diy build

  1. Reefaddict585

    DIY 180gal stand build, what you all think

    I’m pretty new to the reefing scene, started about a year ago with a 55g and quickly realized, that tank size wasn’t gonna cut it. Had a lot of success with it but just to small over all. So I started saving and a year later I found a good deal on a used 180g and a BUNCH of gear, took it home...
  2. Justgottadiy


    Starting a new system after loosing EVERYTHING I’ve had in the hobby to a divorce. Ive moved across country and started not only my tank but life all as well. enough with the long boring story tho. My GF and I are doing a complete DIY 75g reef build and are in the beginning stages of the...
  3. culvern22

    Rimless Tank Build

    Good Day, Everyone! New here to R2R but certainly been utilizing the forums for a few years now. I’ve thrown together some plans for a 48wx12dx14h rimless tank and I’d like to know if anyone experienced with DIY rimless builds would check the dimensions for me before I get the panels cut...
  4. Jerzyray

    Hanging a vinyl Canopy

    I made this shade May make one for the sides, which I don't know if that's what you'd call it. But anyway I really didn't want a big bulky wooden thing. So I use some 4ply vinyl shad material and put some grommets in it to hang it, It makes it easy. What you all think
  5. Josh Morris

    New to the hobby and building my dream tank

    Hey everyone, I currently have a 40 Gal breeder tank, the tank has been running excellent for the past 2 months but I currently have 5 fish in the tank, 2 of which I bought knowing I would eventually have to up my tank size “basically giving myself an excuse to be able to build the fish tank...
  6. Mikey Mane The Flare

    The 150 gallon build is here!

    so I found a 150 gallon for 80$ with a stand so I checked it out. All looked good it was made in 2011 needed to be re siliconed but for 80$ I couldn’t walk away. Down side it’s not drilled:/ but my LFS said they would drill it for 30$ a hole if I buy the eshopps overflow witch I would like. I...
  7. RichyRich50

    Need help with a DYI Red Sea Reefer 350 sump setup

    Hello everyone, I have a reefer 350 and I wanted to try out a small DIY project on my sump. I don’t know exactly how to go about this so I need some help. So I was looking at a YouTube video on the BRS page on Kalkwasser. Here is the link . So I had an idea, on the video aound 8min 15sec...
  8. Ferrell

    With My Brides Blessings, My 75 gallon Reef Build

    just a little background, mostly a fish only guy from the 80s and 90s. Transplanted the FLORIDA in 87 and built my first DT in ‘87, 100 gallon with your basic canister and UV sterilizer, a handful of t8 twisted bulbs and UG filter. Raised clowns, tangs, damsels, emopoer angel and only lost a...
  9. tnuhnivad

    DIY 40g Stand and Sump Build

    Hello, I'm going to be taking a 40g and making it my main display tank effectively doubling the size of my current display tank. To save money and ensure quality I'm going to be building a custom stand, equipment box, PVC overflow/return, and turning my current 20g tall display into a custom...
  10. WindBorne

    Building a 40 Breeder display with a 20 long sump

    Long time lurker first time poster. Over the years I kept seeing all these amazing build threads on this site and others. Now, I too want take an empty glass box, and miraculously cause a mini reef of my own to appear. So join me now as I try my hand at this type reef wizardry, lets get...
  11. n2585722

    Canopy and Stand Build for 42 Gallon Hex Tank

    I wanted to get back into the hobby and try out LED's as a light source. I had a 42 gallon hex tank on hand to use as a test tank for this. My better half had a few requirements if I set this tank back up. She did not want to see a water line or the gravel or sand below the surface level on the...
  12. thinktank

    Have you built a DIY acrylic aquarium? How'd it go? Recommended?

    I'm considering building my own DIY acrylic aquarium, but I'm curious about how the project went for those of you who've done this, if you'd do it again, and any recommendations/advice you have? Did you experience leaks? Where did you buy the acrylic and did it maintain clarity? What...
  13. jisherwood

    DIY Par Meter Question

    Ok I followed willthethrill post and finally got everything put together but when I test I get low PAR readings. Tank info: 75gal reef w/ 20gal refugium 2 kessil a360w Apex controller. Purchased used Apogee SQ-120, its a few years old. Do I need to send into Apogee to get it recalibrated?
  14. FLSharkvictim

    DIY Float Switch in my Skimmer cup

    Added a float switch in my protein skimmer cup, so if the power goes out or if the skimmers start's to Overflow it will push that float switch closed which is connected to my Neptune breakout box and my Apex controller will automatically shut my skimmer off! I had learned the hard way when my...
  15. Johnson

    Custom corner drop off tank diy

    Hello everyone Ive been in the hobby for about 2 years now and have been contemplating a custom tank build. I have 2 150 gallon tanks now one a 150 tall and a 150 half moon. I have some larger tangs that are starting to out grow the 150 half moon . So I was thinking about doing a 450 gallon L...
  16. NaClH20

    What should I do with this $40 tank? (90 Gallon)

    Looking for ideas on how to make this into something cool. Anyone have any ideas? I bought a tank that is pretty beat up. Here are the specs 90 Gallon Acrylic - clear front, blacked sides and back Overflow area Dry pass through for wires scratched to hell Holds water Seams are all clear -...
  17. Salt Empire

    200g Coral system build !

    Check it out guys I will be posting a better thread once I have my pictures organized! Keep reefing and enjoy! Im looking for a sponsor ! Someone point me & the girlfriend in the right direction!!! Canadian Business opportunity At US/Can border ! :)
  18. mgoesma

    So My Fiancee Talked me into a seahorse tank

    So my Fiancee has been asking since i got back into the hobby for sea horses. I'm sure many of you have had this problem. I keep telling her that we cant put them into my Display tank because they will die. :-( Well just last week she figured out a new angle. I have a 37 column that i keep...