1. J

    Maryland Virginia Washington, D.C. 97 Gallon Cube Reef Ready w/ Stand and Sump

    I have all of the necessary plumbing: PVC/Bulkheads/Locline Return. It also comes with a glass lid that has a folding portion. The sump is roughly 25 gallons. $150 for everything. Thanks for looking!
  2. Ladybug5234

    Florida WTB WTB Large cube tank

    Would like to buy a large cube setup, 90 gal +. Need it to have a stand and canopy. Located in Miami, Florida 33189. PM me what you have.
  3. B

    Protein Skimmer vs Refugium for my nano

    Hi all, I’ve got a new Waterbox Marine X 35.1 aquarium that I’ve had set up for <1 month thus far. I have a few soft corals and two RBTA which are all doing well, and two clownfish. My plan for this aquarium is to do an SPS dominant reef with a few zoanthids and mushrooms. Currently in my sump...
  4. T

    93 Cube - SPS dominate lighting

    Hello fellow reefers, Looking for some advice on lighting my tank, as I am not happy with the current visual aesthetic. I have a 165W black box (actually don't know the brand, got it from another reefer who said "it was the best around 2014"). My first corals (LPS and Zoa) are doing great and...
  5. Zhill731

    Stocking Advice: 24g Cube AIO

    Hi All, I have a 24 cal cube, looking to keep LPS ands softies along with fish. I currently have 2 Ocellaris clownfish and would like to add in the future (in order of preference) helfrichi firefish Diamond Goby Pistol Shirmp Bangii Cardinal (2?) Would this be okay in regards to compatibly...
  6. thunderwolf

    Nano 14 gallon worm eater suggestions

    Below is from a slightly older post but everything still applies plus I added a scarlet skunk cleaner shrimp. I have a 14 gallon cube currently with a pair of young percula clownfish (one is probably 2 inches or so and the other might be 1.5ish), as well as several hermit crabs and snails, with...
  7. Davar93

    50 gallon stock list

    Hello everyone! I am looking to upgrade from my nano 30 to a 50 gallon cube. Here is what I have for my stock list for far. Please let me know what you think. The ones that say current are currently getting along in my tank. Thanks! 2 clowns (current) 3 chromis (1 current) Midas blenny...
  8. Zhill731

    Redsea 50 light cycle 24 gal cube

    Hi all! First time reefer here. I have a 24 gal Aquatop AIO cube with a Redsea ReefLed 50 I was wondering what light cycle and intensities you recommend. looking to have clowns & anemone, along with Zoas & other coral as well
  9. thunderwolf

    14 gallon nano cube stocking advice

    First off please let me know if this is posted in the wrong place, as it is my first thread on this site. *Coming from freshwater* I have a 14 gallon cube currently with a pair of young percula clownfish (one is probably 2 inches or so and the other might be 1.5ish), as well as several hermit...
  10. Silent reef

    Cube Build Silent Reef's Waterbox 20 nano cube build thread

    Hey cube fans, this is my waterbox 20g build thread. It's going to be a fishless tank... corals and cuc only. Basic equipment list: 1. WB 20 cube 2. AI 16 HD 3. Real reef rock 4. Caribsea live special grade 5. Aqualight ATO 6. Sicce voyager nano 1000l 7. Tunze 9001 nano skimmer 8. Inkbird temp...
  11. MadeForThat

    Wisconsin WTB 24" Cube 60 Gallon

    Looking for a 60 cube, I would like an external overflow, but willing to entertain anything.
  12. B

    Build Thread Mixed Reef: Waterbox Marine X 60.2

    Ok, my time as come to start by build thread. I've been watching @Tonycass12 @Arcu2 @FrontRangeReefer Marine X 60.2 threads, but probably time to start mine. Just to document progress, ask questions and contribute my own experience for others. No ETA for the tank yet, but hopefully soon. This...
  13. zanthian

    Build Thread Zan's CADE REEF 600 S2 Build

    I am a first time reefer getting started with a CADE REEF 600 S2. I have had previous fresh water tanks and wanted to try my hand at a mixed reef tank. Started my research on Red Sea AIO tanks, but then I came across the CADE systems. I liked the aluminum and glass stand, built in ATO, and pre...

