reefer 350

  1. Dextar

    Second hand Reefer 350, reinforce seams?

    Hi All, I’m planning on buying a second hand (v1) reefer 350. Overall the tank looks good, I don’t see any issues with the seams, but I was wondering if it might be worth it to ‘reinforce’ the existing seams with an additional silicone seam? Mainly because the tank will be empty anyway, so I...
  2. Falcon30

    Need a power head are mp40 really worth it?

    I have a jebao croos flow in my reefer 350 and pushes a ton but I need something on opposite side. Thinking a mp40 but cost is way higher for simply no wires inside tank. I like jebao and other cheats but I hate wires in tank. So are the mp40s really worth the extra cost or should I just tough...
  3. Falcon30

    Microbactor 7 and microbactor clean. Together?

    I’m new here and I hope I’m doin this correctly but I can’t seem to find post about people using mb7 and mb clean together… my tank is fairly new and I’ve been out of it for several years and I’ve never used them until now. Went through cycle without issues and did have a diatom bloom and some...
  4. J

    Build Thread A Reefer 350... in the wall

    Equipment Aquarium Red Sea Reefer 350 Filtration Original Reefer 350 sump Filter socks Chaetomorpha refugium NYOS Quantum 160 protein skimmer Marine Pure spheres Lighting 4x Kessil A360WE Tuna Blue Flow 1 Maspect Gyre XF250 1 Icecap Gyre 4K Reef Octopus VarioS-4 return pump Water BRS 5 stage...
  5. DJTJ

    Nitrates are sky high in established tank. What should I do?

    Hey yall, my Red Sea Reefer 350 has been running for around 4 years now and apparently, I am still struggling with high nitrates. Tested again today and saw that the API kit read 160 ppm (dark red). The weird thing is that all my fish are healthy and corals are all growing, so I do not know if I...
  6. jonnyeatworld

    Getting out of Hobby Sale - Updated List

    UPDATE: Full apex system with Dos, Fluid monitor and WXM - (free 2 aqua max dosing containers, will only part out of i can’t sell the whole package) $900 Neptune Apex Leak Detection Kit (brand new) - $100 2-Red Sea reefled 90 with mounting arms -$700 Red Sea reefer 350 with black stand and...
  7. jonnyeatworld

    New York Getting out of the Hobby - Reefer 350, Apex, Trident, Dos, Clarisea, Mp40, Varios, Deltec Skimmer

    Full apex system with trident and dos, Fluid monitor and WXM - (free unopened 6 month supply of reagent and 2 aqua max dosing containers, will only part out of i can’t sell the whole package) $1500 2-Red Sea refled 90 with mounting arms -$700 Deltec skimmer 600i - $250 Clarisea 5000 roller...
  8. chemicals

    Redsea reefer 350 or waterbox reef 100.3

    Hi there, I am new to salt water aquaria and I’m looking into my first reef tank. I have a hard time deciding between the Redsea reefer 350 deluxe (47x21x20”) and Waterbox reef 100.3 (36x24x22”). They are both around 75 gallon but the reefer 350 is 4ft and the reef 100.3 is 36”. Does anybody...
  9. ChicagoShoop

    Clarisea Sk5000 issue in Reefer 350

    Hey guys. Having an issue with my new SK5000. Got it all hard plumbed on last Monday. Here we are a week later and still haven’t figured this thing out. The water level is not rising fast enough to trigger the float valve prior to the 8hr alarm. Sometimes it works fine and sometimes the alarm...
  10. boxofwater

    Build Thread Boxofwater Reefer 350 Build

    Long time lurker, first time poster Ive been in the hobby for many years, with lots of ups and downs. Ive had times I was 100% into my tank, and others where it was pulling teeth for me to clean the glass. My wife and I moved into our first home about 3 years ago, where I upgraded my old...
  11. T

    Is this brown algae okay? GFO question?

    New to reefing—I bought used reef tank with livestock. I’ve had if for about 3 weeks and have a question on this brown algae. When we moved the tank it had a phos spike to 0.4, and started getting brown algae. I got a phos reactor with GFO running and have since brought the levels down from...
  12. RomoFL

    Build Thread Romo’s Reefer 350 V3 build

    Hey, all! So after about a years experience with an IM 20g peninsula, I’ve decided to get a larger tank. I ended up with a slightly used Reefer 350 from a local guy who had it for about 3 months. It came with an Apex system so that’s really what sold me. I’m on the 2nd week of a cycle so...
  13. RichyRich50

    Georgia Red Sea Reefer 350 Aquarium & Equipments

    Selling my Aquarium with live fish and Equipment. Equipment REEFER DELUXE 350 SYSTEM fish included------$1,500 Vertex OMEGA 150 PROTEIN SKIMMER------------$250 6 STAGE DELUXE PLUS RO/DI SYSTEM------------$175 Maxspect Gyre Pump XF250 Pump + Controller Package---$250 MBR157 MACROALGAE...
  14. 00Barracuda00

    Red Sea Reefer 350 Filter between baffles.

