1. The_Barrs_Reef

    New 215 Build (Custom Sump)

    Hi everyone I have finished picking everything out except the sump on my new 215 build, and looking for everyone’s opinion on a custom sump, I’m thinking of going with synergy but wanted to hear other options I may not have thought about before pulling the trigger! thanks in advance!!
  2. Apex Jr, Sump, Radion, Razor, ATO, RO/DI

    For sale Apex Jr, Sump, Radion, Razor, ATO, RO/DI

    I’m getting out of the hobby, everything must go! About 100lbs of dry rock that I never used to upgrade to a bigger tank - $100 300W Maxspect R420R Razor LED Lighting Fixture - 16000K - $400 Emperor Aquatics Smart UV filter 25 Watt - $100 4 Stage RO/DI with TDS meter and auto shut off valve...
  3. Fiji Sump Baffle--20L kit

    For sale Fiji Sump Baffle--20L kit

    I purchased this a month or so ago intending to build a 20L sump for my new 40 breeder setup. I decided to use my 20L for a coral quarantine setup instead and purchased an acrylic ready made sump instead. I installed one of the baffles and pulled it out so there is some evidence of being used...
  4. R

    Kentucky WTB WTB: Large Sump and 2 Return Pumps

    Hi All, Looking to buy a large glass or acrylic sump for my 330g. Wanting 100g or lager sump. Will drive! Also looking for a pair of return pumps, COR, or anything controllable. Thanks in Advance!
  5. P

    Build Thread Will's 100 Gallon Reef Tank

    Posting my 100 gallon mixed reef tank here. I have been at it for years but recently figured out that good lighting means I can grow more corals. Now its time to move the tank to replace the flooring in the house. Maybe I can get some tips on how to improve upon the tank. I have some great ideas.
  6. Clear Water CW-100 Algae Scrubber

    For sale Clear Water CW-100 Algae Scrubber

    $325 shipped or $300 picked up I'm selling a barely used cw-100 scrubber. In great condition -Max Recommended Tank Size - Up to 200 gallons -Dimensions - 13 3/4" L x 9" W x 9 1/4" H -Screen Dimensions - 7" x 6 3/4" -Recommended Flow Rate - 350 GPH -Input Barb Size - 1/2" -Main Drain Bulkhead...
  7. FiJi 40 Gallon Breeder Baffle Sump kit DIY

    For sale FiJi 40 Gallon Breeder Baffle Sump kit DIY

    New in the box never opened. Note this is just the conversion kit that you can buy from Fiji and does not include any kind of tank.
  8. C

    Do you prefer a full length sump ?

    When choosing an aquarium build, do you consider room for controller as an essential requirement? Do you prefer a full length sump covering the whole aquarium or leave room for controller / dosing pump alike?
  9. WheatToast

    Does Anyone Have Information On The "Ultimate Sump"?

    Does Anyone Have Information On The "Ultimate Sump"? I remember looking through Google images of sumps back around 2018 when I came across this particular build: The image is very similar to those on the Lifereef site, though this sump was definitely not produced by said company. I believe it...
  10. wolfen281

    Sera Siporax Holder

    Hi all, I made an acrylic holder for 15mm Siporax. I wanted something that fit into the space in my IceCap 36XXL sump. parts: 6mm (1/4" blue acrylic sheet): 1/4in acrylic rods: acrylic glue:
  11. inTank Fuge Basket BioCube32&IM Chaeto led light with smart wifi plug.

    For sale inTank Fuge Basket BioCube32&IM Chaeto led light with smart wifi plug.

    inTank refugium basket for a BioCube32. IM Chaeto light with smart wifi plug so you can set your own schedule to have the light turn on and off automatically. The IM Chaeto light was $65 and the inTank Fuge Basket was $30. I'll throw in the wifi smart plug for free. Total value plus shipping...
    or best offer
  12. Meara


    Hello Everyone, I’m redesigning my sump. I currently have a very traditional sump. You know, filter socks, protein skimmer, refugium, and return. The result of this is a small smelly swamp. Now that I have lived with it for two years I decided that I hate refugiums I don’t know what I’m doing...
  13. Mrc My Reef Creations Sump/ Refugium