    Build Thread Waterbox cube 20 - Chapter 1 (ReefScape20g)

    Hello there! I'm Daan, and this is going to be my first reef build journal here. I've been in the freshwater hobby for over 15 years and recently decided to make the jump to saltwater. Freshwater and aquascaping has always my main hobby and passion. Countless planted tanks have been setup and...
  15. chuckfu5

    Cube Build SCA 135 Gallon Cube, SPS dominant mixed reef

    Hello, Welcome to my documentation and journey with this amazing hobby. This system has been set up for the last two years but the first year was nothing but issues. I would lose acropora and LPS from RTN and polyp bailout. After many ICP tests and nearly throwing in the towel I found that I...
  16. M

    Build Thread Upgrading! 30x30x30 Cube

    Hello everyone, I am new to the community so excuse my ignorance. I found my love for reef tanks in my teens, but my minimum wage job at 16 couldn’t dream of keeping up with the hobby, so I gave up on it. Now that I make adult money, and still don’t have children to feed, I can try again. I...
  17. ricksmithsdca

    Build Thread New to Saltwater...

    So I am new to saltwater. I bought a used setup from OfferUp that needed some work so I have been working on it (stand had water damage, black back needed to be scraped, light connectors corroded, etc.). As of today, the stand is done and the back is scraped. I have the material to fix the...
  18. Q_BoxReef

    Cube Build Q_BoxReef Waterbox20

    This is my waterbox 20. It is a new tank, but the rocks and coral have been cycled through 3 of my previous tanks. - AI Prime 16 HD -AI Nero 5
  19. Jdubyo

    Cube Build Waterbox 35.1 Cube

    Hello fellow reefers! I recently purchased a Waterbox aquarium and decided to make up a build thread. This will be my second tank but I want this to be my first "do it right" tank since my first one was filled with error and is quickly turning into an aiptasia haven... ;Sorry I am making this...
  20. P

    Cube Build Crystal Dynamics 135 Gallon Cube Build we go. I recently moved and bought a 135 gallon Crystal Dynamic aquarium. The tank is 36 by 36 by 24, and it has a stand a canopy as well. I have had reef tanks since I was about 15 and about 15 years later finally decided buy my first new tank. It definitely came with a price tag, but...
  21. B

    Build Thread Bushman's 40 Gal AOI build

    OK here goes, my first build thread. Please be critical and lemme know what you would do to make it better. Here are a few pics, 1 week in. Equipment is still modest, as I have only added an Icecap Gyre 2K so far. This is an Aquatop AOI. 32 lbs of rock and 40 lbs of sand. I left a little...
  22. _Grim_Reefer

    Nano Build H2O box 35.1 Marine (1st Tank)

    Hey y'all, wanted to share my first tank with the community here! ✌ My name's Andrew, and this is my foray into reefkeeping. Excited to be around such knowledgeable and passionate members! Cycled the tank with the Microbacter Start XLM. I carelessly didn't read the instructions and ran live...
  23. IMG_20200728_152524.jpg


    Overhead of rock work and shows most of coast-to-coast synergy reef v2 16" shadow overflow.
  24. Kycelium

    Build Thread We were just supposed to get a Betta at the LFS.... A story of our impulse buy.

    So here we are. As the title states, we went to our LFS to pick up a Betta for our little one, but as we were checking out I spotted my girlfriend eyeing a lonely tank in the corner. An Aquatop Recife 40 Gallon All-In-One, who was desperate for a home. This would be her first-ever tank, so we...
  25. 2BeAlive

    Sum design for cube options ? (and to double decker or not)

    Hi Considering taking my 60cm cube (24 inches) live, but not happy with its simple glass box sump. I want to run a refugium and a skimmer, also want space for a media (going to run Orca Lab bio cubes) in the sump. Any designs out there that works under cubes this size? What small footprint...