critter id

  1. Herndonh75


    Hi all. It seems like Aiptasia looks different in the several threads I’ve been looking through. I have a 20g RSM and going through last days of cycling. Just want confirmation as to what this is. Came out of nowhere since yesterday. It’s the only one that I see. Thanks in advance for helping a...
  2. psumms

    Crab ID

    Hi all, just dipping an Acro colony and noticed this guy deep down in there, trying to get a ID, difficult to get a clear shot! Any sure answers? At first i thought it was a decorator crab but its too chunky.
  3. lazycouch

    zoa worm???

    hey guys i just bought a couple of zoa colonies and noticed these tentacles tucked in between today. theres about 6 tentacles that all seem attached to one thing somehow? i just want to know if it’s harmless or not! heres a video of it moving and an image attached. thanks!
  4. Beng2003

    Can anyone ID this critter

    Hello. After my new tank had an ick outbreak at the end of April, I started my fish less cycle. As I looked more closely in my tank a couple days ago I noticed this guys wandering my rocks. As I’m new to the saltwater hobby, and just had my outbreak, I’m a little superstitious worrying that he...
  5. littlemacros

    What is this in my live rock?

    Hi everyone, I got some new live rock about 3 weeks ago and I've been watching it for critters and such. I think ive identified a clam worm (its almost 3 inches long and is iridescent) I'll attach a photo or two of him as well for verification. My concern however, is another worm...or I think...
  6. N11morales

    Hammer unknown white spot

    Hello I don’t believe this was here the other day Lights are out now but when the lights are on it stays fully extended. Just want to make sure it’s not dying on me. Been in the tank 3 weeks haven’t seen any problems. And yes the coral was dipped before putting it into my tank.
  7. Imnotjakeyv

    What are these worms??

    Just noticed these little worms all along one side of my tank they are all living in my sand bed and making little tunnels along my glass not really harming anything just curious what they are. Any help IDing these little guys is much appreciated just wanna learn as much as I can!
  8. C

    Red fuzz on coral

    Hi everyone, I've had a weird fuzzy like object on the tip of my acropora coral for a long time now. Doesnt seem to grow or move. It's almost fuzzy looking, and a deep red color. Any idea what this could be? Sorry for the picture
  9. C

    What is this on my zoa?

    Need help with I'd on this little guy.
  10. Cumberledge3


    Hello all, I have been watching this little guy grow on my love rock for a little while now. I was wondering if someone could tell me exactly what my little guy is. He is more pink in color around the center. Any help is appreciated, thank you.
  11. Carebearsss.x

    Pls help??

    I’m thinking it might be a slug or some sort??
  12. Flipsquad81

    New critter! Good or bad?

    It's gray and definitely has some little feelers coming out of it. Moving really slow. I noticed a bunch of white spots the other day. Could it be a baby snail? Nothing new has been added to the tank except two peppermint shrimp, that i was told were pregnant... or full of eggs. I took a little...
  13. C

    Need help with identification

    Anyone know what this little guy is? Hard snakey shell, red filter fan sticking out the end. Retracts when touched Harmless? Thanks!
  14. Carebearsss.x

    Coraline Algae? Or a Sponge?

    Hey guys just wondering if this is Orange Coraline Algae? Or if it could be a Sponge of some sort?? Thanks!
  15. Grod222

    Is this a good or bad worm?

    Are these bristle worms or fire worms?
  16. Wednesday99

    What is this?

    Is this a baby feather duster?
  17. JustPoprocks


  18. Carebearsss.x

    No Freaking Idea What These Are!!!

    Please help!!! My boyfriend and I have just spotted these tiny tiny white spots in our tank! They kinda look like worms? THEY. ARE. EVERYWHERE. Can anybody try and identify these things?? *the picture isn’t the best quality, i apologize for that * Also, excuse the algae! *any tips on...
  19. Reefer37

    What type of worm?

    Found about 4 of these things in my sandbed coming out at night. White worms about 2 inches long or so. Any one know what they are?
  20. Minoli

    Found in sand bed, please help?

    I found this in the sand bed and don’t know what it is. After removing it, I noticed that the red strings are moving in the cup. I thought this was some type of algae? There are a couple of places near the bottom of rock that these red strings are, but I don’t see them attached to anything...
  21. Wednesday99

    Critter ID

    Hello! I’m completely new to having a saltwater tank and I’m trying to learn as much as possible. The other day I got a feather duster (been in my tank for 3 days) and today I saw this little guy crawling on him. Looks like a really tiny snail but I’m not sure.
  22. P

    New Critter - not sure how to google

    Hi, i found this critter in my tank about a week ago and they disappeared and i found them again. Is it good or bad to have them in the tank?
  23. Kerbash

    H. crisps or H. male?

    Hi, Can anyone ID this nem? I’m looking for a nem that will grow into a fluffy tentacles anemone. Does only H. crispa does that?
  24. Reefer37

    Micro Bristle Stars?

    So I have these white what looks like starfish to me, almost like micro bristle stars, but I'm not sure. They don't seem like asterina's because they're legs are longer and thinner from what I can tell. There's quite a few on the glass I see every few days or so. Anybody know for sure?
  25. Reefer37

    White tube? Worm?

    So I've started seeing these random white tubes along my sandbed and rockwork. Any ideas on what they might be? A worm? I'm really not sure.
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