1. jabx1

    New Jersey Drygoods Tank Breakdown/Moving Sale. MUST GO QUICKLY

    Broke down a tank for a move. Need to sell equipment by Sunday, 11/26. Tank w/ Stand: Deep Blue 58g - $50 Sump: Eshopps RS-100 - $50 Lights x2: Black box, full spectrum 2 Channel w/ built in timer - $50 -- SOLD Algae Scrubber: Santa Monica HOG1 Algae Scrubber - $40 -- PENDING Skimmer NOT FOR...
  2. R

    New Jersey Drygoods 56 Gallon Rimless, Skimz UP30 Sumpro Sump, IceCap K2-160 In Sump Protein Skimmer $300.00

    Pickup 07103 $300.00 Want it gone. To lazy to move to storage 56 Gallon rimless with custom overflow. Size 36"X18"X20" 24" back to front with plumbing. Skimz UP30 Sumpro Sump (No socks) IceCap K2-160 In Sump Protein Skimmer And I'll through in a GFO, Carbon reactor
  3. P

    Roller mat

    Hey guys. Do you think this one will fit to this sump if i do some modifications to the sump? In the filtersock compartment. If not What do you suggest?
  4. T

    Filters Drygoods SOLD Geo cryptic reactor orange with black acrylic NEW 220 shipped

    Bought it when I first came out and upgraded to the black acrylic and never hooked it up to aquarium and never used it. Comes with everything. Had a close friend get into a car wreck last night and I gotta get some money quick. PayPal services and goods only
  5. S

    PSA - Got a sump? Wrap it up.

    Figured I'd share my findings with the class. I was astounded at how much my heaters were running all day and night, especially considering the amount of pumps and lights adding heat to the tank. Last night I decided to try an experiment that has already shown it's going to pay off quickly. I...
  6. T

    Lighting Sumps Drygoods Ai 16hd fuge light

    Fuge light with mount 120 shipped works great .
  7. F

    Florida Sumps Drygoods Trigger Ruby 36 sump for sale // Fort Lauderdale, Florida

    Trigger Ruby 36 sump for sale. $170. I didnt clean it out completely. Vinegar will get rid of most of the rest of the film on the acrylic. No bulk heads, they had to be removed to take the sump off my former tank. Includes Skimmer stand. Works totally fine. No shipping, local pick up only. Can...
  8. xsnys

    Looking for advice on building a custom 38g shallow reef (external overflow + sump)

    Hello everyone. I'll try to keep this as short as possible. My apologies in advance if this is the wrong place to post this. Essentially I plan on using this 47.3x13.8x13.8 rimless aquarium to build a custom reef tank with an external overflow and sump. I'm no stranger to reef tanks but I am...
  9. M

    Steven tyree CMAT vol 2

    Hello everyone, I am looking to try my hand at a cryptic zone in my sump, I have seen plenty of posts here about Steven tyree and his CMAT ebooks, so much so that I would like to buy it and read for myself. However it appears that his website hasn't been updated in a while and the link to...
  10. TheSheff

    LocLine Leaking

    Hello, I am having an issue that I cannot find the fix to. My return line is connected by tubing to a bulkhead, then loc line connectors in the tank in an arc to prevent siphoning, which works. but, When I turn my tank off, water continues to drain into the sump very slowly , what could this be...
  11. T

    California Aquariums Drygoods Water box 220.6

    Getting out the hobby and selling my water box 220.6. It will come with tank , sump , ato container and stand for 2500. Plumbing is included. Can also include light setup which includes to orphek full panels (not Icon) and 2 orphek light bars . Every thing is about 3 years old and works great ...
  12. C

    Unknown stringy algae

    So I have some cheato in my refugium along with a bio brick which has green hair algae on it but now I have this long stringy stuff, not sure what it is. It almost looks like cheato but grows from the bottom of the sump.
  13. T

