cycling a new reef aquarium

  1. J

    Cycling with cured rock

    Hi all, i am new to this hobby & started to cycle a new 20gallon nano tank with cured rock and live sand. Basically I just followed the aquarium owner’s instruction using microbacter7 and brightwell biofuel only. This is day 4 and the test kit is not picking up any ammonia or nitrate. Is these...
  2. fishscale1

    New Tank Cycle

    Question for you guys..I used Dr Tims One & Only and the Dr Tim’s Ammonia Chloride fishless method. The instructions were to add 4 drops of the ammonia chloride per gallon. I have a 20 gallon Waterbox. After doing so I’ve read reviews of insane ammonia spikes using the 4 drops per gallon...
  3. N

    EMERGENCY Cycling a new reef tank

    i’ve been cycling my tank for about 5-7 weeks i just tested my nitrites about 3-4 days ago because they were high for a while but i also tested nitrates to see if i had any in the tank and there was a high level of nitrates as well. I Just tested again today after a few days now my nitrites are...
  4. airvicconcre

    Cycling brand new aquarium.

    Hello all. I’ve setup a new marine aquarium with dead live rock and kept it for cycling for the last 20 days. I’ve been dosing it with Microbacter 7, microbacter xlm and lastly I dosed it with Dr Tim’s. Whenever I test the ammonia is 0, nitrite is 0.1 and nitrate is 25. I use Australian black...
  5. JSkeleton

    Need Cycling Help/Clarification (Will Post Updates In This Thread)

    I apologize for all the cycling questions and threads, I will just update this one from here on out and lay out the entire information below. As of today though (September 3) I've had 0 Ammonia for a few days and stuck at around 5.0 Nitrites for like a week and unsure what to do as it seems I...
  6. Mity Sergio

    Cycle week 3 Question!:)

    Hello everyone! I’m currently going on my 3rd week of cycling my tank I just wanted to reach out and see if these are normal parameters for going on the 3rd week of cycling! Thanks for the help! Ammonia 4.0 ppm Nitrites 0.25 ppm
  7. T

    Dr Tims Cycle

    Hi All! I’m currently on day 9 of cycling my new tank with Dr Tims one and only and Dr Tims ammonia. At first my ammonia was reading 8ppm but as of yesterday is now reading 2ppm. I have done a water change on Sunday and added a bottle of api quick start to make sure I haven’t killed all the new...
  8. B

    Decreasing Ammonia but no nitrites

    Good evening everyone. I’m cycling a Fluval Evo 13.5. I started on 6/28. The tank is stocked with 1 large piece of live rock, and two large pieces of dry rock. I have a Kenya tree and some macro algae that was included with my live rock. I have 2 Red legged Hermits. I started building up...
  9. P

    Cycled LFS Live Rock?

    I recently jumped back into the reef world and have started a 7 gallon nano reef tank. I bought Carib Sea Aragalive Pink Fiji sand, and 10 lbs of cured rock from my LFS. My parameters have been very steady, and I’ve only seen a slight rise in ammonia (no more than .5 ppm) and have seen somewhere...
  10. R

    Saltwater cycling

    So I may sound dumb but I have some questions about salt water tanks. I have several freshwater tanks that are doing really well and have been around for years. I have found a lot of conflicting information so I thought asking here would be good. Do I add stability (beneficial bacteria) to my...
  11. Hannahmunt

    Cycling tank with lights on…?

    My tank has been running two weeks now with live rock live sand. Yesterday I added three chromis abs was given two soft corals (sinularia & Xenia) I’ve read that during the cycle I should keep my lights turned off….but will these two corals die if I keep the light of for a month?
  12. D

    EMERGENCY Accidentally overdosed bottled ammonia in the fishless cycle

    Hello So here is the problem I just got done setting up my 50 gallon reef aquarium and I did a really stupid mistake. I always cycle my tanks using the fishless cycle method in which I use a bottle of ATM bacteria along with ammonia in a bottle to feed the bacteria until they populate the...
  13. P

    Nitrites and Nitrates way too high during cycle?