    For sale Mrc My Reef Creations Sump/ Refugium

    Looking to sell my Mrc America sump/ refugium sump, has thick acrylic construction 3/8”! Only selling due to upgrading to a different sump! Currently has a reef octopus 200int skimmer (not included) but is a tight fit. 2 4” filter sock holders, 3 built in probe holders and return is drilled for...
  14. D

    Noisy sump

    Hi guys, I bought a secondhand reefer 250. The previous owner rebuild the sump. Now there is extra space for more water on te right side, very lovely. However, on the spot where the water goes down into the pre-existing sump section there's a lot of noise. Does anyone have any suggestions on...
  15. E

    Help changing overflow on my tank

    So I want to change the inside part of my overflow because I hate it, the box on the outside is fine I guess but the overflow “screen” drives me nuts, so my question is how can I change this to a normal overflow box? Is t possible? The drilled hole is 1 1/2 inches o just want a box inside my...
  16. Waterbox Aquariums

    How To: Transfer an Existing AIO Aquarium to a Sump System | Upgrading the ORA Build - JOIN US TO WIN A WATERBOX SWAG BAG!

    Hello, R2R! We've got a new mini series airing this week, featuring our friends at ORA. For our first episode, we will be discussing the benefits of choosing a system with a sump! Learn more about aquaculture and the future of the hobby with Waterbox and ORA on Wednesdays (6:00 PM EST) as...
  17. Rams

    New Jersey New York Pennsylvania ESHOPPS RS-75 SUMP

    Selling like new Eshopps RS-75 sump.asking 120$ pickup...
  18. Large sump for sale

    For sale Large sump for sale

    I have a brand new ( never seen water) sump that was made by Clear Fabrications in Seattle Washington. It is 46" long x 23-1/2" x 17" tall. It is a very basic sump with 3 chambers. A area for a skimmer, refugium, and return pump. It is made from 1/2" acrylic. Baffles are 3/8". I made a error on...


    Trigger 10gal Ato Brand New In Box, and ships in same packaging that it came in from Trigger. Has Never Seen Water Build Has been Canceled, Selling and Will Ship *This is the crystal line from Trigger which means its clear acrylic and not colored. PRICE has been lowered to $129 Pls do not...
  20. Used Pax Bellum Arid N24 - $500

    For sale Used Pax Bellum Arid N24 - $500

    I have a used Pax Bellum Arid N24 for sale. Everything works great and I item has been cleaned and ready to go. Only in service for 4 months. I prefer local pickup but shipping is also available. Please add $40 for shipping.
  21. Trigger Systems Emerald 26 Sump

    For sale Trigger Systems Emerald 26 Sump

    For sale Trigger Systems Emerald 26 sump. This was used on my 75 gallon tank for a few years, before I tore the tank down and upgraded. The sump holds water and works fine. The only blemish is there are some scratches on the underside of the bottom of the sump, where it was sitting on my stand...
  22. P

    California Sumps 40 breeder sump

    Hello I have a 40 breeder sump that I am selling. It’s about 4 months old. I ordered a custom sump from advance acrylics so i don’t need it anymore. Works perfect and is in excellent condition. Asking 100$ for local pickup. Located between sac and Bay Area. (Vacaville) Send message or text for...
  23. 208Reefer

    Cleaning my sump and found this..?

    Wassup Reefers, Cleaning my sump today and found this little thing on my skimmer. I have only seen one once before in my tank a hand full of months ago and it was between a frag shelf and the glass. (which I got rid of) It looks almost like a vein or root that definitely gets larger over time...
  24. Amato_WCReef

    Sump Cleaning

    How often does everyone clean their sump?? And how? Do you incorporate a water change (drain it), then scrub it clean?? i need some more thoughts and ideas. I’ve always kept a dirty sump, but now that i have a new and nicer tank, i want to keep it nice and clean.
  25. Jaden9933

    Build Thread Jaden’s Nano Peninsula

    Hi everyone! About a week ago I had to unexpectedly move, but this was the perfect excuse for a tank upgrade! I ordered a 22 Gallon Low Iron Rimless Glass Tank by Mr. Aqua! My older brother helped me build a tank stand and set up a sump as quickly as we could! My stand blueprints were put... - All-In-One Aquarium Filtration