custom tank

  1. LilElroyJetson

    What Do You Wish You Had Known Before Ordering a Custom Tank??

    Think I’m about ready to pull the trigger on putting my deposit down for my big tank upgrade and I’ve gone back and forth with a couple of configurations whether it be height, width, overflow style, stand considerations, etc. I think I’ve landed on a 48x24x18 (90G) from Reef Savvy. What do you...
  2. YogiReef


    I am looking for a new reef tank but haven't been able to find one online that suits my needs and stays in my budget. I want a peninsula/end flow tank that is glass and rimless. It would be great if it already had AIO filtration like the IM Nuvo tanks do. Here are the requirements...
  3. Psylacus

    New 300 Gallon SW Aquarium.

    Hey folks! Posting this here as well as this is both an introduction to me as well as the tank that I am working on, so if you already read this you can skip down to the link below. I attached a GOOGLE SHEET, with what I am thinking about buying and you can comment as well! So new to the forum...
  4. joekool

    Kool Reef DIY 687 picture heavy

    Hello all, Remodeling my tank from 210 to 428 display with a total volume of 687 gallons after Live Rock. I wanted a new thread for the remodel heavy with pictures and videos. Gathering all my stuff together for the build. and will post as it goes. Expanding the stand I have because its...
  5. mattstanks2016

    Matts Red Sea Reefer 250 - Remastered Edition

    Finally! I saved up enough money for a Red Sea Reefer!!! Actually, thanks to the power of craigslist and silicon I was able to restore a reefer that had a leak. I am by no means a expert at reef tanks nor DIY builds, but I guess we can learn together. A little background about me. I have had a...
  6. Johnson

    Custom corner drop off tank diy

    Hello everyone Ive been in the hobby for about 2 years now and have been contemplating a custom tank build. I have 2 150 gallon tanks now one a 150 tall and a 150 half moon. I have some larger tangs that are starting to out grow the 150 half moon . So I was thinking about doing a 450 gallon L...
  7. Frederick Edwards

    Fred's Salty Adventure 100G Custom

    This was fish only back in 2009. Tank has been sitting since roughly thereafter. Right now I am currently looking for upgrades and will have it cycling soon, depending how long I take to get some items. Need sump/refugium, light, return pump, wave makers. The aquarium is 41" x 24" x 24". A...
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