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  1. Mason Michalski

    Build Thread The Start of the 150 Gallon Deep Dimension: CUSTOM Sump with full DIY Diagram

    I have been working on this 40 gallon breeder sump conversion for the last week or so, and I am looking for constructive feedback. In the works is piping, along with a fluorescent dowel plan to make the sump baffles glow once a UV led strip is installed in cabinet! Going Orange Section 40 with...
  2. MadeForThat

    AIO Build Overflow to add sump to innovative marine nuvo fusion tank!

    Hi Guys, new to R2R, but a long time lurker. I have been using this overflow for about 2 years now with no trouble, so I figured it was time to show it off! It will overflow about 2-300gph to my sump, and will automatically start and stop when the water level rises above the baffle just before...
  3. howme127

    Oregon Aquariums New Waterbox 70.2 Complete System (Minus Stand)

    So, long story short I have everything that comes with a WB Reef 70.2 system other than the stand. I had quite some issues with the original order getting to me with a complete nondamaged stand that WB sent out a whole new system freighted. I've water tested both the sump and display tank with 0...
  4. S

    Indiana Sumps PVC Sump for Sale

    I went in a different direction in my build from over the summer and ended up not using this. So it is effectively brand new, only had water running in it for about 48 hours. Had thought I might use it in another application, but need my garage space more than a backup sump at this point :p...
  5. reef fish

    Florida ATO Sumps Elite aquatic custom Sump with ato

    Elite aquatic custom white and red with viewing window Sump with ato $650 plus shipping Sump size 40 long 15 wide 15 high Floss pad Skimmer area 15.5x13.5 Fuge 8x13.5 Return 6x13.5 Ato is 1.95 gallons
  6. crys

    First Sump Set Up

    I currently have a IM Fusion 20 about 3ft off the floor. I’m planning on adding a sump for additional water volume, clean look(hiding equipment), and a good sized Refugium for nutrient export but mainly for copepods. I cant/don’t want to drill the tank so a hob overflow box seems to be my best...
  7. Amantijt

    Sump Level Issue

    So recently i set up my new 120gal tank, plumbed it all myself. Drain hole drilled called for a 1 1/2" but hole was cut wrong had to use 1 1/4" for my drain piping which the bulkhead was almost impossible to find by the way. The return was correct and is 3/4". My issue is that even though i have...

    Sump pluming

    What’s up reef2reef I took a little break for a while but I’m back!! So my next project is too hopefully set up a sump for my 29 gallon tank. First thing I don’t want to drill my tank so I am planning on buying a overflow the one I am interested in is the PF-300 overflow perfect for my nano...
  9. C

    Refugium Question - Red Sea Reefer 170 Baffle kit from OctoAcquotics

    I am thinking of buying the Octo Aquatics Red Sea Reefer 170 baffle kit to divide the sump where the skimmer sits into a refugium on one side. https://octoaquatics.com/product/sump-baffle-kit/ Question 1: which side should I make the refugium, and which side should I make the skimmer? (Picture...
  10. poke555mon

    Double up?

    I just got my aquarium set up a couple days ago it’s a 60 gal cube, I’m pretty new but I’ve got some experience although I’ve never had my own tank. I’ve got a sump and a hang on the back filter which I’ve never seen anyone do. I’m still working on my sump a little so I got the hang on just to...
  11. BloopFish

    Need A New Cabinent Stand

    Recently moved and I have no good sturdy place to put my fluval evo 13.5g tank. I am looking for a cabinent stand in particular, but I was actually hoping to put a 10 gallon tank hidden inside of the cabinet (a sort of quarantine or rearing tank). I am currently not able to find anything that...
  12. OCD420

    California 120 gallon setup for sale in riverside

    My situation has changed and I will no longer be able to participate in the hobby. Tank has been up for almost 2 years. 120gallon display 45 gallon sump Glass top Custom stand with entertainment tower (Stand is trimmed and ready for tile) Crown Acid etched glass on all doors 2 new viparspectra...
  13. Chas

    New Sump Filtration Setup

    I've always used AIOs when it comes to my saltwater tanks. So, this is my first system that I've setup myself from top (40b drilled w ATO) to bottom (Fijicube sump w 2 filter sock holes, the usual temp and heater etc holes, and five chambers). I have a question, possibly two. My sump setup has...
  14. I

    Build Thread 40 breeder or...

