critter id

  1. Reefer37

    Asterina Star?

    So just spotted this guy this morning before lights came on. He started making his was back into the sand bed when lights started coming on. Can anyone ID if this is an asterina star?
  2. NYCMikeM3

    Can anyone pls help: ID’ing small white critter building hard spiral tube on rocks

    Hi does anyone have an ideas as to what this is? The two antennae are actually part of the critter itself, whereas the rest of the spiral-structure is the “home” it builds (which is quite hard / like a shell — about 1cm diameter). obv my first concern is whether they’re harmful or just...
  3. Betta_baby

    This weird dude won’t stop reproducing in my tank

    I’ve had this guy as long as I’ve had live rock (almost a year). He’s big, ugly, and I’m pretty sure he’s trying to reproduce in my tank. Slithers around on my rocks and eats algae, I haven’t had an issue with him yet. What is he??
  4. Dierks

    That moment of questioning...

    I was looking at my tank tonight and i noticed these little "Worms" crawling on my sand... Then I realized, they are all coming form the same place. I gotta dig see what critter is in my tank now, as I am kinda protective of it to be frank! :) I'm certainly no Paul B that's for sure, more of a...
  5. BluerSkiesAhead

    Super tiny orange blob??

    Does anyone know what these little buggers are? They are very, very tiny. This is the best photo I could do on my phone. They seem to multiplying rather quickly.
  6. Betta_baby

    Caught this sucker alive: is this an isopod?

    My LFS told me that I had an isopod in my tank based on a video I showed them. I think this is the same critter, can you tell me what this is? *IMPORTANT EDIT* and if it IS, could there be more????? Suspected isopod: Current captive:
  7. AtlasReef

    Purple Mystery Hitchhiker Continuing to Thrive

    Still as yet Unidentified purple live rock hitchhiker is translucent, reactive to light and danger from other creatures, will turn almost solid white when withdrawn near the entrance to its hole in the rock.
  8. Fish_Boy_Wonder

    Ball tipped anemone?

    Found these lil guys while transferring a rock with waving hand anthelia from our 5gal to our 14gal. These ball tipped nems? i like them! Sorry about the pic quality..... its a potato.
  9. T

    Id please!

    Never seen this thing. Should I remove it?
  10. mah0031

    Round 6879858 what it is?????

    If I knew what it was I forgot:oops: sorry
  11. Schnizzle

    Spiral of eggs and baby snails

    Two for one here: Question 1 is what are the eggs pictured below from? They are all over the place. I have searched for a few days now and cannot find an answer. It is about 3/16" or 5mm. I have introduced 2 Astraea (I believe, pictured below), ~18 Cerith snails and 6 dwarf blue leg hermits...
  12. ethanbear111

    Weird purple brown anemone

    I found this weird anemone with a brown foot/stem and purplish blue tipped tentacles. It was on some Indonesia ocean cultures live rock. The rock has been there for about four days and when I looked at the anemone earlier it was small, just now it became bigger. A smaller one
  13. sotsreef

    Baby Mushroom or Octospawn tentacle

    I found this little green dot looking thing on my sandbed in a low flow area today. It was sitting there before I placed it in a cup with sand at the back of my tank. It’s about the size of a nerd candy, neon green and I can see a spot without green which I assume is the foot, if it’s a...
  14. Frederick Edwards

    New live rock

    Would love some guidance on what these are on my live rock. If you need better pictures or different angles let me know and will try my best. Picture #1 Picture#2 Picture#3 Picture#4 Picture#5 Picture#6 Picture#7
  15. T

    Baby Worm ID?

    Good Morning all, Got home from a trip late last night and wanted to check on my ATO and such before bed. Was completely dark in the room and tank when I got in, and I saw a few of these little bugs moving about. Seemed to be eating the glass algae. After a 20 minutes or so they all seemed to...
  16. sotsreef

    ID Please

    Has an almost orange head and semi clear tubular body. On base of mushroom frag in the shade. Retracted when I picked frag up.
  17. sotsreef

    What’s living in my chaeto?

    Long white stringy creature living in chaeto. It retracts when I touch the water or it senses vibrations on aquaclear filter. Maybe some kind of worm??
  18. sotsreef

    Aiptasia or Anenome??

    what is this thing? I found it on my chaeto that I bought from my lfs today. It is rainbowish Brown in color and very small. Any ideas??
  19. Renelope


    Found this little guy the other day, any ideas what he is? Second picture is from the side of the tank looking inside ...
  20. Renelope

    What is this thing???

    Any ideas what this thing is? Its been moving slowly for the past few weeks, started out along the base of the coral and I missed it - its currently on a mushroom finger leather coral... Survived a coral dip... Is it harmful? what do I do with it?
  21. Kevinkmk

    Worm ID please

    Hi I found this worm living under my scoly. Is this a normal bristel worm or something bad like fire worm? How can I remove them? Any fish that is good? I have tried fit trap, it doesnt work that well. Thank you!
  22. reefruss

    Ok kids, what might these be?

    I was just about to clean the tank, ergo the crap growing on the walls, and I found this interesting object. I'm thinking snail eggs myself. Any guesses before I wipe them out?
  23. mav1ms


    Hello. Wondering if someone would be able to assist me in identifying this. It looks like aiptasia but I cannot be sure as most of the pictures I have seen appear to have a larger disk. Thanks for the help!
  24. K

    Unknown Critters... Hopefully Harmless...

    I recently noticed that a frag of green mdntipora had a small area where the flesh was gone and the skeleton was exposed. It had soon before i noticed this fallen from it's spot, so I thought that it had possibly been damaged and the flesh had simply fallen off. I kept an eye on it, and a week...
  25. C

    Should I be worried

    I have had the first fish I put in the tank die after 2 weeks. I had quite a few temp. swings which I hope was the cause but I am seeing several of these in my tank.
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