    Hello all, I finally set up my 180L (47.5 G) DT a few days before my clownfish finished their QT (30days of cuppramine and 1 week of Prazi. They didn't have anything but I did it just as a preventative measure) and once I put my water, dry rock, sand and filter running, I added a bottle of Fritz...
  14. X

    Quarantine tank

    Hi guys! So I’m a fairly new reefer who just bought a 150 gallon tank. It’s been 2/3 weeks since the start of the main tank’s cycling process and I decided to get a quarantine tank. In a few weeks I will be able to introduce my first fish as the ammonia and nitrites are beginning to decrease...
  15. MikeDesjean

    Cycling Help 20 Gallon

    Good afternoon, tank setup: -20 gallon cube AIO -Caribsea Live sand -dry rock -Instant ocean salt water @ 1.026 -cycling at 79-80 degrees I am new to the hobby and am 6 days into the cycle using fritz fishless fuel and fritz turbostart 900. I have been reading a lot of brandon429"s posts as...
  16. M

    Nitrite not zeroing out?

    So I've got a Red Sea Reefer 250, but I might be having some issues on the cycle. The tank has been up for exactly a month today. I am currently testing the cycle with API (I have red sea test kits for all other aspects of testing, the API is only for the cycle). My current readings are ammonia...
  17. Tomsk7

    Cycling week 6 - Is the universe trying to teach me patience or am I doing something wrong?

    I'm brand new to reef tanking. I set up a 180 gallon tank, with a 40 gallon breeder sump. I used Microbacter Start XLM and QuickCycl to get things rolling. It took 3 weeks to get to a point where my ammonia dropped to zero. Since then, I have dosed ammonia twice and it drops to zero in 12-18...
  18. Bobby1993

    Cycling my fluval evo 13.5

    Hi everyone, wondering if I can get some information on some questions I have, please. Tonight I set up my Fluval Evo and it's currently cycling. No skimmer but stock filtration media. (no upgrades). I have ocean direct live sand and Caribsea liferock. I do not want to go the route of adding a...
  19. X

    Cycle: Is This Normal?

    Hey Guys, I am new to reef keeping but have been keeping freshwater for over 10 years. 8-11th of November started my tank with DR tims - temp: 29 degrees Celcius - slightly lowered salinity 1.020 On the 18th November is when is started to see Nitrites. (7 days) Today is the 28th November and...
  20. T

    Saltwater tank cycling help

    Hello, I started my 10 gallon tank about 3 weeks ago and my parameters are as follows according to my API marine saltwater test kit: Ammonia : . 50ppm Nitrite: 0( last week it was at .50ppm) Nitrate : .10 to .20 ppm(I can't really tell the color) Mostly I am curious what you guys about where I...
  21. A

    Cycle Question - Cube 10

    Hello all and thank you in advance for any advice! I am currently 2.5 weeks into the cycling process and am unsure why I do not have any nitrite/nitrate. My cube10 has love sand and live rock (lr from a tank in my local fish store). Below is an image from August 30, single API ammonia, test...
  22. bert236

    Looking for advice

    Hello everyone, looking to start my first tank. After some research and a bit of discussion on here I’m leaning towards a 40 gallon breeder. Through a couple local stores I should be able to get the cost to start the tank minus the lights for around $800-900CAD. I don’t want to waste money on...
  23. R

    Hello Newbie reefer with a Red Sea Max E170

    Currently in the 2-3 week of the fishes cycle process and not much is happening after adding Dr. Tims and ghost feeding every other day. Wondering if I should be adding some live rock vs fish vs cleaner crew to get some things growing?
  24. mamareef

    How do I cycle my new tank!? Confused!

    Someone please tell me how I am supposed to cycle a 20 gallon IM nuvo fusion. I can’t seem to get a clear answer from the internet/YouTube. Apparantly there are a billion ways to do it!? I will be using caribsea live sand and caribsea life dry rock. I am making my own saltwater with rodi water...
  25. MarineDepot

    Cycle Your Saltwater Aquarium FAST (or Slow) | Week 17 of The Beginners Series with MyFirstFishTank

    Join Matthew from My First Fish Tank to discuss the process of cycling your saltwater aquarium. At Marine Depot we have all the tools you need to get your aquarium cycled and ready for a wide variety of livestock. Check out our YouTube Channel and please like, comment, and subscribe to learn...