1. Saltyfox

    advice needed on nuvo sump refugium

    I need some ideas/advice on the best place to put a refugium in my nuvo lagoon 25’s sump section. If you have done it or know how you’re going to do it let me see/know please!!
  2. Zachvet

    Need Sump/Refugium Advice

    I recently bought a drilled 125 and would like to build a sump/refugium under the tank. An overflow box is included that fell off the back of the tank so I cleaned all the old silicone off and plan to reattach it. Before I do, I want to get a good understanding of how the plumbing will work as...
  3. S

    Used aquarium for sump

    Hello all, Recently I bought a used 29 gallon that I’m planning on using as a sump from a guy on an aquarium forum. He said that no chemicals had been used in it, and the prior use was to cure live rock. I have no reason not to believe him, but as this is my first foray into saltwater aquariums...
  4. Jeff@CoralVue

    FIRST LOOK: Algae Scrubber-Friendly Sump from IceCap!

    Here are some pictures of an algae-scrubber friendly sump design that IceCap is developing. What do you think? We have 3 different sized algae scrubbers. Should we make different sized sumps to accommodate each of them? Thank you in advance for your feedback!
  5. Saltwater_nick94

    Sump for my 20 gallon long reef tank!!

    Hello I have been tossing around the idea of making a sump for my 20 gallon long reef. I don’t really want to drill the tank in fear that it will crack or I will shatter it. If I truly have to drill the tank I will tho. What size piping would you guys use if I am going to run 3/4” bulk heads...
  6. JAM-MAN

    Plumbing a Sump for Herbie and Bean Animal Returns and a Clarisea Filter

    Planning to have several tanks sharing a single sump (1 100G, 1-30 and 1-25). The 100G has a three pipe Bean Animal overflow box, and the two nano tanks use two hole "Herbie" style overflows. The 100G won't be plumbed into the sump immediately, just the 30 and 25G. I suppose I could just add...
  7. A

    Heater and probe placement conundrum

    My sump is pictured below (Ruby cube). There is a probe holder at the bulkhead between the overflow (back left) and the refugium (front) sections. I originally put the heater in the return area. My theory was to have the temperature probe getting water direct from the tank. But I read...
  8. MillsReef

    Waterbox 170.4/5 help!

    Does anyone have any experience with the waterbox 170.4/5 plumbing? I'm wanting to run a Ecotech Vectra M2, but idk what fitting to use to attach it to the supplied return line... I'm sure I'm just an idiot, but any help or advice would be super helpful! Also, if I need to get a different pump...
  9. phpwebdev

    All-In-One 24g - Help Me With My Spending Priority On Upgrades

    Hello, I have a LifeGard 24g AIO with a sponge, a bag of small bio ceramic blocks, and some carbon-filled plastic balls. It is running on an ApexEL controller. I would like to upgrade (both as a means of improving my water but also as a means of learning more about water mgmt): A) Upgrade my...
  10. J

    Georgia New 75 Gallon Sump

    New 75 Gallon tank converted into a sump. The first chamber is where your drains come in, then the water flows over (3) - 4” filter socks. There are several pieces that can be used with the filter sock or block the holes. The second chamber is the skimmer section. The baffle at the end of...
  11. curiel909

    NEW 40 Gallon Tank

    Hello everyone, I just started a new Clear-for-Life 40 gallon (36Lx15Wx16H) acrylic aquarium and wanted to get as much help or tips as i can! The tank was started 8/3/19 and sump was added 8/4/19. The tank has about 1.5" of live sand, 45 pounds of live rock, 15 hermit crabs, 3 snails and 2...
  12. S

    FS: Eshopps R-200 3rd Generation Refugium Sump

    Delivery Includes 1 x Used R-200 sump 2 x Flex Hoses (Never been used) 2 x Used foam filters Asking Price: $210 Shipped
  13. K

