1. K

    Kalkwasser dosing using tank water

    Hi, I am contemplating dosing kalkwasser and was wondering whether I can use a doser to pump tank water through a container with saturated kalkwasser which would then overflow into the return pump section of my sump. I see setups, where people use their ATO water to do the same, however, as I...
  2. F

    New to Dosing

    Hi, I have a 80 gal mixed reef tank, 25 gal sump, ATO. Currently at 8.6, 422, 1230. Having a hard time getting the Mg levels to 1400. Using Red Sea's Reef Foundation system (liquid). Looki g for recommendation of using Red Sea's Reef Foundation system vs Kalkwasser? I read Kalk is a great...
  3. Mortgaged Reefs

    How much Is too much kalk washer?

    Am I dosing too much kalk? I am currently dosing 320ml day of fully saturated seachem kalk and it feels too much but seems to be maintaining everything level. I am also dosing 5ml all for reef. 20 gal heavily stocked mix reef. I wish it would help raise calcium but I am afraid to dose more...
  4. Mike Arnold

    kalkwasser dosing question

    Just curious about the amount of kalkwasser that I'm dosing This is a new tank (2 months cycled after 4 month fish cycle) Waterbox 135.4 (maybe 120gallons of total water volume) I'm dosing 157.7 ml/hour of saturated brs pharma kalk with a Kamor X1 Pro (about 1 gallon/day of saturated kalk...
  5. C

    Kalkwasser Question

    Hello, I’m new to Kalkwasser and I plan to incorporate the Avast Kalk stirrer into my current system. The tank is fairly new so water changes are keeping up for now. I originally bought the Kamoer X1 Pro-T pump for this, but since then I’ve decided to buy a Kamoer F4 Pro so that I have the...
  6. S

    kalkwasser making water cloudy

    So about a week ago i began dosing kalkwasser into my tank through my ATO to try to raise my alkalinity and calcium given they were both reading lower than usual. My alkalinity has increased by .2 already which is good except the kalkwasser mix seems to be making my water cloudy. I am running a...
  7. Sakosreef

    Is dosing kalk this way safe???

    Hi everyone, I've got a kalk question. I want to eventually get a kalk stirer but it's out of my budget at the moment but I want to start dosing kalk because I dose 2 part and it's expensive, also my ph peaks at 8.1 but is not very stable so I want to get my average ph higher. Could I take some...
  8. S

    Should kalkwasser ATO mix be cloudy?

    So I just began to dose kalkwasser into my 32 gallon tank through my ATO. I am using seachem kalkwasser and no matter how much i mix and stir it the ATO water never gets clear and is pretty cloudy with sort of a film on top even after stirring for minutes. I am just wondering if this is normal...
  9. Moderno182

    Mixing kalkwasser - Am I doing it wrong?

    Hi guys, I’m starting to use kalkwasser to control my PH, i bought the two little fishes kalk, and I mixed with a auto stirrer, but the water after more than 10 hours looks a little milk, dump it ? Or it just like that?
  10. S

    Will kalkwasser increase alkalinity or just maintain?

    So I just tested my alkalinity and it was 6.9 and I would like to get it back up to around 10. I want to start dosing kalkwasser through my ATO to do this but dont know if this will increase my alkalinity or just keep it stable at where it is now. Does anyone have experience using kalkwasser to...
  11. mcgaws

    GHL Profilux programming

    Hey people, if I want to control a dosing pump to turn on through a plug bar socket if my ph falls below 7.8 and turn off the socket when the ph hits or goes above a set value (say 8 how would I programme this? I have posted this on the GHL Facebook page but no one has answered. Can anyone help...
  12. RSnodgrass

    Stupid or Crazy? Lye in my kalk chamber.

    My kalk chamber ran out and needed to be refilled. Typically I fill it up 4-5" at a time so it lasts a bit over a month. I'd like to boost my pH & alk more than what it provides because evaporation limits how much I can dose. Using a kalk slurry it's appealing for a few reasons. Namely, I'm...
  13. Faithbleed

    Switching from 2-part to Kalkwasser Dosing.

    Hi All I have a 2 year old 425XL SPS dominant tank. I currently use 16.8mL of Calc (RedSea Foundation) and 96mL of Alk (RHF's SodaAsh recipe) daily. PH runs from between 7.97 to 8.18. I want to increase PH to boost growth, so want to dose Kalk at night (and day if needed). My question is...
  14. dzolot

    ESV for alkalinity and kalkwasser for Calcium??