    So I finally won the rights to a few feet of space in my office lol... wife let me get rid of a piece of furniture. 3 ft tank seemed like a perfect fit so I have been bouncing between ordering a planet cristaline, innovative marine 75 int, reefer 300xl. Still may go that route, but wanted...
  15. Slick1835

    54g Corner Bowfront Build Quote

    What sounds fair to pay for this upgrade? 54 gallon corner Bowfront. Need to: Convert to Reef Ready 1. Add 3/16” black ACRYLIC panel for overflow 2. Drill GLASS twice 1-1/4” bulkheads 3. Run PVC/HOSING for DRAIN/RETURN 4. PAINT side glass panels 5. ADJUST cabinet floor/door to convert for...
  16. Reef GE

    Refugium Compatibility Question

    The 3rd section of my sump is set up as a refugium with two large bags of ceramic rings...chaeto...some caulerpa (grape)...and a large bioblock. The rings are on the bottom where water enters compartment. The bioblock is last (sitting flush against floor and divider where water exits)...the...
  17. T

    Dual DC Return Pump - Manifold Design Feedback

    Hello Reef2Reef community, This is my first post so please give feedback/forgive my mistakes! I will be posting a build guide in a couple months but I have started to plan out my 93 gallon cube build. I am a computer engineer so I plan to make this a very technical build but I will...
  18. jdav4

    Hello Hi Everyone, Had a Reef Tank Long Ago and Getting Back Into It

    Not up to date with the latest Tech do I do old school overflow with sump or something new, maybe an all in one system? Can I get some pointers. Thanks,
  19. J

    20 high sump build.

    I'm looking in to building a 20 high aump for my 45 tall. Would an acrylic sheet 18 in x 24in x .080in be strong enough for the build?
  20. ecamden

    Texas Lighting Skimmers Reactors Sumps Everything for a build

    We are selling everything from our build that we are no longer doing. For starters we have (1) Kessil AP700 $600 (6 months of use) (4) AI Hydra 32HD Smartreef LED $399 each (w/mounts) (3 months of use) (1) Trigger Systems Platinum 39 Sump - 39 Inch $800(comes with extra roller mats) NEVER USED...
  21. reelss

    Illinois Sumps Waterbox Starfire Glass Sump for 220.6

    I am selling a brand new sump from Waterbox 220.6. Leak tested with a couple of inches of water. I am plumbing to the basement and tying in 2 tanks which means I need a bigger sump than this. Local Pickup only. Details and pics to follow: Sump Length 32″ (820mm) Sump Width 19″ (485mm) Sump...
  22. H

    Is this a good sump layout?

    Filter Sock -> Skimmer -> Refugium -> Calcium Reactor -> Heater -> Return Pump
  23. J

    Ohio WTB Looking for a Large sump near Dayton OH

    Would like to get a 44 or 48" sump for my 240 build - willing to drive a few hours for the right deal.
  24. Hannible123

    Are red refugium light bad for fish

    I have a lone fish (clown) in sump where I am trying to grow chaeto with a red refugium light. Does anyone know if that light is bad for the fish? The light is only on at night.
  25. K

    Illinois Aquariums Aquarium Controller Powerheads Sumps Getting out of the hobby - lots for sale

    Hi everyone, It pains me to say this but I’m getting out of the hobby for a while. I planned to finally set up my dream tank last year, but work + life has kept me super busy & I haven’t had the time or energy. Now, I’m buying a home and am going to be spending the next year doing renovations...
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