1. reelss

    Illinois Sumps Waterbox Starfire Glass Sump for 220.6

    I am selling a brand new sump from Waterbox 220.6. Leak tested with a couple of inches of water. I am plumbing to the basement and tying in 2 tanks which means I need a bigger sump than this. Local Pickup only. Details and pics to follow: Sump Length 32″ (820mm) Sump Width 19″ (485mm) Sump...
  2. H

    Is this a good sump layout?

    Filter Sock -> Skimmer -> Refugium -> Calcium Reactor -> Heater -> Return Pump
  3. J

    Ohio WTB Looking for a Large sump near Dayton OH

    Would like to get a 44 or 48" sump for my 240 build - willing to drive a few hours for the right deal.
  4. Hannible123

    Are red refugium light bad for fish

    I have a lone fish (clown) in sump where I am trying to grow chaeto with a red refugium light. Does anyone know if that light is bad for the fish? The light is only on at night.
  5. K

    Illinois Aquariums Aquarium Controller Powerheads Sumps Getting out of the hobby - lots for sale

    Hi everyone, It pains me to say this but I’m getting out of the hobby for a while. I planned to finally set up my dream tank last year, but work + life has kept me super busy & I haven’t had the time or energy. Now, I’m buying a home and am going to be spending the next year doing renovations...
  6. R

    Changing Filtration?

    After doing a decent amount of research the past few days, I came to realize that running a new canister filter on my tank has seemingly led to nitrate issues. There are only 2 clowns and 1 small blenny in tank, yet nitrates have been an issue. I was unaware that many people label canisters as...
  7. ConorE

    Water level in display tank too low

    Hi Guys The water level in my display tank is just under the top acrylic, so I can see a half inch above my water, which isnt great. My sump is also fairly noisy from the drain pipe into it, as the display water level is so low it takes quite a bit of air with it and I get a lot of gargling...
  8. ConorE

    Substance appeared in sump - any help?

    Hi guys, Hope this is in the correct thread.. I have been cycling my new tank for 25 days now and in the last week have noticed a substance build up on the glass of my sump (pictures below). I used ATM colony to start the cycle and In my sump I have bio blocks, a skimmer not current running...
  9. Luke iskra

    Need dimensions on emerald sump 26 anyone have?

    looking to build my own emerald sump 26, i have alot of plexiglass and been doing little projects building stuff trying to build the emerald 26 for my 75g reef tank but having issues with the dimensions the inner plates that divide the sections how tall how wide they are the adjustable section...
  10. IAS

    Extra Rock??

    hi guys I have about 6 islands of rock that are in my display tank and I just got some new coral I need to put in my sand bed so I need to make some room is it ok to put the rock in my sump until I need them?
  11. alimac122

    Skimmer pump stopped

    I have the Octo 110-S and I turned off the return to do some tank work. I forgot to turn of the skimmer when I turned off the return and the skimmer overflowed. Now that everything else is back on and running, the skimmer isnt turning on. Is there some troubleshooting to get the pump to start...
  12. reefk

    Sump Design - Help

    I am planning my new sump and have the below in mind. Any suggestions and advice are welcome. Measurement are in inch - L - 36', W - 20', H - 18'
  13. C

    Illinois Indiana Trigger Systems Emerald 39 Sump

    All my livestock finally sold, breaking down the tank and the sump will be available for pickup. Sump: Trigger Systems Emerald 39 $250 Felt and mesh filter socks included Pickup near Elmhurst Hospital in Illinois Possible pickup in La Porte Indiana
  14. RobberyinCSharp1824

    Overflow/Return Pump Equilibrium Issues

    I am complete novice when it comes to sumps and plumbing. I have a 120g tank that's got a Trigger Emerald 34 Sump installed underneath it and a Reef Octopus Varios6 return pump. Since the tank is tempered glass, I have no choice but to go with the overflow method as a means of moving water to my...
  15. Eg0790

    DIY Redsea reefer ATO to refugium mod

    I just wanted to share this with the community, got it done in about a hour with 0 glass drilling experience. This can be done by anyone and im really happy with the results as you can have more space for equipment and still have your macro algae in your sump.
  16. Rafa3030

    Very weird DIY "sump" idea

    Hello all, So for lack of knowledge I thought for my first saltwater tank, a canister filter would be better for my 20L instead of a sump. So I got a used 100 gallon topfin filter, a remora aqua c induction skimmer (which requires a huge pump and 1" tubing to sit inside the tank), and I am also...
  17. MontanaReefer406

    Asking about your high tech setups....

    Hi, i have been reefing for little over a year, and have had good success with my nano low tech tank. Simple waterchanges have allowed me to grow some birdsnest SPS and montipora. I am slowly planning on doing a high tech tank, and a little larger one. I wanted to have my first sump. But here...
  18. JustenT

    Sump Help (Xaqua INOUT Overflow and Return - Two Little Fishies)

    Hello, i recently started building a larger reef tank. I got a 25g Rimless tank, it came with a sump & stand. Anyways i got it drilled and added a overflow. I got the...
  19. BabyShark

    What skimmer you get?

    I have a 55 gallon display tank and I’m building my first sump with my extra 29 gallon tank. Any suggestions on a good skimmer to buy?
  20. BabyShark

    Sump tips?

    I’ve been using a mechanical filter since I’ve had my 55 gallon marine tank and change the filter often. I would like to build my own sump with my 29 gallon tank sitting around. Aside from cleaning the tank, would the sump also help take care of corals and algae in the display tank? I’m also...
  21. josh515025

    How do I set up a sump??? (Purchased pre-owned custom aquarium with sump)

    So I'm totally new to the hobby and have had my tank for only a few months. I purchased a 35 gallon rimless aquarium with stand and sump included on Offerup for 130$! It seems to be custom built (stand and tank) while the sump says "Aqua Clear Aquatics". Since I didn't want to mess with a sump...
  22. Eggpaul

    Major Sump water level issues for 2 years

    Hello everyone, I posted a thread about this about 2 years ago and I gave up , but now I am hoping someone can help me. I have a 150 gallon tank with a sump below. I have a Hydor ATO system in the sump with a 5 gallon reservoir. I gave up using the ATO system and have been manually...
  23. Cl0wnfish

    New but I have experience :)

    Hey there! I have been reefing for 7 years and started with a 15 gallon bow front with t5s and a Fluval 306 canister filter and hang on the back fluval filter for extra filtration. I now have a 29g with a external sump, protein skimmer with fluval sea leds with lps, sps, softies and two clowns...
  24. BabyShark

    Building a sump

    So I have a 55 gallon display tank and I’ve been using a mechanical filter, changing it often. I want to build a sump for my tank and I have a 20 gallon tank that’s been sitting around. Could I use the 20 gal for my sump? Also is there any suggestions on building my sump and what should go in...
  25. Canuck007

    Bigger ATO or bigger sump?

    Hi, getting ready to set up a 90 (3x2x2) gallon rimless mixed reef. I have 2 options for the setup because of the sizes of sumps and ATOs that I have and space under the cabinet. Should I have a bigger ATO with smaller sump or smaller ATO with bigger sump?