stop my blenny from killing this coral?

    I have this coral and this bi-color blenny that seems to love perching on my corals and I have even seen him picking at it as if he’s trying to eat it. My first question was what is the name of this coral? I only bought it a month ago and forgot what it was called but I want more. And my other...
  24. N

    Coral Resurrection?

    I got this coral back in May when I rebooted my tank. At the time I didn’t know I had copper in my system. The coral obviously died due to the copper. My question is, does this coral look like it’s coming back to life after months of being dead and covered in diatoms/algaes?
  25. B

    Prefered coral dip

    What coral dip do you use? Are you loyal to a certain brand? Use depending on situation? Don't use it at all? Let me know down below.
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