    California Lighting Drygoods Kessil h80 sump light

    work great no issue , light and mount 70 shipped
  14. F

    Sump/fuge baffle question. Please help

    Hi all, hope someone can give me good advice cause I'm going crazy lol. I have a 75 gallon sump. I have placed the baffles you see so far the last one is an adjustable gate that I just didn't put in. So I have 1 - 14" high baffle left. I was suppose to put it after the adjustable baffle before...
  15. Art Calde

    Florida Return Pumps Drygoods EcoTech Marine Vectra L2- Mobius Ready DCReturn Pump (3100 GPH)

    EcoTech Marine Vectra L2 - Mobius Ready DC Return Pump (3100 GPH) Connection accessories and control bracket included Mobius App Ready - No need for additional equipment to get wireless programming functionality. Connect directly to your iOS or Android device. Quiet Drive Technology Easy...
  16. tdyrkacz

    Connecticut Sumps Drygoods Ruby Cube Sump 20

    Ruby Red Sump 20 in good condition. I'm in CT. Local sale only
  17. T33BLACK

    Ohio Aquariums Sumps Drygoods Marineland aquarium full setup

    90 gal marineland aquarium predrilled for sump with corner overflow. Only 2 years old bought brand new. Includes complete setup with eshopps sump filtration, led marineland white and blue digital lights, glass lids, protein skimmer, kessil sump light, multiple heaters, digital return pump...
  18. B

    Maryland Skimmers Sumps Refugiums Selling my remaining drygoods from my 110 gallon saltwater tank (lifereef sump,protein skimmer,refugium, and 110 gallon lid and stand)

    For Sale are the following items everything works I am just getting out of the hobby. Additionally I am located around Pasadena MD and would be willing to do a local meet if someone is interested in a local pickup. 110 Gallon Aquarium Hood ($100.00 or Best Offer + Shipping) 110 Gallon Aquarium...
  19. Z

    Stocking help for a 75 gallon

    Need feedback for stocking a 75. 4’ long, 100+ gallons total including sump. Already in the picture is a pair of clowns, pearly jaw, hectors goby, two cleaner shrimp and remaining CUC. Definitely want a tomini tang or another Ctenochaetus tang. Definitely want a couple wrasses (maybe melanarus...
  20. NatReef

    Waterbox pen 3620 upgrade

    Hello everyone I am thinking about to upgrade my wb pen 25 to 3620 but I don’t really know about the equipment. At this point I am thinking about - 2 Red Sea reef leds 50 because I already have one - 2 maxspec gyres f230 - absolutely no clue about the skimmer completely clueless - eheim...
  21. C

    Sumps Refugiums Drygoods Emerald trigger systems 26

    Only thing missing is the bulkhead I just had the drain pipe going straight through. Pick up in Astoria ny 11105
  22. ReefNoob5281

    Nano Build 71L Display With 57L Sump

    Hello Nano Reefers. First of all Welcome to my Nano Tank!! It is only 3 months old at the moment and I Tend to Posts its progress on a monthly Basis The Setup itself is a Custom Built Tank 71L Including weir (got it for £100 from my LFS as someone requested it and never returned for it...
  23. jvbear

    Build Thread 100g start with sump

    I am starting a 100g. So far I only have live rock and live sand for six months now. I have a 12 g with duncan frags, carpet anemone, 2 clownfish and just got a yellowtail damsel I want to transfer to the 100g. However I have a very old and noisy overflow sump. I can't find anyone to drill...
  24. F

    20L DIY Sump - Chamber Size Questions

    Hello All, Putting together my first reef tank 40B that will have a 20L sump. I’ll be leveraging the FijiCube baffle kit to make things a bit easier. My questions concerns the sump chamber dimensions…I’ll have a filter sock compartment, skimmer chamber, refigium, bubble trap, return chamber...
  25. J

    Drilled Overflow and Return

    I have just completed the daunting task of drilling 2 holes in my 30G. Consists of two 3/4 inch bulkheads that lead to two 5/8 inch hoses. Connected everything to the sump and turned everything on. After adjusting everything to make sure the water level is just right I am hearing intermittent...