1. YourReef

    Hot New SPS Available! R2R Exclusive Frag Pack Deal.

    We have received some Killer New SPS! Offering them up as individual frags on the website, or a special "Frag Pack Deal-10 SPS Frags" for all Reef2Reef members. To Purchase Individually- Click on any of the below photos and it will take you to our website to purchase individual...
  2. J

    ID needed

    I bought this coral and don't know what it's called If I am in wrong fourm I apologize I'm new to all this stuff
  3. MarineDepot

    20% off Coral Growth Pack

    20% off Coral Growth Pack Day 7 of the 12 Days of Fishmas!
  4. zachxlutz

    Zach's 120 Gallon Reef Resurgence - SPS/Mixed Reef - Build Journal

    Welcome! I suppose I should start a thread over here on Reef2Reef! I've been lurking and absorbing all the information I can and I have to say, R2R seems like a great place. I've got build threads on our local club forum, the Atlanta Reef Club, and I have a thread on the "other" reef forum...
  5. Adam113

    Newbie Biocube 29 Build

    Hello everyone, I am pretty much brand new to the hobby. Here is my thread from when I first got my tank started up. So, here's my story... My dad was diagnosed with cancer about 2 years ago. We got this 29 gallon Biocube for him for...
  6. SBlisters

    Branching frogspawn has white spots

    My branching frogspawn has been growing, but also has whitish spots on it. The spots have me rather worried. Is this bleaching? An illness? Or could it be completely normal? I'm a total newbie to salt water and finding my way. Parameters: 29 degrees Celsius, 1.025 salinity, 8.2pH. Low flow...
  7. GonnaNeedABiggerTank

    Sexy Blastomussa wellsi Colony

    Up for sale is a beautiful green Blastomussa wells colony with a nice gold/yellow rim around each head. There is 13 adult heads on this colony. Price: $225 plus shipping DOA Rules: In the unfortunate event the coral arrives dead, I will refund the cost minus shipping. You will have to notify me...
  8. ycnibrc

    AAA dragon 360g zeovit staghorn dominate reef

    Well, let me introduce my self my name is Anthony from socal. I have been addicted to reef/salt water since 1983. I have kept many different tank and the current set up is a 265g leemar. I'm moving to a new house and I told my wife it's going to be difficult to move a 265g glass aquarium so...
  9. SBlisters

    Candy Coral: "I'm meeeellltinggg..."

    I'm too new to coral to really know what things should be doing, or what is alarming vs normal. My candy cane coral is looking very strange. There are some bare spots. Part of it looks like it's melting?!
  10. sam.basye

    26g Bowfront Foam Wall Mixed Reef

    Decided to start a build thread over here for those who might be interested! It's an Aqueon 26 gallon bowfront tank with a custom foam wall and built in refugium in the back. Currently a mixed reef and only a couple fish and has been running for about the last 2 years. It's lighted by an...
  11. J


    IM Shutting down my tank. So i need to sell my livestock first. Feel free to contact me in more picture and info 4159949612. Im located in California. I can ship anywhere in US. TIA Ultra Pink Yuma - $100 each Acantho superman - $200 Scolymia -$100 Lepto - $80 Gumdrop shroom -$80 each
  12. M

    Beginner need some help and tips

    Hello there :) So I am a couple of months going into reefkeeping and I have been loving it so far. So far, I only have frogspawn and some zoas in my 20 gallon right now. When I started the tank, I also had xenia in it when I first started to put some corals in it. My first Xenia died overnight...
  13. AMILLER400

    SPS Polyps retracting and getting bumpy

    I added some green branching sps to my tank and watched as all the polyps retracted and the surface got jagged and bumpy (the rear coral on the picture). The tips got white and looks like it's splitting. It's also encrusting at the base and has good color, just a more neon green and I can barely...
  14. Joshua Hurst

    Setting tank up in school!

    Hello Everyone!!! So like most of you reef keepers I fell in love with reef keeping the day I started (although having one clownfish in a 55 gallon tank was dreadful.) For my life I've decided I want to own a coral store. I want to go to business school and I may get a degree in marine...
  15. Todd White

    Live Rock

    If you followed my "Are My Corals Sick" thread, this kinda goes with that. I paid a guy to set my tank up April 15, 2016 with the promise he would guide me every step of the way. This is my third SW tank and first coral tank. My first tank was a 55 gallon, and the second a 120, both had live...
  16. M

    Coral reef problem

    Hello there! So I started my 20 gallon saltwater tank about 3 months ago. Right now, the only thing I have in that tank is 2 clownfish, a yellow watchman goby, and some inverts. I have started to do coral just a few days ago with xenias, zoas, and a frogspawn. All three of them opened up...
  17. Brandon42

    Ricordia babies

    so iv had my ricordia for awhile now and it has grown a ton sense I got it, it's probably one of the most thriving corals I have right now. The one on the left is way more blue than the photo does it justice and some of its bubbles seem to be growing much larger than most of the others. But...
  18. M

    xenia hurt

    So yesterday I just got xenia and frogspawn in my tank. Most of the polyps on the xenia was already open and the frogspawn was a little bit close but everything was alright. Unfortunately, I think I may have put the xenia way too close and the frogspawn attacked it overnight. I woke up and saw...
  19. C

    Holiday themed coral

    with the holidays coming up what's some good holiday themed corals to have.
  20. Christopher Davis

    Welcome to start of my 25 gallon rimless cube build!

    Well ladies and gents here it is!!! the start of my 25 gallon rimless cube build! Equipped with a 16 gallon rimless glass refugium, Kessil A16o Tuna blue, and PF nano overflow-box (NOT ATTACHED YET) . Welcome to the bare bones stage, really excited to build this and announce this tank!
  21. ReeferMadness80G

    ReeferMadness80G’s Shallow SPS Reef

    We started with a pretty standard 2x6 frame for plenty of support for good sleep at night Cutting the floor out, thanks to a buddy who helped me it fit like a glove! See! Like a glove! So I decided to go with a 47" tall stand so if you add the 16" aquarium depth you're left with 63" to the...
  22. Benedetto84

    What is this

    Came home after work to no power and noticed this worm looking thing attached to the coral it appears, what is it? They seem so ****** off right now. Thanks for the help
  23. P

    Need help for used jbj 24g Reef setp

    I just got a used jbj 24g set up . But I'm new and can't judge whether the live rock and coral are healthy or not , please check the pictures and suggest if I have to do anything. Looks like old owner did not clean the tank for long time. I'm looking to see if any infections in the live rock or...
  24. P

    Newbie needs help for salt water jbj 24 gallon set up

    I just got a used jbj 24g set up . But I'm new and can't judge wether the live rock and coral are healthy or not , please check the pictures and suggest if I have to do anything. Looks like old owner did not clean the tank for long time. I'm looking to see if any infections in the live rock or...