    Georgia Trigger Triton 34 v1 Sump

    I recently bought this sump but then found out isn't the size I need. It is in pretty good condition, it is clean. Asking the same amount of money I paid for: $300.00. Pickup in Duluth/PTC OR I can ship if you pay the shipping. Trigger Systems Triton Sump 34 x 15 x 15" | Premium Aquatics...
  14. Rossmont

    The Rossmont Riser RX for reliable performance

    Hey Reefers. We know everybody in the aquarium hobby is at constant research for the most reliable and stable performance in the products as these fetaures reflect in the health of our tanks. This is why in Rossmont we still developed a reliable AC return pump range for the larger tanks. The...
  15. Bhor217

    Any experience with Pro-Clear Freedom Flex Sumps?

    Hey All, I am looking to upgrade the sump in my 150G FOWLR tank. I am currently using an Eschopps wet-dry trickle filter to hold my sump, but would like more space. Does anyone have any experience with Pro-Clear Freedom Flex Sumps? I would rather not break down my tank to fit the sump into my...
  16. Wonderboy

    The UGFuge 2.5G Pico Reef

    Hey everyone! I'm experimenting with an atypical build, and I figured I'd share here, too. It originally was one of those old school pico reef entries for's recent contest, but some aspects hindered it's inclusion; however I went forward with the "experiment". I am attempting to reef...
  17. BornHandy

    Plumbing and labeling in the sump area. Need suggestions!

    I know it's a little silly, but while I wait for a gate valve, I am just itching to work on my tank! I was thinking of labeling my plumbing lines. I keep making up reasons it might be practical, but in reality, I just want it all to look awesome. I have a vinyl cutter, so was thinking of...
  18. MarineDepot

    Aquarium Sumps EXPLAINED — New Video!

    Aquarium Sumps EXPLAINED — New Video! Your Hub for Water Filtration and Automation Hardware
  19. MarineDepot

    Trigger Systems: Pay Over Time - 3, 6, or 12 months!

    Trigger Systems: Pay Over Time - 3, 6, or 12 months! Pay as low as 0% APR Financing on Trigger Systems with Affirm
  20. potatocouch

    misc. algae & macro in refugium (in sump)

    in the ideal world, we would love to have only Chaeto (or some prefer Caulerpa) in their fuge (sump) but in saying that, if worst come to worst, the refugium is filled with all sort of misc. algaes i.e. GHA, Caulerpa, Chaeto, Red Dragon, Bryopsis .. does it really matter? I mean as long as they...
  21. T

    Texas 270 gallon reef tank

    Hello, My name is Christian. I want to introduce you to my 270 gallon reef tank. The aquarium was set up in October 2018. I'm running 4 kessil tuna blue a160we over the main display. In side my aquarium I have a Neptune Apex wmv here is the flow currently and two small power heads on the...
  22. cjd

    Florida Bashsea smart series sump

    Selling brand new bashsea smart series sump. Never been wet. Still has the acrylic protective film on it. Measures 30x 18x 16 . Purchased for a new build and changed my mind . White baffles . Looking for local pick up . Located in port charlotte Florida. Asking $300.00
  23. BaileyB

    Refugium invertebrate ideas?

    Just finished making my own DIY sump with a standard 10g tank for my 20g tank. I have a refugium in the middle and am looking for things I could add for algae control, and just to keep the refugium cleanish. I know ill have to scrub some algae but want to do as little as possible. I have some...
  24. K

    Opening Fish Store Help Plumbing Tanks

    Hello Everyone, I'm opening a fish store and have been building my custom acrylic tanks for my store and I want to make sure my plumbing is rock solid to prevent issues in the future. I'm looking for a simple system to run nothing super fancy. My tanks are set up on metal racks and will be...
  25. K

    Georgia Eshopps RS-100

    Hello folks, Today for sale I have a 1 yo Eshopps RS-100 sump. The sump is very clean and has very little signs of use, no algae on it as I used to have it plumbed to another sump. I am asking for $200.00. I can ship it at your expense. Let me know if you have questions. Thank you.