1. J

    Sump Media

    Hey everyone! I am putting together a new sump build it has 3 big chambers, I wil use the first for filter socks and mechanical media, middle for a refugium and the last for my return and protein skimmer. I was just wondering what people's favorite mechanical filtration for their sump is. I got...
  2. TheWackyWiz

    To Sump or not to Sump...

    Hi All, Still fiddling with what I want my filtration system to be like on my first reef tank (20g High). Right now I am running an Aquaclear 70 HOB that I modded into a refugium but I'm not wild about it. Cheato inevitably gets into the DT, I'm not really doing anything for protein skimming...
  3. J

    Sump Question

    Good evening everyone! I am building a budget sump setup for a 75 gallon tank. I found this ADHI sump at my LFS for $50, but it didn't come with bulkheads. Does anyone know where to get them and what sizes they may be? Also looking to plug the hole on the bottom with something as I will be...
  4. waverider

    North Carolina Filters Sumps Trigger Systems Saphire 26 Sump *Like New*

    Trigger Systems Saphire 26 Adjustable Sump in *Like New* condition for sale. I bought this sump for a Tank that was not reef ready. I installed a hang on back overflow and within 10 minutes I could not trust the siphon or stand the gushing water sound in my office. I literally pulled this sump...
  5. Lex_510

    Gluing pvc to sump bulkhead??? Yes or no

    Is it a rule to glue The PVC to the sump bulkhead on the top side? is there any pros and cons? And what about the bottoms side
  6. Mason Michalski

    Looking for improvements to my 1st Commerc. Sump, PlasmaSumps P-150

    Hey guys, I just finished up my two month long build process, from 2D Design, 3D design, sourcing Acrylic during an Acrylic shortage, sourcing a reliable CNC shop for my product, and designing a logo. I've designed and built everything myself, and wanted to share with you guys my finished...
  7. Simply__J

    Florida Aquariums Lighting UV Sumps 45 gal. Rimless Cube + Sump/Refugium + UV Sterilizer

    Three part sale or you can take it all for $550 45 Gal. Custom Rimeless Glass Cube Aquarium (L 23 ¾" W 23 ¾" H 18 ½") Reef Ready/Drilled + Dual return w/ check valve, herbie (dorso mod) overflow for quiet operation. No leaks. Will include all hard pvc plumbing + 4x manifold w/ unions and ball...
  8. Brent Behringer

    California Sumps New Custom CL-34 Synergy Reef System Sump

    Selling my new Custom Synergy Reef CL-34 Sump (Custom made at 33” long). I paid $700 with tax and shipping a couple months back. Decided to not to move forward with my reefer 250 build due to family financial and health reasons. Synergy Reef Systems CL-34 Sump in Gray and Red. 33”L x 16”W x...
  9. coldwatertech90

    Order of operations: sump.

    What is everyone’s favorite order of sump components? I know there are different ways of setting things up and I’d like to hear some opinions. 40 gallon planted reef with mangrove island. 40 gallon oblong sump. The sump has a piece of plexiglass down the middle longways and openings at each end...
  10. Brent Behringer

    California Filters Brand New Custom Red Clearwater Scrubber CW-50

    I have decided to part out my Red Sea Reefer 250 build. I had it almost completed (wet tested) and ready to start cycle. Family financial and health issues have forced me to sell. Sad but it must be done. Anyway, I have a brand new custom build (by Clearwater) red CW-50 Algae Scrubber with...
  11. Brent Behringer

    California Filters Brand New Custom Red Clearwater Scrubber CW-50

    I have decided to part out my Red Sea Reefer 250 build. I had it almost completed (wet tested) and ready to start cycle. Family financial and health issues have forced me to sell. Sad but it must be done. Anyway, I have a brand new custom build (by Clearwater) red CW-50 Algae Scrubber with...
  12. Salahunreal

    Calling sump DIYer- Help with sump baffle height

    I would really appreciate all feedback. Finally I have started assembling my tank and now working with sump phase. It has been on hold for three years since priories changed with new born back then and I have been stuck few days with how to setup the baffles in the sump to have silent water flow...
  13. Petrichor