    Hi, so I’ve been using kalkwasser in my 150g mixed reef for the last five years. My alk is very low at 5.2dkh. calcium is 470 and mag is 1500. I started dosing ESV alkalinity to get the alk up. So my question - is there any reason i can’t doses ESV for alk and continue to dose kalkwasser...
  15. Cantusaurus

    Dosing containers? And should I dose Kalkwasser with a dosing pump?

    Hey, so I am planning on getting my first doser soon for my 32 gallon mixed reef. Most likely the Kamoer X1. I was also thinking about the Jebao Wifi 3.4, but most likely single channel. I might do all for Reef with the single channel doser (it is pretty pricey though), but I also was thinking...
  16. kimros1986

    Kalkwasser mixer turns milky white

    Hello! I've noticed that my kalkwasser mixer turns milky white/turbid after a few days of adding new kalcium hydroxide. When I add the powder it is turbid, which is normal of course, the next day its settled and the fluid is transparent whit a layer on the bottom. But after a few days it...
  17. hyeclass

    kalkwasser vs kalkwasser

    Hello, i am planning to buy Kalk, not sure which one i should get? I know they both good brands, however which one does the job better? over time RedSea Reefer 140 gallons - I got Reef Octopus KS150 Kalk Stirrer vs Kalk Mixing Reactor 150 - Up to 200 Gallons - IceCap
  18. NEFFx

    My Kalk isn’t doing anything

    solved: I realized when I reorganized all my wires and hung the DOS etc the dos for CA was hooked up backwards. Ugh 240g, 300system. 4 months old geared towards sps. 40 frags and 20 fish. So I’ve set up a doser for Kalk though a Kalk reactor (pump type) and when I had it off for a few weeks I...
  19. H

    Apex Dos for Kalkwasser

    I have been inspired by BRS’s recent video on Kalkwasser mistakes and they mentioned that a dosing method for adding Kalkwasser is a good way to go vs ATO. My question is two part. Based on my limited experience with Apex Dos and Trident 1. Can I fully automate my Kalk dosing. Program it to...
  20. Darkshadow1500

    Kalk won’t raise alk

    Hey guys I recently started using kalk I’ve had kalk+2 for the last few years but never actually used it before till last week the goal was to stop my 2 part dosing at night and add the kalk to keep my ph higher at night then again my high is usually 8.4-8.5 and low is usually 8.1-8.2 so i wont...
  21. MrsWeathers

    Kamoer X1 or Kamoer X1 Pro? And dosing questions/concerns! HELP!!

    Which pump is best/easiest to use and maintain parameters? From my understanding the X1 only allows dosing 12 times a day while the X1 Pro allows dosing 24 times a day. We have a 125 gal display and a 40 gallon sump with about 110 gallons of water total, minus rock, sand, refugium, and all...
  22. garbled

    Kalk stirrer - when to stir?

    I use an Avast K2 Kalk stirrer and a peristaltic pump to feed kalk to my system. One thing I'm not sure about though, is when to run the stirrer in relation to the pump? Should I run the stirring before running the feed pump, after running the feed pump, or during the feed pump run? I can see...
  23. reefpizza

    From 2 liters of Kalk to NO consumption at all

    Hi there, wanna share this experience to find out if anyone had the same issue: I have been dosing kalk nearly 2 months in the new 100G tank for keeping up Kh and Ca levels (pretty stable) i was dosing 20/25 drops per minute (nearly 2 liters of Kalk in 24 hours) i then switch off the Kalk for a...
  24. crustbottle

    Adding kalkwasser to tropic marin part c

    I currently use BRS two part hybrid tropic marin. So, i dose brs soda ash, brs calcium chloride, and tropic marin part c. Then i add the tropic marin trace elements. Im looking for ways to increase my ph i currently have my protein skimmer pulling in fresh air from outside. Which has raised my...
  25. Mathieu Lafleur

    Kalkwasser set up

    Hi there, I will be setting up a kalkwasser stirrer tomorrow for my 180gal after years of simply having 3 parts supplement my tank. I was wondering if anyone had a calculator for how much should I be dosing considering I've got a 0.9 ish DKH consommation per day. I found a few calculator but...