    Anyone have any recommendations for the filter material between the baffles in the stock sumps?
  15. codyderrick

    Build Thread Red Sea Reefer 350 Mixed Reef Build

    I needed to move my 40g breeder that had been running for almost 3 years and talked the wife into letting me upgrade. I didn't take many photos of the initial build since I was moving things from an existing tank, I was hurrying to get fish and coral out of a rubbermaid container. Livestock...
  16. B

    Build Thread Red Sea Reefer 350 DLX build 2017-2020

    OK ... so my journey to the saltyside began 17/8/17 when I visited the LFS and paid a deposit for a Red Sea Reefer 350 DLX. The fun proper began on 23/09/17 when I went back to collect my new tank. For those who need to know - it just fits in a BMW 3 Series Touring with the seats down. It's...
  17. scobeyra

    Build Thread Build Thread: Red Sea Reefer 525xl

    Hey everyone, This will be my first build thread. I recently moved, and had 3 tanks up and running. I decided to consolidate everything into one tank (Red Sea Reefer 525xl). My previous tanks: Red Sea Reefer 350 IM Nuvo 30l 70 gallon custom frag tank The plan was to build the new Reefer...
  18. Douglas Lee

    Reefer 350 Triton System

    So, I am about to completely break down my Reefer 350 to move it into our new place and I am moving all my livestock to a biocube for now, I don't actually have that much. In this process I am planning on switching over to use the triton system, but I feel like the stock sump wastes a lot of...
  19. scobeyra

    FS: Red Sea Reefer 350

    Upgrading to a Red Sea 525xl, so selling my reefer 350. Pristine condition, No scratches or cracks. Tank, stand, sump, & ATO included. Asking $1000. Pickup in North Hollywood.
  20. RichyRich50

    Need help with a DYI Red Sea Reefer 350 sump setup

    Hello everyone, I have a reefer 350 and I wanted to try out a small DIY project on my sump. I don’t know exactly how to go about this so I need some help. So I was looking at a YouTube video on the BRS page on Kalkwasser. Here is the link . So I had an idea, on the video aound 8min 15sec...
  21. Kevinkmk

    Tank upgrade cycling?

    hi, I am planning to upgrade my current 20 gallon reef tank that has been running for 10 months to a 74 gallon reefer 350 tank. I will be using the existing 16 lbs of live rock plus some new live rocks, and new sand bed for the new tank. Wondering do I need to cycle my new tank or I can do a...
  22. RichyRich50

    Help with tank upgrade to Red Sea Reefer 350

    I recently bought a Red Sea Reefer 350 to upgrade from a 46 gal Bow front. So here is my issue, I want setup my Reefer 350 in the same spot as my current 46 gal Bowfront. What is the best way to do this without losing any fish? Oh and I also bought new sand, so the old sand will go in trash...
  23. p1u5h13r4m24

    Red Sea reefer 350 deluxe worth it?

    Hi all, This is my first large tank with a sump. All my past tanks had hob filters or in tank sumps. I really want to get the Red Sea reefer, but idk how much I would need to spend on a decent led light for the tank. Also I need at least a 790gph return pump The tank is going to run me 1700 so...
  24. Jakewatt

    First Live-Rock Aquascape, amount of LR, advice, help etc!

    Hi, I've set up the first batch of Live rock, used aquaforest cement, works pretty good! (i bought the rocks from a previous owner with the tank 2nd hand), i'm guessing there's 25kg but really i have no idea... It's my first setup, so any advice is greatly appreciated! I think i need to add...
  25. Broadfield

    Show Off and Discuss Your Red Sea Reefer Series

    Now that the Red Sea Reefer series tanks are getting more common in hobbyist's homes, I thought it would be nice to have a one-stop place to share and discuss them. I love mine and I think it's one of the nicest setups for the money. It's far less expensive than an Elos and even cheaper than...
noopsyche K7 V3 REEF LIGHTING only 169