    DIY Sump on an AIO tank having flow issues

    I'm having issues with a DIY sump build on my AIO tank and I'm not sure if it's a non-fixable issue or just something that needs more time and patience. As my tank is in a corner pictures of the back are hard to get, so I hope this MS Paint masterpiece is clear enough. (not to scale, and...
  14. Lacrette1991

    New 72 Gallon Drilled Aquarium

    Hey all! Been a while since I posted. I just got a free 72 Gallon aquarium that I’m currently testing for leaks as I type. I was given the sump and protein skimmer as well but I have no knowledge as to how it was previously set up. plumbing isn’t really my concerns as to how this skimmer works...
  15. hannahbananah

    Sump and filtration questions

    Hello! I’m very much a newbie, currently gathering all the information I can before I start putting together my tank. I have a few questions about filtration. I’m sure these questions are answered elsewhere on this site but I haven’t found the exact answers I’m looking for. Here goes: I have a...
  16. Leon Gorani

    DIY refugium suggestions for my Red Sea 170?

    So I bought a new Red Sea reefer 170 a few months ago and I haven’t set it up yet. I am trying to decide on how to create a refugium in my sump and what set up I should go with. I have a piece of glass that I had cut to add into the sump to separate it. I just need some help to figure out which...
  17. juarec0201

    Texas WTB Looking for a Sump 34/36

    I’m looking for a sump trigger 34 or 36. Or equivalent, lmk what y’all got !
  18. Mason Michalski

    Questions for any Acrylic Pros (Sump/Aquarium/General Builders)

    Hey guys, so I have some questions only for those with experience bonding these materials, as I am in the final stages of a $600 Acrylic Sump build, and this final bond stage is so important for the quality and life of the sump. I found a little bit of material from Melevsreef on how to bond...
  19. Mrfd217

    Question - Anyone remove glass from sump in JBJ 65?

    I have a JBJ 65 and wanted to know if anyone has removed one of the glass sump separators? If you did remove one, why and how did it work out? Thanks in advance!
  20. P

    Which bubble trap type is better?

    I've seen 2 different designs of bubble traps. Which of the 2 do you think is better in terms of eliminating microbubbles? I was thinking that maybe #1 would be more effective, since water runs through a certain length without contact with the air and then goes directly to the return pump...
  21. BlackLabelCorals

    California Skimmers Sumps Trigger Sapphire Cube 20 Sump / Deltec 1351 with Avast Marine neck cleaner

    Located in Dixon, CA. Willing to ship skimmer at buyers expense. Sump must be pick up. Willing to meet anywhere from Martinez, CA to Sacramento, CA. Trigger Sapphire Cube 20 Sump. BRAND NEW. Asking $325. Deltec 1351 Protein Skimmer with Avast Marine neck cleaner. $250. Will do a bundle deal...
  22. Meara

    Aqua lifter pump

    Hello I ordered a Aqua lifter pump to add to my overflow, and I just found out that it won’t be coming. I picked this pump because it was the only one that I have heard of being used the way I am trying to. I’m planning on using it to remove the air bubbles from my overflow and keep the siphon...
  23. FangsAndGames

    Uncured live rock in sump or in tank?

    Hey all I gotta question to run past y’all. So I’m in the process of putting together a shopping list for a tank. I’ve made up my mind on adding a sump (a 10 gallon aquarium). I also want to run a predominately (or completely) biological/refugium filtration setup. However, I now have a decision...
  24. I.M.JR


    Hi everyone, wanted to share my sump painting project. I apologize in advance for the long description. Feel free to avoid the whole story and jump to conclusions with the pictures . STORY: Few months ago I got a used Aqueon ProFlex Sump for about $50, as you’ll see in the pictures, the sump is...
  25. Lex_510

    Plumbing return line with hard or soft plumbing

    So I’m going back and forth on plumbing a 75 gallon tank for return lines, my 1inch drains x3 overflow will be PVC, so it ok to soft plumbing for the return. What’s the durability? any leaks to be worried about? I want to plumb 2 -3/4 returns on each side
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