cycling a new reef aquarium

  1. Deathling


    Hi, I am new to the hobby and have just begun cyclying my first reef tank. I have placed 5kg of live rock in my 24L (6g) tank and with 3-4 days it began to small bad. Since then i have done a 40% waterchange, and it only seems to be getting worse, there has been a plethora of worms (majority...
  2. Cycling a Brand New Reef Aquarium

    Beginner Topic Cycling a Brand New Reef Aquarium

    Macroalgae in a refugium Photo from the Reef2Reef archives courtesy of AlexG, © 2018, All Rights Reserved In the beginner section of our forum, there is a sticky on top, written by David Hammontree, that's very very good. The article is called, The Supreme Guide to Setting up a Saltwater Reef...
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