1. K

    Can I use Stainless Steel Screening Sheet into sump filter?

    Hi, i'm totally new to saltwater tank world. Can I use Stainless Steel Screening Sheet instead of general filter socks into my sump?
  2. Z

    Sponge filters in sump

    Hello I was wondering if I could put a couple of sponge filters in my sump so I would have them established for quarantining but was wondering if I would have to have the air stone in them to have water moved through or if I could just place the sponges right in it. Thanks for any responses!
  3. F

    Ohio Trigger Sump

    36" trigger sump in great/like new condition. $150 pick-up (only) in Lima OH
  4. Rossmont

    The new quarantine system sump at Tidal Gardens powered by Rossmont

    Hey reeeeefers!!! We're proud to show you off the new Tidal Gardens quarantine system which is well explained in this video and you know what?! The system sump is powered by #rossmont #skimer and #riser. Watch the full video for detailed infos. We're open to...
  5. J

    New to Reefing! Please help!

    Hey! So I went a lil coral shop based out of a storage unit, and I found a great buy. A 25 gallon cube rimless, on a stand, with a sump. Only problem was the leftover dirt and grime. Anyways! I cleaned it up, and I’m wondering what oveflow box should I do? I’m wanting an internal overflow, and...
  6. Spydersweb

    Ideal pvc diameter for 90 gallon

    Hello all, I’m about to start building a sump for my 90 gallon aquarium. I’m just wondering if there’s an “ideal” inside diameter for the intake and return plumbing. The bulkheads that are built in have a 1 1/2 inch diameter. Should I go with this size, or would a 1” or 1 1/4” be better based on...
  7. Chrisss

    Can this plumbing work? (Remote Sump)

    I'm planning on creating a "fish room" in the garage to hold my remote sump, mixing station, filters, etc..... Right now I have a house layout as such: Fish tank is going to go in the "fish tank" area. Can I run the plumbing from the behind the fish tank, along the bedroom / office wall...
  8. gotmesalty77

    Im decent a DIY but im gonna need the creative minds here to help me with this one

    So basically ive been told that until we find a larger house i am on a tank restriction. I can add whatever i want to under the tank including tanks just nothing unsightly outside of my undisputed territorial lines. As of now i have a mess of wires and neat freaks nightmare for a sump fuge area...
  9. Rossmont

    Stream pump in sump????

    Hello reefers! It's common use to place powerheads in the display tank and find the perfect water movement for our animals. But we noticed too few sumps have some decent flow and the reason is still a mystery. The sump contains our technics and it has the purpose to process all the water of...
  10. Rossmont

    Why choosing a constant / stable return pump

    Hey reefers, today we want to bring up a very important subject as it's yet a discussion we often face during shows and public open days. The main purpose of a return pump is to permit the proper amount of water circulation from tank to sump. This means the pump is actually the key for a good...
  11. N

    New Tank Cycle

    Hi all, New member here. I just upgraded by 20 gallon nano to a 50 gallon cube. I just finished the plumbing for my sump recently and instead of slipxslip bulkheads I used 1" bulkhead abs slip×thread for the ability to replace in the future if needed. I used 1" schedule 80 male pipe adapters...
  12. Sump


    New sump for the 600 Gallon reef build
  13. D

    All refugium or make dividers

    Hey everyone, My biocube 16 (sps dominated) have been running for a year or more now, it has had a lot of algae issues sinces it started. It crashed not long ago but it is recovering now, im thinking of making an extra sump for it, it is a 20 gallon. Should i use the space for a skimmer or...
  14. D

    Diy sump for biocube 16

    So, this biocube is an sps tank, it has been running for about a year or more, a few months ago i had to go out of town and other people were caring for my tanks, sadly nobody knew how to dose and stuff so my sps tank crashed, although one large colony actually survived the crash. The tank is...
  15. D

    90gallon with sump. First attempt at triton.

    So I noticed a deal for a Marineland 90g with a custom cherry stand. So there was my invitation to give the triton method a shot. I ended up going with the Eshopps R-200 3rd Gen using Algae Barns macro starter kit (chaeto, red ogo, Pom Pom, ulva) and it seems to be doing well, however the...
  16. J

    How to create a refugium in an existing 10g sump?

    I am looking to create a refugium in my existing 10g sump which is a standard 10g leader for the purpose of sustaining a healthy copepod and microfauna population rather than nutrient export. I've kicked around a few ideas of how to accomplish this however I'm running into a few problems: 1.)...
  17. M

    Triton method sump

    I am getting ready to fully go all out Triton method with a sump that will go on my Red Sea 525 XL, which has a 108 DT volume. The current set up I used the 5 gallon ATO tank they included with their package deal, drilled a hole in the side and plumbed it in to use as my refugium. However, I...
  18. Squishy

    Plumbing for New Setup, 210 Gallon Dual Mega-flow

    Hello All, I am somewhat new to the forums and to the saltwater hobby. It may be a bit if a task to start with a 200 gallon, but I am very eager to do so. I have done a ton of reading on here, and right now I planning the plumbing so I can start getting the materials. To explained the drawing...
  19. reelss

    Illinois Waterbox Sump for 220.6

    I am selling a brand new sump from Waterbox 220.6. Leak tested with a couple of inches of water. I am plumbing to the basement and tying in 2 tanks which means I need a bigger sump than this. Local Pickup only. Details and pics to follow: Sump Length 32″ (820mm) Sump Width 19″ (485mm) Sump...
  20. Cstar_BC

    DIY Garbage Can Sump - input appreciated **

    Hi all - above is my planned sump/filter . I know that I have not included control valves or check valves because I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT I'M DOING WHEN IT COMES TO PLUMBING. I think i can glue PVC ledges to the inside of the drum on which i can rest diffuser screens which can hold the...
  21. D

    Red Sea 250 v3 sump advice required

    Hi all, looking for some help & advice from my fellow reefers. I have a new RedSea Reefer 250 v3 that I’m just about to set up and I’m trying to get my head around best sump design and equipment placement. At the moment and with the equipment I already own I’m thinking doing something like...
  22. ENVY

    Eshopps sump help

    Hello, can someone please help with my issue. I feel like im losing my mind trying to figure it out. I recently bought a new Eshopps r-100 sump for a new 80 gallon tank. LFS owner recommended me to just get the small size sump since it's all I would need. Eshopps even rates this sump for 75 to...
  23. Piranha76

    GFO Reactor explosion

    So I tried to make a reactor using a soda bottle and a powerhead, cheese cloth and rubber band. So now my tank is cloudy and rust particles are everywhere. I took it out and did a 50% water change. So my question? On the in take hose going into the sump I currently have a soda bottle on the...
  24. DQM5

    California SUMPS

    hi guys i'm looking for 30-36 inch sump, something like Trigger sump. let me know what you guys have with pics and prices thanks guy.
  25. Ian Baxter

    California Eshopps sump, Skimmer, UV sterilizer, RO/DI unit

    Let’s start with pick up only. San Diego area. Everything is used. ESHOPPS RS-200. 3rd generation sump with refugium -$260 ESHOPPS PSK-100H HOB protein skimmer - $150 AquaFX Barracuda RO/DI 100gph - $120 Coralife Turbo Twist 3x UV Sterilizer 9 watt (needs new bulb) - $60 Aquarium LED bar...