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    Overhead of rock work and shows most of coast-to-coast synergy reef v2 16" shadow overflow.
  2. Kycelium

    Build Thread We were just supposed to get a Betta at the LFS.... A story of our impulse buy.

    So here we are. As the title states, we went to our LFS to pick up a Betta for our little one, but as we were checking out I spotted my girlfriend eyeing a lonely tank in the corner. An Aquatop Recife 40 Gallon All-In-One, who was desperate for a home. This would be her first-ever tank, so we...
  3. 2BeAlive

    Sum design for cube options ? (and to double decker or not)

    Hi Considering taking my 60cm cube (24 inches) live, but not happy with its simple glass box sump. I want to run a refugium and a skimmer, also want space for a media (going to run Orca Lab bio cubes) in the sump. Any designs out there that works under cubes this size? What small footprint...
  4. Dryanimtt

    Cube Build Dave's 93g cube

    Recently acquired a 93g cube 30x30x24. I think it was a custom built tank as I haven't seen any others like it. Bought the whole setup from someone and plan to use as much as that equipment as I can. Fairly new to the saltwater scene. I have a 13.5g fluval evo going, but I've never had anything...
  5. Bryn

    WTB or take off your hands a 55G Aqueon & 40G Breeder

    Does anyone have a 55G Aqueon (Petco) tank they want to get rid of. Have ordered a sump kit from Jax.racks on eBay and the 55G I have is too narrow at 12.25", and they made their sump kit to fit a 55G Aqueon tank which is 12.75" wide. Also why I'm at it, a 40G breeder would also be useful as a...
  6. bbetta

    Nano Build 8g ULM Nano!

    Hi everyone! Been lurking around for a few months and today I decided to join. I had a 20g LPS/Softie tank a couple years ago that I had to break down not having enough time to maintain and appreciate it. I’m getting back into reefing with a 8g cube (12’*12’*13.8’H) running just a large HOB...
  7. T

    Am I Feeding Enough

    I’m new to reefing but bought an established tank with decent sized fish. I’ve got a Foxface (4-5”), blue tang (3-4”), coral beauty (3”), cardinal (3”) and two new clowns (1”) I just added. I feed approximately 1 cube total of frozen food daily and a quarter sheet of nori. I use a variety...
  8. thatsruff

    Nano Build Pandemic Paradise, 7.5 Nano Cube Build

    Hello again, R2R! During quarantine, I have decided to get back into reefing. Digging through R2R again, seeing all the great tanks, and doing tons of research has been a really great way to keep my mind occupied and my stress levels down. ----- UPDATE (2020-06-22): I thought I would do the...
  9. Xyloxo

    New to reefing, but not to salt! Biocube 32 intro...

    Greetings everyone! Long time lurker to the forums though I’ve just recently just begun to give any input/make posts as all of my questions have been answered by you guys/gals in previous posts. Anyway, a little about myself. I’m new to the reef keeping, but not to being a saltwater marine...
  10. 501Reefer

    Cube Build 60 Gallon Cube

    I finally did it, just returned home from placing my order for a new Planet Aquariums reef ready 60 gallon cube!! Update 5-17-20 Its here!!
  11. tho

    Reverse undergravel filter in cube aquarium?

    Has anyone setup a RUGF in a cube aquarium? I’m going to be setting up a Reefer XL 200, which is about 24”x23”. I see most UGF filter plates sized for longer tanks, and I’m not sure how to arrange those for a cube, even with two 10”x20” plates.
  12. reefd00d

    Build Thread Nate's SCA 50g build

    I'm upsizing from a IM nuvo 20g to a SCA 50g cube. I found a good deal on a used tank with sump and skimmer, so had to pull the trigger. This is going to be my first tank with a sump. :oops: In the past, I started with a Fluval 5g, then a Fluval 13.5g, and now the IM Nuvo 20g. Baby steps...
  13. C

    Trying to sell a whole set up.....

