1. flourishofmediocrity

    Hello Hello from the PNW

    Hello! While I'm not new to reefing, it's been a while since my last tank, a 6 gallon nano. You can see the thread about it over here: Sadly, I lost that nano cube due to a poor DIY fuge I built and it...
  2. Queenofreef

    Is your aquascape balanced?

    Aquascaping from a design perspective is rarely discussed. I’ve always wondered why we don’t talk much about what makes a scape look visually appealing, so I’ve started a series where I apply common principles of design used in art, photography, graphic design, etc. to reef aquascapes. This is...
  3. T

    Dual DC Return Pump - Manifold Design Feedback

    Hello Reef2Reef community, This is my first post so please give feedback/forgive my mistakes! I will be posting a build guide in a couple months but I have started to plan out my 93 gallon cube build. I am a computer engineer so I plan to make this a very technical build but I will...
  4. mfraembs

    Large Build Dream Home & Dream Tank Build

    I wanted to start this thread to allow people to follow along with my build of my dream home with my dream tank “including fish room”. I am a local home builder that has been in the reefing hobby for about 10 years. At this point I am in the design phase of the home and am currently planing on...
  5. Queenofreef

    Creating Depth with Aquascapes!

    Howdy Reefers Wanted to share part two of my little aquascape and coral placement design series where I talk about how to add depth to your rockscape! Hopefully someone can find this info helpful in some way when making their scape even though my videos are pretty goofy. It’s a super easy...
  6. reefk

    Sump Design - Help

    I am planning my new sump and have the below in mind. Any suggestions and advice are welcome. Measurement are in inch - L - 36', W - 20', H - 18'
  7. weavereef

    sailfin tang with white spots

    Need help!! i have a sailfin tang with really bad white spots all over him. iv set up 30g QT to dose the tank with copper. so ive dose it now and it been going for two weeks now. and i woke up this morning and it was soo bad he was acting crazy, and staying at the top.
  8. Stephgram

    Aquascape Design

    Silly little video I made about thinking of aquascaping from a design perspective. Expanding on it more and different coral placement techniques in my upcoming content but just wanted to share :) I know my stuff is pretty goofy but hopefully it helps in some way!
  9. Chrisss

    Can this plumbing work? (Remote Sump)

    I'm planning on creating a "fish room" in the garage to hold my remote sump, mixing station, filters, etc..... Right now I have a house layout as such: Fish tank is going to go in the "fish tank" area. Can I run the plumbing from the behind the fish tank, along the bedroom / office wall...
  10. Amber905

    New Tank Build (Need help and opinions!)

    Hi Everyone, I am getting a tank built for me that is going to be sunk into a wall. I am able to put the overflow box and returns through the drywall. I am going around a stud, so the return piping will have to go straight back for 4 inches before the angle. I hope this makes sense and maybe my...
  11. Nolan Shinn

    Dual overflow into algae turf scrubber??

    I’ve been considering how best to plumb the dual overflow/return on my center drilled 150gal build and I need some input from you knowledgeable reefers out there: Is there any reason I couldn’t pipe both of my overflow down tubes through two algae turf skimmers? In theory this would mean all...
  12. Trickman2

    Need Help on Sump Design for a 280 gallon

    So I have a custom 280 gallon tank being built (Dims 72x30x30). My current sump from my 90 gallon is going to be upgraded. I have looked at trigger systems Triton 44, icecap 48xl. The tank manufacturer is...
  13. John Ostler

    Butterfly Fish (Chaetodon) lovers only... well sort of

    Like many of you, I've been in the hobby long enough to know that it wasn't always about the SPS (or 'bout that bass), but it was about brilliant butterfly fish. The long nosed butterfly was actually the fish that got me into the hobby in the first place. With that, there is this amazing artist...
  14. Jakewatt

    First Live-Rock Aquascape, amount of LR, advice, help etc!

    Hi, I've set up the first batch of Live rock, used aquaforest cement, works pretty good! (i bought the rocks from a previous owner with the tank 2nd hand), i'm guessing there's 25kg but really i have no idea... It's my first setup, so any advice is greatly appreciated! I think i need to add...
  15. J

    Aquarium Expert Needed!

    I am looking for an aquarium expert that can help me design a schematic of how my entire aquarium system will work together so I can engineer how everything works. Looking to work virtually to collaborate on the best system for my new tank before I set anything up :)