critter id

  1. Reefer37

    Mojano? Aiptasia? Can anyone help ID?

    Just noticed this on a frag that's been in the tank for about a month. I haven't seen them anywhere else in the tank so I guess it came on the frag, but just now noticing it. Can anyone help ID what this is on the base of this hammer?
  2. B

    Orange Worm

    I found this critter today. I am not sure what it is. Good or bad? Should it be killed with fire? Seems like a small orange worm with small white tentacles, or hairs, on one end and pointy on the other end. I hope the pics help. Thank you for your help!
  3. Monney00

    Small clear/white tubes, ID help?

    Good afternoon all, I am on the downhill side of a ********’ fight with bryopsis (fluco ftw), and noticed some tubes on some frags now that they are not covered in algae. I am reading a lot of conflicting info, so hoping someone could give me a definite ID, so I can treat accordingly if needed...
  4. Soren

    Copepod ID Request

    After searching for copepods that resemble the ones in my tank, I am not coming up with any results or similar matches. Does anyone recognize the order/family/genus/species of copepods in the following pictures (encircled in orange)? I am pretty sure they are some type of copepod, but not sure...
  5. Zoa_Fanatic

    Burying turbo snail?

    So I have this snail I purchased from the LFS. It looks for all purposes like a tropical turbo snail. Thing is, it’s only active at night and buries itself in the sand during the day like my nassarius snails. When he comes out tonight I’ll get a picture. As far as I know turbo snails don’t dig...
  6. dsoneone

    It’s not a reindeer, please help Identify

    Found these two little ones surviving in a filter sock. I don’t want to influence the identity by telling you what is in the tank.. Thanks for looking and your help!
  7. Reefing_Engineer

    Red dots on Zoas

    I bought some zoas from my LFS four days ago and one of them had these little red dots on them that I noticed after dipping them. I dipped for 30 minutes and blew water on them every 5 minutes using a pipette to try to knock off anything but these were left, I figured it would be okay since I...
  8. ReefBridge

    Red bubble algae or grape macro?

    I originally thought this was red bubble algae, so quarantined the coral, but I’m not so sure anymore. Looks kind of like a macro to me at this point. Thoughts?
  9. ReefBridge

    Opaque lumps on snail

    So one of my snails has 3 opaque lumps on it which looks like has white stuff inside it. Looks like a sponge or lump of eggs or something.
  10. M

    Bright and yellow in sump!

    Found this bright yellow worm looking thing attached to a piece of caleurpa. Two days later there a few of these yellow spots, but they all seem to be on the tips of the caleurpa. Any ideas?
  11. Alphadave248

    White spores all over sump and plumbing

    I’ve noticed over the past few weeks these spores attaching to the dark and low flow areas of my tank. Specifically in the sump on the bottom portion of my skimmer and in the plumbing box up too in the DT. Should I be worried? Seem to be harmless thus far, but I’d like to get in front of it if...
  12. Diamond2906

    What could this be? :)

    Hello! I've recently had this growing in my tank and more are popping up everyday I was thinking an anemone of some sort but starting to think it isn't due to how many there are!
  13. Alyssa.Weber

    What are these white dots?

    These little white balls just appeared in my tank I noticed them this morning. Anyone know what they could be?
  14. Reefer37


    Got these things hanging around the corner of my tank. Can't tell if they're hydroids or something else. Can anyone help ID?
  15. W

    Hitchhiker on an Acan Frag

    Looks like some sort of a pod but its huge? Roughly 5mm body and a couple more with the antlers. When its swimming about its straight like a stick and then when i hit it with some flow it curls up into a c-shaped ball. One of the good guys? Can I throw it into the fuge?
  16. nolanp489

    Little black worms

    Went to go feed my yellow tang and goby in my quarantine tank and I noticed these little black worms all over the PVC pipe and on the rocks does anybody know what these are? It's kind of hard to get a picture of them because they're so small but I attached some
  17. Sleeping Giant

    Need I'd help

    Any ideas It's about 1/4" in diameter, very small @ReefSquad
  18. Reefer37

    What is This Green Thing Growing on Rock Near Mushroom?

    So I'm not entirely convinced this is even a critter or hitchhiker, I've had this ricordea in my tank for awhile now and haven't added anything new in over a month. Found this random green growth on the rock my mushroom is on. It almost looks like a coral forming? I have no idea. Anybody have...
  19. AwRuh

    Baby snails? ID please!

    Hey all, I just finished my weekly reef roid feeding and noticed my sand bed moving. Upon closer inspection I noticed all these tan little snails with their trunks up looking for any globs of food resting on the sand. I’m not too worried about any hitchhikers in my tank as I’ve already found a...
  20. andrewkg

    What is this? // Does it need to be removed? Weird worm

    Some kind of worm coming out of this tube, thought was peanut worm orig in store and we tried to remove it. No idea what this is
  21. Herndonh75


    Hi all. It seems like Aiptasia looks different in the several threads I’ve been looking through. I have a 20g RSM and going through last days of cycling. Just want confirmation as to what this is. Came out of nowhere since yesterday. It’s the only one that I see. Thanks in advance for helping a...
  22. psumms

    Crab ID

    Hi all, just dipping an Acro colony and noticed this guy deep down in there, trying to get a ID, difficult to get a clear shot! Any sure answers? At first i thought it was a decorator crab but its too chunky.
  23. lazycouch

    zoa worm???

    hey guys i just bought a couple of zoa colonies and noticed these tentacles tucked in between today. theres about 6 tentacles that all seem attached to one thing somehow? i just want to know if it’s harmless or not! heres a video of it moving and an image attached. thanks!
  24. Beng2003

    Can anyone ID this critter

    Hello. After my new tank had an ick outbreak at the end of April, I started my fish less cycle. As I looked more closely in my tank a couple days ago I noticed this guys wandering my rocks. As I’m new to the saltwater hobby, and just had my outbreak, I’m a little superstitious worrying that he...
  25. littlemacros

    What is this in my live rock?

    Hi everyone, I got some new live rock about 3 weeks ago and I've been watching it for critters and such. I think ive identified a clam worm (its almost 3 inches long and is iridescent) I'll attach a photo or two of him as well for verification. My concern however, is another worm...or I think...