    55 gallon, corner flow cube tank, stand, plumbing, skimmer, return pump, sump, gyre wave maker, heater, Kessil 360 we, how do I sell this all together?? Or do I separate stuff? I need advice plz. Thank u.
  14. P

    AIO Cube Return pump keeps running dry

    Hello all! My Waterbox cube 20 return pump keeps running dry. Causing it to grind and spit sand all over my tank. I have initially thought that it was just the media in the back causing the pump to eventually dry out because not enough water would flow into the far right chamber. However, the...
  15. Chrille26

    Build Thread Chrille26: Mixed 35 gallon reef in progress!

    Hey! Two years ago I made my first attempt at keeping a reef at home. That time I went with a 13g cube with a HOB filter and I made most of the misstakes you can read about in the beginnersection of this forum. This time I decided to do my homework and really create the tank I visioned last...
  16. Eg0790

    Custom 45 gallon Build

    New here, just wanted to share my custom build with all of you, i custom built the stand and made it in white acrylic over a sheet of quartz to make sure it was sitting level.this is a downgrade from my previous 65 gallons, i wanted something small built to my taste. The tank is a SCA 45 gallons...
  17. Andrews_Reef

    Cube Build Back into the hobby! *60 cube build*

    Hey Guys, My names Andrew and I'm from Western Australia and am brand new to these forums. Thought I'd start a build thread for my new 60cm x 60cm x 52cm mixed reef tank. Mostly for myself so I can look back at the progress being made, but hopefully some people will enjoy following along too...
  18. F

    Build Thread Nuvo EXT 40

    This is my new tank. It's a Nuvo 40 EXT - the overflow is Herbie-style and exterior/upper left of the tank. I'm getting back into this after a few years out. I started with a biocube 29 and am now onto a more sophisticated tank. It's still a work in progress. I'm trying to automate it and keep...
  19. imanewberry

    Cube Build MY FIRST REEF TANK Waterbox CUBE 20 Gallon

    Hi all! My name is Cody from Charlotte, NC and I am starting up my very first reef tank. Ever since considering starting up a tank, I have done the vast majority of my reading on reef2reef. I thought it would be a fun adventure to join the community and begin with documenting my first tank...
  20. P

    Setting up a 90 Gallon reef cube! Need stocking ideas!

    Hi all! I am new to the forum and was looking for input/ ideas on stocking... Info on tank: Dimensions 30x30x20 (90 gal) 20 gal sump Right now my list includes: -Royal Gramma -Clown (pair) -Dragononet (green?) -Cardinal fish (3) -Firefish (purple) I'm not sure if everything is compatible and...
  21. Jamestown

    Build Thread Red Sea 170 SPS Cube

    Hello, This is my 45 Gal Red Sea Max E-170 that has been running for about 14 months. Currently SPS dominant with some Euphyllia towards the bottom. Recently added 20lbs of additional rock for more surface area (for corals!). Also currently battling some bubble algae currently - I do weekly 4-5...
  22. JoseClimaco

    Build Thread Jose's First Reef - Waterbox Cube 20

    Hello Everyone, I apologize beforehand about my writing, English is not my main language. This is going to be my first saltwater tank, i thought it was a really good idea to create a Journal, so i can have a project timeline and at the same time get some help from more experienced reefers. My...
  23. HomeReef

    Cube Build 93g Cube Build Thread

    I started a build thread in another a forum but wanted to post a link to it here since it is for a 93g cube tank. Thanks for visiting! JamesB.
  24. Alemoki

    Cube Build • Dane's Mixed Reef Cube •

    So it's come time to finally create this thread that I promised to do a while back. Been a member here on R2R for a while now but have only been lurking. I currently have about a 220 litre system with the sump included in that. Display volume around 170 litres. It's a cube and my first ever...
  25. schooleyosis

    Tennessee Synergy Reef CL-22 Sump & 5-Gallon ATO (Fusion Blue)

    Selling my Synergy Reef CL-22 Sump in Fusion Blue with matching 5-gallon ATO container. The sump has dual 4" sock holders, probe holder, adjustable baffle in the skimmer section, quick connects for 1/4" fittings for dosing and/or ATO, and media trays. I ran a Vertex Omega 150 in the skimmer...
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