Need help with a DYI Red Sea Reefer 350 sump setup

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    Hello everyone, I have a reefer 350 and I wanted to try out a small DIY project on my sump. I don’t know exactly how to go about this so I need some help. So I was looking at a YouTube video on the BRS page on Kalkwasser. Here is the link
    . So I had an idea, on the video aound 8min 15sec they show DYI reactor. That’s the reactor I want to build but here is the tricky part, I want to incorporate this into my auto top off system that comes with the Red Sea sump.
    Here is what I’m thinking:
    I want to add a second line to the ATO with a 3 way check valve. This way the Kalkwasser and the rodi water will meet at the check valve and go down to the float valve. Then stop when the sump gets full. I would have to have some kind of check valve because I don’t want the Kalkwasser water to siphon into the Rodi water or vise versa. I need help finding a 3 way check or any 3 way connector that will work. I will add two pictures, one with the current Red Sea set up and the 2nd with a 3 way connector. I just have to find the right connector.



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