1. YogiReef

    Duncan Coral Stretched Out?!?

    Not sure but my Duncan looks to be stretched out, or reaching up to the light. Is it not close enough to the top for light, or is this normal. It has been like this since I got it a month ago. My tank specs are 8 gallon cube, kessil A80 tuna blue, 1.025 salinity, and been running for 6 months
  2. C

    Lugol's coral dip question

    My wall hammer coral hasn't been doing well for a couple of months. I recently found that it seemed to perk up when I used carbon (I do have hitchhiker toadstools in my tank, so their toxin might be the culprit). This time only half of the hammer coral recovered even after carbon. The lower half...
  3. A_Poythress

    24G Nano

    Hey guys, I just wanted a place to keep track of my tank progress and to chat about some questions I may have as things evolve with my setup. Looking forward to seeing things grow out in this tank!
  4. jimmert33

    Florida WWC OG Bounces for sale as well as un-named blood red and white bounce

    Hey guys I have a few bounces for sale price does NOT include shipping. I am located in Orlando FL First pic is my Mother First baby(pictured above) is 599 2nd baby is 380 3rd baby 350 4th baby is 300 Just shoot me a pm with any questions Thanks!!!!
  5. Z

    Am I doing this right?

    Hi everyone new to the hobby been in it almost 2 months now. SUper excited and im obsessedddddd. Recently got a bunch of coral over the span of 2 weeks and everything is doing AWESOME. But I have a couple questions... Salt hovers around... 1.025-1.026 Water temperature hovers around... 78/79...
  6. bekate

    California [SOLD] Clownfish Pair w/ Anemone and other fish & coral

    Due to a move across an ocean, we need to sell our reef tank. We've had it for nearly a year and everything is in good working order. Everything is located in 90034. UPDATE: If you pick it up over the next week or so in 90034, you can pick up the lot (livestock listed below, liverock, sand) for...
  7. Reef Breeders

    Reef Breeders Video Contest!!!

    Hey Everyone, We are working on a new website and would like to showcase one of our customers aquariums on the new home page. In order to enter, please submit a photo and short video of your aquarium to the reefbreeders team via facebook, you can submit your entry in the comments. The winner...
  8. Brian Goldstein

    Help me identify this Acropora!

    Hello Reefers- I bought a frag off of this colony today. All my LFS said was that it is an Acropora from Australia. When he first got the colony in it was almost transparent with a shade of blue.. Currently, it is a really pretty shade of pink. Would really appreciate if someone could help...
  9. Curryb15

    Help me decide on new LPS corals

    hey all like the tittle says I need help on deciding what corals I want to buy at RAP NY in June? My tank is a 55 cube that has all lps and 2 birds nest mixed in. I also have a few different kinds of mushrooms. My main focus thus far has been euphylia but I want to expand into some other kinds...
  10. Curryb15

    Feeding response in corals

    Hello all, I have a mainly lps tank with the following corals Torch Frogspawn Hammer acan favia candycanes pink goni aleviapora war coral zoas mushrooms and a few assorted other LPS My question is I spot feed reef roids 1-2 times a week with all pumps and return pump off. I never see feeding...
  11. nickloeuf


    Hey guys, I have been having MANY of these little things all over my shrooms... 6 weeks ago I removed most of them with a small pump... I thought I was done with them but I just realized that they are back!! I think they are flatworms.. and there are many of them (hundreds, maybe a...
  12. scott11106

    What is the deal with coral air poisoning

    I just saw the article in the news and saw it on fox news that a family and their dogs were poisoned by coral from their fish tank. Has anyone had this problem and if so to what degree? they seem to think it was from zoanthids... The CDC stated: According to Centers for Disease Control and...
  13. ChaosAquaculture

    New Chaos Aquaculture Sales Thread!!

    Welcome to Chaos Aquaculture Sales Thread! We will be posting and updating every week. DOA Policy: Standard Policy if for any reason your coral is DOA (Dead On Arrival) send a picture of the coral within 2 hours of delivery. We will either replace or issue store credit. DOA’s caused by FedEx...
  14. fredro

    New York ATi Dimmable 8x54w T5 fixture with KZ and ATi bulbs $550

    Great condition ATi T5 8x54w Dimmable fixture. Bulbs have 2-3 months use. Just replaced a ballast. Works 100%. Great LIGHT!!!! PAYPAL or CASH $550 - Located on Long Island 11955 Would be willing to arrange shipping at buyers expense. Few extra bulbs id be willing to throw in too
  15. D. Torres

    Help with QT tank

    I've been doing a lot of reading on QT tanks, A LOT. ;Bookworm;Bookworm;Bookworm I want to set up a QT tank but my concern is that I've read that daily water changes are needed. I work 12 hour shifts 4 days a week and during my work week it would be almost impossible to have time to do a daily...
  16. Tyler Tacy

    Toadstool HELP! White rash? Bacterial infection? Normal?

    Hello! -------------------------ANY INSIGHT WOULD BE AMAZING!-------------------------------------- BACKGROUND: I recently purchased a giant toadstool from my local LFS. Someones tank blew up in there living room and they had gotten a lot of corals/fish. Saw this giant toadstool he was not...
  17. ttop24

    SPS Identification

    I am horrible at purchasing corals. I see a coral I like and I have to have it. The biggest problem is they tell me the name of the Coral at the LFS but 5 minutes later and I forget it. I have this coral which I been trying to find out what it is. I know its a Branching SPS but other then...
  18. D. Torres

    Butterfly fish in reef tank

    Has anyone had any luck keeping a butterfly fish in a reef tank. My LFS said I could depending on the type of corals I keep. I picked up a lattice butterfly. I have a just a few corals some GSP, hammer coral, zoanthids, and galxea. I normally work 12 hour shift and usually only feed once per...
  19. D

    Is Going from 0 to 20 Corals too Much?

    So I am about to get my first corals and after being dismayed at the price/selection of my lfs I found a good deal on I can get 20 corals for $150 with a coupon I have and can pick beginner corals to start with. However, I am concerned how this might dramatically increase my...
  20. VSVP bet

    33 Long Build

    Hello all, I set up my first reef tank when I was 14, since then, I have upgraded from a 29 to a 55, and finally to a 90. However, as a college student, I needed a mobile system. After leaving my home 90 in the responsible care of my parents, I have struggled to find an adequate new system. I...
  21. Ashv5

    Please help!!

    So its been around 2 months with my 40gallon bowfront reef tank. I have some questions about the equipment and water quality. 1. I have a cpr bak pak protein skimmer and it is producing tons of bubbles in the chamber but the collection cup is not foaming. I tried to move it up and down...
  22. ReefMeUpScotty

    First post alert! Thanks for helping a newb out!

    Hi everybody, I want to start off by saying thank you to all you members for the knowledge I’ve gained from utilizing this forum the past few months while getting my tank up and running. Now, on to my tank! I have a Biocube (32 gallon) that’s been set up since the end of October. I have around...
  23. Oceanslice

    Small lps growing

    In between the large brain and the shell in a small round new addition. Any ideas on what it may be??
  24. D2D4E356-C013-46C9-98BE-D46978A76126


    Lps brain coral
  25. L

    HELP! GSP is being eaten

    Hello. I have a coral beauty angle fish and it is pecking at my gsp constantly. I am going on a vacation tomorrow (Wednesday to Sunday) and I can give the angel back to the store in time (I leave to soon). The angel pecks once or twice a minute at my gsp. The gsp is new to the tank and I put it...