1. schooleyosis

    Tennessee Synergy Reef CL-22 Sump & 5-Gallon ATO (Fusion Blue)

    Selling my Synergy Reef CL-22 Sump in Fusion Blue with matching 5-gallon ATO container. The sump has dual 4" sock holders, probe holder, adjustable baffle in the skimmer section, quick connects for 1/4" fittings for dosing and/or ATO, and media trays. I ran a Vertex Omega 150 in the skimmer...
  2. Behnken

    Ohio Custom Elite Aquatics RRS-33 Sump

    I’m selling a custom Elite Aquatics RRS-33 sump. The sump was used in a Red Sea Reefer 450, and has had the supply and return swapped to accomadate the Red Sea system. Nothing is wrong with the sump, I am just upgrading to a larger system. Selling for $400 plus shipping. Let me know if you...
  3. S

    Texas Sump Algae Scrubber Combo

    Customers sump ~46x24x16 $100 OBO 302 AS-4 algae scrubber (brand new, never used, would not fit on my new custom sump, my lost your gain) - $300 OBO, I paid $450 for it. It does come with an acrylic stand to place over the sump - please refer to pics If buy both, it's only $350. I prefer...
  4. schneid0c

    93 gal cube build,sump, and frag system.

    Figured i would start a build thread for my new 93 gal cube. long story short i had a 55 gal tank build in my old house complete with sump and frag tank setup. moved to a new house and decided to try the all in one tank game. i hate it. i have not been happy with my 27 gal lagoon tank. great...
  5. MarineDepot

    Customize Your Sump with Somatic - NOW 15% OFF

    Customize Your Sump with Somatic - NOW 15% OFF Hot rodding and customizing your Somatic filter is easy!
  6. duromega

    New York Red Sea 4" Filter Media Cup

    Hello R2R Purchased these to replace my filter socks Unfortunately these cups do not fit my Skimz Pro Sump 39 Since the gap in the sump to fit the socks is less than 4” oh well , I will keep using socks and washing them Brand new Just tried and didn’t forced it They are brand new...
  7. K

    Will a Red Sea Max 260 Sump Upgrade fit a Max 170?

    I tried finding this info everywhere to no avail...even red sea manual for the max line up doesn't cover dimensions of the two sumps only water volume and they differ from 1 gallon in size. I want to know if I can use the red sea max 260 sump upgrade on my current max 170 plug and play. In pics...
  8. pelphrey

    RSR250 Sump and G6 ATO Has Arrived

    Absolutely thrilled to get the both of these, can’t wait to get them installed!
  9. strangeobject

    New Mexico Fish equipment

    For sale is some large scale fish equipment. Asking $6000 pick up only or assist with loading if you arrange transportation. Maybe it won’t get kicked for being commercial again…because it is not just trying to reach a lot of fish lover like myself that could put this stuff to good use. I did...
  10. NotASpammerDude

    muh nano tank

    Hi R2R, I'm documenting the conversion of my 23gal Vista (mid brackish) to FOWLR with the plan of growing Coralline algae (moving it into the reef space). I've had the tank for about 2.5 years now at various FW to low end brackish salinities... The biggest reasons I am turning the tank into...
  11. samba_dad

    Vermetid Worm Infestation

    I have been suffering through a massive vermetid worm infestation in my tank for the past year. It all started from one vermetid worm that sneaked in on a Monti frag. I have well over a hundred worm shells in my 65G and have tried everything to include gluing, forcep removal, reduced feeding...
  12. Rik

    Illinois Items No Longer Needed

    Hey folks! Hope all of you had a great holiday. I am giving this another go on a few items I have that are extras or that I no longer need. If you are in the Chicago area, we can arrange meeting for pick up vs shipping. 1) Eshopps PF-Nano Overflow Box with InTank bracket for overflow box ...
  13. Tangina20

    Using a return pump primarily for flow

    I have had a 40 breeder for a few months and coming from having nanos, sumps and plumbing are fairly new to me. I bought a used quiet one 4000(1022 gph) cut back with a valve and have a split return nozzle for my flow. I came across some forums saying to never use your return pump as a primary...
  14. Everett625

    Florida Looking for sump

    looking for a sump in central Florida area getting ready to setup my 125 gallon tank and need a better sump. Looking to spend under 300$ if possible thanks in advance.
  15. Vivid Creative Aquatics

    Turn a spare MJ1200 Pump into a Detritus Vacuum!

    Everyone has a spare MJ pump in their old aquarium equipment bin. Why not put it to use on your next water change and clean out that sump with the MJV - MJ Utility Pump Vacuum Attachment by Compatible with 3/4in OD hose Add the vacuum attachment to any hose with a 3/4in OD and breeze...
  16. Lylelovett

    First refugium - lighting and flora?

    Hi all, Building my first reef tank. Currently fishless cycling so I'm beginning to think about my refugium. My refugium as part of my sump is 15H x 9W x 17D. I'm planning to use rubble vs sand. My two questions are: 1. What's a good starter algae/plant? I'm assuming chaeto? and...
  17. N

    California Reef Octopus 110 EXT 4" Recirculating Skimmer - $100 shipped

    Used Reef Octopus 110 EXT. It is an external recirculating skimmer, however I ran the entire unit inside the sump. The pump seemed a bit touchy, but could have been operator error. It can be replaced for relatively cheap if it is acting up. Probably needs to be cleaned as well. $250 new...
  18. choss

    Sump Tray

    I am looking for a sump tray - a shallow water proof tray of sorts to put under a 34X15" sump, just in case of water spills etc. I also don't want to spend the dollars on something custom acrylic. Thanks as always for your help.
  19. geo

    GEO's Auto Filter Roll Sumps aka Roller Mat eye candy

    Some of our recent GEO Automatic Filter Roll Sumps
  20. Salahunreal

    Bat signal for Life Reef owners (SUMP design)

    Time for heroes. I have finalized my requirement for the life reef skimmer and No, I could not resist be a Life reef sump owner as well. I will end up paying 150% of total cost to cover up shipping to Sweden+25%Moms+Tulls but I do not care. Inner me want a LR sump and I do not like to change or...
  21. T

    Could a Refugium only filter work?

    hello I am building a 190 gallon reef tank tank with a fifty five gallon sump. I was wondering if it would be possible to make the whole sump a refugium and fill it with chaeto algae and around 75 mangrove trees. Would this provide adequate filtration
  22. choss

    Sump & Refugium Advice

    I would love advice on a design I am considering for a new build. In my current build I have a smaller sump (ruby cube 20" Trigger sump) and run the refugium in the section next to the skimmer along with some live rock for good measure. What I don't like about this setup is 1). its tight and...
  23. incloud design

    Refugium or Light Over Sump

    Hey guys, I recently got my Reefer 450 up and running and now want to focus on having a great means of algae control. The Reefer looks so nice right now and I want to avoid any algae problems which I've experienced in the past with other tanks. I have a Reefer 450 and a 65 gallon tank running...
  24. What Is a Saltwater Aquarium Sump

    What Is a Saltwater Aquarium Sump

    If you’re new to reef aquariums, you may not be familiar with having a sump and are wondering just exactly what it is. We’re going to tell you all about it here. Basically, a sump is like another aquarium that is plumbed to the main aquarium, often called the display tank (DT). We have some...
  25. Mike Arnold

    Waterbox 135.4 sump replacment

    Team I purchased the waterbox 135.4, and I don't really like the sump; I was looking for a sump to replace it, but the 33" sump area really limits my options. Does anyone have experience with this Eshopps R-200 REFUGIUM SUMP 3RD GEN? It looks a little odd, but it has both a skimmer and...
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